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Great Reset

  • Great Reset - Down Under Style?


    The UK as we have previously remarked has been getting off lightly with the pandemic when compared with many other countries, and certainly when compared with 'down under' where troops have been supporting the police in their Covid enforcement duties.

    By all accounts quarantine camps have been pressed into service and vaccines have been mandated.

    But how will the government respond if the police decide that they don't want the vaccines and break ranks?

    Independence Daily explores the possibilities.


  • The Human Hive - Deep Woo Progress Dissected


    This is a deep dive into one person's view of the current state of the world.

    Beware strong language - if you don't like strong language (and the occasional slurping of coffee) you will almost certainly be offended by the concepts presented.

    The parallel between an insect hive and the way the world works (and has worked for many years, possibly centuries) is striking, and I think it provides quite a clear model for what we are going through at the moment.

    Still with us? Plenty of woo below, so - dive in!

    "... over these next few months, we will see the degradation and collapse of the Federal Reserve Central Bank system"


    See also:

  • Vaccine Certificates - Passport to Digital Enslavement?


    All the (well-justified) fuss over the issue of vaccination of teenagers should not be allowed to distract us from the other undeclared battle in the war on our freedoms - government control of our activities and finances through a digital passport allied to a government crypto-currency account maintained at a central bank.

    The vaccination pass is just the first step along that route. It would enable each citizen to be given a digital identity which could then be linked to our financial identity at the central bank, and used to permit or deny our purchase of tickets - travel tickets, theatre tickets, event tickets, whatever tickets.

    Once shops and supermarkets are equipped with entry turnstiles (already pioneered on the London Underground) we could be denied all shopping rights. In fact, you wouldn't even need the turnstiles once cash has been outlawed, you could just be denied purchase rights at the till (although the shop might prefer to deny you entry in the first place).


  • What Might the Greater Reset Look Like?


    It has been apparent to many that the current world is heading for a reset of some kind.

    Our erstwhile carefree post-war existence looks set to be ending soon, either in a world-wide tyrannical technocratic clampdown of progressively less freedom and more compliance, culminating in outright loss of all meaningful freedoms, or there will be a counter-revolution to reverse this downward spiral and restore individual freedom to its full-flowering potential.

    The choice is pretty stark.

    We have on this site posted several interpretations of how the downward spiral may be unfolding under the "Great Reset" menu. We have also posted a few articles under the "Greater Reset" menu that attempt to illuminate how a greater reset may unfold, but I think it fair to say that much less is currently known about how

  • All About Doing Away with Everything we Once Knew


    We haven't featured any contribution from Dana Ashlie for a long time - as it turns out, that's because she hasn't been so productive of late.

    But she's back, and talking to the most knowledgeable man on the planet on the topic of Technocracy (drum roll please!): Patrick Wood.

    Talking about the end of humanity as we know it.

    About the perversion of science to serve the global dictatorship in controlling humanity.

    About the perversion of medicine to keep the masses docile and obedient.

    About the replacement of money, economics, politics, and free thinking individualism by a global centralised pseudo-scientific technocratic control grid.

    About the dissolution of the family, the historic bedrock of the upbringing of the next generation, taking this regenerative function into the laboratory as a "scientific" process to

  • So What Exactly is the New World Order?


    The Glastonbury Symposium came up trumps (no, not that Trump) this year with a highly topical presentation which delves into what exactly the UN's Agenda 21 / 2030 means.

    Sandi Adams was a last-minute substitute for the originally slated speaker but she delivered in spades, revealing a very great deal about what the dry verbiage of the official publications actually means, for those of us who have no inclination to plough through the formal documentation for ourselves.

    Her web-site is a veritable cornucopia of relevant information - highly recommended.

    It's not until you understand the enormity of these schemes that you realise just what a vital service people like Sandi perform for the rest of us. We cannot repay that debt, but we can give her work the recognition that is clearly

  • The Global Financial System - Is the Fog Clearing?


    There have been rumours galore of a new "Quantum Financial System" for some time now, mostly built upon a somewhat simplistic narrative involving "black hats" and "white hats". Meanwhile the world's current financial system seems to lurch from one crisis to another until it now must surely be running on empty.

    So what is going on in the world of high finance?

    This video is refreshing in so far as it does present a more complex and nuanced picture than we have seen before. I don't know the lady concerned and can't corroborate any of this, but this does seem to be more grounded than many such conversations.

    I present it for your interest - it's your judgement that counts:

  • Another Viewpoint on the Global Crisis according to Benjamin Fulford


    This week Mr Fulford has provided an audio report which covers a lot of ground.

    You can find the original article here (but to read it all you need a subscription) and audio here.

    He certainly provides a plausible narrative, but as I have noted earlier, it isn't possible to cross-check with other sources...   so you will need to trust your own judgement on this one.


  • Was the "Pandemic" Driven by the Prospect of Imminent Financial Armageddon?


    Whilst (inexplicably, since we acknowledge the need to re-elect them every now and then precisely because we don't trust them) many retain trust in our government and its associated national institutions, many others are now aware of the growing chasm between what the government says and what it does. Vaccine passports? We don't do that sort of thing in this country. They will now be introduced for large venues (and if we can get away with that then no doubt small venues too as soon as possible).

    We are guided by the science. In the light of the JCVI's recommendations on the vaccination of 12 -15 year-olds

  • 1961 or 2021? Hard to Tell ...


