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  • The Bridgen Verdict on Parliament


    Andrew Bridgen's speech from 28th June.

    "... within 6 weeks of polling day... "

    "... the Party system is completely corrupted... "

    "... there's going to be a reckoning for this... "

    You heard it from Andrew first.

    (6 minutes)



  • The Shot Heard Around the World - and the Aftermath Incoming


    A very American presentation by military veterans and patriots, two hours of analysis of events and informed speculation on the future.

    Not to mention a hefty dollop of spiritual awakening for those still labouring under the delusion that our governments work for us...

    "... there's some things I can tell you, and there's some things that you have to experience for yourself... "

    Maybe, just maybe... did Trump get his retribution in first?

    (2 hours)



  • The Attack on Trump Not Explained


    There's already a deluge of articles on social media claiming to have the inside track on what actually happened at the Trump rally, but it's pretty clear to me that what actually happened is unclear - there are several points of attention that demand explanation.

    Redacted reports - but I doubt that this is the whole story.

    What does seem clear is that things are not as they seem.

    (14 minutes)


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  • It Won't Work Because it Can't Work


    The "Green New Deal" doesn't exist. Even after 50 years of righteous and determined green zealotry in pursuit of the decarbonisation agenda, the world is still burning more fossil fuel every year! 

    It's all hype and obfuscation for the "benefit" of the corporate giants that are creaming off the ever-rising subsidies necessary to make the GND look as though it's doing something other than ruining us all.

    Will the new Labour Government be any better at camouflaging this pig in a poke than the Tories? I'd say that the omens are not auspicious - because although reality does have the disturbing bad habit of impinging on us eventually (no matter how much nonsense is spewed forth in Parliament), humanity's determination to cherry-pick its figures to suit the narrative - rather than to assess the whole problem in the round - is why we still obsess over installing an inconsequentially small number of windmills in the UK whilst ignoring the many new coal and gas plants being constructed by other much larger

  • The Future According to Larry Fink?


    Whitney Webb runs through the Davos plan for their take-over of the world - including us.

    Everything and everyone will be tokenised, traded, and finally r*ped and pillaged,  including mother earth herself, for the benefit of the global elite for whom these systems are set up. Universal ids, CBDCs, and ESG monitoring systems will run the world by  permitting or denying purchases at point of sale.

    All will be tracked, monitored, and controlled through AI algorithms that will be "all-knowing and infallible" (even, and especially, when they are not - for how could a remote AI somewhere in the bowels of the web be challenged? Such systems don't have to work as advertised - they just have to be in control!).

    (15 minutes)



  • Bird Flu - Nothing to Flap Over


    Ok - this is one for the compulsively compliant only.

    After today I will publish such ludicrous idiocy only under Conspiracy, as I cannot in all integrity accord it any credence whatsoever. However, there may be value in following what the dangerously deluded (or fatuously frantic) would have us believe in order to push their evil products onto the uncritically, blindly, even enthusiastically, compliant.

    If you want to follow up, look under the Conspiracy, or maybe search for "Bird Flu".

    Meanwhile, the rest of us can get on with our lives.

    (16 minutes)



  • The Cass Review Reviewed


    The Free Speech Union discusses the free speech aspects of the Cass Review:

    "The Independent Review of Gender Identity Services for Children and Young People (The Cass Review) was commissioned by NHS England and NHS Improvement in Autumn 2020 to make recommendations about the services provided by the NHS to children and young people who are questioning their gender identity or experiencing gender incongruence."

    "The Gender Identity Development Service for children and adolescents is currently managed by the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust"

    (1hr 44)

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  • The War on Dutch Farming


    The war on farming takes many forms - in the UK it is a low-key war conducted mostly under the radar of publicity - in the interests of "saving the planet" of course - who could possibly object to that? Still, all the measures being implemented ("rewilding", buying out the land of farmers who want to retire, with tax-payers' money of course) seem to work in one direction only - to reduce the amount of farm produce being grown.

