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  • Who We Are


    The USA didn't gain it's independence and become the premier world power by nicely doing as they were told by the Crown.

    Freedom and independence must be asserted - our objective is to encourage all free citizens of the United Kingdom (and of the world!) to institute a government "of the people, by the people, and for the people".

  • Power to the People!


    This site has three primary purposes:

    • To encourage every one of us to think for ourselves.

      If we have formed no convictions of our own, then we are open to manipulation (maybe worse) by others who would prefer
  • Lockdown? Put the Government on Notice of "Conditional Acceptance" NOW


    Clive de Carle made his name in the field of "alternative" health - that just means non-pharma based health.

    He has published this document as a way of utilizing the Common Law to resist Boris' new and (as far as I can see) totally unwarranted

  • Join our Email Family!


    Our Free Citizen Email Family is open to all private citizens aged 13 years and over and is free to join.


    Normally we send a newsletter early each week to highlight recent or future events which may be of interest, and to provide topical

  • Democracy


    From the Greek: Demos(the people) and Kratos (rule, power).

    From the ancient Athenians down to the present day, this idea of democracy has been kept alive down the ages despite the autocratic (autos: self) rule of emperors kings and tyrants.