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  • News Extra - The Schools Bill


    Alex Thompson from UK Column explains the latest position on the Schools Bill.

    This is centralisation on steroids. It's a complete take-over by central government.

    This is shaping up to be a bureaucratic and legal nightmare that could easily result in more children being removed from their parents.

    Children will no longer be the responsibility of their parents unless those parents do as they are told, which is the "freedom" only to comply. It doesn't matter whether the rules will be interpreted benignly or beneficially, because the rules will be in place

  • Are the BRICS Just the Same Globalists Under a Different Hat?


    One of the petitions (to those who masquerade as our government) that I have not yet seen raised might be a petition urging the UK to join the BRICS (Brazil Russia India China) group of nations - in other words that group of nations that appears to be forging a new path to the future rather than clinging to the outmoded and failing power-groupings of the past.

    Of all the European nations, Britain may well be among those best placed to do exactly that following our exit from the EU.

    Some may find this suggestion tasteless, made as it is whilst the UK is clearly engaged in an even more tasteless proxy war with Russia, but this is (at least for now) merely a philosophical issue which doesn't detract from the primary argument.

    In any case, there is no case for casting aside logical thought and philosophical enquiry because there is a war on - wars are never won by building strategy upon untruths.

    In fact, the

  • Are You Looking Forward to Your Flight?


    Delays and cancellations may be the least of it.

    The campaign to vaccinate every last pilot has not been proven to be a resounding success. If they wanted to end the era of cheap flights and reduce the airlines to servicing the well-heeled and corporate customers only, then they have probably achieved their aim.

    Now that significant numbers of pilots are grounded, pilot shortage is likely on the cards for years hence, or as long as it will take to train new healthy pilots. If they can find any.

    This video explores what has been going on:

    (34 minutes)



  • Fulford on Monday - 4th July - Independence Day


    An interesting report this week with high-level diplomatic moves afoot concerning the post-UN (as currently configured) future, whilst the economic blockade of the woke west continues to tighten screws.

    Japan also is feeling the heat and it seems that those who rely on nuclear are not impervious to unexpected power losses.

    Perhaps the G20 meeting will salvage a better way forward?

    Small subscription required.


  • The Transition through Bewilderment


    "still alive"

    "effect on life, the universe and everything"

    "it's summer - we finally had three days in a row of sun"

    "... we're going to lose... the old structured paradigm 100%... "

    The location has changed but the presenter is the same - Clif tells us what we need to know as he sees it:

    (17 minutes)



  • Use DisCERNment


    After the "moon landings", do we now have the "Higgs boson"?

    This interesting article from the Millenium Report asks a lot of obvious questions that perhaps won't make them any friends in high places.

    What do we know about the large hadron collider?

    It's vastly expensive

    It's a tax-payer's money-pit

    It's far too horribly complex for mere mortals to understand

    It "found" the Higgs boson (for which it had been looking for years... )

    Nobody can see what it actually does (as it's buried underground)

    Not that different from the moon landings project then? Or even the internal workings of big government?


    So is it perhaps yet another means to launder tax-payers' money through to

  • Britain Off to War Again?


    If we can't persuade Zelenskyy to make peace (and nobody seems to be even trying - quite the reverse) then perhaps we can poke the bear with enough sticks to enrage it fully?

    Why else would the Kaliningrad situation have arisen?

    Right on cue up pops the new head of the British Army to tell us how he is putting the military on a war footing to repel the Russians as part of the NATO combined war machine.

    Why isn't Boris addressing the nation?

    Would anybody listen?

    (15 minutes)


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  • Covid is Dead! Long Live Covid!


    The power-play continues north of the border, with MSPs' extreme reluctance to let go the Covid controls, just in case. After all, the "case" count is rising n' est-ce pas?

    "So, just like that, emergency powers allegedly put in place to fight this 'pandemic' are suddenly reasonably public health practices preparing us for the next 'pandemic' "

    Well, the WHO have been warning us of the inevitability of another 'pandemic' (although I wish that the WHO and the UK could agree if it is to be Monkeypox or - get this - vaccine-derived polio?) so no doubt they are right (especially as the WHO can declare a pandemic whenever it likes). So this is absolutely in line with world health thinking.

    Off Guardian has the story.


  • Schools - Time to Abolish?


    Everybody has their own recollection of their schooldays and mine are neither particularly happy, particularly sad, nor particularly boring.

    Still, it has to be said that as far as my offspring were concerned, one of them seemed to thrive quite well whilst the other was never properly engaged.

    So my experience of schooling in the UK is decidedly mixed.

    Still, in these days where the government is ever more involved in the upbringing of our children, whether through child-care, school, social services, local councils' provision of sporting / other facilities, adult education, or "uni", there are those who think that government-inspired influence over our off-spring is becoming decidedly

  • The Secrets of Mr Tesla


    Nikola Tesla is a legendary figure that few people might truly claim to understand.

