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Deep Dives

  • Medical Democide?


    Was the alleged pandemic an excuse to kill the elderly?

    Was it simple incompetence?

    Or something else?

    It's your view that counts.

    (72 minutes)


    (Presented by CHD, UK Column)

  • "Everybody Woke Up Today ... We Have No Defence ..."


    Scott Ritter explains exactly why he believes that the Iranian response to Israel demonstrates that the balance of military power has been reversed.

    (53 minutes)


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    This next video is an extended analysis of the military and geopolitical situation in the wake of the exchange of hostilities between Israel and Iran - including what it means for Europe and the Ukraine.

    Yup, it's a Scott Ritter overload, but if you want perhaps the best analysis available, what choice do we have?

    If you would know who controls you, see who you may not criticise


    "If you would know who controls you see who you may not criticise" -Tacitus

    (16 minutes)


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  • The Storm is Upon Us


    Pascal Najadi interviewed on the current state of the unseen war.

    "This is our last Communication before The Current Wartime President and our Commander-in-Chief of the United States, Donald J. Trump addresses the world today April 15th 2024 as the Commander-in-Chief and Supreme Commander of the current and ongoing Global Defence War Earth Alliance."


    (78 minutes)



  • Tavistock


    An ancient stannary town in Devon, home of the cream tea...  or something else?

    Mark Devlin spills the beans...   but beware, the rabbit hole runs very deep indeed.


    (82 minutes)


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  • NHS - The Face of Fascism to Come


    Ben Rubin explains "our" NHS, for those who haven't quite realised what has been going on for many years - under governments past and present of all stripes.

    Now we know exactly why the only "cure" for the NHS which is ever promoted by politicians is to spend more money on it. (Are we looking forward to our general election later this year?)

    So where does all this money go?

    And is money laundering the only problem, or is there more... ?

    (39 minutes)

    Delingpod Revisited

  • The Great Awakening - What is it?


    The great preachers of times gone by (one thinks of John Wesley, Charles Grandison Finney, Billy Graham, to name but a few of a great many) have been credited with prompting religious Christian revivals in times past, and I suppose that those revivals could reasonably be described as religious awakenings. Some might describe these men as Bible-bashers, since the Good Book was the primary source of their instruction. 

    No doubt they were also motivated by what they regarded as the shortcomings of their times and of the societies to which they ministered, and certainly their preachings included much fulmination against the sins of the world, set against the story of the birth and crucifixion of Christ, and his resurrection by which "evil was defeated" - and only those sinners who confess his name can be saved from "eternal damnation". Heady stuff (and in my view, not entirely accurate... read your bible carefully to see what Jesus is recorded to have actually said).

    Our world today seems by contrast to

  • Another Reason Why Renewables are just So Much Hot Air


    Has the onward march to our Net Zero future got  bogged down in the quicksand of government "incompetence"?

    Every passing day it seems that more reasons emerge to indicate that Net Zero is the impossible dream.

    The latest dive behind the scenes into what is actually going on (or not going on) comes courtesy of Fortune and Freedom.

    "Renewable energy projects are taking decades to connect to the electricity grid. High voltage lines are proving as popular as wind farms"

    You could say that it's gridlock.


  • Nuclear - The Inevitable Confrontation?


    One thing which it would appear we can all agree on - even if subliminally - we cannot trust our politicians. The old joke about "how do we know when a politician is lying?" and the fact that we deem it necessary to elect them anew every 5 years speaks volumes.

    Add on top the events of recent years when many previously accepted "truths" were abruptly stood on their head, and we were implicitly told to forget them, simply put this notion of trust squarely centre stage for us all to see.

    So with the Green New Deal floundering in a dearth of rare earths, and impossible mining requirements, yet many still believing the CO2 catastrophe nonsense, and Zionists the world over seemingly bent on more war...  nuclear, both as weapons, and as a source of power that might actually provide an opportunity to close the green delusion power gap, seems destined to take centre stage once more.

    But (leaving aside the weapons!) is nuclear as safe as it's cracked

  • Dr Shiva Meets Ivor Cummins ...!


    Dr Shiva Ayyadurai, US presidential candidate, systems expert, and general thorn in the side of the US/Global elite, meets Ivor Cummins - is this the ultimate clash of the opinionated?

    "Dr. Shiva is on fire! Super smart guy but he takes NO prisoners - get seated securely and strap yourself in for this one!"

    I can't think of a more interesting pair of great minds to address the greatest issues of our time, in what is working up to be this year of greatest global upheaval of our time, so this has got to be right up there with the "Do not miss this" greatest presentations that we have had the privilege to bring to you.


    (1 hr 44 mins)



  • "A Charnel House of Needless Death"


    "This four part series is intended as your briefing, under fire, to prevent a new European War, a collapse of the dollar, and the continuance of the mind destroying surveillance state"

    LaRouchePAC are taking the battle for all our futures to the US People and to Congress.

    "On Tuesday, April 9th, the U.S. Congress will return to Washington. $61.4 billion in new funding for the Ukraine War is the main item on the “must pass” Washington agenda"(my emphasis)

    UK and US governments really are committed to war with Russia, regardless of the inevitable consequences. War with a Russia that by any measure has already been grievously provoked. Russia knows who has done that provoking, but has not yet responded.

    Be in no doubt that they will respond at a time of their choosing.


  • Monetary Mayhem, or Monetary Revolution?


    It looks like we will get one or the other.

