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  • Update on Archie


    Archie Battersbee is the little boy at the centre of a legal wrangle over whether he should have his life support switched off.

    The Court of Appeal has ruled that the original case hearing should be rerun under a different judge on 11 July, withholding reasons for the decision until a later date.

    Keep up your prayers for his recovery.


  • Mark Sexton Demands Action for Justice


    Following on from HMIC (Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary) placing the Metropolitan Police into "special measures"...

    Below is the text of an open letter from Mark Sexton to the acting head of the Met Sir Stephen House, and to the chair of HMIC Mr Andy Cooke, in relation to crime number 6029679/21 which we have covered previously:

    Dear Sir Stephen House, acting commissioner of The Metropolitan Police and Mr Andy Cooke, Chair of Her Majesties Inspector of Constabulary.

    I feel it is only right that I address both of you in the same correspondence

  • Maxwell Sentenced to 20 Years


    We wait a long time for court judgements but like buses, when they come they come in a convoy.

    Here's another one - Ghislane Maxwell is sentenced to 20 years in prison for her involvement in Jeffrey Epstein's activities.

    The Epoch Times reports.

  • Dr David Martin Explains the "Bioweapon"


    The overturning of "Row v Wade" threw the "liberals" into convulsions, but is that the end of the story?

    What else may be lining up to rattle their cage?

    How about some court judgements on the bio-weapon of terror and genocide, coming up 6 July in Federal Court Utah?

    "... a key driver is the media, and the economics will follow the hype... investors will follow if they see profit at the end of the process"

    "... a campaign of domestic terror to get the public to accept the universal vaccine platform using a known biological weapon, and that is their own words, not my interpretation"

    "... and then in 2016... at the same time ... had the patent for what's called Remdesivir, which was the

  • The US Supreme Court Delivers Judgements


    a) The infamous Roe vs Wade judgement has been overturned - this in effect permits individual states the right to determine their own laws relating to termination of a pregnancy.

    b) The Second Amendment covering the citizens' right to bear arms has been upheld, with the New York restrictions on "concealed carry" being overturned as restricting the right to self-defence and therefore incompatible with the Constitution.

    Two resounding (if much delayed) victories for the traditional American Constitution.

    Some of the dissenting opinions are interesting not because they dissent but because the reasoning behind the dissent fails to

  • Legal Updates from the Bernician


    Alert readers will know that the Bernician has form in taking the powerful to court, firstly in seeking redress for mortgage fraud, and secondly for seeking to prosecute those responsible for the so-called "Midazolam Murders".

    In late May he published an update (yes, it took me this long to catch up) covering both the TGBMS Class Action to end institutionalised mortgage fraud, and the Private Criminal Prosecution for the Midazolam Murders, which has been relentlessly obstructed by the courts so far.

    Whilst the TGBMS (The Great British Mortgage Swindle) is being progressed via the Land Registry and the Lloyds Banking Group board, the private criminal prosecution is reportedly going before a Grand Jury, a somewhat archaic institution that is nevertheless valid legal procedure.

  • Update CRN 6029679/21


    Mark Sexton's complaint to the Metropolitan Police was rejected back in February.

    This prompted a well-earned riposte from Philip Hyland of PJH Law later that month pointing out essentially that the action amounted to an obstruction of justice.

    Since that time the original complainant Mark Sexton has written to complain (download) to the IOPC (Independent Office for Police Conduct) - no response has yet been forthcoming.

    He also made a complaint to the police for Perverting the Course of Justice, to similarly little effect.

    Archie Battersbee


    This case is going to appeal, but if you are so inclined, a heartfelt prayer to your deity of choice for Archie's timely recovery could help render the whole legal battle null and void.

    We know that many kids due to their youth can be remarkably resilient, and I think it appalling that the medical authorities appear determined to ignore this potential for a delayed recovery. 

    "Many individuals have failed this test only to wake up later, in one case, hours before their organs were due to be donated"

    (6 minutes)


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  • Grand Jury Closing Episodes


    Dr Fuellmich's Covid Grand Jury has now closed its presentations of the evidence.

