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  • Judge Files Covid Vax Complaint against Portuguese Government


    The Daily Sceptic reports today on a legal development in Portugal.

    Judge Files Complaint Against Portuguese Government For its ‘Criminal’ Mismanagement of the Covid Crisis

    If you can read Portuguese then you can visit the original article for the link to the original PDF file.

    If you can't read Portuguese then just for our readers, here is an English translation of that PDF file.

    Don't say I don't look after you cool.

    This is a

  • Fake Virus, Trojan Vaccine, The End is Nigh


    Whoever created this video has done a sterling job on assembling the evidence, although the depressing background "muzak" is a turn-off.

    Nevertheless it's a compelling compilation on a very serious theme that I have not seen so much elsewhere, let alone so well sequenced - although you may choose to mute the sound for much of it (but don't miss Yuri Bezmenov's clips at 25 minutes onward!).

    How much of it is true? It's certainly hard to fault, and I suspect that you will all find something here to challenge your current viewpoint. 

    As always, you must make up your own mind.

    I recommend watching right through to the end (48 mins):

  • UK Family Apply for New Inquest into Son's 9/11 Death


    The application for a new inquest is supported by evidence that was not heard at the original inquest.

    Briefly, it includes evidence that the twin towers were not brought down by the impact of aircraft and the subsequent fires, but by "the use of explosives and incendiaries".

    This is clearly a momentous claim that would have enormous political ramifications if proven.

    Incidentally, the 20 year anniversary of 9/11 arrives imminently, in September 2021.

    Read the full report at Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth.

    We await the result of this application with interest.


  • Former Pfizer Employee - “Checkmate, Game Over, We Win”


    Stew Peters interviews a "whistleblower" who spills the alleged beans about the Pfizer shot - are the 'Covid-19 breakthrough' cases we currently hear so much about really vaccine adverse events?

    The 9/11 attacks caused 2977 victims, "that day will never be forgotten",

    "the 1900 Galveston hurricane... killed anywhere between six and twelve thousand people and is recorded as being the most deadly event in the United States - until now"

    "this so-called 'FDA approved vaccine' has recorded more deaths than any of these horrific tragedies, and it's not even talked about"

    "these serious adverse events... in October 2020 the FDA... said: ' look, here is about two dozen serious adverse events we need to look for from these injections' - and they happen to match up with what the Mayo Clinic is calling 'Covid-19 breakthrough'"


  • Oliver, Oliver, Wherefore Art Thou, Oliver?


    Would the world turned upside down not see the Aussies on top? Sadly although they have had their world flattened (if not turned upside down) they are not currently on top.

    Sitting here in relatively relaxed Blighty it's easy to forget that the rest of the world is far from being relaxed - various states in the US are trying to emulate Australia whilst many others are as relaxed as we are; Canada is also on track to emulate the Aussies and as for New Zealand - well, words do not suffice. Europe is little better with many protesting the "Macronovirus" and with Pass Sanitaire in the ascendant.

    The Daily Sceptic reminds us of the situation down under by publishing a piece by Australian writer Steve Waterson, who

  • What is Going on with the Mass Psychology of the Corona Crisis?


    Yet another interesting exploration of the Corona Crisis with Dr Reiner Fuellmich. One might have thought that all the aspects have been explored by now but not so - Professor Mattias Desmet lifts the lid on the mass psychosis that in many respects has enabled the crisis to unfold over 2020/21 without effective let or hindrance, despite the serious doubts about the veracity of the pandemic narrative that have been raised by many eminent and well-qualified specialists in their field.


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  • So What is Really Going on in Afghanistan?


    This is the question of the day and I don't know the answer, but this piece by Viv Evans in Independence Daily introduces an interesting new angle and seems, shall we say, pertinent.

    Judge for yourself.

  • FDA "Approval" for Pfizer Jab Encounters a Storm


    Dr Jane Ruby on the Stew Peters Show identifies "at least 20 crimes in the package insert" for this "FDA approved" vaccine:

    "they disclose nothing of what they are legally obligated to do"

    "available data... administered to pregnant women are insufficient to inform vaccine-associated risks in pregnancy" and "it's not known if it is excreted in human milk"

    RedPil78 claims to have read the whole letter from the FDA to Pfizer, and claims that the "new" approval amounts to nothing more than a long-winded restatement of the existing emergency use approval:


    Vladimir Vladimirovich Closes the Door to Afghan Refugees


    In contrast to probably the whole of western Europe and the USA, President Putin has reportedly stated his intention to deny entry to Afghan refugees as he prefers not to admit possible militants. Perhaps he learned from Russia's previous adventures in that benighted country, but whatever the reasoning, he is clearly placing the needs of his own country first and foremost.

    In contrast (as noted elsewhere) other European countries seem to be falling over themselves to admit such would-be refugees, for reasons that may or may not be entirely transparent.

    One may perhaps be

  • FDA Grants Full Approval To Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine


    The BBC reports that the FDA has granted full approval to the Pfizer Covid-19 "vaccine" for use in the United States for those aged 16 and over.

    "The vaccine, which will now be marketed as Comirnaty, was found to be 91% effective in preventing Covid disease"

    How that squares with the multiple conflicting reports that the vaccine may not protect from infection is a nuance that may evade many.

    ICAN (Informed Consent Action Network) notes that

    "The emergency use authorizations [download] for the COVID-19 vaccines require that providers of the vaccines report all COVID-19 cases in vaccinated individuals who get COVID-19 and are hospitalized or die. Healthcare professionals have reported to ICAN, stating in no uncertain terms, that

  • Before the Biden Stampede - How did the Taliban Sweep Away the US-backed Regime?