    In the USA one Bill Gates has been buying up farmland like there is no tomorrow - does he know something that we don't?

    In Holland they do things more brazenly, by outright compulsory purchase of farmland, because it produces too much nitrogen (nitrogen?! Me neither). Dutch farmers are not amused.

    Behind it all of course stand Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum of global plutocrats, aided and abetted by their erstwhile "Young global leaders", now safely embedded in governments throughout the world.


  • Beneficial Ownership - Beneficial to Whom?


    Dr Mike Yeadon is a thorn in the side of the perpetrators of the "pandemic".

    He is (in my estimation) an honest man thrust into the limelight because he could not with integrity stay silent.

    There are many like him, sung and unsung.

    Here Mike takes on new ground. There's only so much one can say about the quaxxines after all, and there are other scams afoot... such as the global scam to "legally" take all our savings in whatever form they may be - bank balances, stocks and shares, retirement plans, ISAs, ETFs... the list is long.

    But the common thread in all of these savings schemes is the idea of "beneficial ownership" - the idea that some institution actually takes care of these investments and holds them on our behalf.

    It's very convenient, very effective, and so far has worked pretty well, so

  • Scott Ritter on NATO's 75th Summit + the Middle East Conflict


    Russia is winning the war in Ukraine. What will NATO's response be?

    Scott Ritter reviews the state of play...

    "... we haven't spent the money necessary to build the systems that can overcome Russian jamming... "

    "... the British are the funniest ones of all - they talk big - My God, Keir Starmer's out there thumping his chest like he's Superman... everything about them is a joke... there's not a single military in NATO today that can go to the Ukraine and survive more than a couple of weeks - not even the United States ... "

    "We are getting to the point right now if the United States deploys those systems in 2026 where the Russians, if they lower the threshold of nuclear war, may pre-emptively strike with a nuclear weapon"

    The section on Israel-Gaza begins at 1hr 26.


  • The Neil and Ivor Show


    Neil Oliver and Ivor Cummins - what could be better?

    (59 minutes)


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  • Bonner on Borrowing


    An interesting review of current and past world events from Fortune and Freedom, as Bill Bonner discusses historical and current affairs with John Butler.

    Two knowledgeable old-timers who have seen most of it before. 

    "... this is the biggest problem ever to face the country and there's virtually no mention... "

    (NB: this is not financial advice)

    (22 minutes)

    A History of Conspiracy

  • View from the East - Whither Europe?


    The Russian International Affairs Council is not an institution that many of us in the UK are familiar with, but maybe we should be.

    Even if we think that Russia is "the enemy" - know thine enemy!

    So I welcome this interesting analysis by Dmitri Chenin on the current state of world geopolitics and how he considers we got here.

    It would have been better still if he could have brought himself to address the role played by Israel - a strange omission since it is central to the complex situation in the Middle East. 


  • What Were Mr Orban and Mr Putin Up to in Moscow?


    The EU and NATO were obviously displeased by Hungarian Prime Minister Mr Orban's recent visit to Moscow to discuss how to end the conflict in the Ukraine.

    Are these two really the only European leaders who want to see an end to this catastrophe?

    Danny Haiphong reports:

    (25 minutes)

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  • Nigel Speaks!


    "All I was doing was taking the p**s out of them"

    "We have a quasi presidential system imposed upon a parliamentary system"

    "The whole thing's corrupt as Hell"

    (54 minutes)


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  • BRICS Declares Independent Financial Future


    Put another way, the dollar as reserve currency is toast, and is still toast.

    (9 minutes)


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  • Down the Rabbit Hole - To Our Incoming Future


    This is one of those videos that you are either ready for, or not.

    I strongly suggest that those new to my site should review the earlier Down the Rabbit Hole series, starting with 1 2 3 and 4.

    Yes, it's a crash course in conspiracy theories... or as some would have it, conspiracy truths. I never planned it that way, but there it is.

    You may then be advised to take a breather, and come back to