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Great Reset

  • UK Climate Engineering Programmes


    Richard Vobes interviews Ian Simpson, climate sleuth, who tells us what he knows about the artificial clouds that pervade our skies - and why we should perhaps be gargling with red wine...

    "... most of it is tiny plastic fibres... people can't see the sky until they remove these things... "

    "... the idea really is to do it without being caught... "

    There are a lot of new ideas here, but clearly more research is needed!

    (67 minutes)


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  • Chemtrails and Contrails - Is There a Difference?


    The last word on chemtrails? Who's conning whom? And why?

    "... one is to block out the sun in accordance with the... fraudulent Paris Climate Accord... "

    "... we're being very slowly and insidiously poisoned: Barium, Strontium, Aluminium oxide... " 

    ... and who knows what else?

    (56 minutes)


    Make of this what you will.


  • Destruction of the Twin Towers - Roland Angle's Review


    Roland Angle, board Chairman of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, talks about why the destruction of the twin towers has lost none of its contentious attributes in the nearly 23 years since it happened in 2001.

    On the one hand we have the official government enquiry which attributed the collapse of the three World Trade Centre buildings (WTC1 WTC2 WTC7) to fire, and on the other hand we have the professional qualified engineers that were (and are still) adamant that fire alone could not possibly account for the observed collapses - and indeed that video evidence strongly suggests that they fell into their own footprint as a result of controlled demolition.

    We have covered the events of 9/11 and the subsequent controversies previously, but the official narrative remains the

  • Fulford Report Monday 20 May 2024


    Another Monday, another Fulford Report.

    Headline event is the helicopter crash with the deaths of Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi and others. It's probably too soon to be certain of the facts but it certainly isn't going to stop speculation nor reduce tensions in the area.

    Meanwhile the ICC turns up the pressure on both Israel and Hamas leadership, and President Zelensky is president no more as his term has expired. And Russia wants him for "war crimes".

    Lots of new angles this week! (Modest subscription required)

    As always, make of it what you will.


  • Clif High Back on Video! With Some Serious Thinking


    It's been quite a long time since Clif gave one of his own videos, but his new rig is definitely superior to the old.

    Here he takes issue with Elon Musk and Alex Jones, muses on his understanding of how human memory works (simplistic overview only, thank Heaven he didn't go into the detailed version!).

    I'm not going to try to summarise the rest of Clif's brain dump, but MK Ultra / mind control processes are reviewed, not to mention love-making, fight or flight, 1947... and aluminium oxide, chemtrails, 5G, Finns, Kalahari Bushmen + a few others, and Atlantis.

    Oh, and more...

    We are all MK-Ultra'd now.


    (52 minutes)

    Your hippo is under attack!

  • Regrettably, This Is About Covid - and Not!


    Regular readers will have noticed that I don't publish too much about Covid any more. It's not that it isn't important, but there's a lot else besides that needs saying these days.

    Still, Mike Yeadon has published an important summary (nothing new there, in either sense!) that serves as a very useful reminder that Covid was precisely conceived as a psy-op.

    Both he and I noticed quite quickly that Covid as a pandemic was seemingly exceptional in not creating any surge of excess deaths if we ignored reported cause of death. So either the cause of death was misreported, or there was no pandemic, or Covid itself somehow suppressed other normal causes of death.

    It turned out that as Covid arrived, flu flew away, just like that!

    Call me old-fashioned (thank you!) but Mike Yeadon explains it much better than

  • Carbon Capture - The Obvious Solution?


    Leaving aside the inconvenient fact that without carbon dioxide, vegetation would not grow and we would all perish from starvation, it could still be just about plausible that too much CO2 would be in some way damaging... for instance, if we had 100% CO2 then we would all suffocate for lack of oxygen.

    Happily, in the presence of sunlight and green vegetation, 100% CO2 would be impossible, since the vegetation would convert it to oxygen in short order (probably strangling us within its infinitely-enfolding tendrils in the process). All without even considering the similar aquatic life that also processes CO2 in the oceans.

    Which rather begs the question: if the vegetation (farmed or natural) already performs the carbon capture process for free, what need to invent an artificial capture process?

    And is it really wise to even consider blocking the sun (chemtrails etc) thus limiting the power of vegetation to

  • The Great Reset is Taking Shape ...


