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Conspiracy Corner

  • Use DisCERNment


    After the "moon landings", do we now have the "Higgs boson"?

    This interesting article from the Millenium Report asks a lot of obvious questions that perhaps won't make them any friends in high places.

    What do we know about the large hadron collider?

    It's vastly expensive

    It's a tax-payer's money-pit

    It's far too horribly complex for mere mortals to understand

    It "found" the Higgs boson (for which it had been looking for years... )

    Nobody can see what it actually does (as it's buried underground)

    Not that different from the moon landings project then? Or even the internal workings of big government?


    So is it perhaps yet another means to launder tax-payers' money through to

  • A Voyage Around the Great American Deception


    American history is littered with events large and small including political assassinations (JFK being the most notorious), Unidentified Flying Objects (or Unexplained Aerial Phenomena as we must now call them), unexplained crashed phenomena (AKA Roswell), alleged false flag events (most notoriously 9/11), and much else that defies agreed explanation. 

    That's a pretty broad spectrum of alleged phenomena, linked only by the inability of the various concerned parties to agree on their true nature.

    This video doesn't solve all the problems but it does present a reasoned and logical exploration that may help us all to think about the bigger picture.

    (28 minutes)


    A Whole New Perception of the Reality of Fakery / Fakery of Reality


    Some of us "know", and some of us are beginning to suspect, and some of us think it's a ridiculous conspiracy theory that can safely be ignored.

    However far down this rabbit hole you have ventured (or not), this presentation will likely cause you to reassess your viewpoint - always assuming of course that it isn't faked...  but wouldn't that...   ?

    (2 hrs 17 mins)



  • Everything We Are Told is a Lie? - The BBC told us in 1968


    I found this clip stirred memories for me, as in 1968 I had already been trained as a new-fangled "computer programmer" and I was about to start a sandwich course at a polytechnic for a BSc in "Computer Science and Data Processing" (which turned out to be more like Maths and Stats with some computing thrown in as an afterthought).

    Looking back to those days I would have rejected out of hand the idea that a computer could control anybody, even in the relatively elementary manner posited - they were nowhere near sufficiently sophisticated, there was no internet, and although radio comms as a technology was clearly feasible it certainly lacked the coverage (unless the controlled person would be held in confinement).

    We could just about run a payroll for a large corporation after months / years of development and testing, on machines that read their data off punched cards and then stored it on magnetic tapes - no ubiquitous discs for us at that time. Happy days!

    The Cosmic Hoax


    In Down the Rabbit Hole 7 - The Conscious Cosmos we introduced Dr Steven Greer, who has been investigating paranormal activity and the relationship with undisclosed government projects for decades. 

    Whether you believe what he has to say or not, it is a fact the Donald Trump publicly announced the formation of the United States Space Force whilst in office, and it is the stuff of legend that the US military has been unable to account for prodigious quantities of money that have mysteriously "gone missing" over many years.

    "Connect the dots" as they say.

    This is where UFO controversy meets real world politics and global conspiracy theories - and I don't use that term in any disparaging sense - nobody ever abolished conspiracies to my knowledge nor did anyone ever have that

  • Down the Rabbit Hole 8 - Halls of Records


    Yes, this is follows-on from Down the Rabbit Hole 1 thru 7.

    I'm not a fan of Dr Michael Salla (his habit of interrupting his interviewees, when I would quite like to hear what they have to say, is frankly annoying), but perhaps this video is an idea whose time has come - and he isn't interviewing!

    (7 minutes)


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  • Down the Rabbit Hole 7 - The Conscious Cosmos


    In our "Down the Rabbit Hole" series we have introduced a number of concepts that many would consider outrageous (being so far outside our day-to-day experience), yet which cannot perhaps be disproved by applying facts and logic.

    Therefore we cannot reject them out of hand.

    Indeed in some cases the application of a little elementary logic suggests that although some of these concepts do not in general manifest in our experience, the likelihood that they do exist seems high. 

    We must also consider the not inconsiderable body of myth and legend with which the various traditions of humanity abound, such as angels, ghosts, star people, leprechauns, goblins, fairies, gods and demons and no doubt other entities that for the moment escape me. They will all have some basis in history even if that basis is long

  • Oblivion Beckons?


    Covid (a "pandemic" which only killed the elderly but was hyped to the skies?), unnecessary vaccines which aren't (unless you accept the WHO's redefinition) but which our governments seem determined to inflict on all age groups down to babes in arms who all parties agree are at no significant risk; on-going suspicious jet trails in the sky which don't evaporate like real condensation trails but disperse to deflect sunlight and possibly to fall as rain or otherwise all around us; not to mention the 5G roll-out in the absence (like the Covid jabs) of any real safety testing - what is going on?

    Dane Wigington of GeoEngineering Watch has been onto this problem for years, and now we have another contribution from Mike Adams of the Oblivion Agenda.

    Never in my wildest dreams (prior to Covid) did I ever entertain the idea that we would all be faced with extinction in my lifetime, but after the events of the past

  • The Great/Greater Reset Explained?


    Sanctions on Russia - not for the first time.

    But is the West suffering more than Russia?

    Kit Knightly writing for Off-Guardian (via Technocracy News and Trends) points up the contradictions.

    Cui bono? Who benefits?

    If the NWO wants depopulation (and all things Covid failed to deliver) then perhaps food shortages will do the trick? And an open war would help too.

    If the NWO wants to stop "climate change" (but we don't want to disfigure our environment with solar farms that take out our farmland, and wind-mills that take out our bird life, and we still need carbon fuels for power when the

  • Down the Rabbit Hole 5 - Are We More Complex Than We Thought?


    If you haven't yet perused our "Down the Rabbit Hole" 1 thru 4 articles, please do so before continuing.

