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  • Medical Democide?


    Was the alleged pandemic an excuse to kill the elderly?

    Was it simple incompetence?

    Or something else?

    It's your view that counts.

    (72 minutes)


    (Presented by CHD, UK Column)

  • Let Justice be Done, Though the Heavens Fall


    Some of us may be in serious trouble...


    The Plod doing their job?

    With consequences no man may foresee?

    (3 minutes)


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  • Neil Lays it Out


    Neil Oliver with another hard to hear monologue, asking many questions that will never be answered by any of the usual suspects.

    Pfizer, Cass, NHS... to name just a few.

    Have they no shame? 

    (19 minutes)


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  • The Cass Review - Portent of Transanity?


    The Cass Review, as I need hardly remind everyone (!) is an "Independent review of gender identity services for children and young people".

    Quite why we old relics are excluded from gender identity services, or perhaps merely from the independent review, is unclear, but maybe lack of demand had something to do with it, even though that same lack of demand didn't seem to stop them including children and young people.

    Or maybe we old relics were too stuck in our ways to be manipulated into having ourselves so hideously reassigned, we may never know. Surely more research is needed?

    Anyway, the review may not have turned out too favourably for the woke crowd, for whom nothing as traditional as the concept of a man and woman getting together to create a family and further the human race independently of state control, can be left unchallenged and

  • Ivor Introduces Brian - The Truth About Meat


    I doubt that this will please those of a religious vegan persuasion, but maybe it's time to redress the balance.

    I have no intention to recommend any specific diet for anyone, as I suspect that just as "one size fits all" doesn't work, in a world of humans in such infinite variation, neither does "one diet fits all". We must all make our own dietary choices if we wish to remain healthy and defy others' expectations of an old age of crumbling health, and it's no business of anybody else what we eat, within legal bounds.

    No reasonable options should be taken off the table.

    (19 minutes) 


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  • Dial M for Midazolam


    Whilst reminding ourselves of the trials of lockdowns, behind the scenes some believe that worse horrors were being perpetrated.

    "At 6pm on February 25th, the UK Column livestreamed an eye-opening and thought-provoking symposium on the systematic use of Midazolam and morphine to end the lives of patients"

    It's your viewpoint that counts.

    (2 hrs 39 mins)



  • NHS - The Face of Fascism to Come


    Ben Rubin explains "our" NHS, for those who haven't quite realised what has been going on for many years - under governments past and present of all stripes.

    Now we know exactly why the only "cure" for the NHS which is ever promoted by politicians is to spend more money on it. (Are we looking forward to our general election later this year?)

    So where does all this money go?

    And is money laundering the only problem, or is there more... ?

    (39 minutes)

    Delingpod Revisited

  • Oregon Redefines the War on Farmers


    Rule 1 - heap up the regulations

    Rule 2 - make them as complex as possible

    Rule 3 - wage lawfare

    Something similar coming to the UK soon I don't doubt.

    (21 minutes)


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    Go figure.


  • Pandemic? What Pandemic?


    The German Government has blown the lid off the pandemic narrative:

    "Hospital occupancy in Germany fell to an all-time low in 2020

    "There were no more severe respiratory illnesses than usual in 2020"

    "Corona came, influenza disappeared (Robert Koch Institute (RKI))"

    "Age-standardized mortality was not higher in 2020 than usual"

    "Mortality has only increased in 2021 (Federal Statistical Office)"

    "People who died with or from coronavirus were on average 83 years old, the other deceased

  • We Can Never Have Enough Medication ...


    ... or perhaps more accurately, "enough industrial waste product", in this case from the manufacture of aluminium. It's dangerous and difficult to safely dispose of fluoride, so what better than to dilute it by adding it to our drinking water supplies "to protect our children's teeth"?

    And since it's not a regulated medication but an industrial waste product, perhaps it doesn't need "informed consent" and so forth? 

    UK Column reports.

    (58 minutes)



  • Tractors in Truro - Protests at Parliament Incoming


    It's a long drive to Truro, wherever you start from.

    Martin Geddes went to report on the Cornish farmers protest against the Net Zero Nonsense that so besots what passes for our government.

    "No Farmers No Food" signs much in evidence, and family reminiscences from years gone by.

    We are all human, and humans have families, and we all depend on our farmers.Sometimes our leaders should remind themselves of that.

    Read his report here.


  • Catastrophic Confusion & Obsessive Covid Disorder


    It has taken 4 years to move from Obsessive Covid Disorder to a point where we may now perhaps indulge in some rational argument about what really happened in 2019-20, and how we might actually more sensibly work in the future.

    Leaving aside all the technical virological and counter-measures arguments, it is apparent that the situation management of early 2020 where "the science" met "the government" in a conflicting and fast-changing muddle of overthrown pandemic preparedness and panic (which saw much of the former somehow displaced by much of the latter), this contribution by the good folk at the Global Warming Policy Foundation is, if not completely timely, at least on target.

