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  • The WHO has Utterly Lost It!


    The unflappable Ivor Cummins lays it out.

    Their end must be nigh soon now.

    (14 minutes)


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  • The 15 Minute City - The Right Way and the Wrong Way


    As often happens, I receive serendipitous communications which neatly mesh into an article!

    First up is a contribution from David Kurten (Heritage Party) warning about the WEF planning for 15 minute cities to get us all walking and cycling. Pogo sticks may also be permitted I dare say, but not cars as they "destroy the planet".

    There are many ways in which the planet is being destroyed and rare earth mining must be high on the list, along with polluting coal being burned to power electric cars, but I cavil. Anybody who is used to living in London knows that the traffic is absurd and the parking spaces rare as hens' teeth, so "something must be done"!

    (11 minutes)

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  • Premeditated Genocide? Really?


    The evidence does seem to be mounting that the true intent and origin behind the Covid mRNA "vaccines" is quite different than we have been led to believe.

    I have no direct information but here are three reports which all seem to point in a similar direction.

    First up: State of the Nation bases its analysis on the American VAERS dataset, whereon anybody can report a vaccine adverse event (but maybe only < 10% do).

    "It’s of paramount importance to understand that every single physician and scientist in America has access to the official government data and information posted on the VAERS website"

    including "every department throughout the U.S. Federal Government, the U.S. Armed Forces and all affiliated NGOs", "every public corporation and private company, every medical center and hospital, every healthcare insurance company and risk

  • Recap on Vaccine Effectiveness According to UKHSA


    Nothing especially new but a useful reminder of how we got here.

    "The real-world data on incidence presented in that Vaccine Surveillance Report were highly suggestive of a problem that should have been prioritised for rigorous investigation, not explained away with the flick of a pen"

    "UKHSA had resorted to including a stern warning in bold in its section on real-world data:

         ... These raw data should not be used to estimate vaccine effectiveness"

    "they preferred to believe that it was the real world that was wrong and that their cleverly constructed experimental studies that were right"

    "We’re now nine months from that last table of real world data on Covid infection by vaccination status, and in the meantime studies from from around the world continue to suggest that the vaccines

  • Is it Better to Travel in Hope than to Arrive?


    As another year draws to a close one cannot help but reminisce about our life journey so far.

    I look back over a happy childhood, teenage confusion, transition to a productive employment, kids, later years and finally, "independence" in retirement...  except that retirement turned out to hold just a few unexpected twists and turns that now look as though they were merely a prelude to a world turning inside out, a process that still unfolds day by day with increasing speed - and yes, I'm loving it!

    It's true that I wasn't happy about the way things were unfolding, but knowledge brings confidence and I was never in much doubt that the Covid had to be a scam - then the jabs roll-out confirmed it in spades. So yes, I was well equipped to understand what was going on and my dabblings in politics in support of Brexit had given me enough basic political and web hosting experience to enable me to set up this site. Sheer luck or divine guidance? Who is to say? But it's certainly worked out and it's

  • The Fulford Monday Report 26 Dec 2022


    An upbeat report indeed to end 2022 on - let us all be hopeful that Ben is not "controlled opposition".

    I have to say that I put more store by his earthly reporting than his insight into off-world phenomena, fascinating those these undoubtedly are.

    But it still may be true (as far as I know) that the two may turn out to be - shall we say - not independent of each other.

    As for the COP15 Biodiversity Agreement, we all know by now how the UN and its agencies are skilled manipulators of ambiguous language that can be interpreted in multiple ways according to the reader's preferences. If these last years have taught us anything at all, it is that no communication from the "Great and the Good" can be taken at face value.

    Still, the report that the US and the Vatican voted against it may be encouraging.

  • New World Order Incoming - Reminder


    This is a gentle reminder - this site covered the topic earlier in December, but another reminder is appropriate in the light of the severity of the threat.

    Serious threats certainly abound (war with Russia, unrest in the Middle East, expiring power supplies courtesy of sanctions on Russia that mostly hurt Europe, ever-growing uncontrolled illegal immigration (at our considerable expense), striking unions, freezing weather ...  )

    But just below the surface presented by the global news media, the World Stealth Organisation is moving laboriously on, expressing their intentions in verbiage of stultifying bureaucratic ambiguity which nobody wants to read, let alone attempt to decipher.

    Yup - I'm definitely a conspiracy theorist - but remind me - who abolished conspiracies and when did that

  • A New Birth for a New Year?


    This is a video you would not believe.
    Dr Brian Ardis tells it like it is (in America!).

    If this doesn't get you fired up, then nothing will!

    (54 minutes)



  • Christmas World Review from UK Column


    Friday 23rd December UK Column News covers a lot of territory, and effectively brings us up to date on many fronts.

    A review of 2022, predictions for 2023, review of the UK's Online Safety Act, of course a review of the situation in the Ukraine, and perhaps a less familiar arena - the ongoing attempts to crush the Syrian people through sanctions and direct action.

    Oh yes, and CBDCs and the digitisation of everything.

    And those are just the highlights.

    "Where are those funds going? Where are the weapons going?"

    To the laundry...?

    The disruption will intensify.

    Very pertinent (123 minutes).


  • Fulford on Friday 23 Dec 2022


    A useful update this week.

    Modest subscription required.


  • I Took my Mum for her Covid Jab


    It seems that there are none so deaf as government in denial.

    Still, some stories do show that there are still some in authority who (when pushed) will do their job.

    This is one of them

    But where are the newshounds on whom we rely to hold the powerful to account?

    AWOL doesn't reflect the enormity of their dereliction of duty - so stop buying their miserable rags, turn off the TV, and tune in to alternative media - it's the only place to find the truth these days.


