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  • The New World Order Chameleon


    The NWO has many faces, almost too many to remember - Bilderberg group, Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, United Nations, World Economic Forum, World Health Organisation, Club of Rome...   to name but a few, and that's before we start on any linked secret societies (such as? I don't know, they're secret; although not all of the above like to publish their full proceedings).

    You may well think of more.

    To my mind, a secret society is the polar opposite of a creative force. It hides its supposed treasure under the proverbial bushel where none but the favoured few may know it. But if it were transparent (ie: not secret!) and this treasure were to be shared with the world, then it might fire the creative forces of all humanity rather than merely the chosen few, with massive benefits for all. So why don't they?

    Perhaps they are criminals or fraudsters or both, or perhaps harmless cranks. But I digress.


  • Update from the Middle East, 12th July


    Amir is with us again with an update from Galilee on the world as he sees it, and indeed as Ezekiel saw it before him.

    Followers of Q will note that Israel is slated be dealt with last...  so perhaps the Ukraine is just the warm-up for the Middle East?

    I'm thinking that the Bible has never seemed more immediately relevant.

    (27 minutes)


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  • Bayer Loses in Court - Again


    Yes, this is yet another court case against Bayer, which bought Monsanto and its glyphosate herbicide in 2018.

    Glyphosate has been the subject of a number of court cases in which it was alleged that it was the cause of cancer.

    Bayer it seems was appealing on a legal nicety that would have allowed it to escape responsibility for the damage caused by its product, but the court rejected that nicety.

    The Defender (CHD) has the story.

    For my part, any company that doesn't have the health of its customers at the heart of its business is not a company whose products I would want to use, and I'm at a loss to understand the mindset of a board of directors that continues to flog a

  • Happy Holiday Heatwave!


    As we contemplate the approaching heatwave (don't panic! It's summertime and it's perfectly natural), a little light entertainment in my inbox is welcome, especially if it doesn't involve the contortions of our body politic with which, for reasons which elude me totally, many do still seem to like to torture themselves by following, endlessly discussing, and hopelessly grouching about, without any notion of actually putting an end to it.

    So it may seem unlikely that I am amused by a newsletter about climate change which does indeed touch briefly upon the machinations of our political leadership (UK and elsewhere), whilst pointing up some inconvenient facts from the historical record which the climate fact-checkers seem to have unaccountably overlooked - and all done with lighthearted good humour!

    If I had to choose between Greta Thunberg and Dr John Robson, I know where I would put my

  • Mark Steyn Presents - The Covid Jab Victims


    Mark is joined by the vaxvictims for this extraordinary episode - extraordinary because no news media so far has dared touch this story.

    High time somebody did.

    (58 minutes)


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  • Clif High - Pivot Point Incoming?


    Another monologue from the sage of all matters "big ugly".

    Pay attention - the SOC is getting its act together, possibly imminently, depending on how actions and reactions play out.

    "The war has broken out... "

    (28 minutes)



  • Benjamin Fulford Spills the Beans on Japan, the Far East, Hitler, CERN ...


    Lots of historical stuff here that seems certain to raise more than a few eyebrows...

    And no paywall!

    Thanks to Mel K for this revelatory interview.

    Pay attention or you'll likely miss a nugget or three...

    (33 minutes)



  • Dutch Farmers in the Firing Line


    Those of us who follow social media will be aware that farmers in Holland are resisting government demands that will seriously reduce the numbers of their livestock. 

    Is this to reduce the dreaded CO2

    No, it's to reduce "nitrogen pollution".

    You know, nitrogen, the major component in our atmosphere. The reason why farmers down the ages have rotated crops so that nitrogen can be resupplied ("fixed") into the soil to enable new growth.

    No farmer will survive a thirty percent reduction in his output, given the cut-throat prices doled out by the supermarkets. 

    Bear in mind also how much of their output is destined for the UK, that same UK that imports much of its food and that is already paying farmers to produce less. Just saying.

  • Two Reflections on the War on Humanity


    It must be some kind of anniversary for two such to drop into my inbox on the same day.

    One (relatively short polished and easy-going) from David Sörensen of Stop World Control, and the other from Martin Geddes, which tracks his journey, reactions, learning process, and changing circumstances.

    Both conclude that no man may know either the timing or the details of what will unfold, but both remain confident that honesty truth and love will prevail over duplicity lies indifference and hatred, if only because the latter will inevitably collapse of its own contradictions provided that the populace can recover their critical faculties in time.

    That does seem to be the primary issue of the moment.

    Useful reviews both in their own ways, and both concluding that the process upon which the world has embarked is a complex multi-year

  • Reminder of Professor Lockdown's Pseudo-Science


    It seems a long time now since those heady days of "scientific modelling", and the consequent lockdowns of the uninformed by the gullible.

    The Daily sceptic reviews what we now know of that "scientific" model, which was hastily "sanitized" (no, not that sanitizer) and published on GitHub so that all could examine its entrails.

    I reported on this in May 2020 (on a different site), and I am happy to say that I resisted any impulse to delve into the published code myself as such an enterprise would have kept me occupied full-time for an indefinite but certainly extended period. However, others did do so, at least to a limited extent, and their results are now, two years later(!), available.

    If you are of a mind, you can

  • Vaccinees Die, but the Jabs Sail on Serene under the MHRA


    We have to live with "the virus", and now we have to live with the jabs.

    Vaccine injuries and deaths are not misinformation (unless you count the pathetic under-reporting built into the MHRA yellow card and US VAERS systems and the apparent total lack of concern and investigation thereof by the regulators).

    It seems that no volume of "adverse events" including death by vaccine and "unexplained" excess deaths of the otherwise healthy from a range of other mysterious causes never before encountered, is now sufficient to derail the WHO-Big-Pharma-Government-Regulator deaf blind and uncaring juggernaut.

    We have already reported not dissimilar views from the BMJ.

    The Conservative Woman has been on

  • Everything About the Georgia Guidestones that You Didn't Want to Know


    And the good news is that there is no background muzak!

    Just a monologue delivered straight to camera, at a pace that most normal people will find comfortable. All done with the brash confidence and enthusiasm of youth with barely any hesitation deviation or repetition. In fact, a superb lesson in minimalism that many other channels would do well to follow.

    Actually I could agree with a great deal of what the guidestones 'say' - but I doubt very much that I would agree the interpretation or implementation that the authors had in mind. In particular, who would step forward to say what 'society' / 'the people' want, or should want? I'm sure there would be no shortage of self-appointees. 

    Personally, I also agree with 99.9% of the content - but he's another James/Jim/Jimmy, so what's not to like?!

    (13 minutes)


  • Ukraine - Is Realism Sneeking Back? Will Peace Come With it?


    This site (like many others) has always taken a partisan view of the war in the Ukraine.

    We are not alone in this - we have been force-fed a partisan view by the mainstream media, which has trumpeted the terrible injustice of the Russian invasion since day one (whilst it totally ignored violations of the Minsk Agreement for the preceding 8 years).

    It is nevertheless (reasonably) clear that the situation in the Donbas is that the population would probably vote either for independence or to join Russia - were it to be given a vote.

    It appears to be a fact that there are different ethnic and political preferences in the East of the Ukraine which conflict with the those in the West.

    Therefore there is a good chance that by negotiating a peace deal based upon division of the Ukraine according to the principle of self-determination, further bloodshed could be avoided and a peace based upon a strong foundation could

  • "January 6th" Documentary - Just Out


    The events of January 6th 2021 at the Capitol have gone down in history either as the day of the Great American Insurrection, or as the Great American Fake Insurrection, depending on who you believe.

    Today there are still maybe 50 prisoners held post the event, allegedly in isolation in inhuman conditions, who have not been brought to court.

    This documentary, using footage taken on the day, tells the story of the Fake Insurrection, and those who still languish behind bars 18 months after the event, "awaiting trial":

    (46 minutes)



  • Oh What a Tangled Web we Weave


    You couldn't make it up.

    But you don't need to, because Pfizer has made it up for you.

    So just take the shot and move on.

    "A lawsuit filed by whistleblower Brook Jackson alleging Pfizer and two of its contractors manipulated data and committed other acts of fraud during Pfizer’s COVID-19 clinical trials is paused following a motion by the defendants to dismiss the case"

    "Jackson’s lawyer said Pfizer argued the lawsuit ... should be dismissed because the U.S. government knew of the wrongdoings in the clinical

  • Ukraine - How Did We Get Here - 2


    Following on from Ukraine - How Did We Get Here? where Prof John Mearsheimer presented his academic analysis, here is a young german reporter doing her job from the Donbass in the aftermath of commencement of the initial Russian "special operation".

    For her pains she was de-Paypalled, de-YouTubed and had her bank account plundered.

    Now reportedly she has been convicted of an (unspecified?) crime without any opportunity to defend herself in court, and faces years in prison should she return to Germany.

    (5 minutes)



  • The Normalisation of Dishonesty


    Over the last two years we have learned a great deal about the modus operandi of the medical and pharmaceutical industries working in coordination with regulators and governments.

    The picture that has emerged is unflattering to say the least.

    Indeed many believe that dishonesty, sleight of hand, conflicts of interest, and plausible deniability have been pushed to such an extent that the whole house of cards from the WHO down is threatened with structural collapse.

    The Brownstone Institute takes a look at the manner in which certain vaccines have been approved for use in children.


  • Child Exploitation Under Our Nose in Schools?


    The ever unflappable Ivor Cummins analyses a "teacher training video".

    "All-knowing" takes a bit of a battering, Ivor is on form and takes no prisoners, and Matt Walsh is on the same page.

    I should stress that I can't say whether this particular video is in use within the UK, but as the transgender movement seems to be a world-wide phenomenon, it would not surprise me.

    It's your assessment that counts:

    (22 minutes)


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  • "Child Exploitation" Arrests in Yorkshire


    The Star reports on an apparently relatively new police investigation in Sheffield and Rotherham into child sexual exploitation.

    "A major incident room has been set up and the enquiry team currently consists of eight full time staff"

    "... eight of the identified suspects have now been arrested"

    The Star has the details.