    He may or may not have given this interview to a magazine, but maybe there is some truth in it - of course, that is for you to contemplate.

    Sadly it's a rather wooden presentation, but it's what we have.

    "... the universe is alive in all its manifestations... "

    A "deep dive" indeed:

    (36 minutes)


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  • A "True" History of the United States


    It has been well recognised that if we don't know the history of how we got here, we can't work out where we should be going.

    LaRouchePAC offer us their version of the "true history" of the USA, and of course it includes their dealings with British Governments.

    Their history is to a great extent also our history.

    This is the short version:

    (38 minutes)


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    See also the long

  • What? Did Trump Do Something Right?


    The Brownstone Institute (did they get that name from a government office for imaginative titles?) treats us to a useful dissertation on the problem of "the administrative state".

    UK viewers know how this works - we only have to revisit the 'Ministry of Administrative Affairs' so helpfully documented in the TV SitComs "Yes Minister" / "Yes Prime Minister" to know exactly what they are talking about.

    Trump apparently also knew and issued an executive order to bring those federal employees "who are beyond legislative reach but they still make policy and determine the structure of the regime under which we live" (in UK parlance, the civil service, QUANGOs, regulators, maybe even private contractors... ) under his ultimate control.

    After all, it would be his administration that would carry the can for their

  • Miriam Cates MP on the State of Sex Education in Schools


    It's a long time since I was at school, but it probably is true that this presentation by Conservative MP Miriam Cates on the state of sex education in our schools should be required viewing for all parents.

    "Pre-pubescent 11 yr olds are not straight / gay / or bisexual, they are children"

    "... gender ideology is highly contested, it doesn't have a basis in science, and no-one had heard of it in this country just 10 years ago... "

    "... it's therefore the duty... to tell children the truth - those that teach the child that there are 64 different genders, that they may actually be a different gender to their birth sex, and they may have been born in the wrong body, are not telling the truth... "

    "... it's not compassionate wise or legal to teach children that contested ideologies are

  • A Conversation Beyond the Fringe


    It's hard to categorise this interview except to say that it's quite extraordinary.


    (28 minutes)



  • Medical Regulators for Hire?


    Given the greased ease with which completely novel and largely untested (and it now turns out largely ineffective and quite possibly very dangerous) "vaccines" have slid past the regulatory authorities worldwide in record time (with a little help from the WHO who kindly redefined the term "vaccine"), it seems a fair question to ask.

    Of course for now this remains a conspiracy theory, in as much as no official party has deigned to give the notion any credence - but are the cracks beginning to spread?

    The British Medical Journal is, one might suppose, as close to an establishment organ as it is possible to get without boasting full membership, yet here they are openly asking the question, albeit rather late in the day.

    "Over the past decades, regulatory agencies have seen large proportions of their budgets funded by the industry they are sworn to regulate"

    We could stop right here.


  • In Memory of Dr Vladimir Zelenko 1973 - 2022


    A short celebration of Dr Zelenko's contribution to true medicine and to countering the pandemic, all courtesy of Stop World Control, where you can find the full story.

    (24 minutes)


  • The "One Health" Initiative


    Not content with human health, the UN is also co-opting food and agriculture, animal health, and the environment into a coordinated approach to the world's welfare.

    As so often with politicians, nothing that they say can be disputed in its own terms, for who can say that health, food, and farming are unrelated?

    Yet their track record says that the notions underpinning the specific implementations will be designed, not to benefit mankind in general, but to deliver more control into the hands of the UN and its agencies backers and partners.

    (3 minutes)


    Fulford on Friday 1 July 2022


    A thoughtful video this Friday - and the UK gets a mention in the Q & A session. 

    Worth watching, although if you wish to view it this week you will need a modest subscription to his service.


  • Nigel Speaks - The Prognosis for Energy (and Europe)


    The great entertainer has a field day - the combination of economic problems and political misdirection is just too good an opportunity to pass up.

    "Is this... America and the Western World struggling to continue to push its dominance on the world, and places like Russia and China waking up to the fact that we're a lot weaker than we think?"

    I'm not sure that he presents any new insights to readers of this site, but he does remind us that he is a tremendous loss to the EU Parliament...

    (11 minutes)


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  • Stop the Fraud! Government Must Do Something!


    My email box today included yet another worthy exhortation peremptory demand - this time to sign yet another petition to government to save us from fraud ourselves.

    Apparently too many of us are falling for scams, and it's up to the government to do something about it - in this case to "Create a new Fraud Minister to help tackle fraud".

    Likewise "Make it law that all UK banks have to pay back in full all victims of fraud".

    In other words, the fact that I've been scammed is nothing whatever to do with me and somebody else must ride to my rescue.


    I note that they are not even calling for more police to investigate frauds and catch the criminals responsible, which might seem a useful response.

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