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  • Let Justice be Done, Though the Heavens Fall


    Some of us may be in serious trouble...


    The Plod doing their job?

    With consequences no man may foresee?

    (3 minutes)


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  • EU Introduces AI Protection Act


    "Other countries including the UK cannot ignore it. As with GDPR rules, the Act includes proposed regulations that organisations will need to comply with, in order to do business with the EU"

    “The UK remains an active member of the European Standardisation Organisations, and a number of senior BCS volunteers are providing leadership and technical guidance in establishing the state of the art both in Europe and on the international stage”

    So there you have it - the first steps to legislate for the use of AI in Europe, and I'm sure that the UK will follow suit in due course.

    (Summary article provided courtesy of the British Computer Society, which back in the day was instrumental in guiding the introduction of GDPR legislation for the protection of the

  • Who Is "TV Licensing"?


    Yes, it's Martin Geddes vs. whomever is "TV Licensing", which appears to be a simple question that ought to be perfectly simple to determine. The fact that it isn't is cause for serious concern  (given that it probably affects the majority of households in the land) but not apparently to all legal beagles of the justice system.

    Martin now brings us up to date on the status of his case for payment by "TV Licensing" under his legal contract to provide them with correspondence services of which they have availed themselves. Yes, it's a case of who the heck is "TV Licensing" anyway, if anybody?

    Martin brings us up to date.


  • Oregon Redefines the War on Farmers


    Rule 1 - heap up the regulations

    Rule 2 - make them as complex as possible

    Rule 3 - wage lawfare

    Something similar coming to the UK soon I don't doubt.

    (21 minutes)


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    Go figure.


  • Our NHS at Work


    Did you think that forced jabs were a thing of the past?

    Think again.

    This legal case illustrates a great deal about our relationship with the State.

    And it isn't pretty.

    There is so much wrong with this that one hardly knows where to start, and bear in mind that the Covid jabs still have Emergency Use Authorisation - but where is now the emergency?

    In what way will this lawsuit benefit anybody, anybody at all?


  • Is the UK Government Knowingly Supporting Genocide in Gaza?


    The Guardian reports that legal advice to the government has been given that the Israeli actions in Gaza breach international law...

    "... according to a leaked recording obtained by the Observer"

    “I remain convinced the government has completed its updated assessment on whether Israel is demonstrating a commitment to international humanitarian law, and that it has concluded that Israel is not demonstrating this commitment... "

    If this is true it may go some way to explain the recent vote by the UK at the UN Security Council for an immediate ceasefire to lead to negotiations on a permanent cessation of hostilities.

    It does appear that currently

  • Wireless Roll-Out Woes


    Richard Vobes in an earlier video investigated some seemingly dubious wireless masts with Ian Jarvis.

    Now Colchester Council Watch brings us news of not dissimilar goings-on in Gloucester, where activists have been taking their council to task for lack of public consultation, not to mention "malfeasance in public office"...

    (41 minutes)


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  • The Lawfare vs The Trump


    I don't normally post stuff from the USA that isn't both firm news (as against speculation, however well-founded) and likely important to the UK. OK, that's a very fuzzy line and I'm sure I don't alwaysget it right, but it helps keep this site focused on news rather than speculation. 

    (Yes, we do speculation too, when it might be something important that we don't normally consider!)

    This is such a good and brief account of the Donald's New York prosecution that I waive my usual reticence. 


  • Geddes Grinds the Traffic Tribunals


    Martin shares with us his latest broadside against the Traffic Tribunals system and Transport for London (see his previous notes here).

    At the heart of this case is the notion that "traffic tribunals" operate as kangaroo courts outside the justice system and in so doing may ignore both the statute book and constitutional law.

    Today's broadside is a legal notice to either come clean or pay up. They have a limited time to respond.


  • Update from Costa Rica


    We recently reported on the court case being progressed in Costa Rica.

    The case has still to come to trial, but meanwhile Interest of Justice reports that they have filed for an injunction to stop the Covid "vaccines" on the grounds that they were never properly authorised, but were always experimental.

    Today's update provides more detail.


  • Global Radiation Emergent - The Low-Down


    Humanity is at the cross-roads - and on board a bus being driven as hard and fast as possible into a future that nobody has tested for safety - despite "our safety" being the go-to excuse of our elites to lock us down, jab us with who-knows what, feed us with who-knows what, confine us to quarters, and generally ride roughshod over all our traditional time-honoured freedoms.

    Have we noticed yet?

    Or are we still too busy playing ever more responsive silly games on our phones?

