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Greater Reset!

  • Net Zero Chance of Net Zero


    It seems reasonable to assume from their name that the Good Law Project is all about good law.

    It isn't therefore necessarily about good climate science, but the Government in its all-knowing wisdom has enshrined its binding net zero targets in law, I suppose because that's the only thing they know how to do.

    Of course, that doesn't mean to say that the targets will actually be met, but there's a good chance that it won't be this government that's in place when the targets fall due and the lawsuits begin to fly.

    Anyway, the Good Law project, mindful no doubt of the sometimes lengthy nature of legal proceedings, has shrewdly got its retribution in first and compelled the government to disclose its assessments of the risks that may bedevil these now legally binding

  • Today: The Julian Assange Appeal at the Royal Courts of Justice


    Journalist Taylor Hudak(Telegram link)reports today for the Interests of Justice.

    As in all such major trials, there are two agencies on trial - the defendant Julian Assange, and the British Justice system.

    The primary law involved is our extradition treaty with the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA - if you ask me, that fails immediately if the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA should be found to be bankrupt... but what do I know? And even if it is, would/could that be acknowledged as fact in Court, bearing in mind that legal facts are those agreed upon by the parties concerned in the case.

    Read her report

  • Fulford Weekly Report - Monday 19 Feb 2024


    Much speculation about what may be going on behind the scenes, but little firm news this week.

    As always however, worth reading, if only for the revealing videos on what the Israelis really think about Gaza. I think that the ICJ needs to bite the bullet, but they must be under enormous pressure to fade away, because if they do bring in the big G verdict, that gives the citizens of multiple countries all the legal justification they need to stop funding their Israel-supporting governments with tax payments.

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  • Beyond the Israel Gaza Conflict


    Stopping the war is clearly paramount, but is only the first step into a post-conflict future.

    If such a future could be painted, maybe the gains to be made would be seen to be more attractive than the losses that both sides currently face. It could hardly be otherwise - we are inevitably stronger when we cooperate to mutual benefit, than when we waste our time and resources trying to overcome each other.

    It's not rocket-science, but the most intractable obstacle standing in the way is inevitably the current lack of trust, and this should be where the external international powers are able to contribute their efforts. Perhaps Israel / Palestine should become an altogether demilitarised zone? Even that however would probably not be enough; until the external international powers themselves stop stoking the rhetoric of distrust and conflict, it's hard to see how the local protagonists can lead the way to a trustful solution.

    This presentation is somewhat

  • Richard Vobes Nails the World's Postmaster General


    No, don't worry, nothing to do with the Fujitsu system and the Royal Mail's conflict with their local postmasters, this is your introduction to the now-space.

    So listen up as the Richard:Vobes interviews Russell-Jay:Gould, proponent of the quantum-grammar.

    "... the Post Offices of the world control the country's military... "

    "... the United Nations is a fraudulent organisation that has zero authority to do anything - because they can't read and write... "

    "... you're using a lot of terms that are completely new to me... "  (and so say all of us!)

    (57 minutes)

    Good Luck!


    Fulford Monday Report - 12 Feb 2024


    "There can be no doubt now that regime change is happening in the Western world"

    The pace of change is increasing and keeping tabs on everything is correspondingly difficult.

    The farmers revolts are spreading, with even the English emulating their Gallic friends across the channel (although I have yet to see reports of English town halls being treated to a brisk hosing down with legendary farming materials - maybe they still have some tips to learn from the Yetties). 

    And of course "that interview" unaccountably seems to be causing ructions amongst certain groups, even if Mr Putin was very circumspect in his history lesson. It doesn't seem to have done his popularity any harm.

  • Once WW3 is Over


    Once WW3 is Declared Over...  what then?

    I don't know, but if we really have no "authorities" to turn to... then it really will be government of the people by the people and for the people, because there won't be anybody else!

    Are we the people prepared?

    Richard Vobes begins to put us into the frame of mind.

    (10 minutes)


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  • This is War - But Not as We Imagined It


    To some extent we have covered this before...

    ... but it's always good to see others putting out the same message.

    Pascal Najadi joins the AJ Roberts Show to explain the truth that nobody will believe - that WW3 has been waged for some years and is (hopefully, allegedly) now coming to a close in 2024.

    That's not to say that it's over, or that there won't be a great deal of sweeping up to do in 2024/5 and onward, but maybe the active stage is over (or will be closed shortly) (whatever that may mean). 

    "The Law of War Manual of the United States Military is in force"

    "If you don't now read what we disclose then you will have a hard time to get to grips with what is soon coming to surface... "

    Tucker Explains the State of the United States


    If you watched the Putin interview, then what you got primarily was Vladimir Putin. That was as it should be.

    So to redress the balance, this is Tucker Carlson, absolutely nailing today's zeitgeist.

    Classic Tucker.

    (25 minutes)


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  • How Can "Peak Net Zero" Even be a Thing?


