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Conspiracy Corner

  • The Bridgen Verdict on Parliament


    Andrew Bridgen's speech from 28th June.

    "... within 6 weeks of polling day... "

    "... the Party system is completely corrupted... "

    "... there's going to be a reckoning for this... "

    You heard it from Andrew first.

    (6 minutes)



  • The Shot Heard Around the World - and the Aftermath Incoming


    A very American presentation by military veterans and patriots, two hours of analysis of events and informed speculation on the future.

    Not to mention a hefty dollop of spiritual awakening for those still labouring under the delusion that our governments work for us...

    "... there's some things I can tell you, and there's some things that you have to experience for yourself... "

    Maybe, just maybe... did Trump get his retribution in first?

    (2 hours)



  • The Attack on Trump Not Explained


    There's already a deluge of articles on social media claiming to have the inside track on what actually happened at the Trump rally, but it's pretty clear to me that what actually happened is unclear - there are several points of attention that demand explanation.

    Redacted reports - but I doubt that this is the whole story.

    What does seem clear is that things are not as they seem.

    (14 minutes)


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  • The Future According to Larry Fink?


    Whitney Webb runs through the Davos plan for their take-over of the world - including us.

    Everything and everyone will be tokenised, traded, and finally r*ped and pillaged,  including mother earth herself, for the benefit of the global elite for whom these systems are set up. Universal ids, CBDCs, and ESG monitoring systems will run the world by  permitting or denying purchases at point of sale.

    All will be tracked, monitored, and controlled through AI algorithms that will be "all-knowing and infallible" (even, and especially, when they are not - for how could a remote AI somewhere in the bowels of the web be challenged? Such systems don't have to work as advertised - they just have to be in control!).

    (15 minutes)



  • Beneficial Ownership - Beneficial to Whom?


    Dr Mike Yeadon is a thorn in the side of the perpetrators of the "pandemic".

    He is (in my estimation) an honest man thrust into the limelight because he could not with integrity stay silent.

    There are many like him, sung and unsung.

    Here Mike takes on new ground. There's only so much one can say about the quaxxines after all, and there are other scams afoot... such as the global scam to "legally" take all our savings in whatever form they may be - bank balances, stocks and shares, retirement plans, ISAs, ETFs... the list is long.

    But the common thread in all of these savings schemes is the idea of "beneficial ownership" - the idea that some institution actually takes care of these investments and holds them on our behalf.

    It's very convenient, very effective, and so far has worked pretty well, so

  • The Neil and Ivor Show


    Neil Oliver and Ivor Cummins - what could be better?

    (59 minutes)


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  • Down the Rabbit Hole - To Our Incoming Future


    This is one of those videos that you are either ready for, or not.

    I strongly suggest that those new to my site should review the earlier Down the Rabbit Hole series, starting with 1 2 3 and 4.

    Yes, it's a crash course in conspiracy theories... or as some would have it, conspiracy truths. I never planned it that way, but there it is.

    You may then be advised to take a breather, and come back to

  • Fulford Report - Monday 8 July 2024 - Populists Deliver Left-Wing Governments?


    Ben's report this week reviews recent geopolitical events, indicating that this is likely to be an eventful summer.

    After Macron and Starmer, who will be next to be installed in place of the Biden?

    All this and more in today's report - modest subscription required for full access.


  • The Covid Twist that Nobody Talks About


    As conspiracy theories come, this is a very good one. Or a very bad one, depending on your point of attention.

    We have reported before on the basic premise here, that the Department of Defense was driving the Covid "pandemic" response and not the HHS/CDC/FDA civilian health regulators in the USA.

    So too did UK Column.

    But was the same or similar true in the UK and elsewhere in the world? 

    If so, why was it hushed up?

    And who are the JBC anyway?

    The Daily Sceptic

  • Down the Rabbit Hole to ... mid July?


    Readers not yet introduced to my "Down the Rabbit Hole" series are advised to read my other 'Down the Rabbit Hole' titles (use top left Search box), in particular Down the Rabbit Hole 1, before continuing...

    Clif High is a polymath who does seem to have a habit of being right about an extraordinary number of things - and indeed he did forecast an "event" for October 2023 (which turned out to be the Oct 7th Hamas insurgency into Israel). He has form.

    Here he is providing some of his background to new readers, plus a review of what he suspects may be a new event about to occur in mid July 2024.

    Maybe we should take note...

    (NB: for "woo humans" read "conspiracy theorists" or "those who are prepared to think outside the box". Oh, and "welcome to

  • View from Scott Ritter


    The situation in Israel, and the symbiotic relationship with the American "inner agency" - AKA the Deep State - and how might "the Donald" make a difference?

    (24 minutes)


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  • The View from Moscow


    Pepe Escobar reviews the recent years' events, and Russia's reaction to them.

    (22 minutes)


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  • The Undead WHO Pandemic Treaty Still On Course


    Interest of Justice warns that the WHO-Big-Pharma-Big-Government complex is still set on entrapping the world within its unending schemes to fake new scamdemics and inject us all with experimental products:

    "... the “Pandemic Agreement” is structured to be a framework convention, much like the Framework Convention On Climate Change... such a framework convention would set up an ongoing Conference of the Parties that would meet on a yearly basis to adopt protocols... largely without public input and outside of public scrutiny"

    This "would force countries to fund novel experiments and censorship in WHO declared emergencies", not to mention opening the way to rolling out more fake vaccines on gullible publics.

    No surprise there then, just more of the same unwanted and unnecessary top-down global experimental medical interventions paid for by the governments around the world from taxation on their unsuspecting

  • EDI = Self-Censorship - and We Pay For It!


    EDI 30 years ago used to be Electronic Data Interchange, but since the internet made that passé, the TLA has been co-opted for "Equity Diversity and Inclusivity".

    And there's a whole media and financial industry sprung up to enforce it. Who financed that?

    It isn't clear that EDI has any positive financial implications, since in business, getting the best person for the job is likely to achieve the best financial results, all other things being equal; but since when did crusading politics care for financial results in the real world?

    So who is paying for all this now?

    We are.

  • Chemtrails Banned in Tennessee


    Well, it may be on the other side of the Atlantic but a precedent is a precedent.

    If they are doing it in the States then they are doing it here, as we can all see should we be inclined to lift up our eyes and look at what is going on above our heads.

    Now it is true that making something illegal doesn't necessarily mean that enforcing that ban will be easy, or even possible (as our own government may in due course find out when its legally mandated "Net Zero" targets come due but unfulfilled), but it is the first step.

    Interest of Justice has the story.


  • Fulford Report - Monday 1st July 2024


    Mainly concerned with the extensive fall-out from the Trump - Biden match, this week Ben runs us through the aftermath, including the speculation about who might inherit the poisoned chalice once "Joe Biden steps down".

    The war of attrition continues...  (modest subscription required)


  • Liz Philips Speaks!


    "I think the whole thing is part of a play..."

    Richard Vobes talks with Liz Philips, who (for those that don't know) used to work closely with Nigel Farage in his UKIP days.

    "... farmers are being paid not to farm - Come On! Wake up everybody!"

    It's your view that counts...

    (46 minutes)


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