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  • Miriam Cates MP on the State of Sex Education in Schools


    It's a long time since I was at school, but it probably is true that this presentation by Conservative MP Miriam Cates on the state of sex education in our schools should be required viewing for all parents.

    "Pre-pubescent 11 yr olds are not straight / gay / or bisexual, they are children"

    "... gender ideology is highly contested, it doesn't have a basis in science, and no-one had heard of it in this country just 10 years ago... "

    "... it's therefore the duty... to tell children the truth - those that teach the child that there are 64 different genders, that they may actually be a different gender to their birth sex, and they may have been born in the wrong body, are not telling the truth... "

    "... it's not compassionate wise or legal to teach children that contested ideologies are

  • A Conversation Beyond the Fringe


    It's hard to categorise this interview except to say that it's quite extraordinary.


    (28 minutes)



  • Medical Regulators for Hire?


    Given the greased ease with which completely novel and largely untested (and it now turns out largely ineffective and quite possibly very dangerous) "vaccines" have slid past the regulatory authorities worldwide in record time (with a little help from the WHO who kindly redefined the term "vaccine"), it seems a fair question to ask.

    Of course for now this remains a conspiracy theory, in as much as no official party has deigned to give the notion any credence - but are the cracks beginning to spread?

    The British Medical Journal is, one might suppose, as close to an establishment organ as it is possible to get without boasting full membership, yet here they are openly asking the question, albeit rather late in the day.

    "Over the past decades, regulatory agencies have seen large proportions of their budgets funded by the industry they are sworn to regulate"

    We could stop right here.


  • In Memory of Dr Vladimir Zelenko 1973 - 2022


    A short celebration of Dr Zelenko's contribution to true medicine and to countering the pandemic, all courtesy of Stop World Control, where you can find the full story.

    (24 minutes)


  • How Did the FDA Approve these "Vaccines" for Kids?


    Dr Clare Craig (diagnostic pathologist from the UK) tells Del Bigtree how it was done.

    "How bad is it?"

    "We couldn't have asked for a more messed up trial"

    "... let's not look at a clinical outcome as a primary measure, let's look at antibody blood tests... "

    "... it's not about protection, it's just a measure that they fancy using... "

    But it gets worse...

    (28 minutes)


  • The Agro-Industrial Empire Strikes Back


    Agro-chemicals, fertilisers and pesticides are big, big business, dominated by big companies.

    Of course, big business supported by big government is an almost unstoppable force where money speaks louder than votes and the transparency over the flows of money is less than obvious.

    And the bigger (and thus more remote) the government, the more easily obfuscated the transparency becomes.

    Whilst the big players seek to distract us with lurid (and some would say absurd) claims of CO2 trashing our climate, the damage being done to our farmland flora and fauna by industrial pesticides, and to the very soil itself by overuse of artificial fertilisers, goes unheeded - until the shelves in the shops are emptied.

    The EU is an object-lesson in how to construct a government that reflects the priorities of big businesses (with regulated access to lobbying the Commission directly) rather than the priorities of the

  • UK Column Update 23 June 2022


    Just to remind everyone that UK Column in addition to its usual slots on Monday Wednesday and Friday lunchtimes now does a Thursday slot a well.

    Today Brian Gerrish takes us through matters Ukrainian war, Ukrainian destruction and reconstruction, the Falklands, the Russian enclave in Kaliningrad (ably assisted as so often by Alex Thomson); also the Uvalde Texas school shooting (which Mark Anderson still hasn't given up trying to understand) and lastly Debi Evans with her much awaited report on the goings-on within the MHRA-UKHSA-Bill-&-Melinda-Gates-Foundation axis (we can trust them, they're independent).

    Next up, door to door polio vaccines for all kids?

    "Vaccine-derived poliovirus has the potential to spread, particularly in communities where vaccine take-up is lower"

    So... the vaccinated may ... spread the vaccine-derived virus... to the unvaccinated...

  • Vaccines - No Escape from Down Under?


    "The Office of the Gene Technology Regulator (OGTR) says that the vaccine qualifies as a limited and controlled release under section 50A of the Gene Technology Act 2000"

    "Aerial vaccines have used in the United States directed towards animals by the use of plastic packets dropped by planes or helicopters"

    "PaxVax has proposed a number of control measures they say will restrict the spread and persistence of the GM vaccine and its introduced genetic material, however there is always a possibility of these restrictions failing and infecting wildlife and ecosystems."

    I'm sure you don't really want to read this, but closing one's eyes and burying one's head in the sand is merely the avoidance of perception, it doesn't stop the reality.

    Actually, they have been at it for years, and not just in Australia:

    "... six method of virus dispersal

  • Judy Mikovits Unloads on Stew Peters


    Judy Mikovits first came to prominence when she clashed with Toni Fauci and lost.

    Since then she has remained in the background but never stopped her work.

    Here she spills the whole hill of beans on the Stew Peters show - and it's worse than anybody has so far explained.

    "What is it that they hope to... gain from all of this?"

    "What is it that is moving all these people to go along with this mass murder?"

    (33 minutes)



  • Archie Battersbee


    This case is going to appeal, but if you are so inclined, a heartfelt prayer to your deity of choice for Archie's timely recovery could help render the whole legal battle null and void.