    It was either going to be the New World Top-Down Order of the Blair - Cameron - May - Boris - Bush - Obama - Clintons - Kissinger - Schwab - Rockefellers - Rothschilds brigade of Khazarian Zionists and Eugenicists, or it would be the opposite, an expertly crafted and skilfully engineered demolition, on behalf of the freedom of the people, of the centralized power structures of those self-appointed global elites who thought that they would rule the world - AKA the global corporate oligarchs (Club of Rome, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg Group, World Economic Forum (now "in partnership" with the United Nations) the list goes on... ).

    How were these centralized power structures built in a world of democratic governments? By ancient secret societies and modern secret services of the world who, whilst nominally under

  • Where We're Going, How We Stop It


    Ivor Cummins introduces Eddie Hobbes.

    Everything you didn't want to know about the WHO's plans for the future.

    OK, but the UK government has said that it isn't going to pass the changes in current form, and they're politicians, so we can trust them, right?

    (74 minutes)


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  • More from Clif High


    These are audio only, so you can kick back and watch the ceiling whilst you attempt to keep up.

    They are rather like brain dumps, so pay attention.

    Transition from "complicated" to "complex" 

    (21 minutes)


    Medbeds, Chemtrails, Nesara/Gesara, Space Aliens Worship Cult, We are running the media now, Drone Attack - Glorious 12th incoming, impact of fiat currencies on Baby Booms / Busts, and the Shift of the Ages (not to mention the Vatican)

    (21 minutes)



  • No Way to Run a Chip Shop, Let Alone a Country


    Have we reached "peak insanity" yet? Part of me believes that we reached it long ago, but that other irritating yet maddeningly always correct part of me avers that if that were true, things would by now be getting better, rather than worse. 

    So I must concede - no, we have not reached peak insanity just yet.

    How long will it take?

    Oh please - I gave up making such predictions long ago. You will just have to make up your own answers on this one.

    But before you do, I recommend recalibrating your expectations by reading the latest report in the Daily Sceptic about the current eye-wateringly expensive completely madcap stupidity that is certain (yes, I can confidently predict this one!) to make many more well-connected people extremely rich before it bankrupts the rest of us and fails laughably on

  • It Won't Happen Because It Can't Happen


    What won't?

    The Green Energy Transition to Net Zero Happening within the official timescale dictated by what passes for our Government.

    Who says so?

    An independent financial publication whose team represents both the pro renewables and anti renewables viewpoints (both being relevant to the purpose of investing our private savings).

    Why won't it?

    Nobody did the due diligence on the planning.

    To be brutally honest, has any large scale government sponsored project ever come in anywhere near on time within living memory? Can anybody think of a bigger UK national project than our transition to Net Zero?

    So why the surprise?

    And, given that this target date is enshrined in law, who will go to gaol?


  • Skynet 2024 Now Live?


    Skynet may be a misnomer... it uses Mesh networks on Bluetooth at "street level".

    But isn't Bluetooth short-range only? Well, not any more...

    So is every Bluetooth device now a spying-capable device? 

    Well, it's technical, but the short answer seems to be... yes, very likely.  And don't think that turning your "Bluetooth" off (or even turning your phone off) will defeat it.

    But Isn't there another Skynet based on satellites

    Quite so - and maybe they could be linked up via ground stations...  I have no information, but would you bet against it?

    "This will... translate to a complete loss of privacy for most people"


  • Russia Russia Russia and WW3


    Ivor Cummins introduces Alex Krainer, who as a hedge fund manager put two and two together to make WW3, didn't like it, and decided to do what he could to expose it.

    Do you remember Bill Browder and Sergei Magnitsky? Follow the money...

    This doesn't bring anything critical to the table today, but does hark back to the period following the fall of the USSR, when Putin was trying to undo the damage to Russia that resulted from Boris Yeltsin's opening of the country to the sale of its assets to western oligarchs through agents like Bill Browder. Had those sales been completed, then without a shot being fired the UN-WEF would have owned Russia as well as the West. Yes, Putin was one of Klaus Schwab's Young Global Leaders, but we now know that he didn't follow through as Klaus intended, quite the reverse. Putin stood in the way

  • The Other Biggest Fraud in the World ...


