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  • Defending NHS Staff against Mandatory Jabs for Jobs


    The Bruges Group (of all people) highlight the only union that will defend employees against this imposition.

    "Sadly, the large trade unions and professional associations have failed to protect their members from the threat of dismissal. In fact, Unison and the Royal College of Nursing support vaccination in the belief that it protects patients and staff. This is despite mounting evidence that infections occur as frequently in the vaccinated as in the unvaccinated"

    "Only one trade union fought for care home workers. The Workers of England Union, led by Stephen Morris and Robin Tilbrook, with a small band of assertive representatives, took managers to task for harassing workers who exercised their bodily autonomy"

  • Guidance to GPs on Vaccine Safety Ignores Pfizer Trial Data?


    The Pfizer trial data is proving contentious.

    Frankly I would like to feature fewer Covid stories, but some strike me as important. This is one such, as it perfectly illustrates the apparent dishonesty underlying the vaccines drive being so assiduously pushed by our authorities.

    This is not data that has arisen post vaccination roll-out - this is data from the original Pfizer safety and efficacy trials. It should have been identified and investigated before the vaccine roll-out ever started.

    It joins a long list of problems with the Covid pandemic story (the test that doesn't work, the alternative treatments that were suppressed, the unproven "asymptomatic infection" narrative, the bare-faced lie so beloved of our "journalists" that a

  • Fruit and Veg - Elixir of Life?


    We are a long way from pre-history these days, but maybe the people of those times have something of value to teach us about longevity.

    Certainly my own health experience has improved by leaps and bounds once I started to include fresh fruit and vegetables in daily quantity - I do not wish to go back.

    It may be true that a link between diet and longevity has not been specifically proven, but it is pretty obvious that a poor diet leads to poor health. So how much extra life could we expect from dietary improvement (alongside environmental improvement of course)?

    A thought to conjure with perhaps.


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  • Lyme Regis or Lyme Connecticut?


    This is technically about health, but touches on so many topical issues that I found it irresistible.

    However, I have not personally corroborated any of the assertions made, so you are on your own there. 

    Needless to say, if you are ill you are advised to consult a qualified doctor. Nevertheless, a doctor can advise you, but you retain responsibility for your own health, and I personally subscribe to the view that good health starts with a good diet as part of a healthy life-style.

    None the less, sometimes one's health does need a helping hand.


    (1hr 26 mins)


  • Kondratieff Waves meet the World of Woo


    The self-organising-collective meets the communist academic's financial system melt-down.

    Not for the first time, Clif High gives us a masterclass, this time in how he sees the approaching economic and financial chaos and the subsequent resolution.

    He is his own man and makes some pertinent points about how the system may fail and how "the Donald" may be seeking to guide our expectations. 

    As always, it's your judgement, I am not going to take sides in how this situation is going to develop.

    Buckle up - this "q uack-up" is getting nearer by the day... and in terms of time-frame I note that both he and Ben Fulford are postulating not dissimilar expectations.

    (1 hour)



  • Organs of the Vaccinated Dead Prove Lethal Auto-immune Response


    "... all gene-based vaccines... produce the same result in the vaccinee... post-mortems were performed because the relatives insisted on it... the organs appeared normal... in 90% he found clear evidence for auto-immune... attack by killer lymphocytes on the tissues... the heart, the lung, and after that other tissues... "

    "... these data are so damning that you don't have to start looking for other data to know that these vaccines are killing the young and the old, and they are killing our children... "

    "... why... do killer lymphocytes invade the organs... these organs are producing the targets that are seen by the killer lymphocytes, and that target is the viral protein... this is how immunology has worked since the beginning of mankind... "

    He makes more very pertinent (if alarming) points.

    The long and the short of this is that the vaccines destroy our immune

  • UKMFA Open Letter to Scottish Health Minister


    Alert readers will know that we reported last month on the excess deaths that have been occurring in Scotland (not that they are alone in this) following the vaccination drive early this year.

     It seems that the UK Medical Freedom Alliance also joined the fray, to little effect if the lack of response is anything to go by. 

    Today they publish their follow-up letter, in an attempt to ensure that the authorities are paying attention to the mortality data and investigating the untoward variation from expectation.

    "we have written again to the Scottish Government to highlight our grave concerns about the continuing and rising significant excess all-cause mortality"

  • David Noakes Freed from Prison by French!


    Readers who have been following UK Column will have heard of the cases of Lyn Thyer and David Noakes, who were prosecuted by the MHRA in the UK for having the temerity to offer GcMAF as a potential cure for cancer, found guilty and served time for this heinous crime of curing people who preferred to take their chances with GcMAF rather than chemo.

    The French then got into the act by serving European Arrest Warrants on them and prosecuting them in France for the same offence, since when he has been languishing in a French gaol awaiting his fate. Lyn Thyer was released as she had already served half her sentence awaiting trial.

    The recent hearing about whether David should be released pending conclusion of his trial resulted in him being released, on condition that he will attend court to receive the final verdict on his case.

  • The Media, Stiftung Corona Ausschuss, and Sharyl Attkisson


    Astroturfing: "The disguising of an orchestrated campaign as a "grass-roots" event – i.e., a spontaneous upwelling of public opinion" - Wiktionary.

    Yes, I had to look it up - so I figured I would save you the bother.

    Effectively the creation of a fake grass-roots movement. It seems to me that there could be a great many candidates for this "accolade".

    "The art of it is to try to make it look as though there are ordinary people pulling the strings... the whole goal is to make you feel like you're an outlier on some topic when you're not ... feel as though you're the only one that thinks a certain thing which actually may be a majority feeling or opinion or conclusion... "

    "... we know... that this is a multi-billion dollar industry... "

    This is about the art of manipulation of public opinion, an art which has really come to

  • Circling the Wagons around the Growing Abyss


    Once more Benjamin Fulford publishes his Monday report on the slow financial strangulation of the mafia that we can now believe has been and is still just about ruling the world. Or the western parts anyway.

    As always, worth reading. (Although you will need a modest subscription - recommended - to read the full article, the free section is still informative).

    With the Omicron scariant being remorselessly puffed right across the western world (despite seemingly having no discernible effect on real sickness levels), European leaders are apparently queuing up to hint that the Nuremberg Code is now obsolete and should be scrapped. What are they afraid of?

    "In other words, she admits she’s a war criminal who wants to carry out medical treatment based on lies and against people’s will"

    Of course they still

  • American Heart Association: mRNA COVID Vaccines Dramatically Increase Endothelial Inflammatory Markers and ACS Risk


    American Heart Association Journal 'Circulation' publishes Abstract 10712 concerning the effect of mRNA jabs on the heart:

    "Our group has been using the PLUS Cardiac Test (GD Biosciences, Inc, Irvine, CA) a clinically validated measurement of multiple protein biomarkers which generates a score predicting the 5 yr risk (percentage chance) of a new Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS)"

    "Recently, with the advent of the mRNA COVID 19 vaccines (vac) by Moderna and Pfizer, dramatic changes in the PULS score became apparent in most patients"

    "We conclude that the mRNA vacs dramatically increase inflammation on the endothelium and T cell infiltration of cardiac muscle and may account for the observations of increased thrombosis, cardiomyopathy, and other vascular events following vaccination"


  • Useful Perspective on the New Scariant - and Covid Chronicles Announcement


    As so often we turn to Ivor Cummins for a cool look at the topic of virus variants.

    Those with not very long memories will still remember the fuss surrounding the Alpha and Delta variants - the fact that this new one is the Omicron (greek for letter 'o') variant tells us how many letters-variants we have skipped-ignored since those days. Why were we not told?!


    Like / Dislike this video here. Or not - perhaps he upset someone?

    Also here Ivor and Donal discuss the facts on the ground in South Africa - how does the real impact of the new variant on South Africa contrast with the reaction of the rest of the world, and likely knock-on effect of the new travel restrictions on South

  • Excess Lockdown Deaths in the UK - 10,000 Due to Cancer?


    In an age when it sometimes seems that nobody is allowed to do anything as simple as climbing a ladder without first commissioning a risk assessment, it does seem extraordinary that our UK government did not even attempt a cost-benefit-analysis-cum-risk-assessment before implementing its various lockdowns. After all, the dangers to the nation could hardly have been greater, so surely some serious justification was required before we overthrew decades of pandemic planning?

