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  • Ministry of Truth - Both Illegal and Harmful?


    Laura Dodsworth on her Substack relates the results of her investigation into HMG's use of the army and no doubt others to monitor "disinformation" - previously known as free speech by most - and plugs her book "A State of Fear" with a number of pertinent extracts. Well, she wrote it, so if she isn't entitled to plug it then I don't know who is.

    She also gives a plug to Big Brother Watch's report "Ministry of Truth", which covers similar ground.

    This isn't really news to those of us who have been keeping a leery eye on what our government gets up to, but it does establish quite lot of context and some details that confirm more about what these "disinformation" units were up to - and whether they were always in agreement on what constituted disinformation.

    "Most of the online expression that was dealt with was lawful. It’s vital to understand that these units are not controlling misinformation and disinformation but micro-managing the flow of

  • The Mystery Deepens ... Where is Sherlock Holmes When We Need Him?


    "Mortality rates across the UK reached their highest level since 2010, according to an analysis of data published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS)"

    "I’m pretty sure they don’t have an NHS in Ireland, where excess deaths are also competing with pandemic levels... "

    "So, can you think of anything that happened globally which might be causing excess deaths to be higher than during the pandemic?"

    "... while everyone is talking about it, nobody wants to do the work to find out the cause"

    "'I think the government should be looking at it' say the Australian actuaries who usually investigate such matters for the insurance industry"

    "But the Australian government’s investigation into Covid carefully cut out excess deaths from its terms of reference"

  • Unequivocal Safety Signals for Heart, Blood, and Reproduction


    I wonder if this latest scientist to break cover and criticise the quaxxines will fare any better than all the previous attempts to pierce the wall of unreasoning "safe and effective" repetition that so infuses our "truthful and unbiased" (but ever vigilant for "misinformation") media corporations?

    Who will hold the media to account?

    "the MHRA is at pains to emphasise that the Yellow Card data cannot be used to calculate true rates of adverse effects or to compare the safety of the different vaccines"

    "I view the MHRA’s statements as a challenge"

    "Some 18 months after the first FOI request, the MHRA has at last released information gathered by the C-19YC scheme that is sufficiently detailed to allow independent analysis and calculation of safety signals"

    As so often, it falls to the Daily Sceptic to

  • Trusted News Initiative in the Dock


    The Trusted News Initiative is a corporate cartel of big legacy media companies (including the BBC) that sought to deny any platform to alternative voices that disagreed with the government-approved narrative:

    "[to stop the] tidal wave of unchecked [reporting] that's being piped out mainly through digital platforms"

    Robert F Kennedy Jnr is chief litigation counsel for Children's Health Defence and has filed an anti-trust lawsuit on behalf of a number of alternative digital media organisations.

    "Although we are ostensibly all rivals and competitors with each other, the existential threat to all of our business models comes from thousands of independent news sites who are not only providing all this content that people are reading but they are also diminishing trust in our organisations, and the way that we can destroy them... stamp them out and choke them... is to deny them platforms on the social media sites because [on] those platforms...

  • Is Poland Losing the War in Ukraine?


    Independent journalist Derek Monroe tells Redacted how the country is affected by the large numbers of migrants from Ukraine, and what the government is making of it.

    (18 minutes)


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  • It's Not Censorship, It's Mind-Control


    Barbara Boyd of Larouche PAC reviews a lot of US politics here, in quite a lot of detail that we in the UK may feel isn't of much direct interest to us.

    But there's content here about the EU, the effect of Brexit on the British elite, and the relationships between the various US, UK (and Five Eyes) intelligence services.

    Operation Mockingbird (Cold War) saw the clandestine takeover of the media by the intelligence agencies. If you think that didn't happen in the UK, you don't understand the "special relationship".

    The Trump years saw the similar take-over of alternative media platforms, leading to the censorship of all non government-approved viewpoints, even from well qualified and experienced medical experts during the Covid crisis and indeed despite Elon's efforts, still ongoing.

    On the plus side there's a great deal of useful information here, and includes how the US government has been using "Perception

  • Donald Trump, US Elections, British House of Lords?


    Barbara Boyd of LarouchePAC doesn't mince her words.

