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  • Call for a Referendum!


    The Covid screws may have been loosened but the same censorship is evident on the Ukraine issue - no viewpoint other than the mainstream Russia Bad / Ukraine Heroic is permitted to be shared around.

    Our government has no mandate from the people to sideline negotiations and to continue their proxy war against the Russians.

    A referendum to decide the frontier issue was good enough for Scotland and there is no reason that the same is not good enough for the Eastern regions of the Ukraine. We had the chance to cooperate with Russia to negotiate a peace deal on that basis and to act as peacemakers, but Boris chose not to - Putin has now held his own referenda with predictable results.

    "... the dictatorship of the Western elites targets all societies, including the citizens of Western countries themselves. This is a challenge to all. This

  • A Relaxed Ramble Around our Covid Policing


    James Harvey has been making a name for himself (Students Against Tyranny, Voice of Wales, UNN) by taking the weapon of publicity to the authorities, and if you have a mind to spend a half hour listening to this interview you will learn how some of those who were arrested at the 2020 Covid demonstrations experienced our police and judicial systems.

    It's an interview that makes a pleasant change from the polemics of the commentators, and brings out the human aspects of these experiences in a manner that I found quite engaging.

    Our future is safe with young people like these.

    And it's not all bad news!

    (32 minutes)



  • Stop the World, I Want to Get Off!


    This article from UK Column correspondent Mark Anderson reviews how the ultimate fund manager Black Rock, (and no doubt fund managers State Street and Vanguard), are channelling funding through their ESG goals (Environmental and Social Governance - the acceptable newspeak for Climate Change and other unacceptable WEF-UN partnership proposals) to primarily invest in those corporations which are said to comply with their requirements rather than those that simply make a profit.

    In other words they are effectively molding and regulating the corporate economy according to their own preferences and bypassing the "democratically elected" national governments who are supposed to be doing this job in the interests of their electorates.

    Attorneys-General of nineteen American states have taken up the cudgels on behalf of the their states' citizens whose pensions are invested by Black Rock.

    Since this trio of fund managers effectively control the majority of the

  • The "Greatest Miscarriage of Medical Science ... in Our Lifetime"?


    We have published so much about the Covid issue on this site that I hesitate to keep doing it, but this interview on GB News with Dr Malhotra is significant as it marks a turning-point - a significant authority in matters medical who previously wholeheartedly supported the vaccination campaign is now openly calling for it to be stopped.

    Indeed there is "more joy ... in Heaven over one sinner that repenteth than over ninety and nine just persons who need no repentance" (Luke 15:7).

    (9 minutes)


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  • Are You Denying my Humanity?


    There but for the grace of God go we all.

    Sometimes we need a reminder of times we would prefer to forget, lest similar circumstances should arise again.

    (95 minutes)


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  • Fulford on Friday 30 Sep 2022


    As always, good value for a modest subscription.

    In a world seemingly hell-bent on escalating warfare, good information is hard to come by.

    A hard winter beckons, stay informed.


  • If You Are in a Hole - Stop Digging!


    Unless of course you are a politician - as we all know, the normal rules of life on Earth never apply to them.

    At the start of the "military intervention" in Ukraine, peace talks were held and seemed to offer reasonable hope of a negotiated solution - until western politicians (reportedly not least Boris Johnson) leaned on Zelenskyy to scupper the process. 

    Boris could have joined forces with Putin to support a referendum along the lines of the Scottish referendum on self-determination (if it was good enough for the UK then why not for the Ukraine?) but chose not to for reasons that seemed to amount to little more than "Putin Bad - Zelenskyy Good".

    The Ukraine-Russia spat is on the face of it nothing to do with the UK. Ukraine is not a member of NATO. The UK is not a neighbouring territory with "interests". For the UK to intervene to facilitate a negotiated and peaceful resolution would be reasonable ("blessed are the peacemakers"), but to intervene to

  • Mind Your Ps and Qs


    This video is not for everyone - for a start it's over three hours long and most of us don't have that sort of spare time unless we really are wanting to know more about the topic.

    But it is a presentation by somebody who does claim to have made a considerable study of the subject matter, and I've only really found one other who has done the same.

    So which Ps and Qs are we talking about here? 

    Popcorn and Quavers?

    Perceptions and Quandaries?

    Presidents and Q(ANONs)?

    This is a deep dive indeed - and it's about all of these things (but I don't think it covers the snack versions).

    " ... the most sophisticated, widespread, psychological

  • Lazy Crazy Days ... and Gas Pipelines


    Sabotage? Earthquake? Happenstance? Search for the Guilty? Punishment of the Innocent? Praise and honour for the non-participants?

    Neil McCoy-Ward sorts the facts from the fancies...

    (20 minutes)


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    One point he doesn't mention is the Great Reset as promoted by the WEF. If multiple huge corporates which depend upon energy and fossil fuel all suddenly find themselves with impossible business models, then bankruptcies beckon, and bankruptcies mean banks and ultimately central banks. 

