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Great Reset

  • Another Documentary on the Covid Pandemic


    This site has been reporting on the Covid pandemic from the autumn of 2020, and I have no wish to cover old ground on this topic, but this is a new documentary which covers most of the main points in one video. 

    If you need a reminder, or want to suggest a video that covers most of the main points, then this may be for you. Be warned, it's revelations are appalling, unbelievable, but absolutely necessary viewing for those new to the topic.

    (53 minutes)



  • PCPW at Parliament Square!


    An excellent report from PCPW on the 17th of May protest outside Parliament - 

    "It should never have been necessary in any country that prides itself on fair play and decency to have to campaign and gather in public to advocate for the safety of children"

    Indeed so, yet we have now come to the stage where black is white, up is down, and wrong is right. There is no rhyme or reason to it, except to convince people that the battle is lost, even kids are fair game, and resistance is futile.

    Wrong on all counts.


  • The Global Fascist Biosecurity State


    David Scott (in a suit?!) for UK Column interviews Simon Elmer in this somewhat academic discussion around the latest form of fascism to strike our world.

    "Fascism has gone global"

    (78 minutes)



  • How Do You Shut Down the Biggest Ponzi Scheme?


    Banking crisis slow rolling to... what exactly?

    This is speculation, but sometimes speculation gives us a hint of what we might be facing.

    A financial crash has been mooted for some time now - higher interest rates mean fewer loans, fewer loans means a reduction in the available money supply - leading to deflation, and bankruptcies - and fewer loans... 

    "... for a period of time you're going to be on your own... "

    Bill Holter speculates with Greg Hunter of USA Watchdog.

    (39 minutes.)



  • CDN Reviews the History of Climate Catastrophe & Colonialism


    A useful review of the Climate narrative (as currently pushed by the UN IPCC World Bank etc) in the context of colonialism - and the new eco-colonialism...

    Those who would turn off the "fossil fuel emissions" and free the impoverished colonies should take note - freeing them from the dread fossil fuels also frees them from the burden of reliable power supplies, without which prosperity will always remain elusive.

    (21 minutes)


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  • The WHO - A Threat or a Promise?


    Is the WHO a blessing or a curse?

    Is it even consistent?

    Is the organisation that changed its pandemic management policies in an instant when Covid appeared fit to be trusted with our long-term health care, when that very term "health care" is now expanded to include all factors that may affect our health in any way?

    Can any factor be identified that does not affect our health?

    Would there be any practical limits placed on the powers of the WHO?

    The Brownstone Institute examines their claim for global health management.


  • What is Covid?


    After three years and innumerable deaths, seemingly hundreds of conferences and who knows how many video reports....

    Dr Brian Ardis talks to Stew Peters to explain his snake venom theory further.

    Snake venom? Really?

    What one can say without fear of contradiction is that the layers of disinformaton and misdirection over all things Covid have been legion - was it a virus? Was it 5G? Was it developed in a lab? Was it developed in China, Ukraine, Sudan, the USA itself? Was it readily treatable with existing prophylactics? Did the jabs work? Were they safe and effective? Did they stop transmission? Did they cause untold suffering and death? If so, how?

    The deep state is nothing if not determined to own all sides of the argument - if the opposition is controlled, then who can stand in their way? 

    Now I'm not asserting that the opposition is in any way knowingly "deep

  • A King for Our Time?


    What of our Kings, and their relationships with the England of times past?

    For Charles I it ended in civil war and execution, for the nation of England it was turmoil, death, and a period of military rule. Followed by the restoration of Charles II and Royal Rule... 

    So what next under Charles III? The acclamation of the populace at his coronation was perhaps less than overwhelming, and his support for the dubious agendas of the WEF is clearly divisive.

    Maybe we should remember that God is not mocked

    (1 hr 50 mins)


    The Highland Clearances - Neil Oliver


    In this "Love Letter to the British Isles" Neil Oliver tells the story of Bettyhill.

    We are familiar with the story of the Irish famines which cause a great migration away from the land of Ireland, but are we so familiar with the clearances that took place in Scotland?

    Join Neil for a poignant story of previous times, a story of clearance that may have relevance to our current times, times that our would-be controllers at the WEF may have effectively not dissimilar plans for the destruction of our way of life.

    "It just didn't work".

    (36 minutes) 


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  • Great Reset - The Ultimate Summary


    The Great Reset explained. All the important bits. 

    (42 minutes)


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  • Good King Charles' Charitable Enterprises


    I have (perhaps somewhat tastelessly) remarked previously that it can be difficult to discern the practical difference between Charles being led by the WEF and the WEF being led by Charles.

