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  • False Representation?


    Martin Geddes is nothing if not persistent - but persistence is a virtue.

    The panoply of legalese that is ranged against us is nothing if not seemingly impenetrable, and we don't in general have the time or the inclination to sort our way through the entanglements in order to establish the path back to honesty and integrity, so it falls to a few stalwarts who do muster the time and inclination, and are gracious to publish their results for our benefit.

    They deserve our support.

    Of course that doesn't absolve us of our responsibility to take on the challenges ourselves - in actuality it does the reverse - but it does give us a relatively clear road-map to guide us in so doing.

    This is his latest update on his legal tussle with the Traffic Penalty Tribunal, where he is

  • Care Pathways for Our Elderly


    Care pathways have become a bit of a euphemism these days for disposal of those elderly for whom the State has no further use, and who are unable to stand up for themselves. It may be controversial but there is a groundswell of opinion that doesn't disbelieve that this took place during the Covid years. 

    But does it continue today?

    Jacqui Devoy reviews the state of play with Brian Gerrish (audio only).

    "This is what's happening, they all close ranks - the police, the NHS, the Coroners, the Courts, the pathologists... once one gets uncovered they all get uncovered"

    "... if you're 80 or above... you automatically score 5...  It's very easy to put someone on... one of these... death pathways... " 

    "... Matt Hancock ignored all that and implemented NG163 anyway... NG163 is identical to the Liverpool Care Pathway...

  • Is Putin a Conspiracy Theory?


    Tucker Carlson is perhaps the biggest name in town right now. Over the years he has made himself a household name simply by being authentic, staying true to his good sense, and "telling it like it is".

    So Fox fired him.

    Now he has dared to travel across the world into the lion's den itself to interview possibly the most important man on Earth right now - in the teeth of official opprobrium from all the vested interests of the West (especially those with Zionist connections - or am I just paranoid?).

    I don't expect this interview to be revealing any great new unsuspected truth (of course I could be wrong) but it would be the first by a prominent (and importantly: trusted) western journalist who has enough reach to sway western public opinion.

    And there have been enough snippets somehow leaked in advance to whet our appetite and big up our interest 😎. Yes, this is going to be important, and it has seemingly been

  • Tucker Trails His Interview with Vladimir


    The much-trailed Tucker Carlson interview with Vladimir Putin has proved to be a little elusive. Some channels claim to publish a transcript - or a part transcript, but the real thing doesn't yet seem to be available.

    Tucker says he will publish on TuckerCarlson.com and on X (formerly Twitter).

    Meanwhile, here is the official low-down on this interview from Tucker himself (aided by Redacted)!

    (14 minutes) 


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  • "Governments Complicit in Genocide Will Not Be Able To Plead Ignorance at the Coming Nuremberg Tribunal"


    I'm not sure about "Nuremberg Tribunal", but the message is clear enough, and the LaRouche Organization singles out the United States and the United Kingdom as primary supporting players behind the stance of the government of Israel and its apparently disproportionate attacks on Gaza.

    As always, the waters of argument are muddied by the sheer volume of issues and weight of past history, but the ICJ's preliminary ruling was clear enough, stopping short of a direct verdict of genocide but making clear that all parties should pull back from the brink and permit essential supplies and humanitarian aid.

    The reverse appears to have happened, with western governments doubling down on attacks and cutting funding to the UNRWA which is traditionally responsible for bringing aid and humanitarian support to Gaza.


  • Martin's Estoppel Gambit - End of Council Tax?


    Martin Geddes continues his siege of Durham County Council, bringing up the legal Trebuchet to fling his Estoppel Notice to the miscreants cowering in their Council Offices.

    Which elicited a response that was essentially as expected.

    Which in turn enabled him to deliver what he believes should be the coup de grâce.

    This would mean an end to any further court actions, so it may be some time before we hear any further news on this front, since it will probably

  • Is the Age of Aquarius finally Dawning?


    ... or is this merely another absurd conspiracy theory from Ridiculous Richard with no basis whatsoever in fact?

    (7 minutes)


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  • Freedom of Expression in Legal Dystopia


    Once upon a time (and not so long ago) judges in Britain declared that freedom of speech without the freedom to offend was not worth having.

    But under what circumstances does one man's "hate speech" override another's "freedom of speech"? It's a question that our parents/grandparents would not have understood, but with which we today must grapple.

    Back in the day, Britain's judiciary used to take a robust view on people who decided to be offended by mere words. Provided that there was no incitement to commit a crime, Joe/Jemima Citizen was invited to take the rough with the smooth and grow a thick skin. It's a clear and unambiguous approach that used to put everyone on an equal footing in law, and facilitated full and frank discussion around many topics that some believe have become treacherous legal minefields

  • Urban Gardening in Dystopia


    "A new University of Michigan-led international study finds that fruits and vegetables grown in urban farms and gardens have a carbon footprint that is, on average, six times greater than conventionally grown produce"

    They're coming for our cabbage patch!

    Patrick Wood (Technocracy News and Trends) reports...

