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  • The New World Order Is The Great Reset, Conspiracy No More


    So what is the "New World Order"?

    Here is a viewpoint from Sean Stone from across the pond who tries to put the NWO into some historical context, albeit from an American perspective.


  • The Onward March of the "Governmentalities"


    Alastair Crooke (not to be confused with the late great Alistair Cooke!) writing for Strategic Culture Foundation delivers a thoughtful discourse on how "the elites" of global governance try to (more or less surreptitiously) mould our attitudes and social mores to their liking, gradually shifting and transforming their narratives the better to persuade us to accept the type of eventual governance that they have in mind for us.

    Always the objective is to move away from the "bottom up" democratic style of government (in so far as it has to date been permitted us) towards the "top down" style where government is in the hands of "the elites" who tell the rest of us how we must live and what we must and must not

  • This is not meant for you


    The author, Martin Geddes, is a British Computer Scientist and a rather unusual man.

    He has probably spent more time than most in reassessing his views on life and reconstructing a world view based on the evidence as he sees it.

    He has trodden a path that very many of us are now having to contemplate, so if you don't fancy starting from scratch, his web-sites offer us a crash course in the re-evaluation of our world.

    https://www.onq.martingeddes.com/            https://www.martingedd.es/

    I would love to see his analysis on the state of play in the United Kingdom,

  • Great Reset Abolishes the US Constitution and English Bill of Rights


    It has come to something when an "alternative medicine" site plunges into the world of global politics, but I suppose they are only following the lead of Big Pharma and the WHO. Politics and medicine are now joined at the hip, and have been ever since the politicians decided to "regulate" medical practice and monopolise it in the UK via the NHS. Strange how the denationalisation agenda of earlier Tory governments never extended to medicine.

    And this is no cursory survey of the politics, but a full blown analysis of how the global "stakeholders" (mega-corporations of all kinds and their cronies to you and me) set out to overturn the rights of peoples across the world:

    "The kicker is Article 29(3), which authorises the UN to suspend or remove ANY right or freedom and presumably due process of law that is contrary to their purposes and principles, which could of course change with the wind, with no mechanisms in place of any kind to check that power, they can simply do with you what they like, when they

  • Lockdown - Part of the Grand Green Global Design


    The Conservative Woman publishes an article by John Mortimer which dissects the governments fig-leaf veneer of incompetence (to somewhat mix my metaphors).

    Last February / March there was room for doubt, but for me that doubt disappeared in July when we were told to wear face masks (a) without any supporting evidence and (b) despite the fact that the virus had been at that point defeated without any need to wear face masks throughout the thick of the first lockdown. Something else was going on.

    This feeling is confirmed as the government continues to refuse to publish any assessment of the risks inherent in lockdown to the national economy, the national health (not the NHS!), and the myriad livelihoods dependent on the success of small businesses. They know that such a risk assessment could not stand public scrutiny, yet feel confident that they will not be

  • The Best is Yet to Come


    This is one view of Donald Trump.

    (46 minutes)

    Make of it what you will, but I don't think it can be ignored.

  • The Great Reset - Crazy Kooky Stuff or Great Leap Forward?


    Sky News Australia hosts a quick 2 to 1 against on the Great Reset - it's far too short to conclude for or against but it is interesting to see the way in which the proponents frame their arguments:


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  • Net Zero - Like Lockdown, but Permanent


    The GWPF (Global Warming Policy Forum) reacts to the Boris Green Leap Forward/Backward/Sideways or whichever ways it ends up. The government can't even manage an NHS Test and Trace app so what chance of restructuring the entire economy without mishap?

    Who asked for this Great Reset anyway? If we are a democracy, shouldn't we insist on a referendum to determine if we want to embark on such a huge change? Otherwise we will have top-down government by diktat for ever.

    The PM should remember that it isn't the expenditure that matters (even if it is on "jobs") - it's what you get for that expenditure that matters, and no government that I can recall

  • Build Back Better?


    Mahyar Tousi is a conservative (some might brand him "right wing") commentator who does seem to have his finger on a good few buttons of truth.

    He appears to me to be one of the last people i would expect to over-dramatise a situation, but after this outing I wonder how long Youtube will permit him to carry on?

