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  • Bob - the Man Behind the Cartoons


    I didn't realise (I gave up paying much attention to the Telegraph a while ago) but it turns out that Bob was fired by the Telegraph - I guess that tells us all we need to know.

    In past ages the court jester was permitted to poke fun at the powerful, but today even that small privilege is withheld. I suppose it's a reflection of the reach of the jester - today he can reach millions, and each picture is worth a thousand words...

    And that tells me that the war for spiritual supremacy is between the government and the governed, that "they" can't justify what they do, and that the Telegraph really is a controlled mouthpiece rather than a source of independent journalism.

    Oh, and they are scared that Bob will wake us all up!

    He may well, as he very generously allows publications to feature his work without charge (and to parrot

  • Is This Your Higher Calling?


    If this is for you then I think you will know it once you get into it.

    If it's not for you then think about it anyway - after all, as the Bard wrote centuries ago:

    "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy"

    If that were not true, then what would be the point?

    (26 minutes)


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  • Fulford on Friday 25 Nov 2022


    A worthwhile report today with some serious points that will be of interest in the UK and other parts of Europe.

    Not to mention China.

    Modest subscription required.


  • CBDCs Incoming!


    For those not already au fait with CBDCs, the Corbett Report runs through some of the main features.

    Learn about the split circuit monetary system, how it currently works, and why a CBDC could demolish the split circuits, folding all of our money back into the Central Bank. Cash would in the extreme be eliminated altogether and everybody's individual account would be held at the central bank.

    Well, we are talking about a variety of account types here (current accounts, savings accounts, loan accounts) - would they all be held at the central bank?

    And if all accounts are held at the central bank, what functions (if any) would the commercial banks still provide? Or would they simply become branches of the central bank for all practical purposes?

    With the bank knowing the purpose of every transaction, could they really control our spending according to their whim and fancy? Such a control system would be orders

  • "A Utopian Charade Based on Unrealistic Assumptions"


    Well, I suppose it had to happen soon enough, although I'm shocked it managed to happen before the final implosion, rather than afterwards when the desperate project to smear the innocent traditionally get's into its stride.

    That's all to the good, because "getting your retribution in first" before that final inescapable implosion, means that we might actually get to glimpse the truth. It's also good to know that there may actually be real humans still at the NAO that our deluded powers-that-be haven't yet managed to turn into AI-controlled cyborgs programmed to endlessly repeat the party line.

    Sadly I doubt it will make any discernible difference to the fate of "our" NHS as the NAO's report on their backlogs and waiting times makes clear (if we didn't already know) that that establishment might as well have been run by such cyborgs for many years.

    "... in other words,  the Select Committee thinks all NHS

  • If You Really Want to Know What's Going On


    The world is in upheaval.

    Governments are being seen to turn against their people, who are responding accordingly. Worldwide.

    The imprecise talk of the New World Order that has been simmering for years (along with the "war on terror") has reached a new height since the formal partnership between the WEF and the UN. The seemingly unlikely talk at Davos that had previously been ignored as absurd has been brought to the fore.

    Those not familiar with the above should probably watch the second video below before taking on the first, so if you are unaware of the implementation of the Great (unwanted) Reset by the Davos elite, then watch the second video first.

    This first video summarises how it is being countered. (Allegedly). 

    "We are going to get every last one of them and ensure that nothing like this can ever occur again"


  • Covid - The Infinite Onion?


    The indefatigable journalists at UK Column bring us yet another blockbuster presentation revealing unsuspected layers of what may amount to government corruption in the administration of the Covid "vaccines at warp speed" phenomenon.

    You thought you knew who was responsible for administering and regulating the roll-out and ensuring safety?

    If it turns out that you didn't, would that amount to fraud?

    Yes, all this took place in America, but (a) who's to say that something similar didn't take place here in the UK and (b) even if it didn't, our regulatory authorities in practice depend (excessively in my view) on sound regulation in America.

    As the months go by and more layers of the Covid onion are unpeeled, more shocking revelations appear that make us question everything that we have been taught about the medical and regulatory industries.

    I won't put up the video here because

  • Not Our Future


    Watch the Video - Sign the Pledge 

    It's not immediately clear where this pledge is leading, but who could disagree with the sentiment and the hall of fame who are already signed up?

    Especially when so succinctly expressed!

    (90 seconds)


    Sign the Pledge!

  • Died Suddenly - The Stew Peters Film


    (68 minutes) - Warning - Not Suitable for Children -

    and I guess for those adults who cannot cope with this scale of evil.



  • The Digital Panopticon is Already Here


    London number 3, New Delhi number 1 in the world.

    If you want to know (or if you don't) this is where we already are.

    It's been installed all around us and it's already being improved.

    We just haven't been told yet - Big Brother has been automated...

    "we are living in a digital panopticon"

    (78 minutes)



  • Fulford on Monday 21 Nov 2022


    An interesting report this week, suggesting that the end may be approaching. 

    Of course, it's the usual suspects who still stand in the way, but for how much longer?

    Modest subscription required.

  • COP Out?


    Another riotously successful climate conference concluded, with much material for awaiting journalists to report to their eager readerships.

