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5G & EMFs

  • The World is Not Being Run by Human Beings


    Now there's a thought to conjure with!

    Yet another outlandish conspiracy theory?

    How outlandish do you need? If this isn't sufficiently outlandish for you, then maybe you should sit this one out...

    But it's not any old crackpot that is claiming this - it's La Quinta Columna (the Fifth Column), a notable group of scientific researchers who have made it their business to investigate "the jabs". I have to say that I find their research both painstaking and impressive, and we have featured their work previously (although not as often as I would like, as only a limited selection is presented in English).

    Today we are both in luck and in English, and although you might feel that

  • Clif High Back on Video! With Some Serious Thinking


    It's been quite a long time since Clif gave one of his own videos, but his new rig is definitely superior to the old.

    Here he takes issue with Elon Musk and Alex Jones, muses on his understanding of how human memory works (simplistic overview only, thank Heaven he didn't go into the detailed version!).

    I'm not going to try to summarise the rest of Clif's brain dump, but MK Ultra / mind control processes are reviewed, not to mention love-making, fight or flight, 1947... and aluminium oxide, chemtrails, 5G, Finns, Kalahari Bushmen + a few others, and Atlantis.

    Oh, and more...

    We are all MK-Ultra'd now.


    (52 minutes)

    Your hippo is under attack!

  • Skynet 2024 Now Live?


    Skynet may be a misnomer... it uses Mesh networks on Bluetooth at "street level".

    But isn't Bluetooth short-range only? Well, not any more...

    So is every Bluetooth device now a spying-capable device? 

    Well, it's technical, but the short answer seems to be... yes, very likely.  And don't think that turning your "Bluetooth" off (or even turning your phone off) will defeat it.

    But Isn't there another Skynet based on satellites

    Quite so - and maybe they could be linked up via ground stations...  I have no information, but would you bet against it?

    "This will... translate to a complete loss of privacy for most people"


  • Mark Steele - Geordie Antidote to the Deep State?


    OK, it helps if you happen to be an expert in regional "English" (which I am not), but I just about managed to keep up with this one.

    Mark Steele of Save Us Now infamy, scourge of Gateshead Council, and electronic warfare expert who has forgotten nothing of his craft, shares his assessment of the current war of the Deep State vs the People with Ana Maria Mihalcea.

    Do give it a go, you are sure to learn something new from this presentation - once you get used to deciphering the Geordie.

    (65 minutes)



  • Wireless Roll-Out Woes


    Richard Vobes in an earlier video investigated some seemingly dubious wireless masts with Ian Jarvis.

    Now Colchester Council Watch brings us news of not dissimilar goings-on in Gloucester, where activists have been taking their council to task for lack of public consultation, not to mention "malfeasance in public office"...

    (41 minutes)


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  • Global Extinction by Rays from Space?


    Call me old-fashioned, but what if everybody is missing the point?

    Whilst we are worrying about farmers' livelihoods and our food supply, the WEF and all its nonsensical edicts, the jabs that can do no wrong (despite pages and pages of "extremely rare side-effects"), is there yet another deadly menace that we should be worrying about, perhaps above all others?

    When I was a lad I read a book, I think by amateur astronomer and author Patrick Moore,which told a story about evil rays from an outer planet (I think Saturn) which were being beamed to Earth (possibly via Mars?) and caused everyone to go quite mad and kill each other through wars etc. Does anybody recall the title?

    Well, maybe he wasn't entirely off-beam in that! We certainly can detect a war fever which seems to have infected our body politic, that is so insistent that Russia must be fought and Israel "defended" at any cost - despite clear indications that their chosen defence now amounts to

  • Global Radiation Emergent - The Low-Down


    Humanity is at the cross-roads - and on board a bus being driven as hard and fast as possible into a future that nobody has tested for safety - despite "our safety" being the go-to excuse of our elites to lock us down, jab us with who-knows what, feed us with who-knows what, confine us to quarters, and generally ride roughshod over all our traditional time-honoured freedoms.