    Do we the people have to separately investigate, conduct our own safety trials, determine any effects detrimental to the environment, document and prove the harm that any and each of these novel technological marvels may do to us and/or the environment, to the satisfaction of a legal system that takes forever, charges exorbitant fees, and may not even be fair and even-handed?

    If so, then what are our

  • Good News for All - Especially Farmers?


    Peace by International Treaty...

    Michael O'Bernicia explains his new legal jurisdiction to Richard Vobes.

    Prepare to be amazed - is Universal Community Trustthe answer for life, the universe, and the end for fraudulent government?

    Don't fight it, obsolete it!

    (57 minutes)


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    Also see the Great British Mortgage Swindle


  • Will Costa Rica Hold their Pandemic Officials Criminally Responsible?


    There have been minor legal triumphs following the Covid injections, but no knock-out case so far.

    But the court cases keep coming, slowed by technicalities and procedural devices, but still they come.

    This one has been stalled for a while but is being reconfigured to come back to court in Costa Rica.

    It is centred on the pivotal point that these injections were never fully approved medical products, and were therefore in substance experimental, a status which demands much more careful handling both medical and legal.

    Interest of Justice reports.


  • The DVLA "Name Fraud"


    This alleged "name fraud" probably isn't limited in scope to the DVLA, it may be endemic to legal systems of the Crown in general, but we are discussing matters motoring here, so I'm not going to quibble.

    Who am I? Who are you?

    These are pretty basic questions in normal life, but rather more complex in legal definition. Indeed, some suggest that this question lies at the heart of much legal chicanery, as the man-on-the-Clapham-omnibus understandably fails to note the subtle legal distinctions at play in his legal identity.

    It's time to learn them - you may not legally be who you think you are!


  • Who Is "TV Licensing"? - Martin Strikes Back


    One needs to be very self-confident to represent oneself in Court, and navigate through the (usually unstated) legal presumptions and unfamiliar legal language that some might think masquerades as the King's English.

    One needs to be supremely self-confident to demand that the judge presiding your case recuse himself on the grounds of allegedly not applying the law with proper integrity.

    These matters are of vital interest to all of us - if the justice system is subverted, then we are all liable to be its victims at some point or other.

    Thus we note Martin's latest report on his ongoing brush with "TV Licensing" with interest.


  • Arab League Provides a History Lesson to the ICJ


    "... these are serious breaches of the right of self-determination, the prohibitions of racial discrimination and apartheid, and the right of return... "

    (26 minutes) 


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  • What Does Bankrupt Birmingham Portend?


    It's a question that I can't answer, and how matters unfold may become "interesting".

    If councils are actually corporations as many aver, then when bankrupt, should they not be wound up like any other corporation?

    But apparently there is doubt about this. It seems that they may become zombies, dedicated to charging their luckless residents ever higher council tax for ever decreasing services (and implementingother money-making wheezes) in a possibly futile effort to pay their debts and balance their books at some indeterminate time, possibly far into the future... 

  • "In El Salvadore, Globalism is Already Dead"


    President of El Salvador Nayib Bukele addresses CPAC after his recent re-election victory.

    "The next person into the United States must not only win an election, he must have the vision, the will and the courage to do whatever it takes"

    "... we have to remove corrupt judges and corrupt attorneys and prosecutors"

    (24 minutes)


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  • Should we Add Poisonous Substances to Our Drinking Water?


    A good question, upon which much legal deliberation has already been lavished.

    An equally good question might be "and who should decide?".

    In the UK this question used to be decided locally, but in recent times the government decided that they will decide on fluoridation centrally.

    I don't remember the people clamouring for this change, so they made it entirely on the basis that the government knows best, and we locals cannot be trusted to look after ourselves.

    This almost certainly means that whereas very few local water supplies are fluoridated to date, this number will be greatly expanded until all supplies are fluoridated. In government, one-size-fits-all rules.

    Are we concerned that the

  • Safe? Define "Safe" ...


    "Safe and effective" is a phrase that has been much bandied about (some consider recklessly) in recent years. Words matter, and need to be chosen carefully in order to clearly communicate the intended meaning.

    Some may argue that "safe and effective" was indeed a careful choice to communicate the desired meaning whilst maybe leaving some leeway for interpretation.

    This idea that words matter... well, it matters.

    If the words are not right, then the right information is not imparted, and this could be important, for example - oh, I don't know - perhaps on a planning application.

    Richard Vobes investigates... prepare for surprises.

    (71 minutes)