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  • Mysteriouser and Mysteriouser


    Every once in a while we need to step back from the brink and remind ourselves just what a familiar yet naggingly strange world we live in.

    And when the reminder comes in serious form humourously presented, our cup runneth over.

    (Still, you do have first to get past the "word from our sponsor", but it's worth it)

    (56 minutes)


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  • WHO to Protect Us from "Infodemics"


    Are there any lengths to which the WHO will not go to protect us from...  well, anything they don't like?

    Apparently not.

    It seems that they noticed that during the recent "pandemic" there was a certain amount of disagreement, even push-back against their pandemic narrative, and, well, if that sort of thing happens again at the next pandemic (which we are assured is definitely incoming, although the reasoning behind that assertion remains unexplained and therefore unsupported) then who can predict how matters will turn out?

    Hence the need (according to the WHO) for PRET (the "Preparedness and Resilience for Emerging Threats" - catchy titling still isn't their forté).

    Becker News (no, me neither, but the mainstream

  • The Murky Waters of the Universe, Life, and Everything


    This is a bit long at 90 minutes, but he covers a great deal of ground at quite a pace - please try to keep up!

    The inimitable Michael Tellinger delves into pre-history, and pulls out some extraordinary stones,  interesting theories, and astounding connections - yes, it appears that "they" may have really lied to us about everything...  and we may never be the same again. It will be a brave new world, but not as Aldous Huxley documented it.

    Fasten your seat-belts and plunge in...

    (91 minutes)


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  • New Protest Measures - Public Order Act 2023


    This exposition is produced by Liberty and summarises what they see as the implications of the new Public Order Act 2023

    I'm sure that here will be many people on both sides of this issue - those that feel that traditional protest is being shut down, and those that feel that some protests have gone much too far in terms of the disruption to public life.

    I guess that as always, the devil will be in the detail. Nevertheless, with public protests on a number of very serious matters a fact of life these days, it is necessary to inform ourselves on the issues.


  • A Damp Coronation


    A wet day in London town, and strange reports from some present that they had been screened off and couldn't see what was going on:

    (in the interests of propriety I have cut the last line)

    Of course this person's view of what was on the other side of the screens is pure speculation and may not be at all accurate...  but what is the point of a regal procession if nobody can see it? Surely they can't expect the British to respect a monarch who appears to be afraid of his subjects?

    (2 minutes)


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    Good King Charles' Charitable Enterprises


    I have (perhaps somewhat tastelessly) remarked previously that it can be difficult to discern the practical difference between Charles being led by the WEF and the WEF being led by Charles.

    It doesn't really matter since they are apparently joined at the hip, and invariably push the totally fascist concept of government and corporate oligarchs uniting their efforts to bring in a global New World Order, all for our own good of course. 

    You might say that there is nothing intrinsically wrong with that, but there is - and that is that all development, other than that approved by those who rule, is blocked and we all become slaves to the ruling elite. Life in recent centuries has been an uneasy compromise between top-down control and bottom-up innovation, but the paucity of new innovation that actually threatened the elite has been notable. Yes we have had lots of innovation (TV, phones, smartphones,

  • Old Media to New - But Who will be Pulling the Strings?


    It is well known by now that the major news media companies are not interested in reporting the news, only in making it up to suit their corporate (secret service?) masters.

    The events of recent years have brought this sorry state of affairs to the fore, and a new raft of independent media companies have launched to enable the population themselves (those that wish it) to create their own media. But all this takes money and resources, and the funding is ultimately controlled by the same bankers corporates and oligarchs who fund the existing media, now in decline.

    So who is actually manoeuvring to profit from and control the new, brash, up-and-coming media? And where are they likely to take it? Will we ever have a truly free and impartial media dedicated to truth? Is such a thing even possible?

    Whilst we don't know the answers to all of these questions just now, the indefatigable Amazing Polly has at least begun to prise the lid off this can of worms

  • German Press and Perseus Group Take up the Story of Vaccine Injury


    In what seems likely to mark the start of full public recognition of the harms caused by the C jabs, the German press now find themselves competing to make sure they are not left behind the curve. 

    After all, the job of the press is to report the truth and hold the powerful to account - and they have a lot of lost time to make up.

    Now that a major European country is piercing the veil of press censorship, can the others be far behind?

    The Daily Sceptic has the story.

    Also the UK story that the Perseus Group ("a

  • Andrew Bridgen Speaks to Brian Gerrish


    Reluctant rebel and ex-Tory MP Andrew Bridgen tells UK Column his story.

    It's well worth watching, although it remains unclear exactly why virtually all other MPs meekly parroted the government line, despite the evidence that almost nothing about this pandemic was routine, logical, or even valid. Astonishing.

    Drawing comparison with the thalidomide debacle:

    "I don't have a word for that level of Evil, Brian"

    "... that sovereignty belongs to my constituents... "

    (62 minutes)

    Watch the report here.


  • NATO in Deep Doodoo?


    Redacted report here on the Russian strike near Kiev which allegedly recently destroyed a 400 ft deep bunker full of top military, including top NATO military.

    Does NATO have any answer to Russia's weaponry?

    Or is the war now over, bar the final negotiation of "not surrendering"?

    (17 minutes, plus additional reports)


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  • The Deep State - What It's Done, Where It's Going


    Dr Reiner Fuellmich, here speaking to "Man In America", gives a more or less comprehensive run-down of the events of recent years, what they may mean, and how it will likely (even inevitably) turn out.

    Whether or not we agree with the metaphysical speculations is for each of us to determine, but the overall logic expounded by Dr Fuellmich is the main show here.