    According to her, the "special relationship" between the USA and the UK was based upon cooperating intelligence services that ran the media, got their chosen politicians elected, and generally ran the two countries for their own ends.

    All that fell apart when the Donald got elected in 2016.

    In December 2018 the House of Lords published a report entitled "UK Foreign Policy in a Shifting World Order" complete with all the usual verbiage about the "Rules-Based International Order" but noting that the "special relationship" in it's then form might survive one term of Trump but not two. 

    In 2023 we can now see how correct they were.

    "... the Lords describe their second problem as populations in both the United States and Britain, who have been given too much access to information and believe “conspiracy” theories

  • Neil Oliver Tells it As It Is - Wilful Blindness


    As always, he makes the unanswerable case.

    Our MPs are complicit in their absence. They are complicit in the ongoing fake vaccination programme, even though there is clearly no cause for it that has not been long discredited.

    Will they be complicit in the next restrictions? 

    We need to go back to first principles.

    What will it take?

    (15 minutes)



  • Is Our Approach to "Climate Change" Appropriate?


    Our politicians and media are by nature prone to oversimplifying -

    "We will fix the NHS by giving them the money they need"

    "Drive diesel cars to reduce CO2 emissions"

    "Drive petrol cars to reduce particulate emissions"

    "Drive electric cars to reduce emissions"

    "Privatise monopolies to improve their performance"

    "Nationalise the railways to improve their performance"

    "Regulate the Utility companies to improve their performance"

    Yeah, right.

    Take a step back, the world is more complex than they would have us believe.

    The Big Daddy of over-simplifications (and the competition is pretty severe) must be Climate Change: the idea

  • No No, Absolutely Not!


    Come on guys, this is 1st January, not 1st April!

    (10 minutes)


    And of course, nothing like this could be possibly be happening in the UK could it?

    No no, of course not, that would be too ridiculous for words.


  • Merry Christmas EU! - From the British Government


    In 2016 against all published expectations and in the teeth of "advice" from the massed ranks of the Great and the Good globally, the UK voted to leave the EU.

    Quelle Horreur!

    How could we possibly succeed without being subject to the wise instruction of the EU Commission?

    Outside the infinite wisdom of the ECJ?

    And above all, without the doughty rhetoric of Nigel Farage in the EU Parliament to entertain us?

    What then unfolded was perhaps the most extraordinarily illuminating Parliament of political and legal contortionist thearter of modern times, which tried everything possible to appear to be leaving the EU whilst determined to remain within its control. 

    Ultimately, the Great and the Good decided that the only way they could achieve that aim was to allow Boris Johnson to "take us out" in legal terms whilst taking

  • Twitter - the View from the Inside


    Twitter has famously (or infamously, depending on your viewpoint) made an abrupt about-face following the Musk take-over, with many employees departing and many insights into its alleged programme of censorship being published on Twitter itself.

    Professor Jay Bhattacharya (of Great Barrington Declaration fame) was recently invited by Mr Musk to "Twitter Towers" to review how the great unscrambling is progressing.

    Unherd reports.

    (40 minutes)


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    Trump Forces the Issue - Free Speech Will be Restored


    (7 minutes)



  • The WHO Pandemic Treaty Threatens Our Independence


    "The WHO and its expert panels have applied an all-encompassing approach in the design of this Pandemic Treaty; but in doing so, it is arguable they have created a scope of action that has no discernible boundaries"

    "The WHO struggles to retain impartiality, as described by the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly: Experts with conflicts of interest, particularly commercial interests, can influence its opinions and policy. Historically, this has resulted in a huge waste of public money"

    "In the U.K., we face the prospect of the WHO being able to police debate and influence policies in areas far removed from conventional definitions of health or health-related sectors"

    "The risk of blanket censorship is immense, and the likelihood is that censorship would be used as a lever to misappropriate public funds under the guise of

  • David Icke on the Onward March of Global Fascism


    Love him or hate him, David has been at the forefront of the exposure of the global project to convert the world into a global-corporate-fascist-government slave colony, seemingly from time immemorial.

    He is also very articulate and clearly expresses his views. We may not always agree with everything he says, but does he have the right to say it?

    Free speech has become a bit like Brexit - of course we are all free to express ourselves - or to live free of control by the EU - but of course (!) there are limits (which may be invented/interpreted differently to suit the elite at any time).

