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  • Legal Investigation Update from Dr Reiner Fuellmich


    Dr Fuellmich is probably the pre-eminent Covid lawyer world-wide, who formed the Corona Investigative Committee in Germany soon after the pandemic started.

    Since then they have been painstakingly collecting and marshalling the evidence from around the world that the pandemic may not be all that it has been cracked up to be.

    Here is the latest interview brought to us by Mike Adams of Brighteon:

    "... we have come to the conclusion... that these are crimes against humanity, probably the worst ever committed..."

    "... in my view it's turning already..."

    "... they raided the offices of the judge who simply did his job... "

    (one hour)

    See also:

  • "Hectic Debates" at the United Nations


    We recently reported on the activities of the ECLJ (European Centre for Law and Justice) in investigating the funding sources of the Special Procedures of the UN Human Rights Council.

    It seems that report may have touched a nerve at the UN.

    "As expected, experts concerned by these practices - stung - were quick to attack, in a violent manner, not the content of the report, but the ECLJ and its director, Grégor Puppinck"

    "it was on Friday 3 September that the attacks on the report culminated, during the annual meeting of the Human Rights Council's Special Procedures at UN headquarters in Geneva"

    You get the gist!

    Good to see the battle for transparency being carried

  • AIER - On the Biden Vaccine Mandate


    "Since when does the United States President have this kind of authority? There is literally nothing in the Constitution that enables anything even close to this sort of thing. The President is tasked with executing the laws passed by the Congress, not writing them himself, and there is nothing in Article One, Section Eight of the Constitution enabling Congress to mandate anything like this either"

    In summary, if the mandate flies then the Constitution is toast, If it doesn't then the Biden Pretendency is toast.

    Given the growing number of States that are queuing up to take these measures to the courts, it's not hard to see which way the wind may be blowing.

    Read the article.


  • Cher Michel, Bienvenue à l'Euroscepticisme!


    This is definitely irresistible news from Briefings for Britain!

    M. Barnier, in his new bid to assume the presidency of la Belle France once the present largely unwanted incumbent is voted out, has some stirring things to say about French independence - who would have thought it?

    Onward Michel, onward and upward!


  • Legal Challenge to Vaccine Roll Out to Healthy Children


    Law or Fiction report that hey have been instructed to challenge the vaccine roll-out to healthy children.

    "... the Judge initially considering the papers has for the time being refused the application for a hearing to consider pausing the roll out. The legal team has filed an urgent application to the Court to reconsider that decision"

    "The documents ... expose some of the important information not widely known or reported in the mainstream media"

    Read the report. This includes the documents referred to above.


  • The Gauntlet has been Thrown Down


    Simon Parkes is (like Charlie Ward) a man who presents to us as an information source on behalf of what we on this site refer to in general terms as the "Greater Reset".

    He presents himself as an ordinary person, like you and I, and unlike Charlie he lives in the UK with us (smile). In a way he is a bit like the "Klaus Schwab" of the Greater Reset - a face who purports to tell us what the men behind the scenes have in store for us (don't push this notion too far!).

    What I call the "gauntlet" is a document prepared by the "top man" in the Greater Reset team in the USA, and may be downloaded from the link at the foot of this article (which takes you to a Simon Parkes web-page). It has been released to followers of Simon and Charlie (and probably via other channels although I have no information on that).

    It summarises the state of the world in particular as it afflicts the

  • Vaccine Certificates - Passport to Digital Enslavement?


    All the (well-justified) fuss over the issue of vaccination of teenagers should not be allowed to distract us from the other undeclared battle in the war on our freedoms - government control of our activities and finances through a digital passport allied to a government crypto-currency account maintained at a central bank.

    The vaccination pass is just the first step along that route. It would enable each citizen to be given a digital identity which could then be linked to our financial identity at the central bank, and used to permit or deny our purchase of tickets - travel tickets, theatre tickets, event tickets, whatever tickets.

    Once shops and supermarkets are equipped with entry turnstiles (already pioneered on the London Underground) we could be denied all shopping rights. In fact, you wouldn't even need the turnstiles once cash has been outlawed, you could just be denied purchase rights at the till (although the shop might prefer to deny you entry in the first place).


  • Jabs for Kids to be Approved?


    We have covered the proposal to vaccinate all kids from 12 years upwards previously (here here and here).

    The JCVI agreed with our standpoint (although they drew the line at saying that vaccines were more dangerous than Covid, they recognised the high level of uncertainty and the insignificance of the likelihood of any

  • Discussing Common Law with Peter Stone and Dr Charlie Ward


    Common Law is something we should all know more about, and is something that was bequeathed to many former colonies of the British Empire, in that upon independence they chose to continue that legal system.

    So now the citizens of the mother country are also being urged to understand our legal inheritance! It isn't something we can take for granted - we have to qualify for it.


    Visit Peter Stone's web-site for more information. You my wish to bookmark it.

    "If you truly want to be free then you must take it, you cannot wait for someone to give it to you"

  • What Might the Greater Reset Look Like?


    It has been apparent to many that the current world is heading for a reset of some kind.

    Our erstwhile carefree post-war existence looks set to be ending soon, either in a world-wide tyrannical technocratic clampdown of progressively less freedom and more compliance, culminating in outright loss of all meaningful freedoms, or there will be a counter-revolution to reverse this downward spiral and restore individual freedom to its full-flowering potential.

    The choice is pretty stark.

    We have on this site posted several interpretations of how the downward spiral may be unfolding under the "Great Reset" menu. We have also posted a few articles under the "Greater Reset" menu that attempt to illuminate how a greater reset may unfold, but I think it fair to say that much less is currently known about how

  • Food for Thought ...


    The Power of Common Law, of personal resolution not to be intimidated:


    Like / Dislike this video here.


  • All About Doing Away with Everything we Once Knew


    We haven't featured any contribution from Dana Ashlie for a long time - as it turns out, that's because she hasn't been so productive of late.

    But she's back, and talking to the most knowledgeable man on the planet on the topic of Technocracy (drum roll please!): Patrick Wood.

    Talking about the end of humanity as we know it.

    About the perversion of science to serve the global dictatorship in controlling humanity.

    About the perversion of medicine to keep the masses docile and obedient.

    About the replacement of money, economics, politics, and free thinking individualism by a global centralised pseudo-scientific technocratic control grid.

    About the dissolution of the family, the historic bedrock of the upbringing of the next generation, taking this regenerative function into the laboratory as a "scientific" process to

  • Maricopa County Voter Canvass Results


    It's ten months since the ill-fated US Presidential Election of 3rd Nov 2020 and despite many reports and assertions the first major audit - Maricopa County Arizona - has still not formally reported.

    For those of us who think it's high time we heard something, this is something, albeit probably lacking in official authorisation. So we must assume that it is a leak - either information or disinformation, we don't know.

    So the best we can say is that if we trust it, it likely points the way to an explosive result when the official audit report is released. If we don't trust it, the official report may turn out to be a damp squib.