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 Free Citizen UK will treat each email received in reasonable confidence and will not share any information without reasonable need.

Free Citizen UK will not divulge any email information (ie: name, email address, town, message, etc) to anybody or any body except:

  1. Those who, as determined by Free Citizen UK, may reasonably require the information in order to satisfy a request made within the email, or within a previous email. If information is to be withheld from certain people or bodies then this must be clearly specified within the email

  2. Those who from time to time may be given administrative privileges for the purposes of security or maintenance or operational health of the Free Citizen UK website and its email records
  3. Where we are required in law to do so.

Our Free Citizen UK website and mail service is hosted by 1&1IONOS whose privacy policy may be found on their website (subheading: "Web Hosting").