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US Election

  • The Shot Heard Around the World - and the Aftermath Incoming


    A very American presentation by military veterans and patriots, two hours of analysis of events and informed speculation on the future.

    Not to mention a hefty dollop of spiritual awakening for those still labouring under the delusion that our governments work for us...

    "... there's some things I can tell you, and there's some things that you have to experience for yourself... "

    Maybe, just maybe... did Trump get his retribution in first?

    (2 hours)



  • The Attack on Trump Not Explained


    There's already a deluge of articles on social media claiming to have the inside track on what actually happened at the Trump rally, but it's pretty clear to me that what actually happened is unclear - there are several points of attention that demand explanation.

    Redacted reports - but I doubt that this is the whole story.

    What does seem clear is that things are not as they seem.

    (14 minutes)


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  • The Trump Assassination Attempt


    Bastiille Day, and the "shot heard around the world" has our attention.

    Donald Trump, bloodied but unbowed, lives to rant another day.

    Some believe him to be a bit of a buffoon, but it's clear to me that he is a remarkable man who never puts a word out of place, somehow amassing an enormous popular following despite the best efforts of the mainstream media to cancel him...

    Promethean Action report on the latest event:

    "We here at Promethean Action recognize assassination as only one tool of the hybrid warfare conducted by the Anglo-Dutch British Empire against those who threaten it"

    and they review the

  • Have the World's Political Classes Lost the Mandate of Heaven?


    Across America and Europe, politicians squirm and wriggle to persuade voters to vote for them, or failing that, to wrangle the political rules to keep the levers of power within their own grasp.

    Along with notions of "service", integrity is out of the window, and with them goes the "Mandate of Heaven".

    (15 minutes)



  • Fulford Report - Monday 8 July 2024 - Populists Deliver Left-Wing Governments?


    Ben's report this week reviews recent geopolitical events, indicating that this is likely to be an eventful summer.

    After Macron and Starmer, who will be next to be installed in place of the Biden?

    All this and more in today's report - modest subscription required for full access.


  • A Speech for Our Times - Winston Marshall


    Winston Marshall debates politics with Nancy Pelosy at the Oxford Union.

    A man to watch - he should go far - the further the better!

    (15 minutes)



  • Down the Rabbit Hole ... to the Greatest Reset Ever Told


    (Readers are strongly advised to read my other 'Down the RabbitHole' titles (use top left Search box), in particular Down the RabbitHole 1, before continuing)

    Pascale Najadi plunges into the murky waters of the deepest darkest most ancient conspiracy theories - and the most... unpleasant... beyond doubt.  

    Pascale is a little difficult to follow in some places, and many, perhaps the majority, will take time to come to terms with all this. To say that it  is "the greatest story ever told" is probably an understatement.

    It's also the first time I've ever seen Riccado Bosi permit himself to be upstaged!

    It is rather long; and many will say "utter nonsense", but maybe,

    "This is Not Another Four Year Election"


    I believe that that statement was uttered by "the Donald" on taking office in 2016. Well he was right, it has been almost eight years since he made that statement, and whilst lots of water has flowed beneath the bridge since then, "we the people" seem to be still saddled with the seemingly ever more incompetent (some would say venal) bunch of politicians that we have always had to endure since time immemorial.

    So this is the presentation that explains exactly why it has taken so long, put together by a couple of self-taught experts (one military legal, one financial) who know their onions. It's not rocket science, but it does take some concentration to track the thread.

    And yes, there's a lot of moving parts to this operation.

    The result? It's back to basics... and let justice be done though the heavens fall!

    "...  this is not for the next four years, this is for the common good of everybody and our

  • Down with those Dreadful Populists!


    The EU is notoriously dismissive of its populist parties, and the UK is well out of it (at least legally out of it - politically it is obviously still a work in progress, that some suspect may outlast the EU itself).

    I suppose that the British have a bit of a reputation for independent thinking - although not always right-thinking. I suppose that our struggle for independence (ie: getting out from under) has been going on ever since the Romans invaded, and for all I know it may even predate those times.

    But it is now clear that independence is a multi-layered concept - we regained our legal nationhood from the legal clutches of the EU, but not yet our political independence from their top-down political thinking - that very plainly still has to be resolved, and that resolution is a battle not only for our nationhood but also for fundamental truth and integrity within our governing institutions. We need to recognise and understand who really governs us, and how they do it, before we will be able to

  • Disempowerment Enmity and Inversion


    For those behind the curve, DEI is one of several modish fads to afflict the body corporate these days - it officially stands for Diversity Equity and Inclusion, but in the way of all matters woke it is in practice too frequently implemented as the opposite, normally to the disadvantage of the white population.

    Google whistle-blower Zac Vorhies discusses AI with SGT Report, noting how it is being warped into wokery in absurdly obvious ways - when even Microsoft's Bing turns up better results, maybe it's seriously past time to change your search engine!

    Where will this lead? Independent people like Zac will create their own AI...  stand by for AI Wars incoming!

    (52 minutes)



  • The Lawfare vs The Trump


    I don't normally post stuff from the USA that isn't both firm news (as against speculation, however well-founded) and likely important to the UK. OK, that's a very fuzzy line and I'm sure I don't alwaysget it right, but it helps keep this site focused on news rather than speculation. 

    (Yes, we do speculation too, when it might be something important that we don't normally consider!)

    This is such a good and brief account of the Donald's New York prosecution that I waive my usual reticence. 


