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  • Regrettably, This Is About Covid - and Not!


    Regular readers will have noticed that I don't publish too much about Covid any more. It's not that it isn't important, but there's a lot else besides that needs saying these days.

    Still, Mike Yeadon has published an important summary (nothing new there, in either sense!) that serves as a very useful reminder that Covid was precisely conceived as a psy-op.

    Both he and I noticed quite quickly that Covid as a pandemic was seemingly exceptional in not creating any surge of excess deaths if we ignored reported cause of death. So either the cause of death was misreported, or there was no pandemic, or Covid itself somehow suppressed other normal causes of death.

    It turned out that as Covid arrived, flu flew away, just like that!

    Call me old-fashioned (thank you!) but Mike Yeadon explains it much better than

  • The Great Reset is Taking Shape ...


    It was either going to be the New World Top-Down Order of the Blair - Cameron - May - Boris - Bush - Obama - Clintons - Kissinger - Schwab - Rockefellers - Rothschilds brigade of Khazarian Zionists and Eugenicists, or it would be the opposite, an expertly crafted and skilfully engineered demolition, on behalf of the freedom of the people, of the centralized power structures of those self-appointed global elites who thought that they would rule the world - AKA the global corporate oligarchs (Club of Rome, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg Group, World Economic Forum (now "in partnership" with the United Nations) the list goes on... ).

    How were these centralized power structures built in a world of democratic governments? By ancient secret societies and modern secret services of the world who, whilst nominally under

  • Trump - He has Covid Questions to Answer!


    This isn't the first time that we have highlighted the Trump response to the pandemic, and it may or may not be the last.

    Why are we so keen on getting answers? Trump is possibly the most famous/infamous and certainly polarising  American politician (we could probably say global politician), and he looks set to win another term as US president if we assume the 5 Nov elections are going to take place. And if they don't take place then it's a racing certainty that whatever circumstances arise to prevent it will have to be globally disruptive...

    Whatever we may think of Trump, being ignored is not his style, so failing an assassination, he is going to be with us for a while yet.

    So as the election season ramps up in North America, the Brownstone

  • Reminder - We Didn't Come All This Way to Give Up Now!


    24 April 2021 - London 3 years ago today!

    Note the comments...

    (6 minutes)

    Humanity on its Feet | Oracle Films | London 24.04.2021

  • Medical Democide?


    Was the alleged pandemic an excuse to kill the elderly?

    Was it simple incompetence?

    Or something else?

    It's your view that counts.

    (72 minutes)


    (Presented by CHD, UK Column)

  • Lies, "Treaties", and Whistleblowers


    Fraud vitiates everything.

    Dr Mike Yeadon reviews the evidence for fraud in connection with the Covid "Pandemic" and the WHO power-grab.

    Not much new here but "lest we forget".

    And in a world in which fraud at all levels will likely soon become apparent to even the most somnolent of citizens, we would probably do well to remember this legal maxim, especially if we are called upon to exercise our right to self-defence against fraudulent "authority".

    Fraud on a global scale against the global population by a global mafia masquerading as authorities of all kinds requires a global and legal response in self-defence.

  • Mark Steele - Geordie Antidote to the Deep State?


    OK, it helps if you happen to be an expert in regional "English" (which I am not), but I just about managed to keep up with this one.

    Mark Steele of Save Us Now infamy, scourge of Gateshead Council, and electronic warfare expert who has forgotten nothing of his craft, shares his assessment of the current war of the Deep State vs the People with Ana Maria Mihalcea.

    Do give it a go, you are sure to learn something new from this presentation - once you get used to deciphering the Geordie.

    (65 minutes)



  • Parliament Debates Trends in Excess Deaths


    Dr John Campbell introduces, Andrew Bridgen MP hits it out of the park.

    (22 minutes)


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  • Neil Lays it Out


    Neil Oliver with another hard to hear monologue, asking many questions that will never be answered by any of the usual suspects.

    Pfizer, Cass, NHS... to name just a few.

    Have they no shame? 

    (19 minutes)


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  • Global Scares in Perspective


    Covid or Climate Change? Which is/was the greater menace?

    If either?

    And what of the future?

    (62 minutes)


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  • Messages From Japan and Helsinki


    (9 minutes)

    A Message from Japan to the World by Aussie17

    Delivered by Prof Masayasu Inoue, Professor Emeritus of Osaka City University Medical School.

    Read on Substack
    Dr Asseem Malhotra has also been testifying about the Covid scam in Helsinki.
    Read his testimony
  • Dial M for Midazolam


    Whilst reminding ourselves of the trials of lockdowns, behind the scenes some believe that worse horrors were being perpetrated.