    Have the farmers won?

    Has the EU Commission finally met its match?

    Where would that leave the UK?

    And what is the "Next Big Thing"?

    (15 minutes)


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  • The Tucker Putin Interview


    The much anticipated interview is here.

    President Putin delivers a two hour interchange with Tucker, which includes a potted history lesson of the last centuries, plus the more recent history which has brought us to where we are today.

    (2 hrs 7 mins)



    strictly for conspiracy theorists only...

    Jean Claude (from Beyond Mystic) discusses the interview with Janine - whether or not we believe in tarot cards, this does raise some hugely important points which if

  • False Representation?


    Martin Geddes is nothing if not persistent - but persistence is a virtue.

    The panoply of legalese that is ranged against us is nothing if not seemingly impenetrable, and we don't in general have the time or the inclination to sort our way through the entanglements in order to establish the path back to honesty and integrity, so it falls to a few stalwarts who do muster the time and inclination, and are gracious to publish their results for our benefit.

    They deserve our support.

    Of course that doesn't absolve us of our responsibility to take on the challenges ourselves - in actuality it does the reverse - but it does give us a relatively clear road-map to guide us in so doing.

    This is his latest update on his legal tussle with the Traffic Penalty Tribunal, where he is

  • Is Putin a Conspiracy Theory?


    Tucker Carlson is perhaps the biggest name in town right now. Over the years he has made himself a household name simply by being authentic, staying true to his good sense, and "telling it like it is".

    So Fox fired him.

    Now he has dared to travel across the world into the lion's den itself to interview possibly the most important man on Earth right now - in the teeth of official opprobrium from all the vested interests of the West (especially those with Zionist connections - or am I just paranoid?).

    I don't expect this interview to be revealing any great new unsuspected truth (of course I could be wrong) but it would be the first by a prominent (and importantly: trusted) western journalist who has enough reach to sway western public opinion.

    And there have been enough snippets somehow leaked in advance to whet our appetite and big up our interest 😎. Yes, this is going to be important, and it has seemingly been

  • Is the Age of Aquarius finally Dawning?


    ... or is this merely another absurd conspiracy theory from Ridiculous Richard with no basis whatsoever in fact?

    (7 minutes)


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  • Promethean Action - καιρός Global Review


    Formerly LaRouchePAC, they have rebranded (the last refuge of a dying operation?) as Promethean Action. I'm not sure whether that will improve their fan-base or finally consign them to blessed oblivion, but they do talk sense, and in a rather old-fashioned and intellectual manner that I find quite acceptable, even rather quaint in this modern no-holds-barred in-your-face age. Of course some of their presenters are better than others!

    I do wish though that they would pay more attention to the format and manner of presentation - their style must be one of the most off-putting on the net. 

    I have timed this video to start after the rather long intro... on the grounds that it doesn't add much of significance, is rather long, isn't very engaging, and you can watch from the start if you want to (and read the article) by clicking the link above. 

    This is a useful and wide-ranging

  • Actionable Intelligence?


    The Fulford Report this week purports to provide detailed information on the suppliers of the substance that it appears Big Pharma has been unable to synthesise (and for which Count Dracula might have had a penchant).

    I have no information beyond that provided by Ben in the public domain, so as always its up to you to decide whether or not to give him any credence.

    Suffice it to say that Ben is getting serious.

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  • Dams Break Slowly, then Suddenly


    Some things take an exorbitantly long time to get resolved.

    Take the case (currently in the news) of the Post Office managers who were pursued through the courts for imaginary losses that never existed, but were reported as deficient by the new Post Office computer system - and the courts agreed that the computer was infallible and therefore they were guilty. As an IT systems engineer of many years standing, I cannot conceive of how any competent (and honest) IT professional could possibly stand up in court and swear that his system was infallible. It also beggars belief that it could have got to court if either P.O. management or their accountants had been both competent and honest. 

    Yet somehow it did. So who was professionally deficient and how? In the way of matters governmental, we will probably never find out, and that too should no longer be tolerated.

    "It seemingly did not occur to anyone to ask why over 750 managers with hitherto unblemished

  • Fulford Report Monday 29 Jan 2024


    Ben's report this week indicates that a great deal is happening (by no means are events confined to Texas) and may matters not remain below the surface, as hitherto, for much longer. 

    (Reports elsewhere, indicating the collapse of Chinese property giant Evergrande, suggest a knock on effect that may topple major banks, possibly in short order, with all the concomitant financial upheaval that would ensue)

    Don't miss.   (modest subscription required)


  • Sergei Lavrov - Whither the Ukraine Conflict?


    If you would defeat your enemy - or make peace - first understand your enemy.

    Sergei Lavrov explains Russia's current position to the UN Security Council.

    First the short version:

    (31 minutes)


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    The full report of the same:

    (2 hrs 7 mins)