    (72 minutes)



  • Probing the Depths of Parliamentary "Sovereignty"


    Martin Geddes seems to have uncovered what may turn out to be a rich mine of obfuscation and denial.

    In asking a seemingly innocuous question of the House of Commons with regard to who might bear the responsibility for an apparently incorrect statement on the Parliamentary website, he has uncovered the tip of what may turn out to be a sizeable deposit of evasion which, whilst difficult to mine, could be very rewarding. In consequence, he is undertaking further exploratory drilling to see how far the seams of obfuscation may extend, to clarify the grades of ore that may be present and at what depth they are located.

    Whilst early indications are quite promising, and the location of the deposit looks very favourable, we would caution potential investors that at this very preliminary stage, it would be unwise to commit any funds that you cannot afford to lose, since obfuscation (although common enough) can be notoriously difficult to mine. The obfuscation itself may turn out to be not amenable to either

  • Is the Parallel Free State the Alternative to the Revolution?


    As many academic theses tend to do, this draws heavily on European philosophers that few in the UK have heard of, let alone read, but that doesn't undermine the elegant simplicity of the basic idea.

    Indeed, we can see that many of these ideas are already under way to varying degrees courtesy of that monster of all things informational - the internet.

    You reading this article is a tiny part of the information revolution that does indeed promise to transform our world.

    The powers that be (slightly flat-footed as ever) still push their principal messaging (some might think brainwashing) via the traditional mass media of press television and radio - all media whose content can be to large extent centrally controlled by "those in power" who wish to guide our thoughts along their chosen pathways - a bit like the railways, we can go anywhere as long as the authorities build the route.

    But then came the age of the

  • The 9/11 Story, as Revisited by a Flight Attendant


    Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth maintain that the World Trade Centre 1 and 2 buildings were demolished by controlled demolition.

    This presentation is by a lady who made a career as flight crew, who has spent years making her own investigation of the alleged aircraft movements on that day, and here she tells us how she thinks the 9/11 event was created - so here is a completely different viewpoint that also indicates that the official story of 9/11 is bunk.

    Not only bunk, but also...  outright impossible.

    "This video is based on combined segments from an interview conducted by George Noory on Coast to Coast AM with 9/11 researcher author and now retired Flight Attendant Rebekah Roth. This version of the interview is shortened and edited"

    Originally posted in 2017.



  • No to NATO - No to War!


    The extent to which protests against the Ukraine war haven't happened in the UK has been quite surprising, considering that the UK has no obvious interests in the Ukraine and that country is not a member of NATO. 

    Yet our current crop of weasel-worded politicians of all major parties, who haven't even made a show of trying to negotiate a peace deal, have supported piling in with £billions munitions howitzers missiles "training" and tanks - all in the name of defending "freedom" from "mad bad Vlad" despite the fact he poses no obvious threat to the UK.

    But maybe we can see the first stirrings of serious dissent appearing - welcome dissent if it opens up the real arguments on both sides of the issue to public debate.

    So kudos to Rebel News for covering this event, and nul points to the intrepid unbiased BBC et al who were conspicuous by their absence.

    This devastating proxy war could spark a nuclear conflict,

  • Covid - Climate Change - Propaganda


    The Daily Sceptic Newsletter today highlights some pertinent pieces that neatly skewer the most egregious canards of our time.

    Is there nothing that the powers that be get right?

    I won't comment on them individually, because in truth there is nothing very new to say (and it would take too long), but taken as a whole they do make one wonder if there is today any matter the news / government propose that doesn't warrant the greatest possible level of scrutiny and distrust.

    One might think it an exaggeration to say that "they have lied to us about everything" but... is it really?

    It's your judgement that counts. Not the government's. Not the NHS's. Not the WHO's. Not the UN-WEF partnership's.

  • The Debate on Woke - Oxford Union


    Are the Woke open to rational argument?

    Toby Young asserts his views...

    (13 minutes)


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    Konstantin Kisin tests the waters...

  • The Bernician - Private Criminal Prosecution - Latest!


    We have reported on this case previously - very previously - but we perhaps didn't expect such a protracted delay in taking this forward.

    Perhaps we should have.

    Anyway, we do finally have an update, even if it follows a similar fate to Mark Sexton's submission to the Metropolitan Police.

    Of course that is not the end of the matter - an appeal is now in train. Mark Sexton's submissions never even got before a judge, so this does represent progress, of a sort.

    The judicial system itself is now in the dock of public opinion.

    "... it

  • Limited Hangout


    I'm somewhat belatedly catching up with some of the stuff I should have posted previously, and this one is both a reminder of what we have been through in recent times, and a useful introduction to a term with which we should probably become familiar (if we are not already).

    Yes, making sense of life on earth is turning out to be a far trickier task that most of us ever imagined!

    Each of us constructs our own image of reality "inside our heads", and I'd wager that no two such images are identical. When we discuss topics on which our respective images clash, either argument ensues or agreement to differ is required.

    One problem is that we don't all create our images using the same information and methodology. Sources of information are consulted but not necessarily verified for accuracy, depending upon the perceived risk of damage to ourselves and/or our plans should inaccuracy turn out to be the case. If we have to catch a train to go and see our auntie,

  • Leading German Newspaper Die Welt Goes Public on Pfizer Vaccine Trial


    The cracks in the global media's slavish adherence to the official narrative are appearing, even if "only" in Germany.

    Where one leads, others will follow - and not before time.

    Where have they been these last years?

    Steel yourself:

    Essential reading (download).

    The Daily Sceptic spills the beans.