    Not to be outdone, NetZero Watch add in their two-pen'orth for good measure - and some might say bring some much-needed realism and humour (not specifically in that order) to the topic.

    The dreadful truth of course is that the War on Climate was the front-runner for the War on Terror, and lately the War on Pandemics - none of which can ever be determined to be won, since how would you define "winning"?

    To measure the changing climate with any accuracy is a fools errand, given the chaotic nature of the contributing weather patterns; we might need accurate statistics spanning a century before a real trend could be determined and even that might not be enough.


  • What are the Real Roots of the WEF Corporate Takeover?


    For aspiring egg-heads and those who would like to explore how the world reached the current crisis of competing models of world control (not to mention the underlying ideas and principles that drive these movements), this interview session by Reiner Fuellmich, with Rodney Atkinson (brother of Rowan Atkinson - who knew?!) and Alex Thomson (of UK Column fame) delivers the goods.

    (1 hr 40 mins)



  • Another View of Klaus Schwab at the G20 World Leaders Forum in Bali


    Remind me, when did Klaus become elected to world leadership?

    And why Bali? It does seem like an awful waste of a good resort...

    Redacted have a relaxed way of reporting on serious matters, and I think that their style makes very pleasant change from intermoanable doom and gloom (yes, I just mistyped that, but I liked the result!), so here they are:

    (24 minutes)


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  • "Political Corruption at the Highest Levels"


    Jeffrey Epstein is the criminal that the justice authorities don't seem to want to do anything about.

    So he had an island to which he flew many of the (probably misnamed) "great and the good" (according to the flight logs) for purposes about which we can only speculate (although Epstein had a certain reputation and the authorities were crawling all over the place after his arrest so there can't have been anything that they didn't notice).

    So Jeffrey himself was imprisoned and died in controversial circumstances, and his right-hand accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell was also convicted and imprisoned, and then... nothing.

    Nobody else involved?

    No evidence?

    What about all the people on the flight logs?

    Well, if the authorities don't want to take any of this any further, it's up to the people, and fortunately there are people

  • The FTX Crypto Collapse - Brownstone Investigates


    The FTX crypto collapse has ruffled many feathers, lost its customers a great deal of money, and no doubt prompted many people to look a little deeper into what went on.

    Including the august Brownstone Institute, whose founder (no less) Jeffrey A. Tucker has put fingertips to keys to bring us what he has discovered (I've no idea whether he lost any money, but he's certainly been "following the money").

    "there were deep connections between FTX and Covid that have been cultivated for two years"

    "Why was a crypto exchange so interested in the debunking of repurposed drugs in order to drive governments and people into the use of patented pharmaceuticals... "

    Just the tip of the iceberg actually...

    "I think you get the idea. This is all a

  • Are 5G & EMFs another "Climate Change"?


    Arthur Firstenberg, author of "The Invisible Rainbow", probably knows as much about the effects of electromagnetism on the planet as any man alive. In his book, he documents the effects of introducing electrical technologies over the last couple of centuries, and illuminating reading it is. From the very first experiments with electricity to the rolling out of military radars and civilian cellular telephone systems, little escapes his scrutiny, and a compelling case he makes without a doubt - even if there is (as with all human endeavour) the possibility of error in regard to specific instances.

    Nevertheless there is abundant scientific literature to confirm that EMFs as we know them today can be

  • China Shows the Way


    China is well down the one-way street toward the technocratic state. All the principles are in place, we are just waiting for the technology to be perfected and rolled out into the population. After all, smartphones are so bulky and unreliable - they can be lost, dropped, run out of battery, or be confiscated. Worst of all, they can be ignored.

    How much better to inject the population with electronics that can merge with any and all parts of you, relay your vital functions to the authorities, and even "augment" your brain to function as required by the authorities central AI control!

    "The fate of America is being made in China, our role model for all things dystopian"

    This statement however is wrong. It's not just the model for America, it's the model for the whole world.

    And the G20 is bent on making it happen - first up, the undead vaccine passport "to facilitate travel" (if you are approved by the

  • Fulford on Friday 18 Nov 2022


    A useful and interesting report this week reviewing the recent G20 meeting, the state of the various heads of state (including the major players), and the current geopolitical situation.

    As always, the devil is in the detail, and certainty is a rare commodity, but the questions are relevant and worth the wait.

    Modest subscription required.


  • A Budget for Destitution?


    Jeremy Hunt has told us how it is to be.

    Global Britain highlights the tragi-comedy of the current LaboTory government:

    "It not only raises taxes to an unprecedented peace time level but it fails utterly to address the fundamental problem of far too much Government... "

    "Cameron inherited a National Debt of £821bn. It is £2434bn today, a tripling in just 12 years. That’s the Conservative legacy... "

    "The cancellation of carbon, the very basis for the industrial revolution, with a currently cost ineffective, unproven alternative which breaks every rule of economics"

    "Lockdown. £500bn wasted on furlough, bounce back loans, track and trace, and the like – extending the free money QE delusion... "

    "They have failed to address the uncontrolled and grossly