    We watch how this plays out in calm trepidation

  • Tartaria on the Uxbridge Road?


    Have we really been lied to about everything? 

    After watching this, you may be tempted to wonder...

    But questions abound, such as "Why?",

    and "Where did Tartaria come into it?",

    and "Aren't some of these pictures from cities in the USA?",

    but London's "White City" still exists in name, if not in original form.

    (5 minutes)


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  • War Means Business - Even for European Shipping


    You could read this two ways:

    - European shipping companies are disgracefully profiting from the Ukraine war sanctions...   or

    - European shipping companies are doing their damnedest to keep the populations warm(ish) and employed despite the idiotic sanctions imposed by their rulers.

    Either way, it does highlight the total stupidity (and almost certainly worse) of our ruling classes.

    Investigate Europe has the story.


  • Not Safe - Unprecedented Harms


    Oracle Films' documentary on the Covid "vaccine". 

    And the consequences.

    (55 minutes)


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  • Russia Mobilises, Serbia Cooperates, Poland Thanks the USA


    Redacted bring us up to date with the Ukraine situation.

    And the exploded Nord Stream pipelines situation.

    There can be little doubt that NATO is intent on pushing a war that they cannot win.

    The "special military operation" will become a "war on terrorists"...  now, where was that concept pioneered previously?

    (34 minutes)


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  • Reiner Sums It Up


    Reiner Fuellmich introduces the ICIC (International Crimes Investigative Committee ) and reviews the status quo:

    (7 minutes) in English!



  • IPCC Bludners Exposed


    "As our March 2020 video on the Climate Sensitivity Question explains, a key issue in climate science is how much warming can be expected from doubling the amount of CO2 in the air"

    John Robson of Climate Discussion Nexus takes us once more around the scientific mulberry bush that poses as "settled science".

    The extent to which CO2 affects "global warming" would seem to be a critical issue, yet after decades of controversy and innumerable papers scientific and unscientific, the illustrious IPCC still appears unable to get its analysis straight.

    "if ECS is down around 2 degrees C the whole

  • This is not Legal Advice


    I found this article of interest, not because I am fascinated by the complexities of law but because it seems that these largely unknown unrecognised and unacknowledged complexities may be cause for serious concern, given that the ostensible function of a court is to achieve justice.

    I'm sure there is a lot more here than meets the eye, but some of the historical developments noted certainly provide an interesting glimpse of the legal mindset as it has evolved over the years.

    I'm sure that this website holds many more items of interest for those that wish to explore further.

    Canon 3228 : The Twelve Presumptions of Court


  • This is Not Financial Advice


    This is not financial advice.

    I don't have much clue how to survive the coming take-down of the central banks because it's never been done before. It's every man for himself.

    There are those who swear by crypto (too complex for me), those who swear by precious metals and commodities, those who swear by infrastructure (houses, land etc) and those who swear by government bonds (not so many currently I fancy) and no doubt many others also.

    And then there are the politicians and the financial moguls who are alleged by some to rig the markets to their own ends...

    Not to mention the brewing of World War Three (or is it Four?) in the Ukraine melting pot.

    Nevertheless there are arguments to be made and retirement pots to protect, so here we have Martin Armstrong interviewed by USA Watchdog Greg Hunter.

    "The Dollar will be

  • Making Sense of History


    It has been said that history is rewritten by the victors, but this exposition suggests that it is written by those who never - ever - give up.

    Whilst this covers a good few centuries, its unifying theme is clear and almost certainly controversial (although the idea that the Vatican has been involved in historical power struggles is not at all controversial to the English).

    This is a veritable tour de force, first posted on Bitchute 15 months ago, and recently reposted. Whatever your religious beliefs or none, this is primarily a historical video that I suggest is required viewing - after all, it might just be substantially accurate...

    (2 hrs 54)



  • MHRA - 20 Sep 2022 Board Meeting


    If you ever wondered what the MHRA gets up to, here, courtesy of UK Column, is their September board meeting.

    If you find this interesting, that's great, but remember that you may not have enough lifetimes available to translate their newspeak, navigate their diversions, and penetrate their obfuscations, in order to pin any misdemeanour upon them.

    So either nail the key point (horrendous vaccine injury rates on their watch) or find something more productive to do with your time .

    (2 hrs 22 mins)



  • Reiner Fuellmich Leaves the Corona Committee - 2


    We first reported on this from the viewpoint of Reiner himself, so today we redress the balance by bringing you Viviane Fischer's explanation of the rift.

    A sorry tale indeed, and one that should never have been allowed to fester for so long.

    As always, it's your judgement that counts.

    (10 minutes) German with English subtitles


    And here, Reiner responds more directly to Viviane's assertions. The subtitling seems to be by AI and is tricky to follow, but you do get the gist... 

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