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  • Lawyers for Liberty Put the Case Starkly - We have Lost Our Freedom


    Case Against the Coronavirus Act 2020

    "The Rule of Law is being abused. The whole Parliamentary and Legal System is being abused.

    We all owe it to ourselves, our children and the generations to come, to unite and fight this in every way we can including in the Courts"

    Lawyers for Liberty spell it out.

    Follow this link to the case page at Crowdjustice where more information is available.

    "The Government has acted Ultra Vires and against the Rule of Law"

    "... the Act facilitates misreporting of deaths from various illnesses that it is claimed are also suffering with 'covid-19' as doctors are told to just use guesswork as to cause of death"

    "There is no doubt the figures are being manipulated..."

    "Shamefully, the Coronavirus Act 2020 has been written as an 'Enabling Act' worse than even Hitler in Nazi Germany had. It is an abomination that has been used by the Government to illegally seize absolute power and control and has no place in a modern Democracy"


  • Ex Police Officer Explains to the Police Why They Should Arrest Government Minister(s)


    Retired police officer Mark Sexton visits a Police Station and records himself patiently explaining exactly why it is the constable's duty to investigate the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State (Minister for COVID Vaccine Deployment) Nadhim Zahawi MP (and no doubt the rest of the government) for misconduct in public office (possibly amongst other crimes).

    I feel rather sorry for the police constable to whom he makes his report, and happily he is not shown on the video - this surely must be the short straw to end all short straws at the current time (particularly as his complainant being a retired police officer himself may be presumed to know what he is talking about).

    There is also a veritable treasure trove of useful links below the video on Bitchute (only if you click on the

  • June Update on the Bernician's Case Against the Covid Advisers


    We have reported previously on the slow-burning private prosecution against the Secretary of State for Health and his SAGE advisers.

    This case has been referred to the Court at Bromley for action, and is waiting for the assigned judge to complete his assessment of the initial evidence pack (which by all accounts is enormous).

    More information here.


    Latest (1 hour) update from Michael O'Bernicia below:


  • High Court Rules: "Gove Broke the Law"


    The Good Law Project has been pursuing the government for judicial review of the way in which Covid-related contracts were placed in apparent contravention of the legal requirement to award contracts without bias towards specific suppliers.

    This is the second victory for the Good Law Project, who earlier won a not dissimilar case against Matt Hancock.

    "The Court found that the decision to award the £560,000 contract to Public First was tainted by 'apparent bias' and was unlawful'"

    More details here.

    Moreover it now appears that the government may not approve of the Good Law Project.

    "We are the arrow but you draw the bow.

    It is only with your support that we can continue to hold

  • Nuremberg on the Isle of Man? Really?


    "In exactly three months time, we intend on the Isle of Man, to hold a new 'Nuremberg' trial, such is the scale of evil that has gone on with the Covid con"

    "... these are public courts, they are ours to ensure that justice is done, and because in summary we are looking at crimes that are off the scale across the world we have to have eight words that really condense this down... "

    "... a new 'Nuremberg' trial, not a military trial, not a legaller solicitor trial, not a distraction trial, but one where we assemble a jury... " [I may have misheard 'legaller']

    "... commencing 11:11am on 1st September 2021"

    "... the last two words are "no jurisdiction" because the courts today are private, they are commercial, they are maritime... they only try pieces of paper... "

    And the eight words?

    "No virus... Fake test... No contagion... No jurisdiction"

    "How did you go from being a government adviser to, honestly, a government despiser? . . . it's very simple: research, and an open mind, and unlearning - that's the journey, and I hope we can take people on that... "

    I cannot vouch for the legal niceties of this but anybody who seeks to take on those behind the Covid affliction deserve support,

  • Dr Shiva Takes Twitter to Court for Collusion with Government


    We have reported on this case earlier - in short, when Dr Shiva was running for elected office in Nov 2020 he was deplatformed by Twitter. He went to court:

    "Following the deplatforming of Dr.SHIVA, testimony and hearings in Federal court elicited how government and Twitter have created an infrastructure for government to launder censorship of speech through Twitter"

    The case continues, and those who are interested (if they do this in the States then who would like to bet that they don't do it in the UK?) can follow the case on the case web-site created by Dr Shiva, who is representing himself (I guess he wants the job done properly and to his satisfaction).

    Dr Shiva's is a test case to break the illegal (possibly fraudulent) claim that Twitter operates independently of the government (or indeed of any other organisation or political party).

    (Those who value freedom of speech might care to make an appropriate donation via the same web-site - the case will have effects wherever Twitter operates.)

  • Dr Fuellmich Reviews the Covid Position for Delingpole


    I make no apology for featuring Reiner once more . . .  I doubt that anybody has done such a complete forensic investigation of the evidence underpinning the Covid situation as Reiner Fuellmich.