    We know that many kids due to their youth can be remarkably resilient, and I think it appalling that the medical authorities appear determined to ignore this potential for a delayed recovery. 

    "Many individuals have failed this test only to wake up later, in one case, hours before their organs were due to be donated"

    (6 minutes)


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  • Doctors for Covid Ethics - Fourth Symposium


    They don't do things by halves.

    Here we have seven hours of material, which I'm guessing the average person doesn't necessarily have spare at the end of the week!

    Happily someone has split the proceedings into three, which at least makes it seem more manageable, and means that skipping through to where you left off last time will be a bit easier.

    You can download the participants and schedule here.

    Part 1 (2 hrs 45)

    11 mins      Introduction

    14 mins     Dr Bhakdi  -  the Fundamental Mechanism of Damage

    24 mins     Michael Palmer  -  Irrefutable Proof of Causality


  • Saving the NHS One Doctor at a Time


    Sebastian Rushworth MD takes us on a quick tour of the doctor's patient-view, both as it is and as it might be in a better world.

    That someone should need to point out these home truths shows us a few things that we might not realise, but following on from these are some steps that we should hope that doctors would always practise as a simple matter of maintaining their professional standing.

    After all, are they doctors, or are they just the sales arm of the pharmaceutical industry?

    Food for thought indeed.


  • Is the NHS Beyond Saving?


    The NHS brooks no argument. It has been elevated by the politicians (who as a group set it up) and by the media (who should know better - it is their job as a "free press" to hold the powerful to account) to the status of sacred cow, a status so elevated that it is beyond rational scrutiny.

    And that is the key point - it is so ridiculously dysfunctional and in-your-face institutionally dishonest that in our dystopian world nobody dares point up its obvious, and some would now suggest criminal, failings.

    So it's no surprise to see the nobodies of this world stepping forward to do what needs to be done, nobodies such as UK Column, Daily Exposé, Daily Sceptic and many others too numerous to mention, but you know who you are.

    Today we have Ann Bradshaw writing in the Daily Sceptic with a review of the 

    " ‘landmark’ review into health and social care leadership led by General Sir Gordon Messenger and Dame Linda

  • Sudden XX..X Death Syndrome?


    Well, if they suddenly die, what else would we call it? 

    (6 minutes)



  • The Culling of Humanity?


    You know it makes sense... or does it?

    (31 minutes)


  • A Crime Against Humanity?


    Infertility - the alternative to genocide.

    (29 minutes)


    Draw your own conclusions.


  • So What's All This About MonkeyPox?


    Once again we turn to the indefatigable Amazing Polly for the low down on the latest medical scare currently being inflated out of all proportion by the global medical authorities.

    Do we still believe that they have our best interests at heart?

    We had somewhere around 1000 cases globally (reportedly) a few days ago, and already they are sowing the mental seeds that this is a terrible disease on a par with "leprosy and plague" not to mention malaria. Ooooh Err!

    So what's the truth?

    We won't know for a while, but their track record in "gain of function" so far doesn't suggest that this will be the BIG ONE. More probably another damp squib one. Time will tell.

    (35 minutes)


  • Depopulation Beckons?


    The Covid "pandemic" will undoubtedly go down in history as a most nefarious event that demonstrated beyond question that the very highest levels of national and global government are not beyond the reach of organised crime.

    How we deal with that situation in the future remains to be resolved, but if government by the elite doesn't work then perhaps we should try government by the people?

    Whatever that means, it must of necessity involve a huge program of decentralisation so that the "levers of power" become too many, too numerous, and too jealously owned by the locals to ever again be co-opted by the few.

    But I digress.

    The world is still coming to terms with the damage inflicted

    (a) by the virus (not very much - hardly noticeable in statistical terms) 

    (b) by the associated jabs that have been foisted upon the world

  • Andrew Wakefield talks to Clive


    Andrew Wakefield is the notorious doctor who in the late 1990s first raised a query about whether or not the MMR vaccine was linked to the rise in autism.

    The result was a firestorm of disapproval and denial.

    Later on the inimitable Del Bigtree of the Highwire took up the cudgels to bring the truth to the people in the teeth of officialdom and the media, but it's not often that we can hear from the man whose life was for ever changed by that original suggestion that vaccines might not have been as safe as we were told that they were.

    Now he tells us how the global authorities have been allegedly vaccinating people against pregnancy...

    On the plus side both he and Clive are delightfully calm and measured in their delivery, even as they discuss the possible horrendous consequences. 

    Geopolitical Update


    With world events moving quite fast we have to try to keep up, so i make no apology for yet again featuring a UK Column report from Wednesday.

    Don't get too hung up on the start of the programme where they take a (probably deserved) pop at a BBC reporter in the Ukraine - the subsequent section where Vanessa Beeley explains the way that the world's war-mongers are shaping up is quite masterly.

    It is quite clear that without propaganda, very few wars would ever have been possible.

    Oh, and Tony Blair is rumoured to be receiving a Knighthood from Her Majesty at Windsor on 13th June. Be there or be square.

    And more on matters medical and monkey p*x (or should that be b****x?). Is anything what it seems any more?

    And will there be an ambulance available when we need one? Worth watching.

    (90 minutes)