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  • Zero Covid - Coming Soon?


    This utterly preposterous idea is, believe it or not, seriously being touted by those who think they can bully or manipulate us into accepting whatever they say as the gospel truth - or at any rate a plausible alternative to it.

    The AIER now feels compelled to take this absurd threat seriously, not because it has any merit, but because the associated politics has all the hall-marks of a totalitarian agenda that they would steamroller across the world whether we the people want it or not.

    "Those who follow this philosophy fail to recognize the glaringly obvious truth that suppression tactics have not succeeded because they run contrary to human nature"

    "The ZeroCovid proponents do not address the reality that China, Australia, and New Zealand have continually had to implement lockdown policies in response to new cases arising even after declaring victory over the virus"

    "No one at the Summit, or in any other context for that matter, has ever made a convincing case for elevating the coronavirus pandemic above all other considerations. There is a reason for this: the facts and logic all point in the opposite

  • UK Government Coronavirus Adverse Events Reporting


    The government has released it first report on the adverse events reported following UK Covid-19 vaccinations.

    The "Yellow Card" system records unsolicited reports of vaccine adverse events, as reported by members of the public. As far as I know these are analysed as reported without moderation or verification.

    Report any Coronavirus vaccine or other Yellow Card event here.

    Whereas the MHRA asserts that it has proactive systems for monitoring adverse events, the above Yellow Card system is not proactive, as it relies upon the initiative of members of the public (inclusive of healthcare professionals) to create reports.

    Read more about the MHRA's proactive systems here.



  • Actual Lockdown Results


    Lock-downs were instituted in the West when Neil Ferguson infamously predicted some wildly improbable death tolls if they were not. Notoriously, Sweden did not follow that advice, and lived to tell the tale.

    Ivor Cummins (of Fat Emperor Podcast fame) has given us the list of published papers which investigate whether lock-downs have worked.

    So don't hang back - plunge in!


    Of course Ivor is not the only one to have reviewed the literatures and identified similar papers.

    See also:  Another set of papers which explore the same topic.

  • Our Kids Are Just Collateral Damage


    I am greatly blessed to live in rural Hampshire, but that makes it easy to forget that many others are not so blessed.

    This video is a compendium of a small subset of the collateral damage, the subset that has children who cannot go to school, who are stuck at home with a parent, who have no friends to visit and no parties to be invited to.

    Kids are by nature resilient but there is a limit to their resilience when the oppression is never-ending - and we all know their tolerance of delay from the infamous question "are we nearly there yet?".

    Anna Brees has done us a service to release this small glimpse of misery on behalf of all the many who are similarly suffering. I hope some representative of "authority" is listening.


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  • When is a Vaccine Not a Vaccine?


    Dr David Martin explains that technically, some of the so-called vaccines for Covid do not legally qualify for the term since they do not operate like a "normal" vaccine (whether that works in UK law or not I'm uncertain):


    Towards the end, Judy Mikowitz hits the nail on the head when she says that it works by inserting instructions into your cells to cause them to generate a synthetic pathogen (not a virus) that will prime your immune system to create an immune response to that pathogen.

    That's all very well, but nowhere have I heard or seen it explained how your cells are subsequently prompted to turn off the generation of this synthetic pathogen when the immune system has been primed. In my simple mind, your body will continue generating this synthetic pathogen and your immune system will continue to mount its immune response indefinitely, or until it is overwhelmed. One can understand why one of the risks might be an auto-immune problem, but is it more than just a risk - might it not be more of an inevitability?


  • Corona-Religion and UK Lockdowns Policy


    Freedom or Lockdown?

    The AIER highlights two pertinent articles today, one extolling the advantages that freedom of choice confers on us if we have the wit to discern them, and the other suggesting why the UK government should (but obviously won't) end the lockdown in favour of the more nuanced tactic of protecting the vulnerable, which we may assume (although I would disagree) has been adopted in the policy of vaccinating the most elderly. The logical course would therefore be to now open up the tier restrictions and allow some better semblance of normal life to flourish.