    Climate Change, together with its ugly offspring Transition, are certainly pretty big phantasms, right up there with Big Pharma's products and their carefully cultivated but mostly undeserved (and, purists might quibble, wholly ambiguous) reputation as "safe and effective". 

    Safe for whom? Effective at what? Governments certainly made them safe for Big Pharma by preventing them from being sued for harms caused, and equally certainly made them effective for Big Pharma's bottom line by making the buying decision on behalf of their populations entirely without asking those populations whether they actually wanted those products on the terms offered.

    Step forward Jacob Nordangård PhD to unravel the plethora of commissions, politicians, councillors, dubious corporate personalities with "non-profit" foundations, and other institutions not excluding the US

  • The Quest to Reveal the Global Criminals


    I have tended to avoid featuring Ole Dammegard for no other reason than that his presentations tend to be on the rather long side, and I try to keep matters short (believe it or not!) as I am well aware that not everybody has the time to sit through long videos.

    Still, Ole is an old hand at investigations (especially of false flag operations), and a source that I greatly respect, so his latest contribution is very welcome; indeed I suspect timely, as the wheels of revelation do seem to be gaining both traction and speed now. His story serves to provide an overview that perhaps brings together a number of historical events into a coherent narrative. 

    "It feels to me like they're almost following the Book of Revelation... as a manual..."

    But then again, perhaps he's just a dyed-in-the-wool conspiracy theorist. But still, he's a very logical and precisely thought out conspiracy theorist. Recommended. Actually, highly

  • The Local War on the Global Controllers?


    Catherine Austin Fitts, interviewed by Greg Hunter, explains the plan to control the world through control of the food supply - or should I say "food" supply, since most of us wouldn't class insects as genuine food. Insects are almost certainly just the extreme version of "food" - we are already subject to engineered food - highly processed food - artificial "food" - fake meat etc made from fungi or "grown" in a lab from synthetic ingredients...  it's just thatwe can still find real natural nutritious food if we look for it, even if it is contaminated with "acceptable" levels of poisonous chemicals masquerading as fungicide, pesticide, herbicides, vaccines, etc.

    And once they control the food supply and the spending of fake money CBDCs in place of cash, then the control matrix is snapped shut around us.

    An interesting argument complete with a spirited altercation over Trump's responsibility for provision of the fake quaxxines under "warp speed". Oh

  • "Millions Will Die!"


    Personally I'm getting very bored with this dialogue of the deaf, where one camp shouts at the other and the other shouts back, heedless of the requirement to acknowledge the doubts and difficulties and yes, even the evidence and the logical arguments.

    This site sets a good deal of store by evidence and logic (I can't help it, it's a working life-time of training), so shouting interminably across the fence isn't my cup of tea.

    "Climate change" is a wonderful propaganda weapon in so far as the workings of the climate is probably the most complex topic known to man, so unfounded assertions based upon dubious modelling are notoriously difficult to prove or disprove in the absolute. So the onus falls upon the deniers to disprove the assertions of remote global authorities, whereas the onus of proof should be falling on those who would demonise the past decades of advancement of healthy civilisation and consign our future prospects of health and global sufficiency to the scrap-heap.


  • "Everybody Woke Up Today ... We Have No Defence ..."


    Scott Ritter explains exactly why he believes that the Iranian response to Israel demonstrates that the balance of military power has been reversed.

    (53 minutes)


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    This next video is an extended analysis of the military and geopolitical situation in the wake of the exchange of hostilities between Israel and Iran - including what it means for Europe and the Ukraine.

    Yup, it's a Scott Ritter overload, but if you want perhaps the best analysis available, what choice do we have?

    Mark Steele - Geordie Antidote to the Deep State?


    OK, it helps if you happen to be an expert in regional "English" (which I am not), but I just about managed to keep up with this one.

    Mark Steele of Save Us Now infamy, scourge of Gateshead Council, and electronic warfare expert who has forgotten nothing of his craft, shares his assessment of the current war of the Deep State vs the People with Ana Maria Mihalcea.

    Do give it a go, you are sure to learn something new from this presentation - once you get used to deciphering the Geordie.

    (65 minutes)