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  • Petition to the International Criminal Court to Prosecute Crimes Against Humanity


    Dr Richard Fleming interviewed on Brighteon explains his petition to the ICC to encourage them to take up the complaints that have been made to them by various international lawyers (including some from the UK).

    "everything is unravelling..."


    Together we are stronger than ever, and together we will make the difference for the future of our children.

    Visit https://www.flemingmethod.com/.

    Sign the petition.

    Share it everywhere.

  • Mel K and Benjamin Fulford Discuss the State of the World


    Mel K interviews Ben Fulford:

    See also Ben's weekly Monday update (partially paywalled).

  • News Round-Up 25 Oct 2021 - Covid Incoherence - More £Billions for NHS


    UK Column as always give us a round-up of the current Covid situation, as well as the COP26 "climate emergency" propaganda status.

    An excellent programme which we think deserves as wide an airing as possible:


  • The Takeover Of All Genetic Material On Earth


    Patrick Wood of Technocracy News exposes the intent of the global biotech industry to take over and control all the world's bio-genetic resources for its own profit and global control.

    "The major concern at the 1992 Convention on Biodiversity was 'protecting the pharmaceutical and emerging biotechnology industries' "

    "The United Nations defined Biodiversity as 'genetic resources' "

    "The Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework calls for digital genetic sequencing of all species, including humans, to be stored as a global common asset and made available for licensing by the biotechnology industry"

    Patrick Wood has been on the trail of the Technocracy movement for many years and has mapped the tortuous relationships between the Trilateral Commission, the UN and its agencies, and other

  • The Greater the Sweep of the Title, the Less the Incumbent is in Charge


    We rely on our government ministers to know what they are talking about.

    After all, if they are not properly advised then who is?

    So when they openly tell the most extraordinary fibs we really ought to be worried. And when they fib about the costs of the national energy supply upon which our economy depends and upon which we depend in order to meet our basic needs for cooking, keeping warm, and travelling, then we really ought to be extremely concerned.

    It really isn't good enough to say that "Oh, well, it's all about going green and we know that they have been spinning the yarn of all yarns about the need for change and the benefits of windmills and the need to subsidise the initial investment in order to kick-start the market and the world will end in six months if we don't JUST DO AS GRETA TELLS US"... 

    This has been going on for so long now that we are well past our brow-beat-by date.


  • La Palma Earthquake Plot Last 24 hrs


    Anybody care to explain this plot of quake locations on the island of La Palma?

    (source:  https://www.emsc-csem.org/Earthquake/Map/gmap.php )

  • A Reminder of the True Shape of the Covid Terror


    Another excellently simple overview of the damage done by the "pandemic", from the inimitable Ivor Cummins:


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  • We live in an Abusive Relationship with our Governments


    I offer this without further comment. Ye who have ears...


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  • EU Parliament - They Don't Like the Green Pass Either


    MEPs come out at press conference in favour of staff who do not approve the mandatory "green pass" to come to work.

    Cogently argued as well. 

    Will the staff at the EU Parliament tolerate this intrusion on their liberties or will they walk out? 

    One can only imagine what Nigel would have had to say ...

  • Spain Cleans up After Constitutional Court Strikes Down Covid Emergency



    "The Government has created a work team to proceed with the return of all the fines that were imposed on citizens during the first state of alarm by COVID-19 and cancel the files that were still being processed by the administration, as reported to Europa Press sources from the Ministry of Territorial Policy."

    Spain's Constitutional Court has ruled that the first State of Emergency was unconstitutional and therefore all the fines imposed under those rules will have to be returned.

    The Court has still to rule on the second State of Emergency.

    Read the report!

  • Liars, Damned Liars, and Politicians


    This video is an edited concatenation of parts 9 and 10 of the Fall of the Cabal series by Janet Ossebaard. 

    It's a useful summary of the state of world politics over recent years, and includes Janet's explanations of the Q phenomenon, Trump, and the global revolution that many believe to be currently under way - indeed, that may be about to reach a major milestone as the fiat financial and central banking system finally comes apart.

    For a brief overview of how we got here, it's probably as good as it gets. It inevitably includes a great deal of speculation and deduction, some of which may be inaccurate... and some of which is definitely outrageous...  but could it be true?! Oh, and it suffers from some unfortunate (to my ears) 'background music'... but heigh ho, it's the content that matters.

    We can all pick and choose our truths, but it may be

  • World Chaos According to Fulford


    What is money?

    Who has it and who doesn't?

    Where does that leave the world?

    Benjamin Fulford tells it as he sees it.

    (Not paywalled)


  • Daily Mail Spills the Beans on Hunter Biden


    The Hunter Biden laptop seemed long ago to have become enveloped within the foggy realms of the no-man's-land between fantasy and reality, but it appears that parts of the story may now be emerging.

    It is being reported that the relationship between father and son's finances may not have been as separate as previously asserted.

    Surprisingly, the UK's Daily Mail seems to have broken the story.

    Restricted Republic reports:


  • COP26 - Glasgow: It's Much Worse . . .


    LarouchePAC explains what they think is going on at COP26 in Glasgow (not sure where they get the idea that Glasgow is in Switzerland - I hope they don't catch the wrong flight).

    This is a conference of the Parties - not of the nations. Who are the Parties? They are whoever is invited by the UN.

    "a giant step toward the elimination of national sovereignty... the destruction of national economies, and the killing of hundreds of millions, if not several billion people" 

    Don't say you weren't warned.

    (46 minutes)


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  • The Dismal Cost of "Net Zero" - Bank of America


    Zerohedge reports on the gargantuan costs of getting to Net Zero over 30 years, as estimated by Bank Of America's latest thematic research report "Transwarming" World.

    The five trillion dollars annually for 30 years it estimates would have to be met by - guess what - QE.

    In a world already on its uppers due to pandemics (real or imagined) and consequent public upheaval, this I think comes under the heading of "it isn't going to happen", because it can't happen.

    "... biggest QE episode in history, one wrapped in the "noble" veneer of fighting for the most important cause in the history of civilization, but in reality it's just the biggest wealth transfer scheme in history"

    "it's all one giant spectacle meant for the masses"

    There's a lot more in this article than you might think. It really does become apparent that the whole exercise is a vast

  • Forbidden Archaeology, Buried History


    Life sometimes throws up inconvenient truths which are not immediately explicable (indeed some might think that we have been blessed with rather too many of these recently!).

    Some people find these mysteries fascinating, and some baffling, and some react by rejecting the evidence as somehow flawed because it doesn't comply with their expectations - even in some cases going so far as to suppress the offending evidence, or to rewrite the documentation to reflect their beliefs rather than the evidence - or some will simply ignore the offending evidence altogether... 

    So I thought it might be interesting to see how inexplicable truths are handled in less fast-moving arenas - for example, in archaeology.

    Enjoy!  (1 hr)

  • Tucker Spills the Beans


    Tucker Carlson has delivered some amazing rants over the years, but here he has the rigging of the Democrat nomination for the 2020 election in his sights.

    "this guy 'got elected' with less popular support than any president in our history by far ..."

    "... as a face of an oligarchical take-over of our system... you couldn't really pick a better one"

    "... you can change the name of the guy running things but you don't change the people running things - Obama was still in charge in a lot of ways in early 2017... that's a communist ruling class that runs everything without regard to what voters want..."

    "Opponents of the regime are punished, allies of the regime are not..."


    "the shots dysregulate your immune