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Great Reset

  • It's a COP Out


    With COP28 rattling along in the UAE, there are three stories to entertain you today.

    As with all things "Climate", none of them reflect anything new, it's the same culprits playing the interminably same old same old that we always hear from these gatherings, that we have come to accept as inevitable, that being relatively sane people we have come to ignore and filter out of our attention-space as deluded and irrelevant to real life.

    Unfortunately for that response, the fact that we don't take any interest in climate catastrophisers doesn't mean that they don't take any interest in us.

    Unsurprisingly their messages prompt much the same sort of "heard-it-all-before" rebuttals from those "climate-deniers" that can still be bothered to keep up, although this year the COP28 President, no less, did chuck in an attention-grabbing assertion that there is no science behind their relentless push to reduce the use of fossil fuels before our world

  • 4th December Presentations for UK Parliamentarians


    "On 4th December 2023 UK MP Andrew Bridgen was joined in a special parliamentary meeting by Dr David E. Martin, Dr Robert Malone, Dr Ryan Cole, Dr Pierre Kory, Professor Angus Dalgleish and Steve Kirsch who gave their testimony on the Pandemic & its consequences"

    "...no live streaming or official recording of the event was allowed"

    "Two video presentations by Dr Peter McCullough and Dr Mike Yeadon were due to be shown, but unfortunate technical issues prevented this happening"

    Dr Yeadon's presentation is a model of clarity and carries possibly the most sobering message imaginable. 

    Watch Mike Yeadon's presentation, as remastered with rolling captions and hopefully without technical issues, here 

    COP28 in Turmoil?


    Many may view COP28 as a sideshow, taking place as it does in the UAE which many of us may struggle to pinpoint on a map of the Middle East.

    Nevertheless as a sideshow it must rank right up there with the main shows, boasting as has been variously reported either 70 thousand perhaps 97 thousand "delegates" and possibly an influx of around 140 thousand persons altogether. And no, they didn't come by bicycle.

    The COPs are, as my learned readers will know, charged to work out the practical steps necessary to achieve the Net Zero objectives as set by the luminaries at the UN-WEF "partnership" and their many "stakeholders". Nevertheless, the politicians being much in evidence, the primary discussions reported seem to be centring around the language to be used in that awkward final communiqué - should they talk of phasing fossil fuels "out" or phasing them

  • Eat Less Meat - Save the World?


    One of the many puzzles that beset those who would wish to understand the basis for the campaign to stop us eating meat is - to put it as simply as possible - Why?

    The alleged requirement to stop producing CO2 from power plants is at least clear enough a proposition to understand, even if it doesn't appear to be based on any actual supportable science, ie: evidence truth and logic.

    But if bovine emanations are truly a likely cause of global catastrophe (given that we are of course already on course to achieve Net Zero power production by whenever) then how come the world in centuries past didn't succumb to the emanations of the vast bison herds that used to roam freely across North America prior to the advent of the Pilgrim Fathers? Not to mention the European bison that used to roam Europe in earlier times. And while we are on such topics, what about the Indian elephants, African elephants, antelope, wildebeests, hippos, rhinos, giraffes and like herds of wild herbivores that used to

  • When Will Net Zero Transport Lead to Net Zero Government?


    The answer to this question is of course "not whilst there is a single MP left in Parliament who believes he knows better than his constituents... ".

    To which observation we should add "... and controls the education system that so clearly brainwashes our children to believe the authorities rather than training them to learn to think for themselves".

    Harsh words? Well, Net Zero Watch helpfully publish "The War on the Car" by James Rupert, a paper that reviews the history of personal motoring and the government's incessant (and usually misguided) meddling with it.

    The motorist was indeed originally cemented as a product of the government's own intervention in transport policy in the 1960s, when Dr Beeching was brought in to put an end to local railways, and motorways were constructed (at vast government expense that could have been used to modernise the railways) so that the private motor car could compete with even the main lines for intercity

  • The Global Coup D'État


    The Jacob Nordangård Newsletter of 26 November 2023.

    Covering the Rockfellers, the Covid "vaccines", the state of Palestinian opinion following the Hamas attack on Israel, the transhumanist death cult and that other long-forgotten war between Russia and the Ukraine, still rumbling unpleasantly in the background of fickle media attention.

    Recommended reading.


  • Is the EU Beginning to Crack Up?


    Well, they did it.

    The Dutch have decided that they would rather keep growing tulips than turn their agriculture over to the WEF, live in 15 minute ghettos and eat bugs, and who could reasonably disagree?

    Spiked relays the good news from the Netherlands.

    Of course the rearguard action will be demented, because the EU cannot afford to lose the Netherlands to sanity since illogical dogma characterises the whole project. If democracy is determined by the will of the people, and the people have misspoken, then the people must be made to speak again until they get it right, as the Irish are doubtless recalling.

    Stand by for things to get a bit nasty - I don't doubt that the Dutch are preparing.


  • China Virus Pandemic Mk 2 in Gestation?


    Déjà Vu anybody?

    WHO to declare a new pandemic in early 2024, just like in 2020?

    Chinese children reportedly very poorly of "pneumonia", hospitals overwhelmed...  just like November 2019?

    Sounds somehow familiar, but I can't quite put my finger on it...

    "People are coming down with high fever there is lung inflammation but there is no cough. This is no normal pneumonia you see"

    Ah yes, I remember, it's possibly pneumonitis, as I remarked back in 2020 when Covid was in full swing.

    Whither UK Politics Now?


    As per usual, or even more strongly than usual, many view the current state of British politics with dismay.

    The Tories are haemorrhaging support, but few believe that Sir Keir would make a better fist of running the country. 

    Clearly some "outside-the-box" thinking is required, and I believe I may have hit upon the exact solution that would lead the nation beyond the current political impasse - and solve the Tories' "red wall" conundrum into the bargain!

    Difficult times require difficult measures, but if we are to unite around a revised political settlement then all parties will need to share the pain for the greater good. So without further ado let me put forward a truly different proposal that will bring stability to our national institutions of government whilst also healing old

  • Eternal Gratitude to Our Great Leader, Klaus Schwab!


    Whatever you think of the World Economic Forum, the world is set on course for great change - the only question is, where will this change take us?

    Here we have a review of the future according to the WEF - there is of course another vision of the future, as recorded in the Bible, although that perhaps takes more effort to understand being written in rather more picturesque language that requires careful interpretation - a difficult task these days.

    So perhaps we have to choose our preferred psy-op - will we choose the WEF psy-op that seeks to persuade us that they have our future already wrapped up under their experts, or will we choose the anti-WEF psy-op which refutes the ultimate centralisation of all control over humanity?

    Whatever, here we are concerned mainly with the vision of the WEF:-

    Glory to the New World Order! Hail our Great Leader - Klaus Schwab!


  • All You Didn't Want to Know About Sustainable Development, but Need to Ask


    The UN, WEF, WHO, and all their tireless workings for the future of their planet (keep your global-speak phrasebook to hand):

    (38 minutes)


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  • How Our Thoughts are Manipulated, and Our Thinking Channelled


    The ways in the public can be manipulated by the media are legion, but one particularly insidious method is by the introduction of new phraseology that linguistically guides our thoughts in a specific direction.

    Of course this technique can be used for good and for ill - but only the privileged "thought leaders" of the press, politicians and pundits have the prerequisite penetration to promulgate such phraseology across an unprepared public.

    Is there a term for this? Maybe there is.

    It's a topic of which we should all be aware, and cultivate some understanding - the first step toward countering such influence must surely be to understand it, recognise it, and perhaps to turn it to our advantage. After all, "all's fair in love and war".

    "When certain language practices are altered... they can actually shut down

  • Banking Collapse - Real or Fake?


    None of this is guaranteed, but it is from independent analysts well-versed in such matters.

    And it has been very usefully edited down from the original (much longer!) presentation to retain the substance for those of us who are 'time poor'.

    "What happens if Bank of America fails?"

    "... Bank of America is bigger than all three of them combined... "

    This is not financial advice.

    Get stuck in:

    (35 minutes)



  • What of Reality in the Middle East?


    With knee-jerk pronouncements from those who should know better coming thick and fast this Remembrance weekend, we can be sure that the headlines tell us nothing we can trust about the situation on the ground. Even the video footage can be faked, and reportage from those with axes to grind is unlikely to reflect any underlying truth in the round.

    Nuanced discussion of  complex situations is notable primarily in its absence, yet an accurate understanding doesn't come naturally from headlines and soundbites (especially given the interests controlling virtually all the western world's media companies).

    So we are grateful to Zerohedge for finding and publishing an almost impossibly difficult attempt to sort the narratives into some semblance of logical structure. I've no idea how close they come to the truth, except to say that I have found no better.

  • Fifteen New Cities Incoming?


    We are grateful for the good folk at Migration Watch UK, still on the job, monitoring the incoming waves of immigration to this sceptred isle.

    They reckon that we will have to construct the equivalent of 15 cities the "size of Birmingham" in order to house the numbers expected.

    The weasel word here of course is "size" - are they talking surface area, or merely head of population?

    It occurs to me that this problem could quite possibly be solved in short order (with a little lateral thinking) by a government announcement, widely promulgated, that in line with the WEF thinking so wisely supported by our ruling classes, all new immigrants will be allocated priority housing in brand new cities, constructed

  • Is Trump All He's Cracked Up to Be?


    We have noted previously that the globalist conspiracy to dominate humanity is likely also running the opposition, as is their normal modus operandi. The primary suspect for this post is probably Donald Trump, who many believe, withconsiderable evidence, to be in league with the Q team to take down the "deep state". However, his recent unequivocal support for Israel in their actions against Hamas in Gaza may be shaking his anti-globalist credentials.

    "The Donald" has also blotted his copy book by his support for the Covid "vaccinations" programme, that has now lost much of its credibility, with lawsuits popping up in various jurisdictions to hold the medical authorities to account. It is this a...

  • The End of the World as We Have Known It?


    "The FRB [Federal Reserve Bank] is now resorting to fraudulent accounting to hide the resulting bank run"

    "In other words, the whole financial house of cards rests on a foundation of fraud"

    "In the past, the FRB has responded to crises of this nature with events like 9/11, Fukushima and most recently the pandemic and vaccine global genocide attempt"

    Benjamin Fulford is not mincing his words this week.

    Read on to discover much else besides, including where our UK taxes may actually be going...

    Modest subscription required. Recommended.

  • Amnesty for those Who Mandated their Errors on Everybody?


    These are unprecedented times. Some are evidently now realising that they went too far - much too far. Anybody can make a mistake, but who is entitled to force their mistakes on everybody else?

    It's a matter of simple logic. Whilst centralised control enforces one bad decision on everybody, distributed control allows others to come to their own conclusions and devise alternative approaches. People notice which approaches work and which don't, and make their choices accordingly.

    The centralised top down approach assumes an always-correct infallible central authority, and we know that that is an absurd proposition without precedent in history.

    (8 minutes)



  • Prison Planet


    The Conspiracy Theory to end them all - or to end our freedom, even to end our humanity?

    Is it all about the money? Is money really at the root of all evil?

    Or is it all about power and control? And is money merely the instrument used to achieve the total enslavement of humanity?

    As always, it's your choice that counts.

    (2 hrs 30 mins)


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  • We Will Have Total Disclosure For The Crimes Against Humanity


    We have been promised a turbulent autumn...  it doesn't come much more turbulent than this.

    Who is "the Donald"? On whose team has he been playing? On whose team is he now playing?

    If the "Deep State" has been trying to control both sides of the narrative (as is their normal practice), then who is the prime contender for the bogus "good guy" leadership?

    Are we so sure that there isn't one?

    And why was "the Donald" really so supportive of "the jabs"? He at least has some explaining to do.

    There are more questions that may be pertinent, but I'll leave it there for now. 

    I have neither knowledge nor even opinion at this stage - but I do think that we have been promised both "Revelation" and "anti-Christ" (and maybe more than one of both!).

    It's our task to discern the truth