    I still refrain from pontificating on the goings-on in Afghanistan as I am not qualified so to do, but the AIER have published an interesting perspective on the factors that may have enabled the Taliban's rapid and seemingly more-or-less unopposed advance.

    This doesn't do much to enlighten us on how things may unfold from here, but perhaps it may explain the seemingly enduring popularity of Islamic governments in this part of the world, and why such still seem to be preferred to governments instituted by either Eastern or Western alien powers.

    Did the Afghans see their opportunity once more to decisively remove an externally imposed government that was not to their liking, in favour of a group of their own nationals with whom they felt more at ease?

    After Afghanistan - Is Biden Toast?


    I'm not going to comment on the Afghan situation beyond asking how much of what is being reported we can believe - I simply don't know.

    Still, this is an offering from Sky News Australia which I think has carved out a relatively independent line for itself over recent times at least - make of it what you will:


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  • The British Psychological Society Responds - Eventually


    I'm thinking that we all remember the government campaign last January featuring full-page advertisements in national and local press showing big pictures of distressed patients in breathing masks, and making what many believe is a wholly unfounded assertion that "1 in 3 people who have Covid-19 have no symptoms and are spreading it without knowing".

    I think there cannot be anybody in the Kingdom that did not see this campaign. I even complained to the Advertising Standards Authority about it (and two months later received a long-winded generic reply that studiously avoided addressing the precise point that I made, which was that the claim of asymptomatic transmission on that scale had no foundation in science).

    This campaign was clearly an unprincipled attempt to scare us all into submission by using emotional blackmail.

    I wasn't by myself in this thinking. Dr Gary Sidley and others wrote to the British Psychological Society in January to

  • "Covid Pneumonia" Treatment in a US Hospital - plus: Crimes Against Humanity?


    This is a report from the USA of one family's experience getting treatment for pneumonia.

    I don't doubt that this is not typical of the UK NHS hospitals.

    However, this is a story that bears viewing as it illustrates the dangers of simply accepting the treatment offered on the basis that "doctor knows best".

    When it gets so stupid that medical staff insist on treating a disease that has a recovery rate greater than 99.9% (if you are not already aged or immune-compromised) as if it's the bubonic plague, then it's time to get involved, as simple logic has clearly flown out of the window.

    The above was a personal experience, the below is a discussion between experts that includes some startling assertions:


  • A German View on the Fall-Out from Afghanistan


    A well-argued and slightly unorthodox view-point ...

    "... isn't that almost a peaceful revolution..."

    "... they took over the country without any resistance... "

    So what happened in 2015?

    "... they want to have a reason... why we cannot deport people who... became criminals... "

    "... why more immigrants should be accepted..."

    Sounds familiar somehow.

  • Melbourne Riot Police Confront Protesters with Pepper Spray and Rubber Bullets


    Melbourne Protests

    Police pepper-spraying their citizens for their health...

    Firing rubber bullets...

    "the numbers only seem to be growing..."

    "Melbourne has been in lock-down for over 200 days..."


    Residents explain what's going on there - quarantine "facilities" prepared...

    ... all for 490 "cases" in a population of 25 million?

    Piers Corbyn - In His Own Words


    Piers is an unlikely combination - a man who has involved himself in both politics and climate, as a long range weather forecaster, and lately as a persistent voice popping up to criticise the official narratives put out by the government and their media companies.

    So he has been well-placed to assess the "science" behind the climate change scenario and to relate it to the political situation.

    This is fifty minutes of practical good sense.

    "there's not a single scientific paper in the world that's using real measured data... shows that CO2 levels control temperatures in any way - all the data shows the other way round"

    "world temperatures have been going down for the last five years"

    "fake science requires an end of democracy to succeed"

    "Goebbels would be proud of Boris

  • Trust the Science!


    One of the iron rules of IT systems is eloquently and succinctly stated:

    "Garbage in, Garbage out"

    It's a truism that applies more widely, and perhaps we should be removing our trusting blinkers more frequently and subjecting a great deal more of what is reported to us as "science" to some searching scrutiny. This is after all the very foundation of good scientific method, in acknowledgement of the propensity of humanity in all innocence to make mistakes.

    The Daily Sceptic has been scrutinising the latest Oxford Vaccine Effectiveness Study.

    If like me you have begun to feel confused by the apparently conflicting effectiveness results reported by so many different sources from many different arenas, then this little exercise in critical scrutiny is

  • CovJabs for Kids? Call to Arms for All Parents


    This site has made no secret of the fact that the government's intention to jab everyone down eventually to babes in arms before Christmas (I'm extrapolating here, but only to be consistent with recent history) cannot under any version of arithmetic known to man be justified.

    It's as stark as that.

    TCW (formerly known as "Conservative Woman") crunches the numbers available and comes to much the same conclusion.

    Add in the now admitted truth that the jabbed can still pass on the lurgy just as readily as the unjabbed and any semblance of reasoning behind this campaign has already flown right out of the wide open window.

    All of which leaves us to speculate about why the

  • Does Thermodynamic Incompetence Stand in the Way of Our Geopolitical Future?


    The GWPF (Global Warming Policy Forum) thinks that it probably does. They believe that the government's prioritising of Wind and Solar renewables (both intermittent and inherently unreliable) over a robust combination of renewables underpinned by reliable thermodynamic power sources such as natural gas and nuclear, will likely cost the UK our geopolitical status, since the affordable and reliable availability of power underpins confidence in our economic and global leadership.

    This is a concept that China and India, both intent on building more coal-fired power-stations, fully understand.

    I would hesitate to place all our reliable power generation eggs in the nuclear basket however - whilst small modular reactors are fine in principle, Windscale is still home to ponds full of spent nuclear fuel that nobody seems either to know what to do with or to want to talk