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Deep Dives

  • Wales Awakes?


    Sovereign Wales - a political party that tells the uncensored truth as it sees it.

    And it isn't messing around - its fundamental analysis of the Kalergi Plan and the ongoing crises of migration in both Europe and the UK are extensive and in many ways persuasive - whether they are 100% accurate may be open to question as always, but they have evidently done a great deal of homework.

    Whether it is worth reading is a decision for each of us, but it is undeniable that they bring some hard truths and the results of some hard graft to the debate.

    Being fundamentally Welsh they take a slightly parochial view in terms of wanting full independence from Westminster. I would change the emphasis here - we English (also Scots and Irish) share exactly the same problems and we would be stronger working together than seeking separation - whilst I acknowledge that that may be easier said than done, we need all the territories of the United Kingdom liberated, and

  • Your Government Id is Awaiting Your Realisation


    The good news (as I understand it) is that you will be able to "seamlessly" identify yourself to the government (or any of its many agencies) on-line, all without quoting your Id number.

    The bad news?

    (7 minutes)


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    The government's digital id proposals (or "UK Digital Identity and Attributes Trust Framework beta version (0.3) updated 11th January 2023" as we should properly entitle them)

  • So, Despite the War in the Ukraine, the CBDCs Are in LockStep to Replace the Dollar Order?


    Despite the appearance of being at loggerheads over the Ukraine, Taiwan, and whatever other flashpoints may yet surface, and despite the BRICS countries moving ahead with their own basket of interchangeable currencies supported by "hard assets" and the Western nations still wedded to their essentially worthless paper, is there really uniformity of approach to base the new world financial system on the existing Central Banks and the Central Bank of the Central Banks, the Bank of International Settlements?

    Would that not simply leave the foxes in charge of the hen-house?

    "it was the West's sanctions that helped the BRICS nations achieve a long-held monetary policy objective, In June 2022 the BRICS member states announced their plans to establish an alternative to the IMF's special drawing rights (SDRs). A basket

  • Doctors For Covid Ethics - Fifth Symposium


    Doctors for Covid Ethics 5th Symposium - if it isn't here, it probably doesn't exist.

    I won't attempt to summarise - suffice it to say that whatever you want to know, its here somewhere, and if it's not here then it's in an earlier symposium!

    Wade in...


  • What will the Post-Reset World Look Like?


    It's possibly the most serious question of our age.

    That there will be a reset seems certain.

    Either it will be the WEF-UN Reset as envisioned by Klaus Schwab and we will all be subjugated into insect-eating human cyborgs, or those who would rule the world will be removed somehow or other. Various South American countries are showing the way, and the US patriots will no doubt strike at a time to suit their own situation. The US military are sworn to defend not the President, nor the Supreme Court, nor the Senate, nor the Congress, but the Constitution - and they abide by their own military law that predates the Civil Law.

    So let's assume that the WEF-UN-Central-Bankers-Global-Corporates get taken down / collapse from bankruptcy, as seems likely.

    With WEF-UN corporate puppets controlling every government, corporation, and "not-for-profit", when they all get removed what will happen?


  • A Dip into the Ancient History of New Zealand's Peoples


    An extraordinary tale of ancient wars, migrations, disasters and more migrations...  

    And turns up some remarkable linkage to places much nearer home.

    Truly the full history of humanity still waits to be completed.

    Part 1 (64 minutes) 


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    Part 2 (58 minutes) 



  • Thought for Health - or Docility for the Masses?


    This film is an education for our times.

    Fluoride - friend or foe? 

    Science - friend or foe?

    Propaganda - friend or foe?

    Governments - friend or foe? 

    Corporations - friend or foe?

    Is there anything new under the sun?

    Everything you never wanted to know about fluoride, where it comes from, who's involved, why it's added to our water supplies, what it does for to us.

    "The phosphate company pretty much polices themselves... "

    "... who in the world would want to drink water with this stuff in?"

    "... how do you shut down people's

  • One Nation Under Blackmail


    Whitney Webb speaks to James Corbett about the deep state fusion of intelligence agencies and mafiosi that seems to have come to rule not just the USA, but perhaps the whole of the western world.

    "... these are the people that are running most governments in the world today"

    (63 minutes)



  • Ukraine - An Historical Perspective


    This is a welcome diversion from the run-of-the-mill accusations of Russia bad, Ukraine good.

    The world is more complex than that.

    There aren't many considered and alternative voices out there that we can find, but these two protagonists do make a good fist of commenting on the current situation and setting what passes for our current western leadership into an historical context.

    Would that we could find such a discussion in the mainstream media.

    "This will put an end to NATO"

    Time for strategic thinking - what is our purpose, what is actually achievable, how could we best achieve that, what do we need to do?

    Before Ukraine and perhaps others are totally destroyed, we need people who are prepared to address the facts on the ground and do what is necessary - politically and militarily. 


  • The Big Story Behind the War in the Ukraine


    A new year, so take a step back to look at the story behind the tragedy unfolding away from our eyes in the Ukraine.

    Martin Armstrong, longstanding economist and investment manager, reviews the history behind the fall of the Soviet Union, the rise of Putin, the fall of the Ukraine, and the subsequent events that brought us to where we are now.

    "Follow the money".

    An outstanding conversation that tells us (or reminds us) of much that we should know if we want to make sense of this unfolding conflict.

    Essential viewing.

    (61 minutes)


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  • 2023 - The Year Like No Other?


    Kim Goguen is not a familiar name to most people.