    "The conclusion that because one’s knowledge of risk is extremely imperfect one therefore should undertake an extremely ambitious policy to eliminate that risk is absurd. Wanting to do something does not mean that one knows what to do, and to respond by trying to do everything means undertaking the impossible"

    ". . . command-and-control correlates with economic

  • Dr Sherri Tenpenny Predicts Vaccine Aftermath


    Vaccines are contentious. We love them or we hate them, or maybe we are still unsure. Nevertheless we now have to choose, sitting on the fence has become untenable.

    The government and Big Pharma are quite capable of putting their own case, but here we try to bring you different viewpoints, hopefully from reasonably authoritative sources.

    Dr Sherry Tenpenny is one such source and she has the happy ability to explain what she is talking about in a direct and understandable manner. Here she explains how the "trojan horse" mechanism works, and how she believes this works to attack the lungs:


    Dr Tenpenny's Blog can be accessed for more information.

    Read the PubMed article confirming the clinical risk and noting the need for fully informed consent.

  • Covid Crumble Commences?


    Del Bigtree of "The Highwire" fame documents the latest events in the Covid firmament. I know he shouts a lot and he's not perhaps a favourite to British ears, but - this could be a landmark edition that marks the start of the turning of the tide of Covid hysteria.

    Legal set-backs to the Covid mania are now popping up in the USA, Italy, Germany, and no doubt there's more to come.

    He also covers the never-ending hoo-ha about the reopening of schools - as in the USA, so in the UK.

    This is a pretty good reminder of where we have been, where we are now, and hopefully gives us a few pointers as to how this is beginning to come to an end.

    Highly recommended.

    You can watch it on The Highwire (where you can also pick and choose which clip/s you prefer) or watch the whole thing (1hr 45) below:


  • Call to Action


    I have no medical qualifications but I find it very difficult to disagree with the content of this video.

    I don't wish to upset anybody, but nor do I wish poor health or worse on anyone for any reason.

    It is I believe indisputable that these Covid vaccines have not been through sufficiently exhaustive trials to permit any judgment to be reached about their long-term safety, and on this ground alone they cannot be assumed to be safe. I am not alone in this viewpoint.

    Add to that the comparatively low numbers of elderly who were involved in the vaccine trials and it becomes clear that the efficacy and safety of these vaccines for this age group should not be assumed to be as high as for other age groups.

    Add to that the new mRNA technology upon which these vaccines are based has never been the basis for a successful vaccine previously (all attempts failed on safety grounds) - this is further cause for concern.

    Any one of the above reasons should be sufficient to label these vaccines as "experimental" and to prevent the roll-out to the general public, and especially to the more vulnerable elderly.

    Whilst this video from Irish

  • Jolly Green Giant?


    The Green Giant in question is of course the Great Global Warming Wangle whereby we are all asked to believe something that cannot be proved on the basis that "scientists" say so and we must accept absurd changes to our lifestyle that will further enrich the (already very seriously) wealthy and further impoverish and restrict the poor.

    If we thought that the Great Covid Terror had somehow superseded the GGWW then sadly it doesn't appear so - it has simply pushed it temporarily to the background.

    In so far as the GCT presumes on (a) our fear (of disease), and (b) our well-nurtured trust (in the NHS in loco imperatis), and harnesses both to deploy the full force of personal terror to ensure our compliance with arbitrary and destructive authority, it is following the exact same model as the "climate change" agenda. Additionally, by threatening an imminent and personal impact it is vastly more concentrated in effect.

    Even though the GCT is an obvious refinement of the GGWW,

  • The Applied Psychology Behind the Covid Project


    The current government advertising about the Covid "pandemic" is very long on emotional blackmail and very short on factual accuracy (in my honest opinion).

    I think we should be worried by this.

    The Government is a very powerful institution and if it isn't treating us, the citizenry (their employers), with honesty, then we have to ask serious questions about their motivations, and ask where they may be leading us.

    UK Column present a far-reaching interview with a former NHS nurse, which explores exactly this line of thought. I am a little surprised to note that this was recorded back in July 2020 - events since then have largely followed the predicted course, if perhaps not quite as fast as feared, so we should pay attention.

    "On 5th July 2020 I interviewed Debbie Evans, a retired NHS nurse and former government autism advisor, on the subject of 'Narcissists in Power and the Psychological Attack on UK'" - Brian Gerrish.

    Listen to the audio recording here (80 minutes).

    The Deaths of Lock-Down Revealed?


    A few days ago the headlines were full of the news:-

    "100,000 dead in the UK from coronavirus"

    The death-toll attributed to the Covid pandemic in the UK was on every masthead, and Boris was said to be "deeply sorry".

    Fast forward to today and we learn that the Government has published its December assessment of the impacts of both Covid the disease and the Covid suppression measures (with exclusions).

    I don't recall seeing any headlines about this report, but the figures are equally important even if Boris hasn't expressed his public contrition for them.

    As we might expect it is quite complex, but in an effort to make it more digestible I summarise below some of the findings in terms of "excess deaths" (table 2 on page 8 of the main report) as follows:

  • Dr Fuellmich Serves Cease and Desist Papers on Professor Christian Drosten


    Professor Drosten was the co-author of the Corman-Drosten paper which first described the RT-PCR test protocol for the SARS-Cov-2 virus. That protocol was quickly adopted by the WHO as their recommended test.

    That original paper was critically reviewed in November 2020.

    It pretty much goes without saying that if the test is flawed then so is the whole pandemic-lockdown strategy and quite possibly the pandemic itself.

    Dr Fuelmich has now taken the next logical step - to demand that Professor Drosten recompenses his client for the damage caused to his business

    Never mind this particular business - Governments may fall if this case succeeds.

    Dr Fuellmich is a German lawyer who also practices in California, where class-action lawsuits are possible.

    Read our recent report on his activities.

    In his letter to Professor Drosten he examines five fallacies that he identifies as contributing to the

  • Class Action Covid Lawsuit in the USA?


    Dr Reiner Fuellmich is a German lawyer who also practices in California.

    He is particularly concerned about the relevance of the PCR test when used as a means of assessing cases in the general population, and for the economic and personal damage caused by lock-downs.

    Read about his project (note: this is a German page translated by Google Translate - you may notice a few oddities :) .

    Also, watch this video:


    Like / Dislike this video here.

    Worth keeping an eye on - a successful lawsuit in the USA would have plenty of repercussions elsewhere.


    See our previous article.

  • SARS-Cov-2 - Asymptomatic Transmission - True or False?


    Recently we have seen many full-page advertisements in the British press which feature the claim(above a very disturbing image of an elderly person in an oxygen mask) that:

    "Around 1 in 3 people who have Covid-19 have no symptoms and are spreading it without knowing"

    Let's examine this claim dispassionately.

    Covid-19 is the disease caused by SARS-Cov-2 the virus. It is possible to have the virus without symptoms but to be recognised to have the disease one must have symptoms, so this statement falls at the first hurdle. Nevertheless, let us be generous and examine the alternative statement that:

    "Around 1 in 3 people infected by SARS-Cov-2 have no symptoms and are spreading it without knowing"

    One must assume that they have identified these people who didn't know they had SARS-Cov-2 from the widespread testing of asymptomatic people in the general population through use of the RT-PCR test, sometimes referred to as the "gold standard" of tests for SARS-Cov-2. This is the only test in widespread use.

    How accurate is the test for SARS-Cov-2?


  • America is Opening Up!


    Well, the truly cynical (yup, guilty as charged!) might think, now that Biden is installed in the White House, that the need for the Covid virus has gone away.

    But whatever the reason, the news that America is finally coming round to opening up is surely very welcome, as it puts pressure on the rest of the world to do likewise, and eases at least some of the relentless pressure applied to the population so far.

    OK, release is bound to come bundled with unwelcome restrictions that the powers that be will want to impose in order to take us further into "the new normal", but the days of lock-down must surely be numbered when the even the worst of the miscreant governors in the United States all start singing from the same new hymn-sheet.

    "we have actual experiments in openness right here in the US. Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and South Dakota have all been open since the spring of last year, with life continuing on more or less as normal. The results have been no worse and most often better than what we see in lockdown states. It’s almost as if the virus doesn’t care about your political solutions"

    The AIER has the story.

    Even the WHO is playing its part to

  • Bombshell! WHO Information Notice Undermines UK Government's Pandemic Narrative


    The WHO slipped out an Information Notice (coincidentally on the day of Joe Biden's "inauguration") which drives a coach and horses through the Government's pandemic narrative.

    We have been subjected to an unprecedented onslaught during January by the main-stream media, with regular double-page spreads ramming home the message that Covid is a deadly enemy that is spreading uncontrollably (during lock-down?) and burying the NHS in an alleged tidal wave of Covid patients.

    Even the Advertising Standards Authority has taken the government to task over its misleading advertisements!

    But back to the point:

    The WHO’s Information Notice explicitly concerns the PCR test that our government relies upon to identify “cases” of SARS-Cov-2.The WHO reminds us that:

    careful interpretation of weak positive results is needed” and that “as disease prevalence decreases, the risk of false positive increases (2). This means that the probability that a person who has a positive

  • World Doctors Alliance -Meeting 10th October 2020


    Introducing the World Doctors Alliance, meeting on 10th October 2020.


    It may seem a long time ago now, but the message remains valid. 

    This is not a battle for good health. This is a battle against the instilling of fear of an unseen enemy (virus) into the population at large through a continuous onslaught of emotional messaging driven by the global main-stream media outlets.

    When people are fearful, they are more suggestible and easier to control.

    The antidotes to fear are self-confidence, self-reliance, truth, logic, analysis, and good-will.

    Whether the suggestion of new Nuremberg trials will come to fruition is yet to be determined. It seems inevitable that it won't come via official channels, though perhaps something similar may eventually result from ever growing levels of popular pressure and political activism.

  • Covid - Project Fear on Steroids


    It was the Brexit campaign that brought the term "Project Fear" into common currency, but some may well feel that Brexit was only a warm-up exercise for the "Great Covid Fear" that now stalks the news media, and by extension the nation, and indeed seemingly the whole world.

    The "We are All Going to Die!" hyperbole might normally be regarded as a hysterical over-reaction to a coronavirus with a well documented survival rate well above 99% for the vast majorityof those exposed to it, but it seems to have inexplicably been taken at face value by governments and pharmaceutical industry alike in their headlong rush to panic the entire populace into accepting, nay demanding, vaccines which a leading expert has described as experimental.

    Indeed, compared with a normal vaccine development schedule measured in years, one measured in months surely requires more justification than the bland assurances currently on offer. The blithe acceptance of these jabs by the elderly speaks of either a herculean confidence in our government's "expert advisers" or a blind acceptance of perceived authority. I'm not convinced that this is going to end well for anybody.

    It's worth bearing in mind that we purportedly have democracy precisely in order to change our authorities when we lose confidence in them - hardly blind

  • Protests in Toronto, Amsterdam, Italy, Austria and 70K Homeless in UK

    2021-01-22 Update

    The AIER reports on restaurant and bar owners in Carlsbad CA deciding that they will open in defiance of lock-down.

    "They’re no longer going to allow witless politicians to destroy what they’ve worked so long to build. They’re going to open their businesses to eager customers"

    It will be interesting to see how this plays out with the "liberal" governments both state and federal.



    In no particular order:

    Protests in Austria as reported by The Local, Ruptly against the Covid restrictions still plaguing our world.

    Protests in Toronto as reported by Rebel News.