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  • No Sir, It Was the Russians!


    I offer this for its entertainment value - in an age when the Russians are seemingly being blamed for everything, it somehow seems appropriate.

    Of course, there may be more to it than mere entertainment...  it's your judgement that matters.

    (52 minutes)


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    If you like this, dare you go down the Great Reset rabbit hole to see where this tale ends up? 


  • What is the Point of our "Green" Energy Policies?


    Possible objectives of our UK Green Energy policies:

    1. Reduce our CO2 emissions overall
    2. Reduce traffic emissions in city areas
    3. Show the world that our Green policies work, thus giving them a lead to encourage them to adopt the same policies and thus reduce overall global emissions
    4. Reduce our energy costs
    5. Reduce pollution

    Bearing in mind that UK CO2 emissions are a tiny fraction of global emissions, if we can't show other countries that our green policies are successful in

       (a) keeping us and our economy powered

       (b) reducing our CO2 emissions

    then these other countries will see no incentive to follow

  • Forget the Conspiracy Theories - What Were the Safety Considerations?


    The Covid argument has become mired in emotional warfare - in fact, it was always so enmired from the beginning.

    Nevertheless, even if we merely make the general pedantic safety case for the introduction of any new product you can think of, there is an established approach to ensuring that the product introduction will not cause excessive problems through being unsafe, and ensuring that any such (inevitable in the general case) problems will be mitigated rather than exaggerated. Fail-safe is a watchword for a reason.

    Martin Geddes reviews the Covid Vaccine roll-out history from this viewpoint alone, and asks whether the normal type of precautions (such as might be appropriate for any commercial product, let alone the major pharmaceutical product of the century) were applied with due care.

    It's abundantly clear that they were

  • This Might Explain a Few Things ...


    A propos of nothing in particular, this little offering makes a certain amount of sense if we just go with the flow and let ourselves marinate in the ideas presented.

    The observations about how our minds work (or don't!) do seem to hit home in a contradictory sort of way...    and I am left thinking that there may be more truth in the suggestions than might at first appear.

    I'm not convinced that we need to be any kind of scientist or mathematician or other variety of clever-clogs to undertake this investigation - any normal human being may well suffice (bearing in mind that "everyone appears normal until you get to know them"!).

    Just don't think too logically about it - let the ideas wash into your mind as the tides wash over the beach...

    Can you disentangle the truth from the

  • The Big Story Behind the War in the Ukraine


    A new year, so take a step back to look at the story behind the tragedy unfolding away from our eyes in the Ukraine.

    Martin Armstrong, longstanding economist and investment manager, reviews the history behind the fall of the Soviet Union, the rise of Putin, the fall of the Ukraine, and the subsequent events that brought us to where we are now.

    "Follow the money".

    An outstanding conversation that tells us (or reminds us) of much that we should know if we want to make sense of this unfolding conflict.

    Essential viewing.

    (61 minutes)


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  • No No, Absolutely Not!


    Come on guys, this is 1st January, not 1st April!

    (10 minutes)


    And of course, nothing like this could be possibly be happening in the UK could it?

    No no, of course not, that would be too ridiculous for words.


  • 2023 - The Year Like No Other?


    Kim Goguen is not a familiar name to most people.

    Ben Fulford has previously remarked that he thought she might be an AI bot! I guess she might at that.

    Some people may have heard of the QFS (Quantum Financial System).

    If Kim is to be taken seriously (and it's your judgement) then we should pay attention. What she is saying implies dramatic changes to the way the world works - my reservation would be that we will need a lot of guidance better tailored to our current circumstances if we are to relate to what is coming - trying to swallow the whole upgrade within a single presentation like this isn't going to cut it for most.

    We all recognise that we have to work within the system within which we exist...
     ... but what if that system is now obsolete?

    I do not pretend to follow all the ins and outs of everything that she

  • The Real Meaning of "Sustainable Farming"


    Setting the scene for the battles to come, Kate Mason explains the real intentions behind the UN's Sustainable Development Goals for Farming for 2030.

    Farming WEF-style that is.

    "We are in the middle of one of the largest psychological operations of our time, to invert our understanding of what is healthy... a focus on altering our perception of food from something that is grown naturally in the earth, to something that is synthetically engineered in laboratories... farmers are being demonised whilst massive corporates are dominating the markets with synthetic foods... "

    That isn't even the half of it.

    (17 minutes)


    The Dangers of the European Arrest Warrant


    The UK has nominally at least left the EU, but I'm not aware that we have repealed the legislation that gives power to the EAW within the UK (NB: according to Trevor, Boris did take the UK out of the EAW).

    Brian Gerrish of UK Column brings us up to date...

    (70 minutes)



  • How the Government Will Get Into Your Mindspace in 2023


    Mahyar Tousi, and Joseph Robertson of Orthodox Conservatives, with a superbly short and accessible report on how HMG intends to nudge us all into climate submission.

    And quite revealing on other matters also:

    "326 billion - how much it's going to cost the taxpayer to get rid of internal combustion engines - how many people know that figure?"

    "... if we got rid of Net Zero tomorrow ... we'd be saving the taxpayer 50 billion per year... "

    (10 minutes)


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  • How to Eat the Insects and Like Them?


    A slightly facetious title for this article, but in principle, could this be next?

    Elon Musk is confounding the FBI (and who knows who else?!) with his revelations from the Twitter Files, but he is also apparently providing YNH (Yuval Noah Harari) and Klaus Schwab with the technology to link our brains into "the cloud" - whatever that may be we don't know, but it's sure to involve the latest AI technology.

