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  • Globalism - Modern Day Imperialism with the World as Empire?


    Susan Kokinda introduces a session with Michael Steger (LaRouchePAC) in which he discusses the historical and geopolitical aspects behind the current global situation.

    Whilst much of this is old news, and presented in a rather dry academic manner to boot, it does place much of what is going on today in context - dissolution of the nation states,subversion of science with scientists as infallible dictators,world "over-population" and what to do about it?

    Not to mention the surprising sources of funding that it now appears went into "gain of function" research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology...


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  • WW3 - or Something Else?


    Never before have the world's governments contrived - with the aid of global institutions such as the UN, the WHO, global NGOs such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and global corporate interests such as the big pharmaceutical companies - to destroy the existing economic and political order on a global scale through the apparent use of lies, misinformation, double-speak, fear, confusion, and outright in-your-face censorship.

    It is perfectly clear that we are no longer living in ordinary times.

    New concepts of nebulous clarity (such as "hate speech") have been proposed and indeed  written into law.

    New legislation is proposed to counter "on-line harms", to enable censorship to be applied to on-line publishing of hitherto perfectly legal material.

    An alleged pandemic (that nobody would recognise without the now infamous test) has been used to strip citizens across the globe of their historic rights

  • Net Zero (Carbon or Population?)


    LarouchePAC publish an interesting viewpoint, pointing out that the current drive for "zero carbon" will probably have serious consequences for the population (should the Covid menace spare any of us).

    As always it's the poor and needy who will bear the brunt, but the zero carbon push seems to fail before it's even got going due to the impossibility of mining enough of the prerequisite key minerals (required by current technology).

    the world doesn’t have the capacity to meet such demand

    In addition:

    "they require far higher physical inputs (capital goods, labor) to produce a given amount of energy for the economy (when compared with coal, natural gas, or nuclear)"

    Inefficiency (equals

  • The Future of the Dollar Bill?


    If the dollar is the world's reserve currency then the Federal Reserve Bank is the primary currency issuing bank in the world.

    Contrary to public supposition, "the Fed" is not any part of the US Government (or wasn't, although under President Trump it was supposedly brought under the control of the US Treasury). The Fed is a privately owned bank whose books are not open to scrutiny.

    Given that there does seem to be a global financial reset in the offing very shorty, this video raises some very interesting questions about the future nature of the dollar, and thus of the world's financial system.

    The minutes of the FOMC committee meeting of June 2009 (referenced in the video) are linked above this article.


  • Is There a Climate Crisis? The Science Says Not Now and Not in the Future


    I reported this lecture by Dr Happer back in March, in the form of a transcript.

    I am happy to present this very accessible and informative presentation as a video, which perhaps removes some of the dryness of reading a transcript:


     Why not watch your cake and read it?

    Read the original transcript (with accompanying illustrations) here.


    Why the "Crimes against Humanity" heading? This video has been mirrored by

  • Piers Corbyn speaks to Sarah Westall


    Piers is standing for Mayor of London in opposition to Sadiq Khan.

    In the wake of last Saturday's protest in London, Piers is interviewed by Sarah Westall.

    More power to his elbow.


  • The Davos Agenda for a New World Order


    Wasn't the January Davos get-together cancelled this year due to you-know-what?

    Well, yes and no. The Get-together was off-limits but the Davos Agenda virtual event took its place.

    So what did they talk about?

    Well, it being a five-day event with multiple streams,lots.

    Carl Teichrib reports in Technocracy News:

    "What was front-and-center of this online meeting? The Great Reset"

    "To give you an idea of the schedule, the first day – Monday, January 25 – had a total of 29 individual sessions. It was information overload"

    Klaus Schwab introduced Xi Jin Ping of China, who made a speech, but I will spare you the platitudes as they

  • Warning - Systemic Collapse of the Global Financial System?


    Given the mountains of debt teetering on central banks' balance sheets all around the world it may seem to many that the collapse of the global financial system is overdue, but the real meat in this sandwich is the proposals that are being put forward to deal with the threat.

    "A report published last year by the WEF-Carnegie Cyber Policy Initiative calls for the merging of Wall Street banks, their regulators and intelligence agencies as necessary to confront an allegedly imminent cyber attack that will collapse the existing financial system"

    So just how would teaming up the foxes with the farmers and gamekeepers protect the hen house?

    Given that the WEF, Bill Gates et al got together to simulate the Covid-19 pandemic at Event 201 in the autumn of 2019, maybe we should pay attention to the

  • Urgent - The False Flag Op to End All False Flags?


    I suspectDr Greer is not a household name in the UK, but he has been active in researching the UFO phenomena for many years. He also probably knows as much about the politics of UFOlogy as anybody, since he has been attempting to get UFO disclosure from the US government through several presidencies.

    When UFO politics intersect with Great Reset world politics then we would probably be very well advised to listen up.

    What is the connection? Fear.

    The Great Covid Fear has been used shamelessly to compel compliance with removal of most of the freedoms that we have traditionally enjoyed and to destroy livelihoods and life-styles that may not return any time soon. Many suspect that this is to prepare the way for the "New World Order".

    The fear level necessary to persuade us all to put our faith into an unelected World Government "to protect us" requires the popular

  • India Gets It - Lockdowns Are Enabling the Greatest Wealth Transfer in History


    Just to prove that no nation is being spared the great recycling of wealth from the poor population to the rich corporates (and that the Trump style of communication has caught on), a Mahashtra tweet-storm is featured in The Times of India no less:

    "Professional ‘actors’ can continue shooting their films. Professional ‘cricketers’ can play their sport late into the night. Professional ‘politicians’ can continue their rallies with masses of people. But YOUR business or work is not ESSENTIAL. Still don’t get it?"