    The totally irrational war on carbon is already destroying farmers all over the world because, they say, “the food system generates about 35 percent of total global man-made greenhouse gas emissions.” Now they are claiming that your urban garden is SIX TIMES WORSE! Brace for an all-out effort to ban or limit urban gardens for personal food production. I can already hear the climate crazies chanting, “Eat ze bugs!”

    Univ. of Michigan spun this study out of

  • Farming in Dystopia, with Natalie and Ivor


    Yes, today our cup runneth over, with Natalie from Redacted interviewing the ever-reliable Ivor Cummins about the state of farming in the Irish Republic, as well as in the UK. What a pleasure to hear two sane and competent people speaking of the unspeakable in a sane and competent, even rather light-hearted, manner.

    Of course, the farmers of the EU also get a mention... as do all the usual suspects...

    "... The only thing that can push back against that now is ... "

    (18 minutes)


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  • Promethean Action - καιρός Global Review


    Formerly LaRouchePAC, they have rebranded (the last refuge of a dying operation?) as Promethean Action. I'm not sure whether that will improve their fan-base or finally consign them to blessed oblivion, but they do talk sense, and in a rather old-fashioned and intellectual manner that I find quite acceptable, even rather quaint in this modern no-holds-barred in-your-face age. Of course some of their presenters are better than others!

    I do wish though that they would pay more attention to the format and manner of presentation - their style must be one of the most off-putting on the net. 

    I have timed this video to start after the rather long intro... on the grounds that it doesn't add much of significance, is rather long, isn't very engaging, and you can watch from the start if you want to (and read the article) by clicking the link above. 

    This is a useful and wide-ranging

  • Actionable Intelligence?


    The Fulford Report this week purports to provide detailed information on the suppliers of the substance that it appears Big Pharma has been unable to synthesise (and for which Count Dracula might have had a penchant).

    I have no information beyond that provided by Ben in the public domain, so as always its up to you to decide whether or not to give him any credence.

    Suffice it to say that Ben is getting serious.

    (Modest subscription required for access to full report)


  • Mondo Bizzarro


    It's the same the world over - governments have abandoned the pretence of being accountable to their demos, and are seemingly actively working towards autocracy - autocracies that share a large number of unwanted features - unrestrained immigration, legal systems that favour some agendas over others, mass surveillance to remove privacy from the demos, moves towards control of individuals via CBDCs, global hoaxes to scare the demos into submission, imposition of the transgender agenda and the sexualisation of children via controls on "hate speech", the "education" system, and the "health" systems.

    ZeroHedge pulls the threads together.

  • Talky Tice Wants to Discuss "The Future"


    Dear Richard, the debate has already been had and successive Governments have committed to reduce immigration "to the tens of thousands".

    Just do it.

    A new "national conversation" to kick the whole topic away into the long grass of political chicanery is premature.

    Is there any point in talking with politicians who demonstrate clear intent to break that promise? Should we not now demanddelivery on that promise before any further talk?

    Is Richard showing his true colours - controlled opposition?

    It's your decision.

    (9 minutes)

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  • "War Is the Goal"


    Neil Oliver:

    "War is the goal of the governments of the west"

    (11 minutes)


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  • Reiner Fuellmich - Update from Germany


    Message (2nd February) - a recording of Reiner speaking (I assume by telephone since he is held for trial) from Germany.

    An interesting update on his trial, and the circumstances that led up to it.

    "Only one of these two narratives can be true"

    (6 minutes)


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  • How Not to Respond to a Pandemic


    Yes, this is new news of past events, but sometimes we need a reminder of just how "our" Government operates, and no doubt still operates.

    If the government would wish to reduce wasteful expenditure that clearly lies within their power to control, then maybe ensuring that their procurement systems are protected from interference, and prosecuting those who did interfere "pour décourager les autres" would be a good place to start.

    And the excuse that "there was no time because it was an emergency" does not wash.

    In any emergency, the very last thing you need is product that isn't fit for purpose, so the procurement rules on quality control should have been tightened up and rigorously enforced.


  • The Pact for the Future!


    Yes you've guessed it - this is another UN initiative to bring more levers of power within its grasp.

    Duck dive or weave, there will be no escape if you live on planet Earth.

    All for our safety and enjoyment of course.

    "... this year’s Summit of the Future... will be held September 22–23 at the United Nations headquarters in New York"

    To "take action to safeguard the future for present and coming generations"

    "We are at a moment of acute global peril" etc - you get the drift.

    Jacob Nordangård comments.


  • Dams Break Slowly, then Suddenly


    Some things take an exorbitantly long time to get resolved.

    Take the case (currently in the news) of the Post Office managers who were pursued through the courts for imaginary losses that never existed, but were reported as deficient by the new Post Office computer system - and the courts agreed that the computer was infallible and therefore they were guilty. As an IT systems engineer of many years standing, I cannot conceive of how any competent (and honest) IT professional could possibly stand up in court and swear that his system was infallible. It also beggars belief that it could have got to court if either P.O. management or their accountants had been both competent and honest. 

    Yet somehow it did. So who was professionally deficient and how? In the way of matters governmental, we will probably never find out, and that too should no longer be tolerated.

    "It seemingly did not occur to anyone to ask why over 750 managers with hitherto unblemished