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  • "I Want Poland to Remain Poland"


    Words of common sense from a Polish patriot.

    "Half a million Ukrainian people... died"

    (25 minutes)


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  • A Rather Boring Analysis of Current Conflict Situation


    Boring maybe, but not inaccurate I feel.

    Presentation is never their strong point, but LaRouchePAC, or Promethean Action as we must now call them, do seem to be in that increasingly rare category: academics who are true to the truth as they understand it.

    This is watchable, if not exactly stirring... but in today's fast-changing times we must take our truth where we can find it.

    (13 minutes)



  • " This is the Most Dangerous Situation SInce the Cuban Missile Crisis"


    Scott Ritter brings us up to date with the latest provocations - with Russian warships reported off the coast of Florida, and Ukraine hurling ever more western-supplied weapons into Russia...  perhaps we should pay attention.

    As always, ignore the lurid headline and hear what he actually says, which is bad enough.

    (21 minutes) 

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  • NATO Escalates the War on Russia


    The Schiller institute press release for their coming conference, assuming that war doesn't break out before then.

    They note the continuing escalation by NATO of the provocations towards Russia, and it's become obvious that controlling interests within NATO are intent on having that war, for whatever reasons.

    Recommended reading.


  • Will We Get to Vote Before WW3 Breaks?


    Promethean Action in their rather dry conservative way bring us their sobering analysis on the prospects for WW3.

    With defeat all but accomplished in the Ukraine, and chaos in Israel/Palestine, not to mention Trump ascendant in the USA, the likelihood that the cornered beast is going to go quietly doesn't look promising.

    "The ruling class realises that nothing short of its continued moves towards a global fascist dictatorship is going to stop this"

    Perhaps a general election is the ultimate distraction to ensure that we don't notice what is brewing up in the background...

    (14 minutes)



  • False Flag Attack Incoming?


    The deep state (Oh yes there is!) likes to use false flags to mould public opinion to the way they want it. Rumours of course abound, but Ole Dammegard doesn't do rumours, he does investigations, collects evidence, and applies logic.

    Here he is speaking to Michael Jaco in the wake of the recent Bilderberg Group meeting.

    So pin back your ears and learn how the world really works... and how we can recognise the warning signs.

    Be warned, this is a slow burn, but it goes much deeper than you may expect...

    (96 minutes)


  • Biggest Conspiracy Theory in the World?


    I hope that long-time readers may forgive me for featuring this film again, but events this year do seem to be building to a climax as established forms of government become ever more dysfunctional all around the world, warring parties are ever more irreconcilable, the threat of nuclear war continues to ramp up, and the WEF WHO and "global boiling" become ever more ridiculous.

    How can this be?

    It's a long story, partially explained in the video below.

    Whether or not you have seen it before, you may be shocked, and you will likely reject it out of hand as preposterous...  but wait! Since when has preposterousness been a bar to being

  • Cameron, Blinken, Stoltenberg, Poke the Bear - Deliberate Escalation to Full-on War?


    "... citing the green-light given to Ukraine by British Foreign Secretary Lord Cameron to use long-range missiles provided by the U.K. to hit targets in Russia. Following a previously-unannounced meeting with President Zelensky on May 21, U.S. Secretary of State Blinken indicated that the U.S. may follow suit" -Tass

    But there again, Zelensky is president no more, having now exceeded his tenure without bothering to call elections...  What does that make him, and why are we continuing to back him?

    Why are we hell-bent on more fighting when Russia is clearly in command of the battlefield and equally clearly not at all cowed by empty threats?

    Harley Schlanger reports.


  • Why Mr Putin Owes his Power to The West


    Yes, it's Scott Ritter again.

    It's a long story and it takes a long video to explain it.

    Scott is nothing if not a realist, but UK/US/NATO is nothing when it comes to realism.

    It turns out that Putin may never have been able to take effective command in Russia without the unintentional but highly effective assistance from the West.

    Has the West learned from its mistakes?

    "We spend more money on nothing than you can possibly imagine"

    "We in the West cannot be honest with ourselves about what's really going on because we've painted ourselves into a corner... everything we're doing from a policy standpoint is solving a problem that isn't linked to reality... "

    And so on to the unfolding situation in Israel (at 64 minutes)...


  • Chemtrails and Contrails - Is There a Difference?


    The last word on chemtrails? Who's conning whom? And why?

    "... one is to block out the sun in accordance with the... fraudulent Paris Climate Accord... "

    "... we're being very slowly and insidiously poisoned: Barium, Strontium, Aluminium oxide... " 

    ... and who knows what else?

    (56 minutes)


    Make of this what you will.


  • Destruction of the Twin Towers - Roland Angle's Review


    Roland Angle, board Chairman of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, talks about why the destruction of the twin towers has lost none of its contentious attributes in the nearly 23 years since it happened in 2001.

    On the one hand we have the official government enquiry which attributed the collapse of the three World Trade Centre buildings (WTC1 WTC2 WTC7) to fire, and on the other hand we have the professional qualified engineers that were (and are still) adamant that fire alone could not possibly account for the observed collapses - and indeed that video evidence strongly suggests that they fell into their own footprint as a result of controlled demolition.

    We have covered the events of 9/11 and the subsequent controversies previously, but the official narrative remains the

  • Fulford Report Monday 20 May 2024


    Another Monday, another Fulford Report.

    Headline event is the helicopter crash with the deaths of Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi and others. It's probably too soon to be certain of the facts but it certainly isn't going to stop speculation nor reduce tensions in the area.

    Meanwhile the ICC turns up the pressure on both Israel and Hamas leadership, and President Zelensky is president no more as his term has expired. And Russia wants him for "war crimes".

    Lots of new angles this week! (Modest subscription required)

    As always, make of it what you will.


  • President Putin Reviews the Global Situation at a Press Conference


    Whatever you think of Mr Putin, if he is your enemy, then know thine enemy. Otherwise, know what he says anyway.

    Maybe we should hear what Mr Biden would say at a similar press event.

    "There will be no more negotiations"

    (36 minutes)


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  • Clif High Back on Video! With Some Serious Thinking


    It's been quite a long time since Clif gave one of his own videos, but his new rig is definitely superior to the old.

    Here he takes issue with Elon Musk and Alex Jones, muses on his understanding of how human memory works (simplistic overview only, thank Heaven he didn't go into the detailed version!).

    I'm not going to try to summarise the rest of Clif's brain dump, but MK Ultra / mind control processes are reviewed, not to mention love-making, fight or flight, 1947... and aluminium oxide, chemtrails, 5G, Finns, Kalahari Bushmen + a few others, and Atlantis.

    Oh, and more...

    We are all MK-Ultra'd now.


    (52 minutes)

    Your hippo is under attack!

  • Another Scott Ritter MasterClass After Events in Slovakia


    I wasn't going to present yet another Scott Ritter rant (just yet), but this one, prompted by the attempted assassination of Robert Fico, prime minister of Slovakia, is (as always) informative, sometimes surprising, and broadens out perhaps inevitably into the ramifications of the current state of the Ukraine war and the prospects for peace negotiations now that Russia has put an arrest warrant out for Zelensky.

    And if not peace, then what?

    (50 minutes)


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  • Lord Frost Speaks


    Lord Frost is the man who was perhaps most central to actually getting us out of the clammy embrace of the European Union. As such he has a track record which demands some respect.

    OK, our exit was "negotiated"  in probably the worst possible way, but I believe that aspect of the process wasn't within his brief.

    I suppose that many hope or have faith that Lord Frost is not a typical politician, but is perhaps a more traditional politician for whom his responsibilities to the peoples of these isles matters. We need all the help we can get, even from politicians within the system, so perhaps we should wish more powers to his elbow.

    None of which is to say that I would expect him (if elected) to make much difference - the forces of darkness seem to be too far embedded within the woodwork of our institutions for one man to overthrow, and overthrow does seem to be what we need.

    Still, what do I know? Never say

  • Ukraine - War Without End?


    Some believe that the war has already ended.

    Some think all the West needs to do is to send more money munitions and equipment, and train more fresh Ukrainian conscripts of just-about-fighting age to work them.

    Some believe we should send our own troops to "confront Putin" (but it is fairly obvious that we have already done that to some extent, so we are already at war with Russia).

    I suppose some even think that a few nukes aimed at Russia would do the job, even at this late stage, but we won't go there today.

    One thing I think we can rule out is "war without end". Russia has made it plain that that isn't going to happen, and, well, she seems to hold all the cards...

    "The lack of manpower in Ukraine cannot be solved. It is a product of endless death paid for with our tax dollars. NATO has prolonged the fighting with funding and arms, but not to win, only to

  • Come the Revolution, What to Do and How to Do It?


    Martin Geddes has been contemplating the incoming Greater Reset. 

    Well, it is abundantly clear that somebody needs to, and would we trust the current incumbents at Westminster anywhere near the fabled levers of power ever again? It's a reasonable expectation that many of the extant people posing as authorities will be removed as being part of the problem, so cannot preside over the solution.

    My first comment is that since the US military seems to have us all under (so far undeclared) martial law, the initial take-down of the criminal elements of the establishment must be conducted by the military themselves in accordance with the military laws in effect.

    Why are we in the UK talking about the US military?

    Because this revolution is not local

  • Ukraine Update


    Scott Ritter delivers the latest news from Ukraine.

    News of the offensive has been long awaited, but now it's here - it's just that it's the Russian offensive, not the Ukrainian.

    And it's looking like rolling over the Ukraine well before any effective response can be mounted.

    Yes, it's a war of evidence, information, and logic, as well as logistics and kinetics.

    NATO seems to be in a hole, but will they stop digging? Or will there be an escalation of desperation?

    (25 minutes)


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  • The End is Nigh, and the New Hard Behind It - Fulford 6 May 2024


    It's all over bar the mopping up?

    Who has a mop big enough?

    Reinventing the World isn't exactly a minor operation, so we must pray that (a) somebody somewhere has a transition plan and (b) everybody involved is involved on the basis of mutual respect and mutual cooperation for the good of humanity.

    It's a tall order, but someone has to tackle it, and the usual suspects are neither suitable nor (hopefully) available any more.

    And we the people must step up if we don't want another top down global bureaucracy of the elite to decide how the future is to be run.

    Maybe it doesn't yet qualify as "Bibilical", but it will have to be the biggest reinvention of global governance since the invention of royalty if it is to persist.

    "The white hats have won the secret war for the planet Earth. We are now in an interregnum...