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Deep Dives

  • "The Great NHS Heist"


    The NHS is lauded by many as our "national treasure" - much like the BBC really - and set up for ostensibly laudable reasons. Who would not want competent but expensive medical treatment free at the point of use?

    But did the NHS deliver?

    Well, here we are in 2023 and those on waiting lists may feel that promise rapidly receding over the future horizon.

    How far has the rot set in?

    "... it saddled the NHS with a toxic burden of debt... "

    Ah, debt... the cause of all modern ills it would seem. Who created that debt?

    "... the Health and Social Care Act... in effect in law abolished the NHS... removed the duty of the Secretary of State to provide health care" (see also the

  • A Tall Tale of Abuse of Power?


    Martin Geddes (yes, him again) expands the scope of his reporting, this time to relate a depressing story of power withheld, and indeed justice withheld.

    We have been following his battles over the TV licence fee and the supposed obligation to pay Council Tax, but this is a new twist; although I guess we shouldn't be surprised that there are other allegedly legal obligations that are conflicted in similar manner.

    Happily he hasn't sought to take on this battle himself, but reports on another's quest to maintain power supply to his home with a supplier of his choice.

    "It is a genuine scandal, and forms part of a much bigger scandal of how power companies treat us like serfs and ignore the law with impunity"

    "This is the critical point: NONE of these entities had any power to act whatsoever"

    I can't imagine that any major power company

  • Just Another Conspiracy Theory - Pay No Attention


    Like it or not, the US of A is still a force to be reckoned with, if only because of the myriad international connections that it has over recent centuries forged, for good or for ill, all around the globe, not least under Trump.

    Unlike the British, who since the "end of Empire" have been seen as a bunch of losers to be subsumed into the Empire of the EU by any means possible.

    LaRouchePAC have added to today's uncertain geopolitical climate with the bold assertion that in fact much of the activities of the American leadership (excluding Trump) have been directed from... wait for it... London.

    That if true would certainly give the lie to the notion that the UK lacks influence these days. Perhaps it counts as the UK's oft-vaunted "soft power"? Of course, just like America, the UK is not a monolithic entity but a wide collection of factions

  • The Science from NZ - for Those Still Baffled


    This presentation is from a whistle-blower in New Zealand.

    This interview starts with an emotional overload that, whilst understandable, doesn't add any information - to be cruelly practical, if you skip the first 8 minutes you will still catch all the important information.

    It puts the notion of excess deaths into perspective, all supported by the government's own data.

    (64 minutes)



  • It's Baffling - But Maybe Not Quite What You Think


    Ever been had?

    If you're looking for something but cannot find it... maybe you'e looking in the wrong place?

    (73 minutes)

    Watch here.

  • Are We Ready for Hypernovelty?


    Sarah Westall interviews Clif High, covering a great deal of ground in three parts.

    Parts 1 and 2 are freely available and linked below, part 3 is for subscribers to Sarah's paid substack. It's up to you whether you want to take out that subscription (although there is the 7 day free trial if you want it).

    This is a fascinating interview, not to be missed, not for the faint of heart, nor for the irreparably religious... and even the religious may wish to know what the others are foretelling.

    If you want a glimpse into what we may be in for over the next few years, I know (in my misguided opinion) of no better guide than Clif High, and Sarah asks all the right questions.

    Each video starts with a snippet from the interview to whet your appetite (which makes it seem a bit disjointed until you realise what's going on) followed by the message from her sponsor(s) (we all have to make a living) followed by the

  • Are we Subjects of a System of Subinfeudation?


    Martin Geddes asks how our system of government became corrupt, and notes how that corrupt system was legally ended with the execution of King Charles I. You may argue that what followed was no better, but that doesn't invalidate the legal principle, it merely describes the result at the time.

    Martin then enlightens us about an Act of Parliament passed in 1649, which may open a whole new can of worms...