    The BRICS countries have already started the process of stabilising the global currency base by linking their currencies to hard assets, which makes them interchangeable at (relatively) stable exchange rates. A bit like (but not the same as) the old Bretton Woods system where participating currencies were linked to the US Dollar which in turn was linked to gold - and which started to fall apart when certain countries started to suspect that the gold which the USA was supposedly holding for them might not actually exist... and demanded it be delivered back.

    Bretton Woods was replaced by the "petro-dollar" whose value was supported (but not fixed) by other countries' need to use dollars to pay for middle east oil (from Saudi Arabia most famously).

    Now that much of the world's oil is traded in other currencies in place of the dollar, financial stability is become polarised - the BRICS (based on hard assets) are

  • It's Our Call, and Nobody Else's


    I gave up being a religious person a long time ago. "Spiritual" and "Religious" are words with variable meanings depending on your life experience - how are they to be interpreted?

    Why is the notion of "sacred" religiously excluded from all "science"?

    If science means anything it means "to know"... to know the truth about how the universe in which we find ourselves, the universe of which we ourselves are very much a part, how this universe actually works - and if matters sacred exist here at all, then an understanding of "sacred" is surely an intrinsic part of the "science"?

    Do such questions have answers? If so, where are they to be found?

    I don't always relate to "Stop World Control" because I normally find him too hectoring, too "in your face", maybe a bit too "melodramatic" to be persuasive, but at the same time I don't doubt his authenticity or his motivation - these are times to try

  • The Moscow Attack According to Scott Ritter


    Many people will have a view about the recent deadly attack on the Moscow entertainment venue, but Scott Ritter is a well-informed commentator with a life-time of experience. Always worth listening to.

    Sadly the sound quality is poor, but it's not disastrous.

    "The Russians know everything".

    Watch and weep - the perpetrators never stood a chance, rather like their victims. Will this go down as an object lesson in how not to mount a terror attack?

    (67 minutes)


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  • Russia Russia Russia


    This is a mighty long article that in effect seeks to unravel how the Great (Political) Awakening will emerge from the current course of global geopolitics.

    It's a big sweep and requires some determination to get through, but does it make sense?

    Yes, it majors on the political situation in the USA, a situation which even we Brits, observing from our remote homeland across the pond and beset with all our own problems (perhaps pale shadows of the problems of USA Inc), recognise as both improbable and intractable.

    Yet we share largely the same problems with many countries around the globe (immigration out of control, cretinous corporate/self-serving and yes dishonest and fundamentally unelectable politicians, dubious inordinately slow and expensive justice systems, local and national governments mesmerised by the WEF and Israel, etc).

    "They" want us to continue on the old old Left vs Right (now "Extreme" Right)

  • A Soliloquy for our Age


    Martin Geddes reviews his path of enlightenment, and shares his deductions with us.

    I doubt you would find such wisdom expressed so cogently at your local pulpit (but I wouldn't discount it altogether - " the Lord works in mysterious ways ").

    However, I'm not going to try to introduce this for you, it will either speak to you, or it won't.

    Take it slowly...


  • The New Corporate Panopticon


    When I started work back in the antediluvian 19xx's, every company had a Personnel Department. 

    Now no corporation has a Personnel Department, they have "Human Resources". Like we get mined out of the ground by huge machines somewhere remote where the pollution and habitat destruction doesn't matter, and the "produce" gets shipped in disgusting conditions aboard slave ships to France, from whence it makes its own perilous way across the Channel in cheap-as-chips expendable inflatables, to disappear across the dunes to populate the UK shadow economy... no names, no pack drill, no employer's NI.

    OK, perhaps I exaggerate slightly (but have you been to the slave mines yourself to check with your own eyes? No? Who are you to argue then?).

    C.J. Strachan (pseudonym) (an "HR Professional", so he should know) tells us exactly how it is in HR these days.

    Whilst not precisely how I outlined it above,

  • If You Want to Eat, Pay Attention!


    Richard Vobes is out on location talking to the bowler-hatted farmer.

    The UK currently grows less than 50% of our food.

    The government wants to phase out food imports by 2030, and is offering farmers incentives to take 20% of their land out of production and / or to give up farming.

    We don't need a degree in mathematics to work out the likely result... (and when did we vote for these idiocies?).

    Of course there may be reasons for these policies but would you plan for them?

    (32 minutes)



  • Watch Out! Climate Movie About!


    Save the Planet! 

    Watch the Movie!

    You know it makes (non)sense!

    "Tell me what I'm denying, because I am quoting... directly from the official UN scientific reports"

    Maybe they're a bit late to the party, but every little helps.

    "This film exposes the climate alarm as an invented scare without any basis in science. It shows that mainstream studies and official data do not support the claim that we are witnessing an increase in extreme weather events – hurricanes, droughts, heatwaves, wildfires and all the rest. It emphatically counters the claim that current temperatures and levels of atmospheric CO2 are unusually and worryingly high. On the contrary, it is very clearly the case, as can be seen in all mainstream studies, that, compared to the last half billion years of earth’s history, both current temperatures and CO2 levels are extremely and

  • World on the Brink?


    Regular readers will be familiar with the inimitable Ivor Cummins, who always seems to dive into the problems of the moment with precision.

    Today he gives free reign to Simon Hunt, who as well as being a relic of Empire also knows a thing or two about economics and geopolitics, which are in many ways two sides of the same coin.

    "... if the Fed instead of dropping rates, raises them, the market will be so shocked...inflation has not been defeated, and... the Fed knows it... "

    NB: We don't do financial advice on this site, so none of this should be so construed.

    (46 minutes)


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