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  • The CDC "Cooks the Books"? Surely Not?


    The RT-PCR test for Covid-19 is said by some to create false positive results if run for too many cycles.

    The labs who run the tests have been reluctant to disclose how many amplification cycles they use.

    There have been reports that upwards of 35 or even 40 cycles have been used.

    But now, Zerohedge reports that the CDC has published guidance that for vaccinated people, no more than 28 cycles (download) should be used. But wait - is this test not a standardised test? Perhaps the CDC is at last catching up with the situation and laying down a welcome and much-needed standard, but surely a standard is a standard and should apply across the

  • Hundreds (of Thousands) March in London for Freedom from Covid Restrictions


    Depending on your choice of news media, London was quietly uneventful yesterday Saturday 29th May or a few hundred demonstrators marched somehwere or other, or there was a violent confrontation in the Westfield Shopping Centre, or maybe some hundreds of thousands marched against Covid restrictions - nah, that wasn't on the Beeb so it was obviously fake news.

    Except that even though it somehow didn't make most of the major news outlets, it did definitely happen - I was there, as were many non-main-stream news media.

    The march started just after 1pm from Parliament Square, up Whitehall, past Trafalgar Square, up Charing Cross Road, along Oxford Street and out to White City, Shepherds Bush, Acton, and back to Shepherds Bush (where I sank gratefully into a Central Line seat for the trip back).

    Everyone was good-natured, some were a bit noisy (there were times when I could have done without the deafening whistles), all were well-behaved as far as I could see,

  • Are We Witnessing the Dawn of a New/Old Age?


    My capacity to believe new conspiracy theories every day is becoming severely tested by a number of Bitchute videos that introduce some remarkable connections between past and present.

    I don't write an article about every one as they tend to disqualify themselves as being too discomforting for the majority, too unbelievable to gain any traction, or too complex for most of us to get our head around, but I have to admit that this one (whilst satisfying some of these disqualifying aspects) seems so well supported by circumstantial evidence, strange connections, and astounding coincidence that I offer it for your entertainment.

    After 2020 we all need a bit of good cheer, and nothing cheers like a good mystery with an unlikely twisting/turning plot with diverse characters leading up to a surpise ending (not forgetting to leave open the option for a rivetting sequel!); especially if it leaves you with the feeling that, well, it just might be true . . .

    If you

  • Dr Fuellmich Reviews the Covid Position for Delingpole


    I make no apology for featuring Reiner once more . . .  I doubt that anybody has done such a complete forensic investigation of the evidence underpinning the Covid situation as Reiner Fuellmich.

    "Within the next two or three weeks things are going to happen"

    "All of the people who are taking part in this, including the doctors who give you the shots, including the people who ordered it, including the people who profit from this, including the government that pushes its population to get vaccinated, they're all responsible, these are true crimes against humanity... this is worse than what happened in the Third Reich, because this time it concerns everyone on this planet"



  • Rule of Law - or Arbitrary Rule by Politicians?


    Brian Montieth writing in the Scotsman asks the pertinent question of our times that should be on every journalist's lips these days.

    Where are we going when our politicians interpret the law for their own convenience instead of impartially upholding the law of the land?

    Perhaps we should be asking this same question of the Police, and the Crown Prosecution Service as well, particularly as it falls to the police to impartially uphold the law on our streets. We seem to be on a slippery slope, and not just in Scotland.

    Why are our MPs in Parliament not discussing these topics? They are supposed to hold our government to account on our behalf, yet they vote along party

  • Media Mass Manipulation


    This topic is perhaps little mentioned - it is taken for granted by proponents of the status quo and is an assumed article of faith by the deniers of the status quo. So the two sides do little other than assert the correctness of their proposition.

    However, whilst the faithful have historically outnumbered the disillusioned manifold, the numbers marching across the bows of the BBC last Saturday 15th May bear witness to the idea that this is changing. People are crossing over to the disillusioned in significant numbers.

    The Government's handling of the Covid phenomenon has certainly contributed to a loss of faith in the impartiality of our media, and the fact that they have been almost religiously on-message over the past year illustrates very well that for whatever reason (and we can't discount the idea that daily full-page Covid advertisements may have been influential) the mainstream media is

  • Green New Deal for Our UK Armed Forces?


    That our politicians are toying with the notion that our armed forces should be "greened" has always struck me as an absurdity worthy of propagation within our ranks by our most committed enemy. After all, in a dog-eats-dog fight to the finish, all our people, systems, and forces will be strained to their very limits, and often beyond. Shouting that "my tanks are greener than yours" isn't going to cut it.

    That such an obvious truth should need to be stated is pretty worrying. That it is not being stated loud and clear by our government is cause for dismay, to put it politely.

    That is not to say that "greening" has no place whatsoever, just to emphasise that its place is down at the very bottom of the heap unless there are other more important associated reasons that might pull something up the priority list.

    Veterans for Britain seem to have concluded that the

  • More US States Ban Use of "Vaccine Passports"


    The USA has the advantage of us in the UK when it comes to pioneering different approaches. We have only a handful of devolved governments, and when they all try to out-compete in the same direction then choice and the ability to compare results from differing approaches suffer.

    In the US with fifty one independent state governments, the scenario is that many states are (a) very aware of the freedoms that are enshrined in the Constitution and (b) sufficiently independently-minded to go their own way.

    The latest states to effectively ban the use of "vaccine passports" are Iowa and Alabama, joining Florida Texas and South Dakota (these are the ones I have heard about) in upholding the right of their residents to medical privacy - also thus upholding the principle of individual responsibility over coercion by those who presume to know best.

    The latter is a good and much under-rated principle which is our effective defence against slavery.

  • New Hampshire Vote Audit Indications, and will Georgia Break the Logjam?


    We have probably all heard of the much contested audit of the vote in Arizona's Maricopa County, subject of much lawyerly activity but still in progress. Many may not be aware however that audits are taking place elsewhere, in this case in New Hampshire, where a Democrat Party candidate narrowly lost to the Republican candidate.

    In what seems an unlikely development, the auditors have identified the possibility that "a fold through a vote target can create a vote". Reading between the lines, it appears that this can take place on a postal ballot where candidates were running for multiple positions. If the elector had not voted for the full set then a fold could be interpreted as a valid vote. However:

    While the folding seems to be a strong contributor it clearly is not the only factor... for example: We have

  • After Fake News, Fake Meat?


    Children's Health Defence publishes a report that the FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) in the USA has approved a novel GMO product for use in fake meat burgers. Clever scientists and technologists can do many things but infallible wisdom is not necessarily amongst their primary attributes.

    "Impossible Foods’ rat study was not large or long enough to meet minimum FDA requirements, yet still showed some concerning health risks"

    " ... these highly processed junk foods are a disaster for both human health and the environment"

    "Impossible Foods has even been granted Child Nutrition Labels, paving the way for their products’ use in K-12 schools"

    Well, they get up to all sorts of things in the US but how does that affect us here in the UK?

    As we have seen in the past, these US-based innovations have a habit of crossing the Atlantic in short order, especially if there is money to

  • The Troubling Treatment of EU Extradition Requests


    The EAW is dead - long live the European Extradition Request!

    When does leaving the EU mean not leaving the EU?

    When does leaving the jurisdiction of the ECJ mean not leaving its jurisdiction?

    Answer - when our Courts push through EU extradition requests on the nod.

    This in effect allows the EU to extradite any of us at any time to face their version of justice.

    "Torquil Dick-Erikson explains how the case of Alexander Adamescu shows the cavalier manner in which UK courts deal with extradition requests to EU

  • Covid Inoculations and PCR Round-Up


    Sweden has joined with Portugal in determining that the PCR test as widely used all over the world since the start of the "pandemic" is not by itself fit for the purpose of identifying a potentially infectious person.

    "The PCR technology used in tests to detect viruses cannot distinguish between viruses capable of infecting cells and viruses that have been neutralized by the immune system and therefore these tests cannot be used to determine whether someone is contagious or not"

    They last updated this

  • A Thousand Lawyers, Ten Thousand Doctors



  • Steve Baker MP warns of Backlash and Public Outrage


    Steve Baker MP has just earned himself some free-thinker points by (a) joining Benny Peiser at the Global Warming Policy Foundation and (b) warning the government that we are not going to take kindly to replacing all our nice cheap and efficient gas appliances with expensive and not very effective heat pumps.

    Perhaps the government will think that we will all be so relieved to have survived the Great Covid Catastrophe and so grateful for their splendid management of the lockdowns that kept us all safe (not to mention the fantastic purchase at government expense of innumerable unapproved experimental vaccine shots to keep us all safe into the future) that we will be only too happy to oblige their obsession with net zero even when it means power poverty for most of us.


  • WHO Bid for Power


    The World Health Organization (WHO) has released a report calling for more of everything for itself: more authority, a global surveillance system, and billions more in financing.

    More accurately, the report,entitled COVID-19: Make it the Last Pandemic, is released by The Independent Panel for Pandemic Preparedness & Response which was commissioned by the WHO.

    "It reports to the WHO Governing Bodies, and not to the WHO"

    The Co-chairs were selected by the WHO Director-General and these co-chairs then selected the eleven panel members.

    Perhaps not so independent then. So who is

  • The Truth Behind the Vaccine Trials - Documentary Film 2021


    "these studies seem to be designed to succeed and to answer the easiest questions in the least amount of time, not the most clinically relevant questions"

    "because most people with symptomatic Covid experience only mild symptoms, even trials involving 30,000 or more patients would turn up relatively few cases of severe disease. These trials are practically testing to prevent common cold symptoms"

    "The third issue is the PCR test...  this test is acknowledged by the medical science community to generate high rates of false positive results... "

    "the trials also failed to tackle the most important issue - which is interrupting virus transmission"

    "All that - and we have not talked about the safety aspects yet . . ."


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  • Vitami D - At the Heart of Human Biology and Health


    Ivor Cummins has become famous for his meticulous analyses of the statistics in relation to the Covid-19 pandemic, and many have found him a very reassuring fount of good sense.

    Here he turns his attention to the critical role that Vitamin D (and its co-factors) plays in keeping us upright and fully operable. Very illuminating.

    He also teaches the story on how sunshine (or lack of it) promotes the photosynthesis of vitamin D (and more) within the human body. Bookmark the page.


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  • More Workable Proposals for the Green Revolution


    The latest newsletter from the Global Warming Policy Forum lists a number of notable stories, from Germany's refusal to bring forward the ending of their dependence on coal, to the news that RR will be bring out enhanced Small Modular Reactors capable to provide power to local energy grids.

    Given the costs, timescales, international politicking, and consequent uncertainties associated with traditional large nuclear power plants, that sounds like a "no-brainer" to me.

    Not included in their newsletter are their proposals for a more workable proposals for energy policy:

    "Current UK climate