  • Down the Rabbit Hole ... with Q


    Readers unfamiliar with our "Down the Rabbit Hole" series may like to view some of the earlier articles here, starting with nbr 1. Many may consider these propositions extreme, but the question is, can they be disproved?

    Could they be possible, and if so, what would be the implications? 

    If the implications would be trivial, then who cares? But if they would be earth-shaking, perhaps we should take note.

    The implications here are about as serious as we might imagine, + 100%...

    ... but don't panic...

    "As I continue to re-emphasise, we are in full control of this war. Everything we are being shown now has taken place whilst the

  • A Tale of a US Lawsuit


    Dr Shiva Ayyadurai relates the story of his lawsuit against Twitter (as it was then) for censoring him at the behest of the US government.

    There's a lot going on here, but it does illustrate the lengths that "the establishment" goes to in order to cover their tracks.

    "... all these guys are part of one collective network of elites... "

    "... this is classical limited hangout... " 

    "... Elon Musk still has a backdoor portal to Twitter open ! "

    "... they do not want us to build a bottom-up movement because that is the only way we will be able to shatter the swarm... "

    " Here's what's going on at a much more devious level, that's why we have to waken to this... "

    There's a great deal of good sense, good information, and

  • The Lair of the Beast


    This site has noted the extent of the modern British Empire before... but that concentrated mainly on the financial empire, and that didn't go nearly far enough.

    A bit later (mid 2021) we reported speculation about what the future might bring post-Covid, and that wasn't far out either, but nonetheless still painted an incomplete picture.

    30 months on and we now have LaRouchePAC setting out the globalist control mechanism, centred on the UK, the City of London, from whence post WW2 the state of Israel was manipulated into being. This in association with the UK-US "special relationship" set up the foundation for US Wars on Terror, the Zionist conspiracy that now faces a major, possibly final, crunch as the world rejects the thrusts to (a) eliminate Gaza, and (b)

  • Rolling Thunder of Propaganda


    Greg Hunter (USA Watchdog) interviews New York University (NYU) Professor Mark Crispin Miller, an expert in propaganda, who reviews recent US history from that viewpoint.

    "To say the press has failed abysmally is actually giving them too much credit. They have been instrumental throughout this nightmare, whose aim is radical depopulation and destruction of democracy"

    Not much compromise on sugaring the pill here then.

    (1 hour)



  • Just Another Conspiracy Theory - Pay No Attention


    Like it or not, the US of A is still a force to be reckoned with, if only because of the myriad international connections that it has over recent centuries forged, for good or for ill, all around the globe, not least under Trump.

    Unlike the British, who since the "end of Empire" have been seen as a bunch of losers to be subsumed into the Empire of the EU by any means possible.

    LaRouchePAC have added to today's uncertain geopolitical climate with the bold assertion that in fact much of the activities of the American leadership (excluding Trump) have been directed from... wait for it... London.

    That if true would certainly give the lie to the notion that the UK lacks influence these days. Perhaps it counts as the UK's oft-vaunted "soft power"? Of course, just like America, the UK is not a monolithic entity but a wide collection of factions

  • Is Trump All He's Cracked Up to Be?


    We have noted previously that the globalist conspiracy to dominate humanity is likely also running the opposition, as is their normal modus operandi. The primary suspect for this post is probably Donald Trump, who many believe, withconsiderable evidence, to be in league with the Q team to take down the "deep state". However, his recent unequivocal support for Israel in their actions against Hamas in Gaza may be shaking his anti-globalist credentials.

    "The Donald" has also blotted his copy book by his support for the Covid "vaccinations" programme, that has now lost much of its credibility, with lawsuits popping up in various jurisdictions to hold the medical authorities to account. It is this a...

  • Global Financial Crash / Nesara - Gesara Imminent?


    This is as they say "scuttlebutt" - word on the internet street - conspiracy theory on steroids, fit only for nerds who have nothing better to do with their time than scan the usual suspect sites for new mis/dis/information. Yes, guilty as charged.

    I don't normally feature videos from this source because, well, you likely have neither the time nor the inclination to sit through it all, and yes, he can be annoyingly slow at getting to the point, and yes, he is mostly of interest to those residing over the pond. He isn't the BBC/CNN etc. He's a bloke who does what he feels led to do.

    But today is the exception.

    I suspect he has a very significant - nay huge - point to make here, and I believe his track record to be pretty good, which is why I'm featuring his work today (you can skip the first 21 minutes without missing anything of substance 😎 but DO watch from there at least to the 50 / 60 minute mark).


  • Let Me Count the Ways - in Which the US Constitution Has Been Violated


    This is pretty much a reverse chronological ("latest first") account of the subversion of the US Constitutional principles.

    How was it done?

    The only way it could be done - by corrupting all those in positions of power, both appointed and elected, together with the main opinion-formers - over decades.

    A most revealing read.


  • Russia on Covid Blame, Joe Biden on the New World Order


    We are deep into conspiracy land here, but Russia (despite sanctions!) is hardly an insignificant nation, and it has taken its case to the United Nations. 

    "Under the guise of monitoring disease, the US Deep State has proliferated the world with illegal biolaboratories engaged in inhumane research"

    One might, having regard to past form, write off the UN as a poodle of the western powers, but with a multitude of countries now queuing eagerly to join up with the BRICS, that seems certain to change.

    And with the old dollar-based financial system suffering more shocks every day, the writing does seem to be on the wall.