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  • Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 Revisited


    "It almost seems that the leaders have been selected for incompetence ... "

    That's a quote that I think will resonate with many.

    "... In an already ongoing military conflict we should not provoke the other side in attacking these harbours... "

    "... we are in a situation where very easily things can turn very nasty at short notice... "

    (70 minutes)



  • "People are Dying in Huge Numbers"


    Monday's UK Column News reports on the devastation being wrought in the Ukraine by Russia.

    The meat-grinder closes around Bakhmut whilst NATO argues over provision of a handful of tanks.

    Where is the sense of proportion?

    "NATO is suffering from its own propaganda"

    Where is the truthful fearless and unbiased BBC?

    (87 minutes)


    Well the BBC may be missing in action but Graham Phillips reports from Soledar as best he can following the Russian advances.

    The following text is from Graham's Telegram channel:


  • The Fulford Report Monday 23 Jan 2023


    "This is the big story behind all the news about the US debt limit being reached, the defeat of Ukraine and the takedown of the fake Biden regime"

    "Years of research uncovered the fact Rockefeller interests are behind many, many crimes including the spread of cancer. At the beginning of the 20th century, only one out of 19 people got cancer. Now it is one out of every two people. Needless to say “curing cancer” is now one of the most profitable businesses of the pharmacidical corporations they control"

    "The Rockefellers also stifled human progress by suppressing energy technology that threatened their control via oil"

    "This is a desperate attempt by the Rockefellers to prevent bankruptcy by forcing everyone to use digital central bank currencies they plan to issue"

    "The bankruptcy of the Federal Reserve Board means the entire US financial system is

  • Zeitenwende Works?


    Another (albeit indirect) comment on Ukraine's ability to "win the war", this time from a source that does seem to subscribe to the "Ukraine good, Russia bad" narrative.

    In the spotlight is Germany, whose Herr Scholz doesn't seem to have his heart in this war.

    In a situation where some suspect the Nordtream pipeline destruction was perhaps engineered by the USA to keep Germany from allying too closely with Russia (Germany + Russia = unstoppable?) it might be considered not unreasonable (even if unmentionable) that Herr Scholz may be looking to the future and thinking that with allies like Joe Biden, would a rapprochement with Mr Putin really be any worse than Germany's post-war subjugation by / alliance with NATO? Or might it be vastly preferable?

    Unherd brings us their analysis.

    Either way,

  • So How Will the Ukraine Fare when NATO Sends them our Obsolete Tanks?


    "This is much worse than they're telling you" - tell us something we don't know.

    Colonel MacGreggor brings us up to date with the likely effects of the latest promises of tanks and munitions that will send Putin back to Moscow with his tail between his legs.

    Lack of tanks however may be the least of their problems.

    (19 minutes)


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  • Is Poland Losing the War in Ukraine?


    Independent journalist Derek Monroe tells Redacted how the country is affected by the large numbers of migrants from Ukraine, and what the government is making of it.

    (18 minutes)


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  • Concerned About WW3? It'll be a Breeze


    Once more Clayton Morris of Redacted brings us up to date with the machinations of the Great and the Good in the USA.

    All out war with Russia? What could possibly go wrong?

    (11 minutes)


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  • One Nation Under Blackmail


    Whitney Webb speaks to James Corbett about the deep state fusion of intelligence agencies and mafiosi that seems to have come to rule not just the USA, but perhaps the whole of the western world.

    "... these are the people that are running most governments in the world today"

    (63 minutes)



  • Know Thine Enemy


    Like him or loathe him, he is one of the principle and most influential world leaders of today.

    We would be wise to hear what he has to say.

    (9 minutes)

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  • Ukraine - An Historical Perspective


    This is a welcome diversion from the run-of-the-mill accusations of Russia bad, Ukraine good.

    The world is more complex than that.

    There aren't many considered and alternative voices out there that we can find, but these two protagonists do make a good fist of commenting on the current situation and setting what passes for our current western leadership into an historical context.

    Would that we could find such a discussion in the mainstream media.

    "This will put an end to NATO"

    Time for strategic thinking - what is our purpose, what is actually achievable, how could we best achieve that, what do we need to do?