    This is a Grand Jury.

    The purpose is not to return a verdict of guilty or innocent, but to put the prima facie evidence before a jury, whose task is then to determine whether or not indictments should be raised for the prosecution of the accused.

    Who is on the jury? We are.

    Let us take our responsibility seriously:

    • to judge the case on the basis of the evidence presented
    • to bear in mind that there is no evidence presented in defence of the accused because this is not a trial
    • to answer the question - does the evidence warrant the holding of trials to prosecute the accused?
    • to ensure that justice is both done and seen to be
  • Some Notions are Just TABU


    There is a great deal of confusion about matters legal.

    I am reasonably well educated and certainly I have trouble trying to unravel the legal niceties that seem to govern our courts, but I was unprepared for this one. Or should that be three?

    This article was published in 2016.

    It purports to describe the legal chicanery that set up the global control of all the earth by the elite, in the shape of the "Holy Father".

    But as I understand it the mechanism is based upon a fraud - the omission of the relevant facts at particular stages of one's life. Under Common Law, fraud vitiates everything dependent upon that fraud.

    If true, It cannot stand.


  • Police Crime Sentencing and Courts Act


    I suspect that this really needs the services of a lawyer to explain, and happily we do have a lawyer in this video to shed some light on it.

    Does it affect you? If you drive a camper-van (to choose but one example) it may do.

    "... it's going to be really easy I think for a landowner or indeed a police officer to conclude that an individual camping on private or public land without consent is likely to cause damage disruption or distress by virtue of being on the land or potentially by virtue of their conduct... "

    Suggested viewing for anybody living permanently or temporarily in a vehicle.

    (26 minutes)


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  • The Second Declaration of Independence


    Read with emotion, and seemingly some slight intoxication, but the gist is very clear.

    "... it asserts that the UNITED STATES CORPORATION was formed illegally, that it is foreign owned and that its shareholders have been quietly at war with America for over 150 years... "

    (31 minutes)


  • Some Legal Distinctions that May Surprise


    An interesting excursion around the basics of modern law - we should all be aware if we are to take responsibility for our own lives.

    OK, this is US-centric but much of it also applies to the UK.

    It also sheds more light on the relationship of courts to banks and postmasters...

    "You know what we haven't done the last 100 years?

    "We haven't corrected any of their errors"

    "This government works off of unrebutted presumption"

    "What is the legal definition of the word 'legal'?"

    "It is the undoing of God's Law"

    "Policy Revenue Collection Agent"

    Do not miss...

    (2 hrs 25

  • Can You Claim Back Your (Quantum?) Life?


    This is an asked-slightly-tongue-in-cheek:question, but it opens up a fascinating box of quantum grammar and legal intricacy that probably escapes us all.

    We have mentioned the quantum:grammar before.

    I mention that because if you haven't read that yet, what follows will be utterly incomprehensible.

    If you have read it, it will be only mostly incomprehensible.

    It is based upon the situation in the US where every citizen is said to be pledged to the Federal Reserve as collateral against the national debt - hence every birth certificate is held by the Bank so (in simple terms) they know where to collect.

    Since the US was allegedly bankrupted in 1999 I assume that means that all US citizens now

  • The Pursuit of Justice will Not be Abandoned


    Despite a rather rambling introduction, David Clews discusses the current situation with lawyer Anna de Buisseret.

    Covid passes, Digital Ids, Chemtrails, WHO Pandemic Treaty, just for starters.

    So how do all these matters impact on our legal situation in the UK?

    "... whether people been taught law at school? And the resounding answer is 'no they haven't, and not for generations, and in most countries'... "

    "The coroner should be investigating and the police should be investigating"

    She has a very interesting take on how we are clueless about the law and what the implications of this ignorance may be. Prepare to be educated and horrified in equal measure.

    (44 minutes)


     Martin Armstrong:

    (93 minutes)


     Joel Skousen:

    (64 minutes)


     Prof. Ulrike Kämmerer, Dr Wolfgang Wodarg: