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Conspiracy Corner

  • Wales Awakes?


    Sovereign Wales - a political party that tells the uncensored truth as it sees it.

    And it isn't messing around - its fundamental analysis of the Kalergi Plan and the ongoing crises of migration in both Europe and the UK are extensive and in many ways persuasive - whether they are 100% accurate may be open to question as always, but they have evidently done a great deal of homework.

    Whether it is worth reading is a decision for each of us, but it is undeniable that they bring some hard truths and the results of some hard graft to the debate.

    Being fundamentally Welsh they take a slightly parochial view in terms of wanting full independence from Westminster. I would change the emphasis here - we English (also Scots and Irish) share exactly the same problems and we would be stronger working together than seeking separation - whilst I acknowledge that that may be easier said than done, we need all the territories of the United Kingdom liberated, and

  • Chemtrails - Conspiracy Theory Debunked?


    We've all seen them - a web of jet trails in the sky that eventually dissipate to turn a lovely sky-blue day into a grey miasma.

    This site has posted a number of articles about them, and several other web-sites of international renown are either devoted to them or mention them occasionally.

    So are they a conspiracy theory? Evidently not; there are many days when we can observe these phenomena with our own eyes.

    But what is their cause?

    I don't think that anybody has yet comprehensively pin-pointed a cause, and indeed it's quite possible to consider that there may be more than one cause. However, Arthur Firstenberg (author of magnum opus

  • The Mystery Deepens ... Where is Sherlock Holmes When We Need Him?


    "Mortality rates across the UK reached their highest level since 2010, according to an analysis of data published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS)"

    "I’m pretty sure they don’t have an NHS in Ireland, where excess deaths are also competing with pandemic levels... "

    "So, can you think of anything that happened globally which might be causing excess deaths to be higher than during the pandemic?"

    "... while everyone is talking about it, nobody wants to do the work to find out the cause"

    "'I think the government should be looking at it' say the Australian actuaries who usually investigate such matters for the insurance industry"

    "But the Australian government’s investigation into Covid carefully cut out excess deaths from its terms of reference"

  • Financial Implosion Pending?


    This is one for the conspiracy theorists out there (and anyone else who realises that "something is up" with the world's finances).

    Those of us who have been watching the ever-mounting volume of printed money that the central banks of the world (in particular the Federal Reserve Bank - not a reserve, not a Federal agency, not a bank) have been producing over recent years, and thinking that this cannot go on, may be interested.

    Personally, I'd love to hear what Yanis Varoufakis now thinks about it! (From 2021, but the most recent I can find).

    (18 minutes) 


    Tall Tales from 1929 - About to Be Confirmed True?


    In 1929 Lord Birkenhead looked foward to the future 100 years thence - now nearly upon us.

    Some of the stuff may seem familiar to those of us who try to achieve situational awareness...  but for the majority it will just be a bunch his lordship's musings that may have been randomly successful at predicting the future.

    But could his success be down to foreknowledge of some kind?

    "Physics is on the brink of a new synthesis, a fresh simplification and restatement of fundamental ideas"

    Einstein? or something else?

    "By means of the most efficient methods ... a pound of coal can only be made to yield energy of the order of one horse-power for one hour.   Yet, locked up in the atoms which constitute a pound of water, there is an amount of energy equivalent to ten million horse-power hours"

    "By 2029, the

  • No No, Absolutely Not!


    Come on guys, this is 1st January, not 1st April!

    (10 minutes)


    And of course, nothing like this could be possibly be happening in the UK could it?

    No no, of course not, that would be too ridiculous for words.


  • 2023 - The Year Like No Other?


    Kim Goguen is not a familiar name to most people.

    Ben Fulford has previously remarked that he thought she might be an AI bot! I guess she might at that.

    Some people may have heard of the QFS (Quantum Financial System).

    If Kim is to be taken seriously (and it's your judgement) then we should pay attention. What she is saying implies dramatic changes to the way the world works - my reservation would be that we will need a lot of guidance better tailored to our current circumstances if we are to relate to what is coming - trying to swallow the whole upgrade within a single presentation like this isn't going to cut it for most.

    We all recognise that we have to work within the system within which we exist...
     ... but what if that system is now obsolete?

    I do not pretend to follow all the ins and outs of everything that she

  • Conspiracy Theory on Steroids? Or Cause for Concern?


    Stop World Control posits an amazing theory - but does he prove it?

    And if so, what on earth is going on?

    "Biological knowledge, multiplied by Computing power, multiplied by Data, gives us the ability to hack humans"

    "Now we are gaining the power to create life, just like God, and in a way, we even go beyond the Biblical God"

    "It sounds like the plot of a cheap science-fiction movie, but... it's... the official agenda, published and promoted, all over the world by the World Economic Forum and by their puppets in government... "

    Nothing really new here, but in today's world of smoke and mirrors, it's a fascinating and useful, scary, even essential, reminder (where is James Bond when we need him?!).

    I suggest however that it's as succinct presentable and informative a summary of the state of

  • Conspiracy Theory No Longer - We Are Being Sprayed


    No no - those are contrails, not chemtrails. The water vapour product of jet fuel combustion condenses, leaving a trail.

    Well, this last year has been interesting to say the least, as it has become quite common to see two aircraft in the same sky, one with a contrail that evaporates as it should, leaving a nice short trail disappearing behind it, and another leaving a long and spreading trail that does not disappear. Well, that's my observation anyway.

