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Great Reset

  • C40 Cities - Sadiq Khan - The Conspiracy Theory


    Oh dear.

    It seems that no responsible politician can make any innocent move to improve our environment these days without becoming the butt of a fresh conspiracy theory.

    Everybody knows that "the Science is Settled", so how is it that whenever any responsible politician takes some small step towards limiting emissions, some disgruntled amateur sleuth pops up to try to trash his efforts by throwing up all sorts of inconvenient facts that he's dredged up in a mere hour or two fumbling around on the internet?

    You really couldn't make it up.

    (30 minutes)


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  • "Know Who You Are Before Someone Says to You Who You Are"


    Everything You Never wanted to know about the United Nations - the political arm of the World Economic Forum. Unmasked.

    It's even about life, the universe, and everything...

    I am privileged to say that established followers of this site will probably know much of this already, but this is a dedicated exposé by an erstwhile inside specialist of the UN who was independent-minded enough to see that their actions belied their narratives (interviewed here by Dr Reiner Fuellmich).

    Whether or not this type of presentation appeals to everybody I cannot say ... personally I have seen too many images of attractive young people slo-mo-ing through sunny cornfields... but I cannot fault any part of the message, and I guess that many different styles of presentation will be required to

  • Pencil Me In


    The technocrats who would rule the world may not understand that they do not understand.

    What you don't understand you cannot control.

    They would control the world through their AI algorithms - but could the AI understand the manufacture of something as simple as a pencil?

    Could it really track its "carbon footprint" (or whatever other notional key performance indicator(s) they may from time to time dream up)?

    Well, perhaps for a pencil it could be done? After all, it's simply a question of breaking the problem down into its constituent parts, tracking each individually, and then apportioning some part of the cost of each constituent to the resulting pencil. Yes, this would be a multi-levelled process but in principle...

    But what about the accuracy of the necessary assumptions underlying each individual part? For instance, the costs of the pencil factory. What

  • New World Order - A Useful Summary


    "We are living in the midst of a Cabal-directed Death Cult"

    "The majority of the people haven’t noticed yet. But the awakening has begun"

    So who are the prime movers in this "death cult" and whom do they serve?

    Regular readers of this site will no doubt be well-informed about this already, but Global Research have put together a useful summary that (a) isn't to long (!) and (b) covers the main points.

    Indeed, it also explicitly associates NATO as a primary enforcement arm of the cult that has been used in the past to deal with nations that do not

  • Another Unequivocal Safety Signal Slips Out


    One for those of us planning our summer get-aways perhaps?

    The FAA (Federal Aviation Authority), having mandated the quaxxine for all its pilots against its own rules (which prohibit a pilot from flying if he/she has undertaken any unauthorised medication - the jab having only an EUA is not fully authorised), now seems to be in some sort of difficulty.

    It has widened the CKG limits that a pilot must satisfy in order to remain medically approved to fly.

    "When asked about the change, the FAA couldn’t justify it"

    Maybe they needed more pilots to keep flying?

    "My best guess ... is that over 50M Americans sustained some amount of heart damage from the shot"

    "The fact that

  • Ultra Large Emissions Zone


    Whilst the Mayor of London may want to hobble motor transport within the metropolis, it seems that not all local councils are on board with this scheme.

    Sutton council: "We are taking this step to send a strong signal to the mayor that he must start listening to local people"

    Harrow council: "Our growing coalition of London councils are not satisfied with the justification for the expansion and remain strongly opposed to it"

    It's encouraging to see local councils stepping up to demand some democratic legitimacy for these policies - write in to your councillors to show them your support!

    And if your council supports the ULEZ, write and tell your councillor why you disagree.

    Full article

  • Oxford Mass Leafleting Completed


    In a project to explain the purposes and implications behind Oxford's plans to introduce motor travel restrictions within it's boundaries, a vast team of volunteers requested by Not Our Future turned up on time and in full and leafleted the entire city on Saturday 8th January.

    As if it were all in a day's work.

    Full report here.

    Rebel News were there to report on this extraordinary event.