    "At 6pm on February 25th, the UK Column livestreamed an eye-opening and thought-provoking symposium on the systematic use of Midazolam and morphine to end the lives of patients"

    It's your viewpoint that counts.

    (2 hrs 39 mins)



  • Time Flies, But Remember Lockdowns


    We all know that our memories fade over time, and most of us are probably only too happy to forget the lockdown idiocies (not to mention turmoil) that swept the nation, and indeed much of the world, in 2020.

    Yet if we so blithely discard our recollection of these restrictions, how will we be protected against such extremes in the future? Or could we simply rely upon the official Covid Inquiry to fill the gap?

    Surely the events of 2020 should be in effect a vaccination of the population that protects us from ever permitting such nonsense to recur in the future? No It wasn't exactly safe, but if nobody remembers, thenit will not be effective either.

    An important observation I suspect.

  • Pandemic? What Pandemic?


    The German Government has blown the lid off the pandemic narrative:

    "Hospital occupancy in Germany fell to an all-time low in 2020

    "There were no more severe respiratory illnesses than usual in 2020"

    "Corona came, influenza disappeared (Robert Koch Institute (RKI))"

    "Age-standardized mortality was not higher in 2020 than usual"

    "Mortality has only increased in 2021 (Federal Statistical Office)"

    "People who died with or from coronavirus were on average 83 years old, the other deceased

  • Arizona Republican Party to Brand the Jabs 'Bioweapons'?


    "The Arizona Republican Party is set to vote... at their state convention to declare Covid 19 and mRNA injections biological and technological weapons"

    "On Saturday January 13th, the Maricopa County GOP passed the resolution with 87.4% of the vote"

    It seems that the idea that these mRNA / Covid injections are "safe and effective" is taking a beating. Perhaps evidence and logic do hold sway over propaganda after all, even in the good ole US of A.

    If the Republican Party adopts these resolutions across other states (not unlikely given the support of the National Federation of Republican Assemblies) and (as seems inevitable barring assassination) Trump becomes the recognised official president of the Republic, I doubt that shareholders in quaxxine companies will be

  • Canadian Citizens' "Covid" Enquiry Final Report


    We have all been following the UK Covid Enquiry under Baroness Hallett to some extent, to determine how well or otherwise she will dig down to the matters that concern the population.

    The good Baroness has a long and distinguished history of being appointed to chairing enquiries into matters of national significance.

    Today we have news of a contrasting type of investigation that was conducted in Canada by what one assumes to be a self-organising collective of people throughout Canada, who set up a National Citizens Inquiry to look into the handling of the Covid event in that country. 

    It will be fascinating to compare the output (when the UK enquiry finally completes... ) of these two approaches.

  • Catastrophic Confusion & Obsessive Covid Disorder


    It has taken 4 years to move from Obsessive Covid Disorder to a point where we may now perhaps indulge in some rational argument about what really happened in 2019-20, and how we might actually more sensibly work in the future.

    Leaving aside all the technical virological and counter-measures arguments, it is apparent that the situation management of early 2020 where "the science" met "the government" in a conflicting and fast-changing muddle of overthrown pandemic preparedness and panic (which saw much of the former somehow displaced by much of the latter), this contribution by the good folk at the Global Warming Policy Foundation is, if not completely timely, at least on target.

    What has Covid got to do with Global Warming? Both involve serious interaction between "government" and "science", so should be subject to a set ofcommon principles.

    The authors' primary contention is

  • If You Are Still Hesitating to Give Your Kid the Shot ...


    It's been a while now since Covid hit the world, so if you are in the minority who still wonder whether you shouldn't just get on with it and take your child to the medics to get the protection on offer, then this quick read is for you!


  • A Tale of an Elderly Mishap


    So what has become of "our" NHS?

    A cautionary tale indeed, and some good advice to boot.

    "State-nominated priest is the Noctor. I am surrounded by so many, I no longer remember what all their acronyms mean. Nurse ACP & ANP, non-nurse PA & HCA, Paramedic FCP & AP, etc"

    Of course, you are not supposed to remember what all these TLAs mean. The only truth you need to know is that medicine has now been reduced to the application of protocols appropriate to the symptoms, each with its own specialist expertise and TLA.

    And if you have a handy test that can simply be applied and assumed to be 100% accurate regardless of the circumstances, then so much the better.

    Medicine has been rigorously oversimplified by managerial classes obsessed with reducing waiting times and maximising throughput and efficiency (not to mention simplifying construction of the

  • When Technocrats Sunk Their Claws Into President Donald Trump And He Rolled Over