    OK, certainly it will be used to good effect in enabling the disabled to function again, but when we start talking about augmenting our thinking, we can readily envisage a much darker scenario.

    Could we actually control such technology? Clearly there would have to be limits inbuilt. When does augmentation morph into ever more powerful brainwashing, and ultimately into outright control? 

    It's not hard to think that our bodies might become little more than robotic extensions of the system, in which case why

  • America Under Siege - the War to Take Down FOOD and ENERGY


    What does America have to do with the UK?

    The globalists' war is with the free world, not just with America. Much of this report is also relevant in the UK even if the details vary. Nobody can deny that fuel costs are increasing, and government plans for farmers and trade deals in wake of Brexit don't seem to support food availability.

    Threats to transport fuel and supply are obvious threats to our civilisation. 

    "No diesel means no electric vehicles"

    (33 minutes)



  • More Medicos are Slowly Coming Out


    Good if belated news - more medicos are accepting that the vaccines are more dangerous than the disease, and calling for them to be stopped.

    Dr John Campbell, who strikes me as an honest man trapped for years within our brainwashing system of NHS big pharma big government collusion, has caught up with the facts as we knew them many months ago.

    Yet yes, there is truly more joy in Heaven over one sinner that repents than over ninety and nine just men - welcome to the club John Campbell, your example will encourage others to reconsider, until the truth becomes generally accepted.

    At that point the understanding of the causes of the absurd demonisation of the unvaxxed can begin.

    (4 minutes)




  • Conspiracy Theory on Steroids? Or Cause for Concern?


    Stop World Control posits an amazing theory - but does he prove it?

    And if so, what on earth is going on?

    "Biological knowledge, multiplied by Computing power, multiplied by Data, gives us the ability to hack humans"

    "Now we are gaining the power to create life, just like God, and in a way, we even go beyond the Biblical God"

    "It sounds like the plot of a cheap science-fiction movie, but... it's... the official agenda, published and promoted, all over the world by the World Economic Forum and by their puppets in government... "

    Nothing really new here, but in today's world of smoke and mirrors, it's a fascinating and useful, scary, even essential, reminder (where is James Bond when we need him?!).

    I suggest however that it's as succinct presentable and informative a summary of the state of

  • Trump Caught in Vax Quicksand?


    Greg Hunter of USA Watchdog waxes eloquent on the state of the US political classes as 2022 comes to a close.

    It's not a calm performance, but it's certainly heartfelt and grounded in evidence and logic.

    Some may think that poor old Greg has flipped and lost it - but whether you think talk of bio-weapons is unconscionable or not, it is now extremely clear that the jabs are not proven either safe or effective.

    And most countries around the world are treating Covid as actually now no more deadly than the flu (and it may never have been more deadly than flu - "lies, damned lies, and statistics").

    So there is no justification for the Covid jabs, and quite probably no justification for any mRNA jab.

    The weight of independent

  • The Floodgates Are Open and The Human Tide is Incoming


    "2022 has been a momentous year of broken records. In the year ending September 2022, immigration was in excess of one million, with net migration of over half a million" -Migration Watch UK

    It isn't alarmist to draw attention to the truth, even if the truth might be considered alarming.

    And the truth probably is considered alarming to the majority, but mysteriously it seems to excite no response from anybody in government circles, and very little response from those guardians of our independence, the journalists (with honourable exceptions) of the media.

    We could hardly have a nation without the concept of borders, but borders need to be controlled if they are in practice to exist at all - and if they don't exist, then how long can our nation, and all it stands for, survive?

    Under our system of government we are testing that very question, apparently to destruction.


  • Don't be Left Behind in 2023 - iPhones are So Last Year!


    Order your Brain Implant now - whilst stocks last!

    This will be such a boon - think of the money that will be saved by not having to install surveillance equipment everywhere! With everyone linked up the authorities will be able to track us all without cameras and the like, estimate our speed, check up on who we are talking with, and in general know  what we are thinking at all times so that we will be well protected.

    What could possibly go wrong?


  • Conspiracy Theory No Longer - We Are Being Sprayed


    No no - those are contrails, not chemtrails. The water vapour product of jet fuel combustion condenses, leaving a trail.

    Well, this last year has been interesting to say the least, as it has become quite common to see two aircraft in the same sky, one with a contrail that evaporates as it should, leaving a nice short trail disappearing behind it, and another leaving a long and spreading trail that does not disappear. Well, that's my observation anyway.

    But that argument is so last year...

    "It was reported this month that the top climate change scientist for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has received $4 million in funding from Congress along with permission to study two highly controversial geoengineering methods in an attempt to cool the Earth"


  • A Sham and a Deceit?


    The CIB (Campaign for an Independent Britain) publishes their view on why the Northern Ireland Protocol is no more than "a sham and a deceit".

    Harsh words, but apparently warranted none the less.

    Surely our friends and partners across the Channel would never indulge in such measures?

    Well, of course not Minister. 


  • The Donald, the Uncomfortable Truths, The Great Reset that Nobody Expected


    Charlie Freak made the first video relating the Donald's world tour of 2018-19, where he "forced the capitulation of every major country, corporation, and major Cabal entity".

    If Charlie says that this is the better (and shorter!) video, then so be it:

    (46 minutes)


    The video below provides perhaps a higher perspective...   make of it what you will, but whatever you think of the presenter, I suggest that it's the message that needs our attention.

    (35 minutes)