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  • Dr Mike Yeadon Spells it Out


    Mike Yeadon has been outspoken about the Covid deception from the beginning. He explains some devastating conclusions which many still have a problem recognising.

    For my own part, like many others,  I came to much the same conclusions over much the same timescale from checking out the published statistics, and although I couldn't draw the same detailed analysis of the pharmacology, it was clear that this was a global hoax of a pandemic and not for good or acceptable purposes. Censorship of conflicting opinions is expensive, and not applied on that scale unless there is something that absolutely has to be hidden.

    This is a presentation that everyone should see, mark, and understand as if lives will depend on it - the sad truth is that they will.

    (21 minutes)

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  • 4th December Presentations for UK Parliamentarians


    "On 4th December 2023 UK MP Andrew Bridgen was joined in a special parliamentary meeting by Dr David E. Martin, Dr Robert Malone, Dr Ryan Cole, Dr Pierre Kory, Professor Angus Dalgleish and Steve Kirsch who gave their testimony on the Pandemic & its consequences"

    "...no live streaming or official recording of the event was allowed"

    "Two video presentations by Dr Peter McCullough and Dr Mike Yeadon were due to be shown, but unfortunate technical issues prevented this happening"

    Dr Yeadon's presentation is a model of clarity and carries possibly the most sobering message imaginable. 

    Watch Mike Yeadon's presentation, as remastered with rolling captions and hopefully without technical issues, here 

    The Science from NZ - for Those Still Baffled


    This presentation is from a whistle-blower in New Zealand.

    This interview starts with an emotional overload that, whilst understandable, doesn't add any information - to be cruelly practical, if you skip the first 8 minutes you will still catch all the important information.

    It puts the notion of excess deaths into perspective, all supported by the government's own data.

    (64 minutes)



  • More on the China "Virus" Outbreak


    Dr Lee Merritt reinforces my own view - its likely a mind-virus, not a real infection but a reaction to radio frequency EMFs with not dissimilar symptoms to flu, which everyone will try to scare us is a virus requiring medical interventions... 

    Put some shungite or orgonite in your pocket, or wear as a pendant. Does it work? No idea, but for a few quid and no known downside risk, what are you waiting for?

    (5 minutes)



  • Yes, the MHRA is Asleep at the Wheel in Some Respects


    Probably not in all respects, but when it comes to its statutory obligations to ensure the safety of medicinal products it is hard to come to any other conclusion but that they were indeed asleep at the wheel.

    Nick Hunt writing for the Daily Sceptic reports on the indifference with which it appears to have approached its responsibilities in respect of the Covid protective inoculations.

    It would be unkind to suppose that it has been asleep in all respects though - it was quick enough to expedite approval for these shots, but of course it would be disingenuous to suggest that this had anything to do with their funding received from the pharmaceutical industry when it was obviously motivated by the need to protect the public from the "pandemic".

    Can anybody enlighten me as to when

  • Is it Ethical to Suppress the Consideration of Ethics?


    Read the title again. 

    Then wonder how such a question is even possible.

    But it gets even worse.

    The story of the suppression is itself (allegedly) being suppressed...

    Yes, you guessed, Covid comes into the mix here.

    But read it for yourself, and form your own viewpoint.


  • The Great Unexplained Cancer Mystery - Experts Determinedly Baffled


    It's old news by now for sure, but somebody needs to keep reporting it until it gets cleared up.

    For the best part of three years now, deaths from all causes have been by all normal statistical measures higher than they should have been, all other things being equal. So we may conclude that all other things have not remained equal.

    Children's Health Defence reports on a specific aspect of the current situation in the United Kingdom.

    "... the remaining 92% of coded deaths in 2021 and 70% of coded deaths in 2022 revealed “a strong signal of cancer deaths in the young. We show a large increase in mortality due to malignant neoplasms that started in 2021 and accelerated substantially in 2022"

    Now what could account for this concerning rise in the death rate starting

  • So Are the Excess Deaths Really Caused by the Jabs?


    The inimitable Ivor Cummins discusses the data with Dr Pierre Kory.

    (29 minutes)


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  • We Will Have Total Disclosure For The Crimes Against Humanity


    We have been promised a turbulent autumn...  it doesn't come much more turbulent than this.

    Who is "the Donald"? On whose team has he been playing? On whose team is he now playing?

    If the "Deep State" has been trying to control both sides of the narrative (as is their normal practice), then who is the prime contender for the bogus "good guy" leadership?

    Are we so sure that there isn't one?

    And why was "the Donald" really so supportive of "the jabs"? He at least has some explaining to do.

    There are more questions that may be pertinent, but I'll leave it there for now. 

    I have neither knowledge nor even opinion at this stage - but I do think that we have been promised both "Revelation" and "anti-Christ" (and maybe more than one of both!).

    It's our task to discern the truth

  • The Marvellous Medical Myth Makers


    This theory is much more difficult to prove than the SARS-COV2 / Covid story was to unravel.

    I can't say whether or not it is true - but I can say that if it does turn out to be true then I won't be in the least bit surprised, given that it comes from the same bunch of sorcerers.

    And Jon Rappoport is an old hand at debunking the narrative...   I guess that makes him either a fearless seasoned veteran reporter, or a deluded dude with a paranoid obsession that defies logic.

    It's your unenviable task to decide for yourself!


  • What's Up with Glyphosate?


    Glyphosate, the herbicide that remains undead - even though following court cases it has been removed from Roundup available for retail, it's still being sold to farmers and is widely used (allegedly) on grains (wheat, oats, barley etc) to make them easier to harvest.

    Breakfast cereal anybody?

    Granola bar?

    Bread and Marmite, beans on toast?