    It doesn't really matter since they are apparently joined at the hip, and invariably push the totally fascist concept of government and corporate oligarchs uniting their efforts to bring in a global New World Order, all for our own good of course. 

    You might say that there is nothing intrinsically wrong with that, but there is - and that is that all development, other than that approved by those who rule, is blocked and we all become slaves to the ruling elite. Life in recent centuries has been an uneasy compromise between top-down control and bottom-up innovation, but the paucity of new innovation that actually threatened the elite has been notable. Yes we have had lots of innovation (TV, phones, smartphones,

  • King Charles - The World's First Technocratic Dictator?


    A startling article from Technocracy News and Trends, obviously prompted by the up-coming coronation, features King Charles of the WEF.

    "King Charles ... outlines the “10 actions we must take to drive the green recovery.” These 10 actions ... would allow for basically no freedom in a top-down dictatorship that decides for us how all resources are to be allocated and used"

    "... in order to allow ... assessments of sustainability compliance ... It is time now to move towards unified metrics and global standards, to encourage accelerated progress... "

    And there will be a meeting in September to discuss how to get their stalled project back on track.

  • The Dictatorship Goes Digital


    We have all been aware of the so-called digital currencies that  seemingly only tech-heads can hope to understand - a revolution that Bitcoin set of with panache and that has spawned an unimaginable number of digital blockchains that all seem to suffer from the same problems - they depend 100% on (a) the internet staying operable and (b) the punter remembering his access codes... both real killers if you are out of internet range or occasionally forgetful.

    Undaunted, the bankers recognise a control mechanism when they see one and they are all lining up to ensure that we transition (at whatever speed we can manage) to their favoured system. Of course it will initially operate alongside cash as a convenient alternative to cash and cards, but for how long, and will there be limits (yes there will)?

    Here's a quick summary of the primary protagonists:

  • Fulford Report - Monday 24 April 2023


    The Deep State continues to twist and turn...  but seemingly to little avail except to create chaos and further harm.

    Modest subscription required to read the full article.


  • A Happy Earth is a Prosperous Green Earth!


    As ever, those who would rule the world, together with their dupes and accomplices, have it exactly backwards - the way to green the Earth is through more CO2 not less!

    We know this from satellite photos, and the totally dismal record of failure of the predicted climate apocalypses that somehow never materialised.

    NetZero Watch celebrates 52 years of never getting it right, both for our entertainment, and for the necessary instruction of those who haven't been around that long but have suffered the indoctrination offered by our out-of-control education system.

    Was learning ever this much fun?


  • The US, Ukraine, China, Taiwan - Col Tony Shaffer


    Another update, this time from Tony Shaffer, regarding the war in Ukraine, Pentagon "leak", and general geopolitics. 

    There's a lot of discussion of how the leak occurred and who did what with various bits of paper, but the first casualty of war is the truth...

    (40 minutes)


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  • NATO in Deep Doodoo?


    Redacted report here on the Russian strike near Kiev which allegedly recently destroyed a 400 ft deep bunker full of top military, including top NATO military.

    Does NATO have any answer to Russia's weaponry?

    Or is the war now over, bar the final negotiation of "not surrendering"?

    (17 minutes, plus additional reports)


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  • A Telling Question ...


    This is a quicky - you only need to take in the first few minutes to get he drift (and it's only six minutes in all!).

    (6 minutes)


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  • The Deep State - What It's Done, Where It's Going


    Dr Reiner Fuellmich, here speaking to "Man In America", gives a more or less comprehensive run-down of the events of recent years, what they may mean, and how it will likely (even inevitably) turn out.

    Whether or not we agree with the metaphysical speculations is for each of us to determine, but the overall logic expounded by Dr Fuellmich is the main show here.


    (72 minutes)



  • King of the WEF, or King of the UK?


    As absurdity piles upon absurdity, Sir Julian Rose talks with Richard Vobes to explain the true state of affairs as they are imposed by our affairs of State - particularly with respect to our food supplies.

    "We the consumers have to take this initiative - we are the only people that can save these sorts of farmers"

    ... we want real food, we want it fresh, and we want it local, and we'll pay a fair price for it... "

    "... we could start, finally, to break down this gap between the urban / suburban and the farming community..."

    Supermarket food looks nice, but it's farm-to-consumer miles are off the scale and

     "... it's all highly destructive on every environmental level possible"

    Quite so.

    Allowing the supermarket supplies to