    Before Ukraine and perhaps others are totally destroyed, we need people who are prepared to address the facts on the ground and do what is necessary - politically and militarily. 


  • The Big Story Behind the War in the Ukraine


    A new year, so take a step back to look at the story behind the tragedy unfolding away from our eyes in the Ukraine.

    Martin Armstrong, longstanding economist and investment manager, reviews the history behind the fall of the Soviet Union, the rise of Putin, the fall of the Ukraine, and the subsequent events that brought us to where we are now.

    "Follow the money".

    An outstanding conversation that tells us (or reminds us) of much that we should know if we want to make sense of this unfolding conflict.

    Essential viewing.

    (61 minutes)


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  • Christmas World Review from UK Column


    Friday 23rd December UK Column News covers a lot of territory, and effectively brings us up to date on many fronts.

    A review of 2022, predictions for 2023, review of the UK's Online Safety Act, of course a review of the situation in the Ukraine, and perhaps a less familiar arena - the ongoing attempts to crush the Syrian people through sanctions and direct action.

    Oh yes, and CBDCs and the digitisation of everything.

    And those are just the highlights.

    "Where are those funds going? Where are the weapons going?"

    To the laundry...?

    The disruption will intensify.

    Very pertinent (123 minutes).


  • Latest Scuttlebutt from the US 15 December 2022


    This video was posted on 15 December.

    Make of it what you will...

    (25 minutes)


  • China Breathes Again - Europe Holds its Breath


    Benjamin Fulford's Monday report this week is required reading, even if you don't have a subscription.

    " ... the planetary liberation alliance has begun a massive, simultaneous worldwide offensive against the Satanic Khazarian mafia"

    "... Spanish and Italian media are reporting the fake Pope Francis is resigning"

    "... Tass News agency reports: “Dialogue between Russia and NATO is out of the question amid the current developments"

    "... a Polish resident of China reports: “A few days ago…I woke up in a completely different reality"

    The ground is moving beneath our feet, and it's not slowing.

    Worth a

  • Despatch from the Ukraine


    To make a change from the ongoing ruminations of "armchair generals", this article in the Salisbury Review paints a vivid picture of life (if you can call it that) in what I shall term western Ukraine.

    When Russian troops first entered Ukraine there were putative negotiations about ending the hostilities, but these came to nought (allegedly after intervention by Boris Johnson).

    This site has never deviated from proposing that the sooner a negotiated settlement is reached the sooner the war could be ended, and that is clearly true. It's also reasonably clearly true that the Russians are having the better of the war - whilst there are plenty of reports from the Donbass of apparently arbitrary shelling of civilian areas by the Ukrainians with corresponding civilian casualties (and no doubt less reported military casualties), there doesn't seem to be anything like the desolation revealed by this article.

    Of course nobody who hasn't been there can say for

  • So You Think You Know Your History?


    This may or may not realign your understanding of the twentieth/twenty-first centuries but it certainly provides plenty of food for thought.

    From 7 months ago, and in two parts...

    "Germany is an intelligence agency with a state attached"

    (But bear in mind that all intelligence agencies are masters of disinformation!)

    Part 1: (1 hr 5 mins)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n0m_Ngljack

    Part 2: (58 minutes)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bOCAGNZbLNY


  • Vanessa Reports from Syria


    Syria is the country that the MSM has forgotten, so it's up to independent journalists to do what ever they can to make up the shortfall.

    Vanessa Beeley (often featured by UK Column) has been reporting from the Middle East for many years, and she still does.

    Yes it's two hours, but the situation is complex, as ever, with too may powers wanting their fingers in the pie.

    So remind me, why have the western powers imposed sanctions on Syria?

    (2 hrs 5 mins)


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  • Is This How Putin Wins the Economic-Monetary War?


    Another on-point offering from Redacted...   

    NB: This is not financial advice! 

    (9 minutes - excluding trailing message from his sponsor)


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  • Ukraine Update


    I can't verify any of this or add sensible comment, but I can assert my viewpoint that Russia will have its way.

    You must form your own viewpoint.

    (34 minutes)


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    Also this interview where Colonel Macgregor goes into the options facing the protagonists and potential protagonists:

    (24 minutes) 


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