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  • Hospital Numbers "Below All SAGE Predictions"


    HART (Health Advisory and Recovery Team) recently reviewed the Big Boris reversal out of Freedom into Lockdown, and concluded that the credibility of his position was not even paper thin.

    As they point out, the numbers hospitalised "with Covid" were below every one of the previous SAGE predictions upon which their advice is supposedly based.

    But what about the Delta Variant (I rhetorically hear you ask) which threatens us all with Covid Calamity? Well, Ivor Cummins dealt with that one very convincingly.

    This is part of an

  • Did Google Surreptitiously Install "Covid-19 Tracking App" on Users' Phones?


    I'd say they did - my Android phone has it, and I never installed it and as far as I recall I was never notified of it.

    Go to Settings - Google - and there it is: "Covid-19 Exposure Notifications" under the subheading "COVID-19 SUPPORT".

    It's turned off (whatever that means - what is the functionality? - does some functionality remain when "turned off"?).

    But who knows how long it will remain off? If "they" can install it, then "they" can turn it on.

    The Epoch Times has the alert.

    What further proof do we need that Google (and no doubt the rest of Big Tech) are conspiring with others (perhaps Big Pharma and Big Government?) to do

  • Deadly Variant Narrative Destroyed in Short Order


    This shorty really needs no introduction - just watch:


    Like / Dislike this video here.

    Finally though, I do have to ask - if Ivor can do this type of clarity, why can't SAGE?


  • The Resurrection of the 99% - And Much Else Besides


    John L. Petersen (futurist) talks to Robert David Steele - and vice versa.

    This may be a bit dark, but it does end on an optimistic note.

    There are a lot of ideas here that will be contentious to many, so be prepared to suspend disbelief for a while. These predictions are said to be based upon evidence, and their proponents do allegedly have a track record for accuracy.

    I have no corroboration one way or another, It's your judgement that counts. Having said that, I don't see anything in the world today that seriously conflicts with this narrative.


    Martin Armstrong... figured out that this world, this reality, works in cycles … the component parts of the reality have unique … signatures

    Martin Armstrong says

  • Swexit? Should the Swiss Walk Away from the EU?


    Switzerland is not a member of the European Union, rather it has a collection of miscellaneous agreements which cover the way in which it relates to the EU. This collection of agreements was always regarded by the EU as a stepping-stone towards full membership, and the EU has been making it clear recently that progress towards full membership should continue - the Swiss population however is not enthusiastic, and due to the powers invested in the Swiss cantons to decide important issues by referendum, the population's views are both known and respected.

    So "Swexit" as a concept is a non-starter because as they are not members they cannot leave, but either party may decide to start dismantling the collection of agreements if it feels that the Swiss-EU relationship isn't going anywhere productive. Pressures are being applied.


  • Lawyers for Liberty Put the Case Starkly - We have Lost Our Freedom


    Case Against the Coronavirus Act 2020

    "The Rule of Law is being abused. The whole Parliamentary and Legal System is being abused.

    We all owe it to ourselves, our children and the generations to come, to unite and fight this in every way we can including in the Courts"

    Lawyers for Liberty spell it out.

    Follow this link to the case page at Crowdjustice where more information is available.

    "The Government has acted Ultra Vires and against the Rule of Law"

    "... the Act facilitates misreporting of deaths from various illnesses that it is claimed are also

  • Human Augmentation - Dawn of a "New" Paradigm?


    Man interfaced with AI? Robot humans? Hyper-Intelligent Humans?

    This document is offered by a government web-site and I make no comment about it one way or another - except to say that some sort of "human augmentation" is definitely coming down the track towards us and if we do not or cannot understand it we will be unable to control it.

    Note that there are copyright and usage restrictions to this documentation, which seem incompatible with its publication on the general internet. I assume that this is a simple oversight, but I may be wrong.

    Almost inevitably, it seems that augmentation is first and foremost being driven by the military - no great surprise there but maybe it tells us something about the priorities of those who rule over us. Or it could just illustrate that the military are of necessity our

  • Ex Police Officer Explains to the Police Why They Should Arrest Government Minister(s)


    Retired police officer Mark Sexton visits a Police Station and records himself patiently explaining exactly why it is the constable's duty to investigate the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State (Minister for COVID Vaccine Deployment) Nadhim Zahawi MP (and no doubt the rest of the government) for misconduct in public office (possibly amongst other crimes).

    I feel rather sorry for the police constable to whom he makes his report, and happily he is not shown on the video - this surely must be the short straw to end all short straws at the current time (particularly as his complainant being a retired police officer himself may be presumed to know what he is talking about).

    There is also a veritable treasure trove of useful links below the video on Bitchute (only if you click on the

  • June Update on the Bernician's Case Against the Covid Advisers


    We have reported previously on the slow-burning private prosecution against the Secretary of State for Health and his SAGE advisers.

    This case has been referred to the Court at Bromley for action, and is waiting for the assigned judge to complete his assessment of the initial evidence pack (which by all accounts is enormous).

    More information here.


    Latest (1 hour) update from Michael O'Bernicia below:


  • Pfizer Vacccine to be Approved by FDA?


    "Approaching what appears to be the imminent licensure of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine, ICAN’s legal team submitted a Citizen Petition demanding essential and specific data be required by the FDA before it licenses a vaccine for COVID-19.  These requested data are vital to ensuring both safety and efficacy of the vaccine before any approval by the FDA."

    I'm not at all clear why this licensure should be imminent when the stage 3 trials are not yet scheduled to be completed, but let that pass.

    The point is that if the FDA grants full approval then it becomes far easier to mandate the vaccine on the unvaccinated, maybe through employment conditions travel conditions, health service conditions or any other means.

    I also have no doubt that approval by our UK MHRA will be a

  • Boris Confirms - Lockdown Will Not be Lifted This Year - or Ever?


    In this recent clip from the House of Covidians, the Prime Minister is very clear what he intends to do:

    "... I think we can have a high degree of confidence that our vaccination programme will work and I think we need to give it a little bit more time (as I've explained) to save many thousands more lives by vaccinating millions more people"


    For one thing these is no obvious reason why the Prime Minister's brilliantly successful vaccination programme would not still progress regardless of the lifting of Covid restrictions on 21st June, and so still save all those thousands of lives going forward.

    Below I reproduce the latest Covid deaths chart for England as published today by Public Health England:

  • Stealth Network from Amazon?


    Hardly a day goes by without news of some technical innovation or other, but we are used to that - so much so that we scarcely take the time to register the fact, never mind stop to think about whether or not we ought to worry about it.

    So it is with this one - Skynet went live on 8th June . . .

    So what? No doubt it's some new satellite group to be used for some good purpose or other.

    Which does not actually preclude its use for purposes which we might consider to be not so good - should we be worried?


    Like / Dislike this video here.

  • Dr McCullough et al Openly Talk Bio-Terrorism with Dr Fuellmich


    Dr Peter McCullough introduces himself (eventually!) and describes how he has been trying to counter the official Covid narrative and provide early intervention to Covid sufferers, with the objective of obviating the need for them to be taken into hospital.

    "My quick analysis is that we are under the application of a form of bio-terrorism, that's world-wide, that appears to have been many years in the planning, and the first wave of the bio-terrorism is a respiratory virus that spread across the world and affected... about 1% of many populations, but generated great fear"

    "... every single thing that was done in the public health response to the pandemic made it worse"

    "... what we have discovered is that the suppression of early treatment was tightly linked to the development of a vaccine... and the entire programme... was really all about keeping the

  • A Conversation with Corona


    Jon Rappaport isn't necessarily known as a surrealist, but that may be about to change.

    Salvador Dali with his surreal paintings may set the tone of visual surprise but once such a painting has been seen it loses its impact. Salvador has done all the hard work in bending reality in his mind and putting brush to canvas in order for us to see it, but somehow I for one feel that surrealism expressed in words is much more engrossing, involving as it must the use of our own personal powers of imagination in order to build and explore an alternate surreality from the perfectly normal black and white printed words before us.

    This medium is I suspect ideal for Jon, whose avowed intent is to encourage us all to be more creative individuals - as an exercise in bending our normal three-dimensional consciousness to permit a conversation with an articulate pathogen, he pushes us beyond our normal confines and helps us to play for a while "outside the box".

    Isn't that

  • Vaxxidents, the Biden Pretendency, the Financial Reset, and Transition into the New Age


    What is the situation if we have taken one or two shots?

    Nobody knows, but here is one fellow who may know as much as anybody.

    As a bonus, he offers his thoughts on the financial reset currently in process, bitcoin, the block-chain-mining war, gold, silver, the on-rushing collapse of the Biden Pretendency, and the transition between the ages . . .

    He may be in controversial territory but he seems to be independent and to have something useful between his ears. What do you think?

    Greg Hunter interviews Clif High:


  • Clapton on Covid


    Eric Clapton tells his story.



  • Save Lives, Stop Living


    Boris is widely trailed in today's media as about to confirm that restoration of our freedoms will be put back by "4 weeks", just to be sure.

    Lockdown Sceptics is having none of it.

    "The Prime Minister is correct in saying that hospitalisations have risen in the last few weeks. He must have forgotten to mention how that relates to the overall context – in that the rise is negligible in practical terms"

    "Continuing to measure ‘Covid cases’ in the community makes about as much sense as testing for the common cold – also frequently caused by a coronavirus, by the way"

    "Generally speaking, I’m an adherent to the ‘cock-up’ school of disaster rationalisation – but the last few months have changed my mind"


  • WHO Bid for World (Medical?) Domination


    Give us the money and all the authority we could (and will) ask for, then we can save the world! What could possibly go wrong?

    " ... you will not find one mention of any aspect of a political system in Brave New World - not one! There was no government, there was just 'scientific' management - this is the mind-set of these people - you don't need government, you don't need representation of people, you don't need a constitution... "

    Is this not exactly the mindset of those 'scientists' that are currently working our politicians strings?

    We have mentioned this proposal before but this video covers more ground:


    More from the Resurrection Tour, this time in Cheyenne (15 minutes):


    Read more about the Tour.