    (13 minutes)



  • So, Despite the War in the Ukraine, the CBDCs Are in LockStep to Replace the Dollar Order?


    Despite the appearance of being at loggerheads over the Ukraine, Taiwan, and whatever other flashpoints may yet surface, and despite the BRICS countries moving ahead with their own basket of interchangeable currencies supported by "hard assets" and the Western nations still wedded to their essentially worthless paper, is there really uniformity of approach to base the new world financial system on the existing Central Banks and the Central Bank of the Central Banks, the Bank of International Settlements?

    Would that not simply leave the foxes in charge of the hen-house?

    "it was the West's sanctions that helped the BRICS nations achieve a long-held monetary policy objective, In June 2022 the BRICS member states announced their plans to establish an alternative to the IMF's special drawing rights (SDRs). A basket

  • Climate - How is it Changing?


    This is a huge topic but the reality is very simple - can we link the predicted "extreme weather" events (or even any predictions) to "climate change", and did those predictions come about?

    Since the climate has been said to be changing for 50 odd years now, we should be able to point to some predictions that have indeed come about, and in view of the severity of the proposals put forward for combating this menace, we really ought to be able to point to some concrete evidence that (a) the predictions so far have been quite good and (b) we understand quite well how these predicted phenomena work.

    In short, let's look at the evidence.

    And by the way, models are not necessarily "science".

    Models can only be regarded as scientific if they

  • Is Our Approach to "Climate Change" Appropriate?


    Our politicians and media are by nature prone to oversimplifying -

    "We will fix the NHS by giving them the money they need"

    "Drive diesel cars to reduce CO2 emissions"

    "Drive petrol cars to reduce particulate emissions"

    "Drive electric cars to reduce emissions"

    "Privatise monopolies to improve their performance"

    "Nationalise the railways to improve their performance"

    "Regulate the Utility companies to improve their performance"

    Yeah, right.

    Take a step back, the world is more complex than they would have us believe.

    The Big Daddy of over-simplifications (and the competition is pretty severe) must be Climate Change: the idea

  • No Sir, It Was the Russians!


    I offer this for its entertainment value - in an age when the Russians are seemingly being blamed for everything, it somehow seems appropriate.

    Of course, there may be more to it than mere entertainment...  it's your judgement that matters.

    (52 minutes)


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    If you like this, dare you go down the Great Reset rabbit hole to see where this tale ends up? 


  • No No, Absolutely Not!


    Come on guys, this is 1st January, not 1st April!

    (10 minutes)


    And of course, nothing like this could be possibly be happening in the UK could it?

    No no, of course not, that would be too ridiculous for words.


  • How to Eat the Insects and Like Them?


    A slightly facetious title for this article, but in principle, could this be next?

    Elon Musk is confounding the FBI (and who knows who else?!) with his revelations from the Twitter Files, but he is also apparently providing YNH (Yuval Noah Harari) and Klaus Schwab with the technology to link our brains into "the cloud" - whatever that may be we don't know, but it's sure to involve the latest AI technology.

    OK, certainly it will be used to good effect in enabling the disabled to function again, but when we start talking about augmenting our thinking, we can readily envisage a much darker scenario.

    Could we actually control such technology? Clearly there would have to be limits inbuilt. When does augmentation morph into ever more powerful brainwashing, and ultimately into outright control? 

    It's not hard to think that our bodies might become little more than robotic extensions of the system, in which case why

  • America Under Siege - the War to Take Down FOOD and ENERGY


    What does America have to do with the UK?

    The globalists' war is with the free world, not just with America. Much of this report is also relevant in the UK even if the details vary. Nobody can deny that fuel costs are increasing, and government plans for farmers and trade deals in wake of Brexit don't seem to support food availability.

    Threats to transport fuel and supply are obvious threats to our civilisation. 

    "No diesel means no electric vehicles"

    (33 minutes)



  • Conspiracy Theory on Steroids? Or Cause for Concern?


    Stop World Control posits an amazing theory - but does he prove it?

    And if so, what on earth is going on?

