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  • The Dutch Farmers Problem Explored


    Eva Vlaardingerbroek, Dutch legal philosopher, writer and political activist, interviewed here for the Spectator, explains the background to the farmers' protests against the Dutch government.

    One hour well-spent if you want to know more detail about where this argument came from, and how it is going.

    (58 minutes)


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  • The Law of the Land from First Principles


    There are days when I think I might as well give up this site and just direct everyone to Richard Vobes' YouTube channel, but he does interview such excellent people that I can't just pass over what he does simply because he's taking my site over! Maybe in due course I may get the opportunity to walk away, but that time is not quite here yet.

    Here he is talking to Marc Horn from Peace Keepers, and his discussion on the basic origins of the Coronation Oath, our constitution, the Bill of Rights, principles of equity, the common law, and Parliamentary legislation makes a great deal of sense to me. We really do need to choose our authorities carefully and understand the basic constructs, from first principles. The principles may be quite simple, but because they are unfamiliar, and some seem to prefer to misrepresent them, reorienting our understanding requires some re-working of our assumptions, both explicit and implicit.

    Net Zero Subsidies? Don't be Silly!


    Given that the windmills and solar panels have been supported by subsidies for many years whilst they got established, one might be forgiven for thinking that if they still need subsidies to be competitive then matters are not working out as expected, and it is now time for a serious "drains up" review of where it all went wrong.

    But governments time and again have demonstrated that there is no limit to which they will not stretch the actualité in pursuit of their favoured projects, no matter how much money they have to extract from our pockets in order to do so. The green delusion is no different. 

    NetZero Watch is on the case as always, speaking truth unto deaf power, and pointing out that the reformed power pricing and tax mechanisms devised by "our" government to keep the whole tottering power supply functioning - despite the manifest destabilisation inherent in the chosen "green" methods of generation - will hit the poorest the hardest (whilst doing nothing to reduce the fundamental need for gas

  • Sir Christopher Chope Excoriates the Government


    In a very parliamentary performance before a packed almost empty chamber, Sir Christopher addresses perhaps the most significant, most divisive and potentially devastating (for politicians) and sadly only too devastating (for the victims) topic that parliament as a whole clearly prefers not to face - almost matching the level of non-attendance that Andrew Bridgen inspired when he recently drew attention to statistics indicating the true nature of the "protection" afforded by the latest booster jabs. 

    Sir Christopher was highlighting the need to overhaul and make functional the compensation scheme for the vaccine-damaged. 

    That most of these victims have suffered from the Covid jabs is unsurprising given (a) the high numbers of the jabbed (b) the numbers who have received multiple jabs and (c) the novel nature of the

  • When is GMO not GMO? When it's a "Precision Bred Organism"


    The Genetic Technology (Precision Breeding) Act 2023 is now law in the UK.

    Following a public consultation from 7 January to 17 March 2021 (Covid notwithstanding), the government has published its response, plus a summary of the responses received (download).

    "Defra’s view is that organisms produced by GE or by other genetic technologies should not be regulated as GMOs if they could have been produced by traditional breeding methods"


    But who is to answer this significant "if"

  • The Geopolitics of Societal Collapse


    The end of the cycle, the "4th turning". The world is changing, but it has changed before.

    "... there's not really a way out of this trap... "

    Demoralisation, Destabilisation, Crisis, Normalisation

    (33 minutes)



  • What's Up with the Central Banks?


    Neil McCoy Ward takes us through the machinations of the Central Banks to "save" Credit Suisse - not to mention the global banking system - a week ago...

    This is not financial advice!

    They may have "saved" Credit Suisse, but what have they done to UBS?

    For "bonds" read "pension funds"...

    Oh, and "customers are causing these problems by withdrawing their own money... "

    (19 minutes)'


  • The Great Corporate Food-Grab?


    Will Bill Gates rule the world?

    The UN-WEF partnership with elected governments around the world has reached an unprecedented level of disconnect from the people who supposedly elect their government (if we ignore all previous precedents such as enforced collective farming under the communists).

    In a competitive market the people can decide with whom they want to do business, so they have a powerful economic weapon at their disposal - they can give their custom to whomsoever they judge worthy of it. Of course that assumes a diverse market with many independent suppliers in healthy and friendly competition, as at one time was the norm. Compared with casting a vote every five years for a politician that will then vote as directed by the party (and its donors) rather than in the interests of their constituents, that gives the people a truly powerful influence.

    Or it used to, before the age of the mega-corporations, who seem to have by one means or another

  • The Fulford Report Monday 27 March 2023


    "The collapse of the Western financial system is a mathematical certainty because recent rate hikes created at least an $8 trillion loss for financial institutions. Governments have been trying to foist this on the people. Revolution will be the result. This is why unprecedented unrest is overtaking France, Germany, Pakistan, Israel and many other places"

    The pace of change is clearly escalating, so we may expect the collapse to keep pace.

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  • Bird Flu - Exterminate, or Rebuild on the Survivors?


    One hears many rumblings in the media about bird flu and poultry shortages, but of course there's never a problem that government intervention cannot make immeasurably worse "for our safety".

    Even if government did nothing, poultry farms would individually try differing approaches and those that hit upon the right methodology would subsequently prosper, whilst the remainder would be asking them "what did you do right?". Before long everyone would be doing right.

    Government stepping in simply ensures that everyone does it wrong, and cannot subsequently learn from those that did it right.

    (So it is with all top-down centralised control, whether we are talking chickens, beef, motorised transport, film making, pandemics, news media, religion, or monetary madness. The host of individuals operating collectively by their own individual free association, free speech, and free will and judgement is inherently superior to central diktat, since it enables all sorts

  • "Who Watches the Watchers? Who Guards the Guards?"


    Neil Oliver needs no introduction from me. Here he speaks to our times and he speaks for the growing army of citizens all over the world who don't outsource their thinking to anybody.

    Does he speak for you also?

    (12 minutes)


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  • "The American Empire is Dead - We're Just Waiting for the Body to Fall"


    A wide-ranging review of world geopolitics and how the West is shaping up with two of the most informed and experienced commentators - Scott Ritter, and Ray McGovern.

    It's not really about Ukraine, it's about America and at one hour and fifty minutes it's a deep dive, so schedule a gap in your "copious free time" and settle down with a cup of tea.

    You may feel the need for something a little stronger if you make it to the end...   but making it to the very end is highly recommended.

    (1 hr 50 mins)


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  • It's About Unlearning All the Lies


    David Adelman (author of "School - No Place for Children") educates Richard Vobes on the system, and how to disengage from it and regain our sovereign freedom.

    "Modern Slavery Act 2015 - section 3 Subsection 5 - It is a crime to force or induce a person to do something against their will using threats or force"

    "1989 UN Convention on the Rights of the Child - Article 28 - All discipline in schools should respect human dignity"

    "We seriously underestimate the evil that is being visited on the young ones in the classroom"

    "... there is no 'wholesome cohesive culture' in the classroom... "

    "It's not just the school anymore in which you're

  • Injured by the Vax? You Can Still Sue


    Yes, "our" government has of course given the pharmaceutical companies indemnity from prosecution (how is that in our interests? I only ask because I would like to know) but that doesn't necessarily preclude those injured from suing for additional losses over and above the standard one-size-fits-all government-stipulated limit of £120K.

    The Daily Sceptic reminds us of this point, and notes that victims of the Astrazeneca jab are indeed mounting legal action against the pharmaceutical company for damages above that limit.

    "Lawyers representing the group, who are pursuing personal injury compensation in addition to a Vaccine Damage Payments Scheme claim, argue that the AstraZeneca vaccine was 'not as safe as the public were entitled to expect' and that the case is not about finding fault 'but about the reasonable expectation of safety'. They claim people were provided with a false picture of safety and efficacy and expect the number joining the lawsuit to increase."


  • Opt-Out from Dystopian Democracy - Round Two


    Read Round One here.

    Getting one's name removed from the electoral register may seem a trivial, even pointless exercise, but not a bit of it.

    The system doesn't want you to go.

    So why not? Is it really so difficult?

    And if they really won't do as requested, will it be practicable to force them?

    Martin hasn't got to that point yet, he is still hacking the weeds of legalese.


  • UK Column End of Week News Roundup 24 March


    The French in open revolt - the Dutch and Germans protesting, Ukraine still under constant destruction, geopolitics moving fast in the Middle and Far Easts - and NATO still pushing a disastrous war.

    (85 minutes)


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  • Old Bill Favours Wokery Over Law?


    The Free Speech Union reports on the state of British policing, with specific reference to police training, today.

    "... the FSU’s latest research briefing has revealed that a majority of police forces conduct next to no training on freedom of speech while a disproportionate amount of police time is spent on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) training"

    "Thirty-two forces answered a question asking for details of the training carried out in relation to EDI"

    "... a further four stated that EDI was so highly integrated into every aspect of their training that it would exceed the cost limit of the Freedom of Information Act to extract the necessary information. Fourteen forces described EDI training as a “golden thread” running through every part of their training or reported that EDI was integral to standard training"

    Oh dear.

    So much

  • Is the Parallel Free State the Alternative to the Revolution?


    As many academic theses tend to do, this draws heavily on European philosophers that few in the UK have heard of, let alone read, but that doesn't undermine the elegant simplicity of the basic idea.

    Indeed, we can see that many of these ideas are already under way to varying degrees courtesy of that monster of all things informational - the internet.

    You reading this article is a tiny part of the information revolution that does indeed promise to transform our world.

    The powers that be (slightly flat-footed as ever) still push their principal messaging (some might think brainwashing) via the traditional mass media of press television and radio - all media whose content can be to large extent centrally controlled by "those in power" who wish to guide our thoughts along their chosen pathways - a bit like the railways, we can go anywhere as long as the authorities build the route.

    But then came the age of the

  • Vive la Révolution!


    In the UK we don't see many reports of protests either here or elsewhere, but in Paris it has been impossible to ignore (the French do protests differently from the English, who tend not to create burning barricades in the streets - let's hope we never have to become more French in our approach).

    Nominally the protests are about the raising of the retirement age, but that is essentially just the latest trigger - the gilet jaunes have been protesting for years now against a state that works against the interests of the people.

    The protests have been building all over France, and now at least nominally coordinated between trades unions, students, and a wide cross-section of ordinary people.

    An eyewitness account from an Englishman who was in Paris:

  • Andrew Bridgen - The Time Has Come


    Andre Bridgen MP, the parliamentarian who is challenging the Covid vaccines narrative, marks three years since Boris locked us down (doesn't time fly?) with an article for the News Uncut Substack.

    It's short, and to the point.

    And he doesn't hold back.