    "Within the next two or three weeks things are going to happen"

    "All of the people who are taking part in this, including the doctors who give you the shots, including the people who ordered it, including the people who profit from this, including the government that pushes its population to get vaccinated, they're all responsible, these are true crimes against humanity... this is worse than what happened in the Third Reich, because this time it concerns everyone on this planet"



  • A Thousand Lawyers, Ten Thousand Doctors



  • Legal Eagles at Battle Stations in Canada


    Collective Evolution reports on a new legal case in Canada that calls for a halt on all Covid measures on children.

    "the municipal Covid measures ordered and taken by the medical officers is beyond their powers, and even if it is within their powers, reasonable and probable grounds for their invocation have not been met"

    "the Covid measures taken were not scientifically based, and were justified solely by a fraudulent PCR test"

    The above is just a small selection of the assertions, but you get the flavour - they are not messing around.

    Worth reading.

    Also worth reading is this Statement of Claim (again in Canada, in the Superior Court of Justice of Ontario) - I'm not going to comment on it, except to note that I have no cause to believe that it is not genuine. It certainly pulls no punches.

    I have found

  • Law or Fiction Launches new Whistleblower's Support Service


    Do you work for a health service, a university, a care home or hospice, national or local government, or are you a student, a parent or anyone else concerned about unwarranted coercion to give up a freedom?

    Law or Fiction have launched a new "Ain't just whistling" service where you can register your concern with a view to ensuring your protection under whistle-blower legislation.

    "... it takes courage to speak up. So we have thought carefully about what is needed to make sure you and weain’t just whistling in the wind"

    "Uniquely through laworfiction.com we are helping everyone to gain that courage through these three steps to take together.

    1. Finding others who want to speak up
    2. Getting a good understanding of legal rights
    3. Accessing expert legal advice and representation"

    Read all about it here.

  • UK Court Decision on the Need to Wear Masks in Schools


    LaworFiction report on their case about the compulsory wearing of masks in English (and I assume Welsh) schools (Scotland has a different legal system and it's not clear how much this ruling affects Scotland, if at all).

    "It is good news that it seems masks will no longer be encouraged in classrooms from 17 May"

    "We know from the school's evidence in this case that it, like most others, relied on the government Guidance in respect of its risk assessment. But we also know, from government responses elsewhere, that the government admits to making no assessment of the harms from masks other than to survey of the views of 'stakeholders' such as teachers unions. So who is assessing the risks?"

    "The Government has controlled schools and businesses through guidance, fear and largely empty threats that failing to follow the guidance would be a breach of the Health and Safety as Work Act 1974 and the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999. In truth, it is precisely by failing to assess harms of 'covid secure' policies in schools and premises that those same laws have been breached, failing us and our children"

    There are still perhaps some pitfalls to this judgement since the judge appears to have taken a rather narrow view of the case before him.

    There is clearly argument to be made

  • Public-Party Partnership for Political Ends?


    I seem to be finding more legal cases by the day, and this is another brought to us by the Good Law Project, who have well and truly got the bit between their teeth on holding "our" government to account for their cavalier disregard for their legal responsibilities.

    This one is about their responsibility to keep Conservative Party political messaging out of the government's public messaging. Bearing in mind that the May elections are imminent, this is no minor point.

    It also brings once more into focus something that we may find concerning - the World Economic Forum in partnership with the UN now seems to be running the world's governments, including the Biden administration in the USA and the Boris dictatorship in the UK, as demonstrated by the vacuous WEF slogan "Build Back Better" now also mysteriously endemic across many other "democratic" western

  • Council of Europe Concedes to the ECLJ


    The European Centre for Law and Justice chalks up a notable victory in its efforts to lessen the conflicts of interest at the ECHR.

    "Among the three candidates proposed by the Belgian government was a lawyer employed by George Soros' Open Society, as is often the case. But for the first time in a long time, the Open Society failed to get its candidate elected"

    Don't forget that the UK is still a supporter of the European Court of Human Rights, which is an institution that predates the EU.

    "The Council of Europe governments had been seized following the publication of the ECLJ's report on NGOs and the judges of the ECHR, which revealed that at least 22 of the last 100 ECHR judges are former employees of seven NGOs"

    Is the tide beginning to turn?

    Read the story!

    Sign the Petitions!  (NB: select "ECHR")

  • Good Law Project - Challenges to the Government


    PPE contracts, Market Research contracts, "the culture of cronyism that means top public sector jobs are handed out based on who you know", and other contracts "awarded without competition" (were any contracts awarded through the proper procurement processes one wonders?).

    More examples of alleged cronyism in the award of government contracts related not only to the "pandemic" but to other areas seem to come to light every week now. Is it really just a "conspiracy theory" that such activities are becoming, or have even become, endemic within government?

    The first law of life (and IT): "if it can happen, it will happen".

    The second law: "if they get away with it, they will do it again".

    One can only commend those such as the Good Law Project that are trying to bring these issues to public attention, and are bringing court cases to seek disclosure and recognition of the truth and rectification of the error as far as may be both available and appropriate.

