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Greater Reset!

  • "Man of God" - Megacities on the Way


    I'm going to be very careful here and provide no comment whatsoever.

    Make your own judgement.

    44 pages with pictures.

  • "Man of God" - The Solution and Map of Success


    Also released today is this document which purports to map out the changes that our world is about to navigate.

    The list is large:

    • Covid-19, vaccines and adverse events,
    • fire and replace all corrupt representatives in government,
    • new digital gold-backed monetary systems for up to 193 nations,
    • issue new series of gold-backed SBI Platinum Bonds "sufficient to permit the recasting of all fiat debts globally" so as to not interrupt current day to day business activities domestically and internationally, 
    • activating Nesara and Gesara ... will eliminate the very institutions that have been the foundation of evil supporting the cabal illuminati
  • What Might the Greater Reset Look Like?


    It has been apparent to many that the current world is heading for a reset of some kind.

    Our erstwhile carefree post-war existence looks set to be ending soon, either in a world-wide tyrannical technocratic clampdown of progressively less freedom and more compliance, culminating in outright loss of all meaningful freedoms, or there will be a counter-revolution to reverse this downward spiral and restore individual freedom to its full-flowering potential.

    The choice is pretty stark.

    We have on this site posted several interpretations of how the downward spiral may be unfolding under the "Great Reset" menu. We have also posted a few articles under the "Greater Reset" menu that attempt to illuminate how a greater reset may unfold, but I think it fair to say that much less is currently known about how

  • The Global Financial System - Is the Fog Clearing?


    There have been rumours galore of a new "Quantum Financial System" for some time now, mostly built upon a somewhat simplistic narrative involving "black hats" and "white hats". Meanwhile the world's current financial system seems to lurch from one crisis to another until it now must surely be running on empty.

    So what is going on in the world of high finance?

    This video is refreshing in so far as it does present a more complex and nuanced picture than we have seen before. I don't know the lady concerned and can't corroborate any of this, but this does seem to be more grounded than many such conversations.

    I present it for your interest - it's your judgement that counts:

  • The Fulford View of Global Insanity In the Wake of the Biden Catastrophe


    Benjamin Fulford's world view is probably unlike anybody's (or anybody that you may have heard of).

    I flag it as "Conspiracy (theory)" because it is impossible for ordinary mortals to verify and cross-check much of it with independent sources, but to ignore it would be to deprive my readership of an unconventional view-point that is both entertaining and seems to fit a great deal of what has been afflicting our benighted world in recent years - so I encourage the adventurous to read on (even to purchase a subscription so you can read it all), but if you are still wedded to mainstream media then it's obviously not for you... 

    His two most recent are linked below (and fascinating reading they are too) but if you have a subscription you can read all his latest blog entries here.

    I make no claim as to his accuracy or truthfulness - those are for you to

  • Woo, Over-Woo, Woo D'État


    Clif High is somebody whose work we have featured before. Strangely, he bases his work on analysis of internet traffic - in other words, on good data.

    He doesn't quite define what he means by "woo", but I would suggest an up-welling of popular view-point in response to their perception of the unfolding situation, namely, the collapse of the mainstream narrative under the weight of the state's lies and contradictions.

    There are not many people who even pretend to undertake similar research, let alone those who can articulate his findings and place them within a historical perspective.

    He also introduces a number of assumptions about the underlying causes with which you may be unfamiliar - work with him for a while if you can - he isn't necessarily talking about your views, he's talking about the views that have currency in the internet traffic.

    Whether or not you agree with his viewpoints, he certainly provides

  • What Comes Next?


    Our world has been spinning many improbabilities over recent years that some consider preposterous, some believe possible but unlikely, and some think really are happening - and some believe that matters are working up to an event that will shortly bust some of these improbabilities wide open, with consequences that no man may foresee.

    In this presentation Robert David Steele and his associates put two and two together - but it's up to us to decide whether they get 3, 4, or 5 as an answer!

    "... the only way to be anti-fragile is to be local... "

    "... the existing systems and institutions (Government etc) are not going to be able to sustain themselves... "

    "... schools and hospitals are going to go out of business in their present form, they will not survive the change..."

    "... we have an entire world that has to be recreated, rethought, regenerated

  • Magna Carta - Britain's Gift to The World?


    It has been said that the UK has no written constitution, but there are those that beg to differ, and many of those that differ refer back to our Magna Carta - the Great Charter - that has had a somewhat chequered history since first it was signed by King John.

    Whether any version of this historical document still forms the foundation of our current legal system seems open to discussion, but there are many who feel that it's principles should once more be elevated to supreme position in our legal texts, if only, but crucially, because it puts our rulers in their place, not as inviolable dictators whose rules and judgements are unchallengeable, but as leaders whose rules and judgements may be overthrown by a jury in a court of common law.

    So we are reminded by the

  • $500 Trillion Lawsuit against the Global Crony Capitalists!


    Ambition is not lacking in this lawsuit.

    Scott Workman, founder of the Friends of the Original Constitution:

    "We are suing the Federal Government, and over 140 Monopolists, for $500 Trillion, to take back what they have stolen from us, and additionally for bribery, treason, fraud, murder, corruption, collusion, conspiracy, paedophilia, sex trafficking, slavery and kidnapping; for conspiring with the American Medical Association, CDC, and Big Pharma, in extortion, exploitation, and disease racketeering schemes"

    "They've destroyed our health, our freedoms, our liberty, and have stolen our constitutional government"

    "Today, we are exposing the federal government as a fraudulent government that supplanted our constitutional government with a foreign

  • Simon Parkes talks to Sheriff Mack


    Subject? Liberty!

    This may be about the USA but it's also about the UK and the rest of the world.

    Mark well - there are plenty of home truths here to contemplate.


  • July Uncorroborated Global Conspiracy Update


    We have all (or if you are new to this site, nearly all) heard of the WEF's (World Economic Forum) much hyped Great Reset which the world awaits in calm trepidation, but "conspiracy theorists" also track what we have for want of a better term dubbed the Greater Reset.

    Which reset will win out? It seems that our world is not going back to the "old normal" any time soon, and probably never will.

    So what is the latest word on Conspiracy Street?

    Benjamin Fulford has the update.

  • Geopolitical Covid and the CCP Centenary


    I am not aware of many sites that presume to tackle the geopolitical aspects of the Great Covid Game but this is one. I have no idea to what extent this guy is correct, but he seems calm and collected and he claims contacts that would certainly be unavailable to most, so no corroboration is possible. On the other hand, Robert David Steele ("ex" CIA!) speaks highly of him - make of that what you will.

    Nevertheless I offer you his thoughts on this basis - he might be right but he might be spinning a yarn. As so often these days the truth is hard to come by, so we must find it where we may.

    He is funded by the modest subscriptions of those for whom he publishes, so to get his full thoughts you would need to subscribe. Unless you incline to the idea that he is a fraud, I would recommend this.

    As always, it's

  • To Whom it May Concern - Now Hear This!


    This video is not for everyone.

    But for those who self-select, it is vital.

    It invites your participation, and you will want to participate.

    Be prepared to stop and rewind as required to make sure you get the message correctly.

    Be prepared to take notes (and ideally, screen-shots).

    "We are going to end the Bible"

    "I am the Trump Card"

    "But I can't do this without you"

    "All you have to do is get this message to the President"

    "... the war to end all war"

    "it's going to shake you to your core no matter how ready you think you are"

    The Resurrection of the 99% - And Much Else Besides


    John L. Petersen (futurist) talks to Robert David Steele - and vice versa.

    This may be a bit dark, but it does end on an optimistic note.

    There are a lot of ideas here that will be contentious to many, so be prepared to suspend disbelief for a while. These predictions are said to be based upon evidence, and their proponents do allegedly have a track record for accuracy.

    I have no corroboration one way or another, It's your judgement that counts. Having said that, I don't see anything in the world today that seriously conflicts with this narrative.


    Martin Armstrong... figured out that this world, this reality, works in cycles … the component parts of the reality have unique … signatures

    Martin Armstrong says

  • Is a Religious Revival Brewing?


    If you are looking to me to answer that question then I cannot say, but I can say that there do appear to be straws in the wind . . .


    This video by Mark Steele (well-known "conspiracy theorist") who may well have Gateshead Council on the run is interesting. You don't have to accept the references to Satan if you don't want to, but it's getting to be unarguable that the globalist threat from socialism/fascism/communism/pick-your-own-ism that he talks about is real (whether deliberately so or misguidedly so is up to each of us to determine).


    For more from Mark Steele

  • ARISE USA Captain’s Log, Stardate 20210430


    Latest update on Robert David Steele's Arise USA Grand Tour to awaken the USA - and the world:


  • Q Superproof - Be Amazed


    For those unfamiliar with Q I suggest first rereading my last post concerning an article by Martin Geddes.

    This Q post is pretty comprehensive, although in video format it may be tricky to get a properly readable version.

    Nevertheless the main message is simple - once it became clear that Q's posts have been based upon the US military Law of War manual, it becomes clear that Q's posts relate precisely to the current situation of Washington DC (not a State but now a territory occupied by a Congress Senate and President (of a bankrupted corporation!) all of whom are allegedly agents of a foreign power ie: the Chinese Communist Party to name but one). As DC is now occupied territory controlled by the US Military, the Law of War manual applies.

    Got that?!


  • Arise USA! - The Resurrection Tour


    Robert David Steele and Sacha Stone tell it how it's going to be!

    Don't take my word for it - hear it straight from the horse's mouth -

    "This is like Zombie Apocalypse - they're going to be emerging, like something out of Lord of the Rings, from every corner ..."


    Like / Dislike this video here.

    So how does the USA differ from the UK?

    How should we in the UK make a similar mark?

  • Lin Wood Speaks - Faith and Life


    Lin Wood, the attorney that called out a US Supreme Court Justice for terrible crimes against children - and has not been sued for defamation.

    We have mentioned before on this site how a great many American immigrants were driven by their personal faith in God, and that that faith, embedded in their Constitution and in their psyche, arises anew in times of adversity.

    Lin Wood epitomises that personal faith in Christianity that isn't based on any church hierarchy or religious denomination, but on a personal and indeed a national relationship with God and with faith.

    If we want to understand how America is shaping the world, this is an integral part of it:


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  • Reiner and Martin on the Trail of the Global Elite and the Great Reset of Everything


    Dr Reiner Fuellmich is a German lawyer who also practices in California. He is a leading member of the German Corona Investigative Committee which intends to hold the perpretrators of lockdowns to account for their alleged criminal activities.

    Here is his latest interview, updating us in broad brush terms on his actions to date and whither he thinks these will lead in the future:

    "There cannot be any doubt whatsoever....   that what has been happening here for a year now is...   these are the worst crimes against humanity ever committed"

    "This has never been about the virus, this has never been about health, it has always been about taking