    "Biological knowledge, multiplied by Computing power, multiplied by Data, gives us the ability to hack humans"

    "Now we are gaining the power to create life, just like God, and in a way, we even go beyond the Biblical God"

    "It sounds like the plot of a cheap science-fiction movie, but... it's... the official agenda, published and promoted, all over the world by the World Economic Forum and by their puppets in government... "

    Nothing really new here, but in today's world of smoke and mirrors, it's a fascinating and useful, scary, even essential, reminder (where is James Bond when we need him?!).

    I suggest however that it's as succinct presentable and informative a summary of the state of

  • Trump Caught in Vax Quicksand?


    Greg Hunter of USA Watchdog waxes eloquent on the state of the US political classes as 2022 comes to a close.

    It's not a calm performance, but it's certainly heartfelt and grounded in evidence and logic.

    Some may think that poor old Greg has flipped and lost it - but whether you think talk of bio-weapons is unconscionable or not, it is now extremely clear that the jabs are not proven either safe or effective.

    And most countries around the world are treating Covid as actually now no more deadly than the flu (and it may never have been more deadly than flu - "lies, damned lies, and statistics").

    So there is no justification for the Covid jabs, and quite probably no justification for any mRNA jab.

    The weight of independent

  • The Floodgates Are Open and The Human Tide is Incoming


    "2022 has been a momentous year of broken records. In the year ending September 2022, immigration was in excess of one million, with net migration of over half a million" -Migration Watch UK

    It isn't alarmist to draw attention to the truth, even if the truth might be considered alarming.

    And the truth probably is considered alarming to the majority, but mysteriously it seems to excite no response from anybody in government circles, and very little response from those guardians of our independence, the journalists (with honourable exceptions) of the media.

    We could hardly have a nation without the concept of borders, but borders need to be controlled if they are in practice to exist at all - and if they don't exist, then how long can our nation, and all it stands for, survive?

    Under our system of government we are testing that very question, apparently to destruction.


  • The 15 Minute City - The Right Way and the Wrong Way


    As often happens, I receive serendipitous communications which neatly mesh into an article!

    First up is a contribution from David Kurten (Heritage Party) warning about the WEF planning for 15 minute cities to get us all walking and cycling. Pogo sticks may also be permitted I dare say, but not cars as they "destroy the planet".

    There are many ways in which the planet is being destroyed and rare earth mining must be high on the list, along with polluting coal being burned to power electric cars, but I cavil. Anybody who is used to living in London knows that the traffic is absurd and the parking spaces rare as hens' teeth, so "something must be done"!

    (11 minutes)

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  • Merry Christmas EU! - From the British Government


    In 2016 against all published expectations and in the teeth of "advice" from the massed ranks of the Great and the Good globally, the UK voted to leave the EU.

    Quelle Horreur!

    How could we possibly succeed without being subject to the wise instruction of the EU Commission?

    Outside the infinite wisdom of the ECJ?

    And above all, without the doughty rhetoric of Nigel Farage in the EU Parliament to entertain us?

    What then unfolded was perhaps the most extraordinarily illuminating Parliament of political and legal contortionist thearter of modern times, which tried everything possible to appear to be leaving the EU whilst determined to remain within its control. 

    Ultimately, the Great and the Good decided that the only way they could achieve that aim was to allow Boris Johnson to "take us out" in legal terms whilst taking

  • 97% of Climate Scientists Agree ...


    This must qualify as one of the most infamous (or famous, according to your point of view) assertions of all time. It shouldn't matter in all truth because at one time in history I'm sure we could have identified the received consensus that 97% of all scientists agreed that the sun orbits the earth, or that the earth is flat, or that man landed on the moon (and came back again) in the 1960s, or that the twin towers (plus building 7, 3 buildings in all) were brought down by suicidal Arab terrorist trainee pilots flying only 2 aircraft, and we still haven't nailed those issues completely either.

    Meanwhile, life goes on regardless.

    Or would do if the politicians were not involved.

    Copernicus in 1543 published his revolutionary idea that the earth orbits the sun, but as they didn't have the internet in those days it was Gallileo who caught the full wrath of