    Even if there was no time in February/March, there was opportunity to review that first lockdown in retrospect to assess whether it was successful in mitigating the pandemic impact whilst minimising the side-effects. After all, at the very least we should have used it as a learning opportunity to inform future pandemic planning.

    So must we conclude that the government didn't and still doesn't want to know whether the benefits outweighed the costs?

    The Epoch Times reports on the latest

  • EU Green Lights Pfizer's Jabs for Kids From 5 - 11


    EU regulators have approved the Pfizer vaccines for children down to age 5 (although this doesn't seem to have made the BBC yet - perhaps they are too busy bulling up the "worrying new variant" from South Africa).

    I can't begin to imagine how they are justifying this, but those who may be taking this seriously (yes it is serious) might like to view the Tucker Carlson Robert F. Kennedy Jnr conversation.

    Apparently this decision still needs to be "rubber-stamped" by the EU Commission, which I have little doubt will oblige with

  • Tucker Carlson Interviews Robert F. Kennedy Jnr


    If you ever wondered whether the pharmaceutical companies have our best interests at heart, or why all the world's governments threw all previous pandemic planning and statistical good practice out of the window when Covid-19 was declared, then this is for you.

    "... a systematic demolition of our Bill of Rights"

    "... a coup d'état against democracy globally"

    (53 minutes)

    Read the book: The Real Anthony Fauci

  • FDA Still Cannot Confirm the Levels of Aluminium Adjuvant in Childhood Vaccines


    This update follows on from ICAN's original request for this information about the varying levels of aluminium adjuvant found in childhood vaccines.

    "Six months have passed since the FDA received two petitions demanding that the agency assure that vaccine manufacturers are disclosing accurate information regarding the amount of aluminum adjuvant in their childhood vaccines.  The FDA’s response after half a year is that they 'have not been able to complete [their] final responses at this time'"

  • Dr Tent Unchained


    Dr Tent is from Diverse Health Services, and diverse is truly no exaggeration!

    Here (April 2021) he strays well outside the usual limits of medical practice - but is he not simply diagnosing the maladies that afflict our world?

    Worth our attention  Essential viewing. Then go over it again - you'll have very likely missed something important.

    "We're at the precipice of gigantic change - Buckle up!"

    (82 mins)


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    If you like the above (and his style

  • The Zelenko Protocol for Covid-19


    Dr Zelenko has been much in the news recently and Mikki Willis (of Plandemic fame) has provided an 8 minute interview with the great man.

    In addition to his thoughts on the Covid pandemic, he also describes his protocol for the prevention and prophylactic treatment of early stage Covid, a protocol which doesn't involve the use of any contentious drugs such as hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin, since many pharmacies in the USA were either unwilling or unable to provide these.

    (9 minutes)



    So what does this protocol involve?

    Elemental zinc, vitamins C and D3, Quercetin ("

    Vaccinating Children Aged 5 - 11 - Risk-Benefit Analysis


    Children's Health Defense publish a cooked-up unscientific risk-benefit analysis for the Pfizer vaccine in 5 - 11 yr olds.

    So why should anybody pay attention?

    Because the Pfizer-FDA analysis was even less scientific. The entire trial cohort consisted of only 1528 children in the vaccination group and 757 in the placebo group.

    Bearing in mind that we are talking of an age range whose risk of serious adverse outcomes from Covid itself is in the region of vanishingly small, this number of trial participants is nowhere near large enough to provide useful data (unless a participant actually dies). Since no participant suffered a severe adverse event we can say (unscientifically) that the incidence of serious adverse events from the vaccine might well be less than 1 in 1500. Although it might also be a bit larger than 1 in 1500, given random

  • UKSHA Data Shows Infection Rates Over Twice as High in the Vaccinated


    Following on from their article on excess deaths currently occurring in Scotland, the Daily Sceptic turns its attention to the statistics for the UK. 

    Vaccine effectiveness is estimated by comparing rates of disease in vaccinated individuals to rates in unvaccinated individuals

    these raw data should not be used to estimate vaccine effectiveness

    Well, tell a child not to do something...

    "The CDC distinguishes 'vaccine efficacy', estimated from controlled studies, from 'vaccine effectiveness', which is used 'when a study is carried out under typical field (that is, less than perfectly controlled) conditions'. It is therefore not appropriate for the UKHSA, a Government agency, to insist that its data “should