    Please leave your disbelief beside the door...

    Are you sitting comfortably?

    Perhaps some of us have roots that might surprise us, including some that we in the UK may be already familiar with.

    Disclaimer - I present this not because I believe it (I have no clue), but because it's out there and it seems to me that if there is truth in it, we should not ignore it. We might be glad we paid attention.

    (86 minutes)



  • The Ukraine You Have Not Been Told About


    This is a somewhat "far-out" contribution to the goings-on in Crimea and the Ukraine (not to omit South Africa, and many other places across the world).

    If you haven't yet perused my "Down the Rabbit Hole" articles 1 - 4, I would suggest that you do so before going any further.

    I shouldn't think that this would appeal to more than a small percentage of people, but some of the notions presented relate to myths and legends (such as vampires) that are probably both as old as the hills and yet have support from independent researchers of present times such as Linda Moulton Howe.

    This just seems to be an independent guy who is trying to put two and two together. Given the subject-matter, that may

  • Who Rules the World? WW3 will Decide the Issue


    This is definitely an article to put up under the "Conspiracy" tag - nobody would have believed a word of it just a few short years ago, perhaps many will never believe it.

    Why? It's just so enormous a proposition that most well-balanced people would say "Where's the evidence?", and in truth the evidence has not previously been at all obvious.

    Although some real journalists of yesteryear did turn up some disquieting facts, and managed to get them published - if anybody wanted to read about them. Nobody in government, reportedly.

    Not surprising really - if you are trying to dominate a world whose population isn't keen on being dominated, then you take great care to hide your intentions behind multiple distractions. The Romans famously had their "bread and circuses", but they were probably not the first to use the

  • Moderna, Pfizer, Biden on the Ropes - FDA-CDC in the Dock of Public Opinion


    Sorry guys, this is (in parts) deep conspiracy theory. 

    But too many conspiracy theories have turned out to be conspiracy facts in the past years.

    For example, that the world governments are being run by a secretive Cabal.

    Now we have video of Klaus Schwab confirming that his "young global leaders" of yesterday are now prime ministers and other ministers of world governments. So a mechanism is there and Klaus is on record writing a book on how he would change the world. One need not be a genius to put two and two together, it's just not a secret any more.

    I am not a committed conspiracy theorist. But the

  • Conspiracy Corner - What the xxxx is Going On?!


    This is a rather slow video, but if you have the time it does make it very easy to follow (some other presenters might wish to take note), but perhaps this is just a bit too slow. He's not rambling, it just sometimes feels like it. Everybody has their own style.

    However, you do need to be aware of some of the undercurrents such as the Q movement if you want to understand what he's saying.

    "the decertification process has been started in almost every state" (and a single state will be sufficient to remove Biden from his pretendency and reinstate Donald Trump).

    "Zuckerberg will be back in the news very soon"

    "Your attention will be shifted... to China-Taiwan any day now... "

    "WW3 is the world vs the Cabal"

    "... xx..x is just as fake as the Ukraine and everything that's

  • "Conspiracy" Update - Latest!


    With events moving fast and apparently loose, the conspiracy universe is no doubt exploding.

    Trump has been in abeyance since Nov 2020, Putin is flexing his forces in Ukraine, Brandon Biden is nearing his dispose-by date and HM the Queen (as we might expect at her age) is probably close to death, maybe even Prince Charles too according to some theories.

    Merkel has gone, Macron isn't making much progress at "leading Europe", all major western nations (including the UK) are apparently led by vastly unpopular WEF protegés, all driving their energy policies into the ground in the name of global warming - to the considerable detriment of their populations.

    In such circumstances it is inevitable that conspiracy theories abound.

    "oil is a creator of wealth"

    "gold is a store of wealth"

    "who gets to serve

  • An Alternative View on the US Truckers Freedom Convoy


    Just another psy-op?

    (15 minutes)



  • Down the Rabbit Hole 4 - ETS Good and Bad, Human Trafficking and Worse


    "Alex Collier has been disclosing this information for 30 plus years. We are now finally being given the chance to make our own minds up"

    This is reportedly an interview from 1994. I haven't verified that statement but I don't have a reason to doubt it.

    This presentation has startling relevance to the situation today. Parts of it are disturbing (don't worry - no graphics).

    If you have not yet done so, please read the following before continuing:

    Down the Rabbit Hole - 1

    Down the Rabbit Hole 2 - Vaccines Clones

  • Seen it Before? - Somewhere?


    I couldn't resist this little gem, nifty ideas abound - but were they feasible, and were they real?

    Is there nothing new under the sun?

    Null points for the muzak sadly.

    Over to you...

    (13 minutes)

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  • JFK to 9/11 and Beyond: Who Really Rules the World?


    JFK's assassination was always suspicious to me - if only because such a mammoth crime obviously demands meticulous planning and considerable organisation - not a job for a 'lone gunman'. 

    Cui bono? Who benefitted?

    Likewise very credible books have been written about 9/11 and the collapse of the twin towers.

    This documentary film has a regrettably lurid opening screenplay but don't let that put you off. It's also been produced to an extremely high standard - background music which is never obtrusive, and so on.

    It is a history lesson like no other. 

    Oil barons. Robber barons. Press barons. Bankers.

  • Dark to Light - The Great Awakening in 8 Minutes


    This is a surreal / subliminal / fast-paced race through the concepts of the Great Awakening.

    If you are susceptible to flashing images you may prefer not to watch this video!

    When is the GA?

    It has been building for some time, and many think it may reach a crescendo very shortly. No dates, no pack drill!

    Many may consider this unsuitable for children.

    Otherwise just sit back for 8 minutes and let it wash over you . . .