    But that argument is so last year...

    "It was reported this month that the top climate change scientist for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has received $4 million in funding from Congress along with permission to study two highly controversial geoengineering methods in an attempt to cool the Earth"


  • A Sham and a Deceit?


    The CIB (Campaign for an Independent Britain) publishes their view on why the Northern Ireland Protocol is no more than "a sham and a deceit".

    Harsh words, but apparently warranted none the less.

    Surely our friends and partners across the Channel would never indulge in such measures?

    Well, of course not Minister. 


  • New World Order Incoming - Reminder


    This is a gentle reminder - this site covered the topic earlier in December, but another reminder is appropriate in the light of the severity of the threat.

    Serious threats certainly abound (war with Russia, unrest in the Middle East, expiring power supplies courtesy of sanctions on Russia that mostly hurt Europe, ever-growing uncontrolled illegal immigration (at our considerable expense), striking unions, freezing weather ...  )

    But just below the surface presented by the global news media, the World Stealth Organisation is moving laboriously on, expressing their intentions in verbiage of stultifying bureaucratic ambiguity which nobody wants to read, let alone attempt to decipher.

    Yup - I'm definitely a conspiracy theorist - but remind me - who abolished conspiracies and when did that

  • Merry Christmas EU! - From the British Government


    In 2016 against all published expectations and in the teeth of "advice" from the massed ranks of the Great and the Good globally, the UK voted to leave the EU.

    Quelle Horreur!

    How could we possibly succeed without being subject to the wise instruction of the EU Commission?

    Outside the infinite wisdom of the ECJ?

    And above all, without the doughty rhetoric of Nigel Farage in the EU Parliament to entertain us?

    What then unfolded was perhaps the most extraordinarily illuminating Parliament of political and legal contortionist thearter of modern times, which tried everything possible to appear to be leaving the EU whilst determined to remain within its control. 

    Ultimately, the Great and the Good decided that the only way they could achieve that aim was to allow Boris Johnson to "take us out" in legal terms whilst taking

  • Latest Scuttlebutt from the US 15 December 2022


    This video was posted on 15 December.

    Make of it what you will...

    (25 minutes)


  • End of Year SitRep from Riccardo


    I have no information, but I strongly suspect that what he says re Australia could equally well be said of the UK.

    Let's hope so and be ready for it.

    Once the dominoes start falling, the collapse may be brutal.

    (4 minutes)




  • The Fulford Report Monday 12 Dec 2022


    The Fulford report this week presents a round-up of recent events and a positive slant on some of them that I have not seen elsewhere.

    Modest subscription required.


  • The China Enigma


    Is the West at loggerheads with China - or is it cooperating behind the scenes?

    This not surprisingly is a story that goes back many years, and which (also not surprisingly) features a pantheon of the "usual suspects".

    Brought to us by the Corbett Report, this is a deep dive that paints the background to the current world situation.

    Settle yourself with a nice cup of your brew of choice and - plunge in!

    (72 minutes)



  • Twitter Upstages Durham


    As Elon releases a tidal wave of information on deep state election manipulations and free speech suppressions, Martin Geddes summarises for us.

    "... confirming beyond any doubt what many of us have been saying for years: there is a “Deep State” alliance of government agencies, (quasi-)private organisations, media, and intelligence professionals engaged in mass censorship to cover up organised crime, notably crimes against children and treason"

    The end becomes ever nigher...


  • A Tribute to David Ray Griffin


    "One of the great pioneers of the 9/11 Truth Movement, David Ray Griffin, passed away on November 25, 2022. He was 83 years old"

    I was interested not so much in the announcement, but in the report that he had worked at the Claremont School of Theology:

    "Fifty years ago we organized the Center for Process Studies that undertook to help scholars in many fields of study to understand that shifting from mechanistic to organic theory in the way Alfred North Whitehead had developed would benefit their work. The scientific evidence is that the world is made up of interrelated events (or processes) rather than tiny bits of separate static matter"

    Now that got my attention, because where I used to work in manufacturing, the process was key to the quality of the end product, whether that product was a TV set or a packet of teabags or a new computer system. If you think about it, it makes perfect sense - you have to perfect the process to perfect

  • How the EU/UK Poor Subsidise the Rich?


    Investigate Europe spills the beans on the ways in which EU national governments all seem to support the property-owning classes at the expense of the proletariat. 

    All part of the great governmental scam that keeps the elite subsidised and the poor in their place? Or all done for the benefit of the wider population by supporting a supply of well-maintained affordable housing?

    So who does your member of parliament work for?

    Being no expert in UK property taxation I'm not going to make any unfounded statements, except to say that (a) property investment in the UK has traditionally been seen by many as a route to prosperity and (b) I doubt if the UK government is fundamentally any different to other European governments in this matter.

    I've no doubt though that this is all in furtherance of the famous EU interpretation of the "level playing field", and its

  • What's Really Going on Inside the Information Blizzard?


    Connect-the-dots sleuth Amazing Polly lives up to her nomenclature in spades in this little monologue.

    Does she draw connections in all the wrong places, or is the world still trundling bemusedly into the dystopian technocratic command and control world slavery system, or...  is something else going on?

    Get your wet towels to hand, set aside preconceptions, dowse all distractions, and take the plunge...

    (42 minutes)