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  • "NATO Attacks Moscow" - Redacted


    The latest developments in the Ukraine, following the fall of Bakhmut. 

    How deep does NATO involvement go? 

    UK and US politicians haven't exactly distanced themselves from the conflict at any time since it started, apparently believing (along with all our famously "independent" and "unbiased" and now unquestioning media) that negotiations with Russia to end it would not somehow be appropriate.

    (25 minutes, plus additional topics)



  • Clash of the Narratives ... or of the Facts?


    Ambassador Andrei Kelin interviewed by the BBC's impartial Laura Kuenssberg.

    It's not my place to comment, so I won't.

    It's for each of us to make up our own minds.

    (30 minutes)


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  • The Fulford Monday Report - 29 May 2023


    A roller-coaster of a report this week, indicating many things that we thought true to be false, alongside evidence that more bad actors are being uncovered world-wide. The landscape is changing.

    How much longer can this tottering edifice continue to totter?

    Hopefully, we will find out soon...

    Modest subscription required.


  • "People are Sobering Up, But Will We Sober Up?


    Colonel Macgregor reviews the situation around the Ukraine (again).

    (19 minutes)


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  • Migration Explosion


    Mahyar Tousi spills the beans on the immigration situation - both legal and illegal.

    Mahyar isn't one to get overexcited about nothing, but here he quotes chapter and verse.

    This isn't a new situation - it's frankly been obvious for a while that this whole situation is deliberate.

    (9 minutes)


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  • Calais Migrant Camps - Rebel News


    It is well known that the UK pays France significant sums to prevent migrants from crossing the Channel.

    It is also well known that this expenditure doesn't appear to be value for money.

    This report goes some way to explaining what is going on.

    A significant report.

    (23 minutes)


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  • Unrest in Pakistan over Imran Khan - Redacted


    Imran Khan - at the centre of dispute and unrest in Pakistan - "arrested" - now "freed" by order of the Supreme Court - it's complicated...

    Noteworthy comment from PM Rishi Sunak: 

    "The UK of course has a long-standing and close relationship with Pakistan... the arrest of the former prime minister is an internal matter for Pakistan - we support peace talks, democratic processes, and adherence to the rule of law... "

    (Good to know - so when will you be recommending peace talks and democratic processes in the Ukraine instead of feeding their war machine with ever more money munitions and weapons?)

    (19 minutes, plus additional reports on Taiwan, Epstein and Vax)



  • President Putin Marks Victory Day


    Mr Putin commands perhaps the most competent and best armed military in the world, against which NATO seems determined to wage a proxy war in the Ukraine, apparently to the last Ukrainian standing -  and what then?

    Even if you think Mr Putin a madman bent on world domination, your best advice is to "know thine enemy".

    The BBC did report the event but presents merely selected quotes. So we have no hesitation in turning to Saudi "Al Arabia" (English subtitles) for his actual speech.

    (4 minutes)


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  • Ukraine - Empire of Lies


    "Systematically we have lied about everything involving Russia and Ukraine for months if not years... "

    (45 minutes)


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  • And Another Control Thing ...


    Mahyar Tousi is probably about as English as we are. Albeit he is of Persian extraction, he is also an advocate for individual freedom, tolerance, and personal integrity, all fundamental values of the English, even if not practised by English politicians and the British "establishment" (you know who you are - and so now do most of us).

    So in some respects he is well placed to criticise those who come here to further causes that are not perceived as wholly peaceful, tolerant, and supportive of individual freedom.

    We may not be satisfied with our top-down government, but is substitution by yet another form of top-down control really the answer?

    It's the oldest trick - make up the myth of a controlling deity and interpose your own person between man and God. The Roman empire has been at it since Constantine "converted", as the Vatican could attest, and the same trick has likely been played by Biblical leaders since Moses went up the mountain to get his

  • "Russia is Not at War with Ukraine"


    An unlikely headline you may think, but Scott Ritter explains it in a few seconds flat.

    And I would say that he's on the button.

    Question is, will they go to war with Ukraine / NATO, or will Ukraine respond to China's offer to intermediate some negotiations before it gets totally out of hand?

    " ... on April 1st, Ukraine was supposed to sit down in Istanbul and sign a peace treaty with Russia - but NATO intervened...  "  (I suspect that was April 2022)

    "... I say this as an American who doesn't want to die... "

    "... ultimately, that's his only viable option... "

    (32 minutes)



  • Parliament Debates the Pandemic Preparedness Treaty - Andrew Bridgen


    Th WHO is never one to pass up an opportunity to increase its powers, and if necessary is perfectly prepared to debate and assign to itself additional powers that purport to extend its constitutional powers without reference to any democratic mandate.

    "... this constitution will be fundamentally changed by the two instruments that are in the pipeline  following the Covid-19 pandemic..."

    " The WHO is domiciled in Geneva... it's employees are exempt from tax and they and their families all have diplomatic immunity... "

    "... it is indeed a supranational body, unelected and unaccountable"

    "The original ideals of the WHO and WHA were completely laudable... "

    "Who is now funding the WHO? Like many of our regulators in the UK: The MHRA (86% funded by industry sources), the JCVI member's personal declarations declared more than

  • Review of East-West European Relations


    If Benjamin Fulford is right that Ukraine war is to all intents and purposes over, then this little review of the state of European relations by Thomas Fazi is timely.

    Europe is a big place and includes many countries, not all of which are members of the EU.

    My own view is that the EU is corrupt and will fall, but what do I know?

    If Russia will halt her war in the Ukraine, and negotiations to deal with the unoccupied areas are successful, then a radical reshaping of European geopolitics is very much on the cards, and the notion of "mad bad Vlad" as a despotic Hitler hell-bent on the aggrandisement of the Russian Federation will be shown to be at the least a huge exaggeration.

    Read all about it.


  • King of the WEF, or King of the UK?


    As absurdity piles upon absurdity, Sir Julian Rose talks with Richard Vobes to explain the true state of affairs as they are imposed by our affairs of State - particularly with respect to our food supplies.

    "We the consumers have to take this initiative - we are the only people that can save these sorts of farmers"

    ... we want real food, we want it fresh, and we want it local, and we'll pay a fair price for it... "

    "... we could start, finally, to break down this gap between the urban / suburban and the farming community..."

    Supermarket food looks nice, but it's farm-to-consumer miles are off the scale and

     "... it's all highly destructive on every environmental level possible"

    Quite so.

    Allowing the supermarket supplies to

  • Has the Government been Acting Unlawfully?


    UK Column explores the not insignificant issue of the deployment of 77th Brigade of the British Army to monitor (and interfere with?) the free speech and communications of British citizens.

    "Nobody was spared: even MPs and a former Supreme Court Justice were targeted"

    OK, they were not targeted by cavalry on horseback with sabres slashing, but there is no doubt that they were deployed against the British citizenry - and the ancient laws don't differentiate between violent and non-violent deployment.

    It's not the first time that "our" government has deployed troops against the people either.

    I'm sure that our readers can think of other occasions too, but bad precedent doesn't lawful make.

    Is there is a get-out? If the government obtains the consent of

  • Matt Ehret Comments on Current Geopolitical Themes


    Readers may well have heard of Matt Ehret, who featured in Reiner Fuellmich's Covid Grand Jury investigations.

    Matt is a vastly knowledgeable historian, who clearly understands a great deal of what has been going on in our benighted world, and how matters are likely to develop.

    (13 minutes)



  • Ukraine Update - Douglas Macgregor


    The video title is maybe a little too sensational, but I guess they have to attract views.

    He does finish with a neat summary of US military positioning globally - and his views may surprise those who still consider aircraft carriers to be the ultimate means of projecting  military power.

    (37 minutes)


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  • The Face of Modern Warfare


    WW3 has been fought for - well - who knows how many recent years? Whilst this war has featured real kinetic warfare in various hotspots, currently culminating in Ukraine, it has been fought primarily  by psychological operations - psy-ops - everywhere.

    Psy-ops on a previously unimaginable scale.

    Not everybody can accept such a statement, but think back now to the Covid days when the government took out full page advertisements trying to frighten us all into taking a jab. An untested experimental jab at that, with no long-term safety history and precious little short-term history. In defiance of the previously sacrosanct Nuremberg Codes. Whether one believes it justified or not, it was a clear psy-op.

    This is not a little local difficulty in the UK.

    It is world-wide.

    Whatever you think, this war has provoked a huge response, also world-wide.


  • "The American Empire is Dead - We're Just Waiting for the Body to Fall"


    A wide-ranging review of world geopolitics and how the West is shaping up with two of the most informed and experienced commentators - Scott Ritter, and Ray McGovern.

    It's not really about Ukraine, it's about America and at one hour and fifty minutes it's a deep dive, so schedule a gap in your "copious free time" and settle down with a cup of tea.

    You may feel the need for something a little stronger if you make it to the end...   but making it to the very end is highly recommended.

    (1 hr 50 mins)


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