    It used to be that the law clearly recognised that the freedom to only speak without offending anybody is not worth having. In recent years the invention of "hate speech" and other more or less elastic definitions of speech that some people won't like has reached an incomprehensible level of ever mutating convolution, designed to keep us constantly confused and scared to

  • The Biggest World News Story - and Not on the BBC?


    Well, it either isn't the biggest story, or the BBC is asleep at the wheel...  and we know what happens when drivers fall alseep.

    Well, if it isn't the biggest, it's hard to think of a bigger one, although perhaps not absolutely impossible (should China stage a revolution to topple the CCP for example).

    Well, it's only Musk cleaning the stables at Twitter...

    ... except that it isn't, because it involves the corruption at the highest levels of the US Federal Government under the Biden pretendency, and probably prior under the Trump presidency.

    Of course that could not have taken place under the watchful eyes of a vigilant free press, so either it didn't, or the free press was neither watchful nor vigilant, for whatever reason.

    Once again there are many facts to be established and holes in the story to be filled in, but it's not that difficult to make sense of whom

  • Blogs that Make You Go Hmmmm...


    Jon Rappoport is not a conventional person. 

    He doesn't hold authority in high esteem (or any esteem at all!) - unless he can find truth and integrity in that authority's pronouncements. And he's his own judge on that.

    If you were to ask me, I would say that in these troubled times, this is an attitude to which we should all aspire, even if we cannot yet see our way to full achievement of such aspiration.

    I'm not sure that Jon has approved of any authority in recent years, other than perhaps some independent self-made authorities that also follow the evidence wherever it leads them.

    After what seems like an eternity of Covid authorities rampant, he reposts a blog from February 2020 wherein he reviews what he thinks of the Covid scenario (just at the time that the vaccines were beginning to be rolled out).

    "This article is a kind of summary of where I stand, at

  • Information, Disinformation, and Controlled Opposition


    The "Died Suddenly" film recently featured on this site (and many others) is coming in for some stick.

    It's true, it's a minefield out there, and I welcome the opportunity to reiterate the underlying truth of this 3-D world - there is no such thing as certainty (except in relation to "death and taxes", although even here there are some who think otherwise - and who am I to deny them?!).

    Any site that claims to be able to always distinguish the truth from the falsehoods is a site that I would regard with extreme suspicion. That is why I conclude that the people with the ultimate responsibility to perform this impossible feat is the ultimate reader, since any intermediary will be subject to (a) their own individual prejudice and (b) possible subversion by vested interests.

    (The same logic applies to philosophical /

  • Lest We Forget


    (31 minutes)

    We may as individuals forgive those who have wronged us as we feel appropriate to our circumstances. That is our freedom and our right.

    We should however never forget the extraordinary level of brainwashing, nudging, opprobrium, name-calling, and indeed threats and actual violence that were directed to those who merely pointed out that there was no evidence to support the effectiveness of the measures being imposed, to support the attempts to cajole us into taking an experimental medical intervention (in blatant contravention of the Nuremberg Codes), to support the alleged safety and efficacy of the alleged vaccines, to support the elimination of all alternative medical therapies other than vaccines, or even to support the alleged danger that the virus was supposed to pose to us all.

    Nor must we forget the extraordinary attempts to completely censor all opinion contrary to the official line, even when cogently argued by exceptionally

  • First Wrong-Think, Now Wrong-Journalism


    Just Stop Oil may have been in the news for all the wrong reasons lately, but if you can't beat the protesters, then hassle the news.

    So next time you are stuck fuming in the traffic fumes on the M25 wondering about the cause of the blockage and keeping an eye on the rear-view mirror in case of emergency vehicles requiring prompt passage, remember that the boys in blue may be having a pretty difficult time up ahead arresting a journalist for doing his job reporting on the cause of the blockage.

    After all, when certain groups of protesters obviously enjoy the tacit support of the authorities, what is a poor copper to do when those protesters illegally block the Kings highway? It's a conundrum wrapped in an enigma wrapped within a labyrinthine excess of over-regulation topped by inappropriate police recruitment training and leadership.

    So once the first overriding priority to make the site safe for all concerned has been accomplished by ensuring that