    Have we noticed yet?

    Or are we still too busy playing ever more responsive silly games on our phones?

    Do we the people have to separately investigate, conduct our own safety trials, determine any effects detrimental to the environment, document and prove the harm that any and each of these novel technological marvels may do to us and/or the environment, to the satisfaction of a legal system that takes forever, charges exorbitant fees, and may not even be fair and even-handed?

    If so, then what are our

  • Global Radiation Emergency


    "Global Radiation Emergency is a just-formed coalition of individuals, organizations and scientists on six continents whose mission is to save Planet Earth"

    "The Radio Wave Packet... will be a basic tool with which to penetrate the wall of denial, to place wireless technology alongside climate change on the world’s agenda of greatest assaults on life and most immediate threats to survival"

    This international initiative is formed to "do what it says on the tin".

    "We are an international coalition of organizations, scientists and individuals calling for an end to cell phones, Wi-Fi, cell towers, satellites, and other forms of wireless communication"

    I know this sounds like another scare by the WEF designed to ensure our compliance with their all-controlling agendas - except that these EMFs are integral to their own control

  • Safe? Define "Safe" ...


    "Safe and effective" is a phrase that has been much bandied about (some consider recklessly) in recent years. Words matter, and need to be chosen carefully in order to clearly communicate the intended meaning.

    Some may argue that "safe and effective" was indeed a careful choice to communicate the desired meaning whilst maybe leaving some leeway for interpretation.

    This idea that words matter... well, it matters.

    If the words are not right, then the right information is not imparted, and this could be important, for example - oh, I don't know - perhaps on a planning application.

    Richard Vobes investigates... prepare for surprises.

    (71 minutes)



  • World Cup Radiation Jump


    2024 February 9 -11 hosts the FIS Ski Jumping World Cup Event, at which "world-class skiers from around the globe will gather at Lake Placid, New York for the purpose of jumping off a cell tower"

    What could possibly go wrong?

    "at the Olympic Ski Jumping Complex in Lake Placid, NY, I suddenly felt faint and dizzy, and began to lose my balance"

    Now imagine how many cell phone signals from a packed stadium will be irradiating the platform as the jumpers are poised to take off, perhaps literally for the rides of their lives?

    But it gets worse...

    Will it take deaths and injuries before somebody addresses this kind of culpable negligence? They won't be able to hide it if these athletes start falling in full view of

  • Natural World Denatured


    OK, it's near enough midwinter and we don't expect too many insects at this time of year, but these reports don't just relate to "now" and "here".

    It's the silent pandemic, death by thousands of RF masts erected without so much as a by-your-leave all around our world.

    Arthur Firstenberg puts together a global collection of reports that should make us all sit up.

    "In the day the hotel played bird sounds because there are so few birds and insects now"

    But don't worry, someone else will fix it...

  • 2023 Ends, 2024 Beckons


    I doubt that I am the only person to have noticed the steadily falling numbers of a variety of common garden birds over recent years. Time was when driving across country in summer months we would need to scrape the dead flies off our windscreens - there were even special cleaning products available that claimed to assist in this task. 

    No longer - the insect population is severely reduced these days, but nobody seems to take any note.

    No doubt there is linkage here with the falling avian population - fewer insects means less food for birds. Not that they don't eat seeds and berries as well, but every little helps as they say, and many blooms (of insects and flowers) are seasonal. A seasonal gap in the food supply isn't something that any life form can benefit from.

    I'm not saying that I understand all of these intricacies, but it is clear that something amiss is ongoing, and it could be the birds and insects are the canaries in the coal mine, a warning

  • China Virus Pandemic Mk 2 in Gestation?


    Déjà Vu anybody?

    WHO to declare a new pandemic in early 2024, just like in 2020?

    Chinese children reportedly very poorly of "pneumonia", hospitals overwhelmed...  just like November 2019?

    Sounds somehow familiar, but I can't quite put my finger on it...

    "People are coming down with high fever there is lung inflammation but there is no cough. This is no normal pneumonia you see"

    Ah yes, I remember, it's possibly pneumonitis, as I remarked back in 2020 when Covid was in full swing.

    The Effects of WiFi - Should we be Worried?


    There is a lot of knowledge these days about the downside risks of high frequency radiation - especially of ionizing radiations such as gamma rays and x-rays.

    There are many who report that lower non-ionizing frequencies can also be damaging. But surely the WiFi frequencies that are now ubiquitous and allow convenient connection to the internet can't be damaging? After all, it's everywhere!

    Well, after watching this you may well not wish to let your child use a laptop actually on their lap - where it's very close to their reproductive organs, and damage there may render them sterile, unable to have children. No, this isn't new news either, it's actually old news, but as with so much news of this type these days, it seems that the relevant authorities are inexplicably (I believe that is the

  • More on EMF Dangers in the Energy Bill - Effective but Neither Safe nor Insurable


    Richard Vobes interviews Eileen O'Conner, from the Radiation Research Trust, who explains how the Government has pushed through the recent Energy Bill without proper consultation:

    (54 minutes)


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    Link to the Action Pack Letter Templates.


  • 5G - Blessing, Curse, or Both?


    "Has our Government ignored the worldwide appeals and consensus statements made by independent scientists and doctors, calling for a revision of safety guidelines and a halt to the rollout of 5G on the basis of research on the much lower levels of pre-5G emissions?"

    At this stage there can be no doubt about the answer. Whatever the question, whether it be about quackzine efficacy and safety, or EMF / smart meter safety, or pesticide / fungicide / herbicide safety, nobody in government is prepared to actually contemplate that their cherished projects (in alliance with the corresponding global corporations) might just be already shown to be less safe than they are being cracked up to be (many would go further).

    This article in the Daily Sceptic reminds us that concerns about the safety of the 5G roll-out (whatever that may mean in your area)

  • The Destruction of our Planetary Environment Continues ...


    Arthur Firstenberg, author of "The Invisible Rainbow", founder of Cellular Phone Task Force, reminds us that the destruction of our animal kingdom continues apace at the hands of the military industrial complex.

    OK, this time it's not cell phone masts, it's military radar installations, and at a time when WW3 seems to be about to explode, maybe the chances of getting these dismantled are as close to zero as we can get.

    Nevertheless, once we can get through the incoming turbulence, maybe there will be the opportunity to dismantle the military industrial complex worldwide, and start the process of rebuilding the planet based on verified peaceful

  • Government Still in Denial on Dangers of EMFs


    The people who exhibit a high degree of sensitivity to EMFs (radio waves) present a problem to which governments, and the regulatory authorities around the world that work for them, have studiously closed their eyes and ears for far to long.

    This site has documented this myopia for years, and there are now many more sites and voluntary organisations that have been mounting lawsuits and calling for some real investigations leading to sensible practicable and balanced guidelines, but there are none so deaf as those who will not listen.

    So reluctantly we must highlight the same message again and again, this time delivered by Gillian

  • Boris as You May Once Have Voted for Him


    There is a theory that Boris was a bit of a maverick.

    A man who declined to conform to the political norms of the day, who may even have had the interests of his electors at heart.

    Whether any of that is true is impossible to know, but some kind souls have put together a reconstruction of the Boris that perhaps we thought we knew - until the Covid scare destroyed all reason and rational argument on a global scale - speaking in the belly of the Beast.

    His warnings on 5G, Smart Cities (and Smart everything else) were indeed relevant.

    Quite interesting to review what might have been...

    (With thanks to the Light Paper &

    Cell Phone Radiation Defiance


    The FCC's radiation safety guidelines are, some feel, well out of date and have failed to keep up with modern technology.

    The FCC's past chairman Tom Wheeler had this to say about the need for safety testing some years ago, and it seems that little if anything has changed since.

    The Defender (Children's Health Defence) reports on the latest prevarication / delay / failure to comply with a Court Order.

    We have reported on a


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