    Ben Fulford has previously remarked that he thought she might be an AI bot! I guess she might at that.

    Some people may have heard of the QFS (Quantum Financial System).

    If Kim is to be taken seriously (and it's your judgement) then we should pay attention. What she is saying implies dramatic changes to the way the world works - my reservation would be that we will need a lot of guidance better tailored to our current circumstances if we are to relate to what is coming - trying to swallow the whole upgrade within a single presentation like this isn't going to cut it for most.

    We all recognise that we have to work within the system within which we exist...
     ... but what if that system is now obsolete?

    I do not pretend to follow all the ins and outs of everything that she

  • The Real Meaning of "Sustainable Farming"


    Setting the scene for the battles to come, Kate Mason explains the real intentions behind the UN's Sustainable Development Goals for Farming for 2030.

    Farming WEF-style that is.

    "We are in the middle of one of the largest psychological operations of our time, to invert our understanding of what is healthy... a focus on altering our perception of food from something that is grown naturally in the earth, to something that is synthetically engineered in laboratories... farmers are being demonised whilst massive corporates are dominating the markets with synthetic foods... "

    That isn't even the half of it.

    (17 minutes)


    Premeditated Genocide? Really?


    The evidence does seem to be mounting that the true intent and origin behind the Covid mRNA "vaccines" is quite different than we have been led to believe.

    I have no direct information but here are three reports which all seem to point in a similar direction.

    First up: State of the Nation bases its analysis on the American VAERS dataset, whereon anybody can report a vaccine adverse event (but maybe only < 10% do).

    "It’s of paramount importance to understand that every single physician and scientist in America has access to the official government data and information posted on the VAERS website"

    including "every department throughout the U.S. Federal Government, the U.S. Armed Forces and all affiliated NGOs", "every public corporation and private company, every medical center and hospital, every healthcare insurance company and risk

  • New World Order Incoming - Reminder


    This is a gentle reminder - this site covered the topic earlier in December, but another reminder is appropriate in the light of the severity of the threat.

    Serious threats certainly abound (war with Russia, unrest in the Middle East, expiring power supplies courtesy of sanctions on Russia that mostly hurt Europe, ever-growing uncontrolled illegal immigration (at our considerable expense), striking unions, freezing weather ...  )

    But just below the surface presented by the global news media, the World Stealth Organisation is moving laboriously on, expressing their intentions in verbiage of stultifying bureaucratic ambiguity which nobody wants to read, let alone attempt to decipher.

    Yup - I'm definitely a conspiracy theorist - but remind me - who abolished conspiracies and when did that

  • The Hidden History of Man


    "The Hidden His-Story of Man, Myth & The Mystery Babylon Religion of The Deep State"

    This may appeal to those who seek to relate the world in which we find ourselves to Biblical texts.

    It is clearly the result of much investigative work and much of it does seem to tie in with notions covered elsewhere on this site (though names and concepts may be rather differently expressed!).

    Let me say straight up however that although I have no axe to grind one way or another, and I am sure that the books of the Bible (and other ancient texts) are almost certainly founded on historical events, I don't see the need myself to investigate and firmly accept or deny their theses about the origins of man, the literal accuracy of the Bible, and about our current world - life is simply too short and I have other

  • Highwire Review December 2022 - 298 Bringing the Heat


    Highwire Episode 298 - Bringing the Heat

    A sitrep on where we have been,where we are now, what may be coming...  

    Yes it's long (but visit the highwire.comnext Tuesday/Wednesday when they will have loaded your preferred clip).

    (2 hrs 50 mins)



  • The Federation of State Medical Boards


    AKA "The International Association of Medical Regulatory Authorities".

    Maajid Nawaz explains the power pyramid that controls the global medical profession.

    "Both the international one and the American one are registered to the same office in Texas

    "The body that regulates all the medical boards and councils around the world...  it's... a private company... "

    "... the entire thing is a stitch-up... "

    (The first twelve minutes suffice to make the point if you're short of time)

    (96 minutes)



  • The WHO Pandemic Treaty Threatens Our Independence


    "The WHO and its expert panels have applied an all-encompassing approach in the design of this Pandemic Treaty; but in doing so, it is arguable they have created a scope of action that has no discernible boundaries"

    "The WHO struggles to retain impartiality, as described by the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly: Experts with conflicts of interest, particularly commercial interests, can influence its opinions and policy. Historically, this has resulted in a huge waste of public money"

    "In the U.K., we face the prospect of the WHO being able to police debate and influence policies in areas far removed from conventional definitions of health or health-related sectors"

    "The risk of blanket censorship is immense, and the likelihood is that censorship would be used as a lever to misappropriate public funds under the guise of

  • The China Enigma


    Is the West at loggerheads with China - or is it cooperating behind the scenes?

    This not surprisingly is a story that goes back many years, and which (also not surprisingly) features a pantheon of the "usual suspects".

    Brought to us by the Corbett Report, this is a deep dive that paints the background to the current world situation.

    Settle yourself with a nice cup of your brew of choice and - plunge in!

    (72 minutes)



  • Twitter Upstages Durham


    As Elon releases a tidal wave of information on deep state election manipulations and free speech suppressions, Martin Geddes summarises for us.

    "... confirming beyond any doubt what many of us have been saying for years: there is a “Deep State” alliance of government agencies, (quasi-)private organisations, media, and intelligence professionals engaged in mass censorship to cover up organised crime, notably crimes against children and treason"

    The end becomes ever nigher...