    Read the latest update from

  • Good Law Project Takes the Covid Tests Contract to Court


    The contract in question was placed by the government with Abingdon Health for the supply of rapid antibody tests.

    "The government failed to undertake any transparent or lawful process at all in respect of the award of the contracts"

    "the contract awards led to the grant of unlawful state aid (including Government subsidies for research and components), for which no justification whatsoever has been put forward"

    There is more of course.

    Read the latest update to this case here.


  • Doctors for Covid Ethics Take on the European Medicines Agency


    For the avoidance of doubt, I do not consider this an "April Fool" fabrication.

    PRESS RELEASE: Doctors and Scientists Accuse Medical Regulator of Downplaying COVID-19 Vaccine Dangers

    Sounds serious? That isn't the half of it.

    "Such is the real risk-benefit analysis of the COVID-19 “vaccines”. Either the EMA lacks the subject-matter expertise to appreciate the molecular science of this reality, or it lacks the medical ethics to act accordingly"

    "failure to inform 'vaccine' recipients of the risks and negligible benefits outlined here represents serious violations of medical ethics and citizens’ medical rights"

    "The Nuremberg Code prohibits human experimentation of the very kind being endorsed and defended by the EMA"

    "We remind the EMA that Nuremberg violations constitute crimes against humanity under the Geneva Convention"

    "For the avoidance of doubt, if your regulatory body does not immediately suspend its “emergency” recommendation of potentially dangerous inadequately tested gene-based “vaccines”, while the matters which we have

  • Covid-19 Bereaved Families for Justice


    "As families bereaved by Covid-19, we’re campaigning for lessons to be learned as quickly as possible in order to save lives as the virus spikes again around the country "

    "The Government has agreed to order an Inquiry down the line, and that’s the right thing to do. But to get real answers we absolutely need an independent and judge-led Statutory Public Inquiry – where the Government doesn’t get to mark its own homework"

    "Every day the government fails to learn lessons, more families are going through the same loss and trauma"

    "We must hold the government accountable and act to save lives"

    "We have sent a final pre-action letter to the Government informing them that if they don’t take action to initiate a statutory Public Inquiry we will begin legal proceedings to try to secure one"

    This is another campaign to try to use the justice system to persuade the government to set up an urgent and, many would say, much-needed "judge-led" enquiry into the government's handling of the pandemic.

    Already the Simon Dolan case has been refused permission to proceed and the Robin Tilbrook

  • PCP Papers Laid Alleging Pandemic Fraud Against Hancock, Whitty, Vallance & Ferguson


    Finally, it's on.

    After months of preparation, the first legal steps toward bringing the alleged  miscreants to trial for their alleged Covid fraud on the British Isles and on the world are moving forward.

    "In addition to the charges of fraud by false representation and non-disclosure, in material breaches of sections 2 and 3 of the Fraud Act 2006, we are informally applying for a declaration, under the inherent powers of the court, which states that autopsies are to be carried out for all alleged COVID deaths, which will be held as evidence in the forthcoming trial, on the ground that we have expert witness testimony of the falsification of death certificates, as per UK Government policy"

    "We are also asking for a moratorium on the UK flu and COVID ‘vaccinations’ programmes to be declared for period of at least 90 days, in order to definitively establish whether it is COVID-19 or ‘vaccines’ that are killing people at a minimum mortality rate of 377 per 100,000 healthy adults, as per the leaked WHO approved ‘vaccine’ safety study which we are adducing into evidence"

    Read all about it!

    For more details,

  • Covid-1984 Case Update - March 2021 - The Bernician


    The Bernician has been working for some time on the legal aspects of the Covid "pandemic", but actual legal action has so far not been forthcoming. Clearly if you want to take such powerful vested interests to court on such serious charges, you had better get your case straight.

    Add to that the understandable reluctance of any court to hear such a case effectively against a current government, which if proven would probably bring that government down.

    So I have no idea how all this will turn out, but I find this attempt to bring this case to court a worthwhile attempt as it will put the courts in the position of having to come clean about how they will handle matters.

    So this is the latest sitrep - worth a hearing (even if only to hear his interesting comments about Boris Johnson):


    Like / Dislike this podcast here.

    Follow the

  • ECLJ intervenes at the Inter-American Court of Human Rights


    The ECLJ intervenes as amicus curiae in this case pending before the Inter-American Court of Human Rights.

    The problem is not new - it is the long-standing tendency of the Open Society Foundations (George Soros to you and me) to be involved in funding judicial appointees who then participate in cases which are by no means unrelated to the policies of the Foundations, leading many to feel that the impartial judgement of the court may be compromised by a conflict of interest. The ECLJ has reported on similar situations in European courts.

    This is a well recognised age-old problem for which the very phrase "conflict of interest" was devised.

    The tradition in courts is of course for such persons to recuse themselves from the proceedings, although if the court itself receives such funding it is difficult to see how such conflict could be avoided.

    Read the story here.