    Here he is looking behind the Covid veil to check out what may really be going on:


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  • The Shape of Things Now Fast-Tracking


    It will come as no surprise to some that this site maintains a healthy suspicion concerning the motives of those who would use the supra-national bodies such as (but not confined to) the UN for their own purposes.

    Huh - that's just a conspiracy theory - where is the evidence?

    Well, there's plenty of circumstantial evidence for those who can put two and two together, but there is now a body of more direct evidence that is growing steadily in the less-controlled parts of the media, and today Lockdown Sceptics highlights a whistle-blower, a former parliamentary adviser in the German Bundestag, who sets out his thoughts on what is now going on, not just in Germany, but across the world.

    "It is important that we, as a society, should again become capable of exchanging information without prejudice and with good will, even on controversial issues. We in Germany urgently need to learn once more how to listen to and respect each

  • "The Reversal of Everything This Nation Ever Stood For"


    Monday's UK Column News report provides perhaps an unwelcome glimpse of where we are headed in the UK. It is admirably summed up by David Scott part-way through and in my opinion is essential viewing, touching as it does on so many of the major topics of the day:


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    Towards the end they disclose that up to 14 thousand may be working for the Cabinet Office - more than enough to give a mere 650 MPs the run-around I would think.

    To adapt a quote from Shelley's "Ozymandias": "Look on my works, ye Mighty People, and despair!"

  • Digital Currencies are Coming to a Central Bank Near You


    This article from DoubleLine (an investment advice and management firm based in Los Angeles) discusses the emerging thinking from the central banking establishment, which may be implemented in a shorter time-scale than perhaps we may have considered.

    This would probably pose some dramatic challenges for the way that we handle money, so best pay attention.

  • "Some Form of Normality" is Coming?


    Dave Cullen casts a wearied Irish eye over the latest covidiocies to be inflicted upon these isles in the run up to whatever Christmas has in store for us.

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    Here he is again, putting two and two together to make . . .     well, you decide!


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  • The Covid Face of Socialist Tyranny


    Now does seem to be the time to wonder why our supposedly democratic UK government is so hell-bent on locking everyone down, despite the now pretty clear fact that "the pandemic" blew itself out in June.

    But wait - the second wave is upon us! Cases are shooting up! Deaths are rising! Not just in the UK either, all of Europe is within its grip!

    At this point I call upon the ever beguiling and unflappable Ivor Cummins to straighten out the facts from the hysteria:


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    To confirm his point, here is the graph of excess deaths of all causes for England (PHE's Weekly national Influenza and COVID-19 surveillance report - up to wk 42):


  • An Honour and a Privilege - 2021?


    Now pay attention - Computing Forever brings up a very difficult prediction that we probably should not ignore:


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  • QFS - Fake News or New Frontier?


    I have included articles on the reported Quantum Financial System because I've seen this topic reported from several different sources over time. That doesn't mean that I think it true or that I think it false - but I suspect that we might be unwise to discount it entirely because if it turns out to be true it may turn the world financial system upside down. 

    That the US government is actively pursuing "quantum supremacy" is not really in doubt. It is therefore by no means impossible to believe that a US-government backed quantum financial system might be in gestation under Trump (although it would seem to be the last thing that the central banks would want currently if it would put them out of business, so we might not expect it to be advertised just yet).

    Reports that it is supported by off-planet technology

  • QFS - Quantum Financial System


    If you can follow this lot then please let me know and explain it to me!


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    Watch the latest update on Bitchute.

    As far as I can understand, this is an attempt to make the Central Banks and World Banks obsolete, by introducing an independent world monetary system based on sound asset-backed money rather than free-rolling debt issued by the banks.

    It is nothing if not

  • IMF calls for Bretton Woods Monetary Renegotiation


    Simon Dixon checks out the recent call by the IMF for a new Bretton Woods style negotiation between the Central Banking and World Powers to work out a new world monetary system to replace the old broken and bankrupt one:


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    It looks as though this reset may be upon us very quickly - best to get prepared!

    It may not be the only game in town though - the Quantum Financial System may have stolen a march on the new Bretton Woods proposals - see other articles in the Great Reset menu.

  • Great Reset