    "It’s no coincidence that the losses of the common man are gains of the wealthiest. That the closure of brick and mortar benefits digital and e-commerce. The farmer and his soil being corporatised and colonised. Data and privacy being harvested and sold to new age empires"

  • The Meaning of Happiness


    The US Constitution:

    "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness"


    But - what is "happiness"?


    The most important existential controversy of our time is explored by Jon Rappaport in his blog.

    Why do I suspect that Klaus Schwab of the WEF may be Jon's secret fan?

    Read on . . .

  • The Shape of Global Control to Come?


    Now the globalists are breaking cover with a putch towards centralising world medical control under the WHO, thus eliminating the tiresome recalcitrants who are brave enough to attempt different solutions to those proffered by the medical vested interests, and therefore in danger of showing up the globally-imposed narrative as being without foundation.

    Competition of ideas will be sidelined or ideally eliminated in favour of imposing a one-size-fits-all totalitarian regime under the auspicies of the medical elite, a regime which if recent pandemic management is any guide may quickly find that it requires to control or eliminate all our traditional freedoms in order to "keep us safe".

    We know what that looks like.

    Led by our favourite populist politicians Johnson, Macron and Merkel, this is the first step

  • Dave Cullen on the New World Order - Onward and . . . Downward?


    This update may not cut much new ground but it does summarise how the NWO project is trying to reposition itself.

    He also nicely takes their new clothes apart - who is actually doing what to whom?

    What are they worried about - surely we will all be queuing up nicely for admission to their new Utopia (va**ine  passport permitting of course)?


  • Chinese Huishang Bank Adopts QFS


    The Quantum Financial System - whatever that is - is reportedly being adopted by a Chinese Bank, the Huishang Bank.

    The new system is seen as a way to avoid dependence on the dollar, and work around any associated restrictions imposed by US foreign policy.

    It is also seen as bypassing "the great burden of state financing in the hands of the banking entities" and supporting the Chinese "Belt and Road" initiative ofnew infrastructure projectsfacilitating trade across the world.

    How will this turn out? Too early to tell, but the wheels do now seem to be in motion.

  • Global Oligarchs Are Now Rehearsing For A ‘Cyber Pandemic’!


    These are strange times.

    What next after Covid-19?


    Or something else?

    For the avoidance of doubt, this article is a tongue-in-cheek speculation cool.

    Now, if WEF planning conventions are any guide, it could be a global cyber-storm, maybe "taking out" the current financial system, and ushering in another planned step towards the Great Reset . . .    or something along those lines. Or not.

    Cyber Polygon 2020 took place last July (didn't you notice?), and Cyber Polygon 2021 is reportedly planned for July this year.


  • Bitcoin - Trick or Treat?


    Bitcoin recently appreciated significantly when Elon Musk bought a vast tranche.

    Since then it's seemingly done nothing but go up in value. So what to do - is it about to collapse or will it go on up for ever and make its owners extravagantly wealthy?

    I have read many articles on crypto but I have not invested any actual money as yet. Should I now break the conservative habit and buy in?

    Catherine Austin Fitts gives us a wholly different take on what is going on here, and I suspect that her analysis will come as something of a surprise to many.

    She succeeds in relating the financial elements to  our real-life needs and experience, as well as to the global political and financial situation - she paints a very complete picture.


  • World Politics and the Distortion of Science for Political Ends


    When I was a schoolboy in the 1960s I was aware of Bertrand Russell as a prominent and opinionated leftie, but not being inclined in that direction I ignored him as being of no interest.

    Big mistake. Know thine enemy.

    Matthew Ehret (AKA the Canadian Patriot) has opened my eyes to his pernicious influence, influence which (whilst no doubt assisted by many others) seems to have now led us to the perversion of science known as the pandemic.

    That this perversion exists is not news to me, but that it had its roots so far back in history (and probably Russell was not the first to promote

  • Davos Culrure Clash - Xi and Putin Champion Harmonious Cooperation


    Davos has been "zooming" during January, and most of the world has been ignoring it I would venture to assert. Still, that's probably unwise, since the immensely rich, insulated, and arrogant tend to expose their unwelcome group-think there for those who take the trouble to pay attention, so if you want to know what they would have in store for us . . .

    Personally I belong in the "unwilling to watch all that stuff" camp but I'm very grateful to those such as Matt Ehret who do take the trouble. We are stronger working together in harmony, and that just about sums up the primary difference in attitude between the top-down authoritarian camp (you will be happy doing as you are told) and the bottom-up harmonious cooperation camp (let's all willingly cooperate in harmony to do what we do best).

    "This is the foundation of the “Sustained development” open system paradigm of Eurasia which stands in total contrast to the deconstructionist “sustainable development” closed system paradigm of the

  • New World Order - How to Get There Explained


    Great Reset - New World Order - Global Communism - World-Wide Fascism - World Domination - Conspiracy Theory?

    How did we get to where we are today? Does any of this ring true?

    "only men of superior intelligence should have the right to rule the world"

    "the move toward... communism would be gradual, in such a way that there would be no violent revolution, but at the end of the line they would have it, and nobody could say 'it happened on such and such a date' "

    "break their will to resist... by slowly infiltrating institutions, you put your people into government agencies, you insert your people into schools, your people into charitable organisations"

    "you have to make the majority feel like they are the minority

    "has everyone gone crazy or is it

  • What Exactly does "Sustainable Farming" Entail?


    Ice Age Farmer analyses the ownership of America's farmland, and examines what these owners intend to accelerate in terms of farming innovation.

    The UK Government's role in similarly modifying our own farming landscape also gets a mention.

    What do you think about it?