    What has Covid got to do with Global Warming? Both involve serious interaction between "government" and "science", so should be subject to a set ofcommon principles.

    The authors' primary contention is

  • A Tale of an Elderly Mishap


    So what has become of "our" NHS?

    A cautionary tale indeed, and some good advice to boot.

    "State-nominated priest is the Noctor. I am surrounded by so many, I no longer remember what all their acronyms mean. Nurse ACP & ANP, non-nurse PA & HCA, Paramedic FCP & AP, etc"

    Of course, you are not supposed to remember what all these TLAs mean. The only truth you need to know is that medicine has now been reduced to the application of protocols appropriate to the symptoms, each with its own specialist expertise and TLA.

    And if you have a handy test that can simply be applied and assumed to be 100% accurate regardless of the circumstances, then so much the better.

    Medicine has been rigorously oversimplified by managerial classes obsessed with reducing waiting times and maximising throughput and efficiency (not to mention simplifying construction of the

  • WEF: Wildly Expensive Failure


    Definition of insanity: - keep doing the same thing and expecting different results.

    After innumerable years of government subsidy for developing "renewables" as a power source to replace "fossil" fuels, one might begin to understand that if we don't have progress now that "fossil" fuels are as expensive as they have been for many years (thanks to our benighted leaders' obsession with weakening Russia by all means possible) then it seems reasonable to suspect that "renewables" are not going to cut the mustard. Not now, not ever, certainly not any time soon.

    So since the convoluted strike price mechanism so clearly failed, the government is taking action to reprioritise fuels that workdouble down on renewables by increasing the subsidies. Evidently, despite telling us all

  • Net Zero Farmers?


    What do we want our farmers to do?

    Do we want them to grow food?

    Or do we want them to curate the countryside, growing trees and wildlife at the expense of food, so that we can live as stone-age hunter-gatherers?

    Most European farmers seem to have concluded that they don't want to return to the stone age, and they suspect that we wouldn't want to either.

    They also suspect that growing plants that take up CO2 isn't the disaster that has been portrayed.

    I can't think what has possessed them to think that way when the great and the good at that fount of global instruction the WEF, have so clearly determined where they want us to go, but perhaps we should, in the interests of inclusivity, listen to their

  • Parliament Debates Excess Deaths, Heart Disease (But not Cancer etc)


    The link (if any) between roll out of the jabs and increased levels of death by heart and circulatory disease was (perhaps somewhat grudgingly) debated, but no mention of excess deaths from other causes (such as cancer) which have been reported, and only a ministerial response to "write to" the MPs who raised specific queries.

    At this rate of progress we had better all start briefing our kids to ask for the full response "in due course" because we will all be deceased long before those in authority deem it necessary to actually produce the information requested.

    The Daily Sceptic reports.


  • Is There Light at the End of the Regulatory Tunnel Vision?


    Our MPs are famously inept, prone to being fillibustered by arcane rules and conventions, and strangely (unkind souls might think determinedly) blind to inconvenient truths, but surprisingly it does seem that at least some of them have cottoned on to the notion that a similar affliction has been endemic at the MHRA for some years now, as has been consistently highlighted by many  commentators on independent media, and notably by UK Column.

    If our MPs were not alerted by 77 Brigade / MI5 / Ofcom etc, then perhaps these too were asleep on the job?

    The all-party parliamentary group (APPG) on Pandemic Response and Recovery (yes, apparently there is such a group) has now, it would appear, indeed noticed. Up to a point.

    " 'far from protecting patients' the regulator operates in a way that 'puts them at serious risk' "

    Do I detect the sounds of stable doors being prepared for slamming shut well after the

  • "Farmers are Sleepwalking into the Crisis"


    We haven't heard much from our farmers here in the UK, despite the fact that European farmers across the board contnue, shall we say, to make their displeasure known. 

    Richard Vobes sets out to remedy this situation.

    Some very interesting points are raised here - our farmers too have been psy-opped in ways that we might not suspect!

    "... the challenges for the general public are astronomical..."

    (61 minutes) 


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  • Should we Add Poisonous Substances to Our Drinking Water?


    A good question, upon which much legal deliberation has already been lavished.

    An equally good question might be "and who should decide?".

    In the UK this question used to be decided locally, but in recent times the government decided that they will decide on fluoridation centrally.

    I don't remember the people clamouring for this change, so they made it entirely on the basis that the government knows best, and we locals cannot be trusted to look after ourselves.

    This almost certainly means that whereas very few local water supplies are fluoridated to date, this number will be greatly expanded until all supplies are fluoridated. In government, one-size-fits-all rules.

    Are we concerned that the

  • Summer Vacation? Choose Your Destination Carefully


    With the world psychosis ratcheting incrementally every week, the latest example of over-reach comes from the home of Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité - yes, the government of La Belle France has legislated for... well, watch for yourself.

    (11 minutes)


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