  • The State Pushes the Boundaries on Sex Education


    "The High Court has ruled today that the Welsh Government’s controversial plans to force LGBTQ+ teaching on all children from the age of 3 upwards is lawful and does not conflict with parental rights"

    What part of this statement do we not understand?

    What are the implications?

    Parents in the UK have always been free to bring up our children as we see fit.

    The presumption of English (and now therefore Welsh) freedom is that the State on behalf of the Crown will not interfere with the conduct of its subjects except (a) in exceptional circumstances and (b) with due authorisation, as for instance: under a court order.

    Children are too young to be treated as adults, and so children are subject to the care of their parents (or failing that, of their guardians). So in the case of children it is the parent (or guardian) who carries the responsibility under the law

  • The Men Behind the Masks


    It is well recognised that the lie is halfway around the world before the truth has put its boots on. I suppose that in this day and age we should be using an updated metaphor - perhaps that the lie has flashed through all corners of the internet before the truth has booted up it's PC and remembered its password.

    Still, the parable of the hare and the tortoise also springs to mind - steady and reliable eventually triumphs over fast fancy and fleeting. The truth will out, as they say, just as soon as the inevitable inconsistencies occasioned by the lie become exposed. It's only a matter of time and perseverance.

    Hence the necessity for ever more censorship by those who do not want the truth exposed. Censorship that will in the end prove inadequate to the ever-expanding task of covering up all the  inconsistencies rippling from the original lie. 

    In summary - the truth

  • Merry Christmas EU! - From the British Government


    In 2016 against all published expectations and in the teeth of "advice" from the massed ranks of the Great and the Good globally, the UK voted to leave the EU.

    Quelle Horreur!

    How could we possibly succeed without being subject to the wise instruction of the EU Commission?

    Outside the infinite wisdom of the ECJ?

    And above all, without the doughty rhetoric of Nigel Farage in the EU Parliament to entertain us?

    What then unfolded was perhaps the most extraordinarily illuminating Parliament of political and legal contortionist thearter of modern times, which tried everything possible to appear to be leaving the EU whilst determined to remain within its control. 

    Ultimately, the Great and the Good decided that the only way they could achieve that aim was to allow Boris Johnson to "take us out" in legal terms whilst taking

  • 97% of Climate Scientists Agree ...


    This must qualify as one of the most infamous (or famous, according to your point of view) assertions of all time. It shouldn't matter in all truth because at one time in history I'm sure we could have identified the received consensus that 97% of all scientists agreed that the sun orbits the earth, or that the earth is flat, or that man landed on the moon (and came back again) in the 1960s, or that the twin towers (plus building 7, 3 buildings in all) were brought down by suicidal Arab terrorist trainee pilots flying only 2 aircraft, and we still haven't nailed those issues completely either.

    Meanwhile, life goes on regardless.

    Or would do if the politicians were not involved.

    Copernicus in 1543 published his revolutionary idea that the earth orbits the sun, but as they didn't have the internet in those days it was Gallileo who caught the full wrath of

  • Slavery is Optional - Reminder


    As the Christmas holiday approaches with all the subtlety of an oncoming train, it is appropriate to remind ourselves of matters spiritual.

    Since I have little faith in our temporal Lords Spiritual and hold that we each have the potential and indeed the imperative to forge our own individual personal spiritual identity and destiny, it behoves me to offer something other than another hackneyed version of the Churches' Christmas message.

    Fortunately and indeed gratefully I am able to point those of you who have not yet sussed our Rolling submenu (craftily hidden beneath the Latest main menu item!) towards Martin Geddes, who is very generously chronicling his own journey towards the spiritual so that we too may benefit from his experiences.

    I think you may agree that it is no mean thing to open up your

  • The Road to Super-Abundance?


    Jack Mullen writing for RobertDavidSteele.com provides as succinct an exploration of the world's current predicament as we might hope to find.

    Yes it's a bit long and certainly America-centred, but the UK isn't that different in most fundamental respects.

    In truth nobody has any special capacity to predict the future, but as a checklist of things we should be thinking about as 2022 turns into 2023, it's probably as good as any, and maybe better than most.

    I commend it to my readership!


  • Latest Scuttlebutt from the US 15 December 2022


    This video was posted on 15 December.

    Make of it what you will...

    (25 minutes)


  • Jeremy Promoted Chief Scientist for Tedros


    No, not that particular Jeremy (although many may think he was secretly promoted Prime Minister a while back); this is Jeremy Farrar of SAGE, the Welcome Trust, and now right-hand "Chief Scientist" to Tedros of the WHO.

    "Shortly after Xi Jinping enacted the strictest lockdown in history in Wuhan, China, and long before that lockdown produced any results, Farrar echoed his new boss, Tedros, in praising China for 'setting a new standard for outbreak response' "

    I wonder if Tedros advertised the vacancy? How many applications were received? and what selection criteria were applied?

    After all, the WHO is certainly financed by tax-payer dollars / pounds / euros, so should we not be told?

    "Farrar is the second former SAGE member who has been rewarded by the WHO with a major promotion ... the first being 

  • The Simplest Messages Are the Best


    Simple messages that can be understood in a few moments are it seems to me the way forward.

    Life isn't always complicated, and those who wish to obscure the simple truth are prone to embellishing it with unwanted complexity in the hope that the simple truth will get lost in the verbiage.

    Here is some very simple truth (3 minutes) about our national energy policy, brought to us by GB News.

    Here is another very simple truth about the Covid pandemic.

    Imagine that you have been tasked to discover the reliability of a test for a disease - how would you go about it?

    One way to calibrate the test would be to assemble a group of healthy people known to be free of the disease