    In fact, usage is so widespread that there is practically nothing we can buy that isn't contaminated to some extent, even organic grains, fruit, and vegetables.

    Of course, it's the extent that matters - organic tends to be much less contaminated than non-organic - and I'm sure that there is some non-organic produce that ranks equally low in glyphosate, it's just that it's not identifiable in the

  • The Covid Confusions


    Laura Dodsworth has posted a personal reaction (not hers) to the Covid "pandemic", that well illustrates the state that some (previously trusting) people were driven into by the incessant and contradictory gaslighting put out by our government and its agencies (official and unofficial).

    Being by profession driven by logic and evidence, I personally was protected from this sort of confusion because I could see through the nonsense at an early stage, and from then on it was a case of keeping up with the evidence as it unfolded.

    However, for those who are are inclined, indeed have been trained/brainwashed by the media (and the education system?) for years to trust the government and its agencies, and to react emotionally to news reports, those had few mental anchors to enable them to make sense of the messaging.

    This lady has done us all a service by describing how she



    "The Wakaminenga Māori Government (“WMG”) operate under “Native Māori Jurisdiction.” It is the first nation jurisdiction of New Zealand. It is recognised in pre and post-treaty British imperial law"

    "Since 28 October 1835, the WMG has been recognised under international law as the lawful government of Aotearoa Nu Tireni (transl. New Zealand)"

    Agreement was reached with the British that they would protect the Maori from all attempts upon their independence, and that all who came to New Zealand to settle and/or to trade would also be protected.

    In other words, mutual protection.

    So how have the Maori government of New Zealand reacted to the Covid over-reach?

    As the lawful government of New Zealand, they have revived their administration and reportedly put some of the perpetrators on

  • The Whitewash Liberally Applied


    Baroness Hallett appears to be fulfilling her brief as Chairperson of the Covid Inquiry in spades, if the latest report from the Daily Sceptic is to be believed.

    Of course there can be no countering of official group-think, especially when that same group-think may have led to unconscionable crimes by the said officials, but is not the very purpose of the enquiry to hear the real evidence and to follow that evidence wherever it may lead, even to uncover and demonstrate possible perversity in the group-think itself?

    Well, maybe, or maybe not.

    "In one of the most jaw-dropping interjections of the inquiry to date, Baroness Hallett... pressed Sir Peter Horby, an esteemed epidemiologist at Oxford University, who had indicated that he believed universal masking was not a straightforward decision: “I’m sorry,

  • The Man Who Made a Difference


    This is the story of the authorities' persecution of a gym owner during lockdown, as related by Martin Geddes.

    In a world where far worse actions are routinely taking place abroad, it is still a salutary story, because it took place on our doorstep here in England, and it demonstrates exactly why a police and courts system with no "moral compass" must be held to account.

    Eddie Ellwood: the man who made a difference.

  • Two Hoaxes in One Article


    Climate "science" (as practised by the IPPC-UN-WEF and our political classes) must be one of the longest running and most pernicious scams ever, or if not ever, probably in my lifetime.

    It has recently been accompanied by a supporting cast of minor hoaxes - minor that is in comparison with the Big One, but pretty big in their own right, and first and foremost among these is undoubtedly the Covid.

    Neither of these scams take a great deal of work to understand, but those who are not of an enquiring mind, and/or are wont to believe the authorities and the "fiercely independent" press and media, all fall for them hook line and sinker - thus becoming singularly unwilling to consider that they may just possibly have been hornswoggled.

    The Climate scam is of course close to the perfect scam, in as much as climate science being possibly the most complex topic known to man is really not amenable to argument by the man in the street, because so many factors are

  • Reiner Fuellmich Arrested in Mexico and Flown to Germany


    Dr Fuellmich has made big waves with his extensive investigations of the Covid pandemic and its circumstances, culminating in the Grand Jury - The Covid Court of Public Opinion.

    He then fell out with the Covid Investigative Committee, or they with him, and set up his own independent investigation ICIC Law.

    Charges have reportedly now been filed in Germany, and he was arrested in Mexico when he went to the German embassy to renew his

  • La Quinta Columna on the Real Covid Menace


    We have featured the work of La Quinta Columna previously, but this presentation (March 2023) of exactly what they have determined - following extensive research - is going on is an exhaustive exposé of the linkage between the not-a-virus (graphene) and modern radio frequency radiation, how it actually works (or doesn't), and the objectives that seem to lie behind this programme.

    In short, nothing about the Covid "pandemic" is as it was presented, and it is the most outlandish conspiracy theories that are presented as largely correct.

    It's three hours of information overload that you never in a million years wanted to watch, but in these days and times it isn't advisable to close eyes and ears to unwelcome messages.

    There is a very great deal to unravel here but the simple messages are clear enough. This is

  • Nothing New Under The Sun


    Richard Vobes with yet another perceptive discourse on the "you know what".

    History doesn't repeat... or does it?

    (15 minutes)


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  • Dr Mike Yeadon Explains the Covid Jabs, and Much Else Besides


    A man who spent his entire career in respiratory medicine, Mike Yeadon is probably the most, and definitely one of the most, knowledgeable experts in his field.

    Here he explains in simple terms that anyone can understand, exactly what he thought about the Covid situation and the design of the vaccines, and why he thought it. It all makes perfect sense, because he is the master of his topic.

    He also comes across (as always) as a genuinely honest expert who through his outspoken presentations was a beacon of truth, helping to keep the rest of us sane throughout.

    Nothing new here, but if you want a clear understanding of why it was all done the way it was, and how he knew we were not witnessing a genuine reaction to a genuine pandemic, then look no further.

    (Part of a longer - 5 hrs! - International Mega Event on the whole topic)

    (50 minutes + subsequent