    Address "The President and the Press" Before the American Newspaper Publishers Association, New York City

    April 27, 1961
  • The Destruction of Western Civilisation Proceeds


    Alex Story writes short piece for Brexit Watch which nails exactly what is going on in the western pseudo-democratic world.

    "In an interesting turn, they affirm that meteorology, one of the most complex areas of scientific endeavour known to man, is 'settled' whilst simultaneously asserting that sex, hitherto the most settled field of biology, is 'fluid' and, therefore unsettled"

    For "meteorology" we could equally well substitute "climate change".

    I think it sums up exactly how the subversion process is being slowly but assiduously rolled out across the western nations by their own institutions, backed up by the one hundredth of one percent who effectively own all the earth's money and resources.

    The primary battleground is for our schoolchildren - and not just for their mental and

  • Fake Virus, Trojan Vaccine, The End is Nigh


    Whoever created this video has done a sterling job on assembling the evidence, although the depressing background "muzak" is a turn-off.

    Nevertheless it's a compelling compilation on a very serious theme that I have not seen so much elsewhere, let alone so well sequenced - although you may choose to mute the sound for much of it (but don't miss Yuri Bezmenov's clips at 25 minutes onward!).

    How much of it is true? It's certainly hard to fault, and I suspect that you will all find something here to challenge your current viewpoint. 

    As always, you must make up your own mind.

    I recommend watching right through to the end (48 mins):

  • Piers Corbyn - In His Own Words


    Piers is an unlikely combination - a man who has involved himself in both politics and climate, as a long range weather forecaster, and lately as a persistent voice popping up to criticise the official narratives put out by the government and their media companies.

    So he has been well-placed to assess the "science" behind the climate change scenario and to relate it to the political situation.

    This is fifty minutes of practical good sense.

    "there's not a single scientific paper in the world that's using real measured data... shows that CO2 levels control temperatures in any way - all the data shows the other way round"

    "world temperatures have been going down for the last five years"

    "fake science requires an end of democracy to succeed"

    "Goebbels would be proud of Boris

  • Rule by the EU is Dead, Long Live the United Nations!


    It's like cycling in the hills - you crest one brow only to find another one looming right ahead. 

    The UK has (we trust finally) won the formal battle to leave the EU. The almost terminal political indigestion this caused to our ruling elites of all stripes will not be forgotten.

    Now we have a clear view of the medical technocracy mountain right ahead in the shape of the UN/WHO/IPCC seemingly bent on world domination, and we are to be vaccinated with ever decreasingly effective pharmaceutical inventions until either we, or the multitudinous Covid variants, die of old age or worse.

    And we have multiple versions of passport control in preparation internationally to ensure our compliance.

    The Campaign for an Independent Britain

  • Only Overwhelming Resistance Can Stop Technocracy’s Demonic Assault On Humanity


    Technocracy News and Trends publishes a stark and direct message to each one of us. The globalist technocrats (the WEF, the bankers, the major financial institutions, and those who pull the strings behind the scenes) have gone too far now to turn back, so they will double down on their efforts to control us.

    Only the opposition of all the population acting in concert as individuals can turn the tide, by simply refusing to comply, and refusing to discipline others who do not comply. Only the exercise of the individual will on a grand scale will defeat their plans. 

    This is the ultimate test of the power of the individual against the power of those who falsely claim to speak on behalf of the collective, and who thereby seek to impose their will on the collective.

    The forces have been marshalled, the

  • IPCC Report Confirms that "Climate Policies have Failed"


    The Global Warming Policy Forum press release puts the case, and restates the reason:

    "despite yearly UN climate conferences it is now beyond doubt that renewable energy policies have failed to halt or slow the relentless rise in global CO2 emissions"

    "these policies have only destroyed industry in the West and exported production and their CO2 emissions to areas still using low cost fossil fuels, such as China. The conclusion is obvious. Climate policies are failing not because of a lack of political will, but because the technologies selected are extortionately expensive and ineffective"

    In fact, these policies were designed to fail, and fail they have in

  • The Great Reset - Follow the Money


    (Video from 7 April 2021)

    "The video shows the modern global systems, and focusses on the situation in the Netherlands. We believe though, that people from all over the world will recognise this situation"

    Prepare to be surprised...   or amazed.  Or flabbergasted.


    Like / Dislike this video here.

  • It's not Over Yet - The World Government will Regroup


    Whilst restrictions in the UK have been reduced recently, the story in other countries is less rosy. 

    Dave Cullen of Computing Forever tells it how he sees it, from the Irish / EU perspective.

    Whilst SAGE has been making back-peddling noises in recent weeks, elsewhere the Covid passports are being ramped up.

    "Now all you have to do is throw on a 'climate change' carbon score, mandatory 'vaccination', and a digital currency system, and you have the version of the 'social credit' score that is being built for the western world"

    "... I predict a much more serious lockdown this winter, which of course will be blamed on the unvaccinated... "

    Is Big Brother lurking around the corner?

  • World View from a Financial Technical Analyst


    Clive Maund is a financial adviser who charges for his services, but he also make some articles available on a free-of-charge basis as a public service.

    His views are, we may suppose, well-formed from his in-depth understanding of the financial universe, and as the financial aspects of the "pandemic" are not inconsiderable (to say the least) we should perhaps take note of what he has to say.

    However, don't imagine that this is a dry analysis of the financial implications only - Clive regards the financials as only one aspect of the overall situation, an aspect which can only be properly understood within the context of the whole, warts and all.

    So today I offer you his latest reflections on where the world is going (and what that may mean for our finances, families, health faith and freedom).

    This is not to say that I