    In the mention of this he states:

    "So 'we the people' are sovereign, and act as principal, delegating this sovereignty to government, our agent"

    Well, not as I understand it, although this does bring out another aspect of the corruption of our constitutional arrangements: Government and Parliament are emphatically not the same thing.

    Under the separation of powers, Parliament proposes legislation which is then

  • The Illusion of Reality


    At grave risk of alienating around 90% of my readership...

    ... today we explore what may (or may not) be the true nature of our earthly reality.

    Certainly in a world in which our mainstream media are adept at misrepresenting reality in order to sway our thinking in directions that our puppeteers wish us to support, reality has been shown in recent years to be elusive.

    It's a bit tricky to navigate this topic because it's so difficult (likely impossible) to prove what the true nature of reality may actually be, so ultimately we may have no way to decide one way or another... but perhaps that is the ultimate challenge?

    However we do have a (possibly "the") master "conspiracy theorist" to guide us in our quest, so all is not lost, it merely requires an adjustment to the controls of our mindset. Don't forget, if it all becomes too much, simply hit the STOP button and move on to the next article in our

  • Scott Ritter - on Israel and Everything


    Two videos featuring Scott today...

    Scott on Israel (hold on to your hat!) This is going to be very unpopular in official circles.

    Scott on Israel plus everything else - Zionism, American exceptionalism, free speech, Elon Musk / X, Scott Ritter's safety, and much more besides.

    Scott is one of those people with whom one may not always agree, but one does recognise that he is usually very well informed and he exhibits exceptional clarity of thought and presentation - and yes, sometimes he unhappily does get a bit overheated. Nobody's perfect.

    There is over two hours worth of material here, so choose how much you want to watch.

    First up: Scott on Israel vs Hamas, where lies the moral high ground, how is the Middle East reacting, how is the world reacting. If you are easily disturbed by forcefully presented views on Israel, you may take offence at this, but

  • To Solve the Israel-Gaza Problem, First Understand It


    I claim no special insight into the workings of the Middle East, other than what has been abundantly clear for many years - that the Great Powers have been manipulating matters in the region ever since WW1.

    The American Lyndon LaRouche apparently had a long-standing position on the matter, and since his passing, the LaRouche Political Action Committee has maintained his work, and comments on the current crisis from a relatively detached perspective.

    Is it accurate? I don't know, but as far as I can see it does largely fit the overall facts as we know them.

    Worth reading.


  • Eternal Gratitude to Our Great Leader, Klaus Schwab!


    Whatever you think of the World Economic Forum, the world is set on course for great change - the only question is, where will this change take us?

    Here we have a review of the future according to the WEF - there is of course another vision of the future, as recorded in the Bible, although that perhaps takes more effort to understand being written in rather more picturesque language that requires careful interpretation - a difficult task these days.

    So perhaps we have to choose our preferred psy-op - will we choose the WEF psy-op that seeks to persuade us that they have our future already wrapped up under their experts, or will we choose the anti-WEF psy-op which refutes the ultimate centralisation of all control over humanity?

    Whatever, here we are concerned mainly with the vision of the WEF:-

    Glory to the New World Order! Hail our Great Leader - Klaus Schwab!


  • Down the Rabbit Hole - and Into the Planet!


    (Let me start with the customary suggestion - readers are advised to read my other 'Down the Rabbit Hole' titles (use top left Search box), in particular Down the Rabbit Hole - 1, before continuing)

    This video is a round-up of many of the stories about what may lie beneath our feet, and who may have lived there, even who may live there still... there is now so much published information that it seems unreasonable to dismiss it all out of hand as "baseless conspiracy theory" - although it seems equally unreasonable to assume that everything published is invariably true!

    This idea actually has a long history of investigation and discoveries - ancient multi-story underground cities have been revealed in Turkey and probably elsewhere, even the lost civilisation of Atlantis was said to be linked around the world by subterranean railways... indeed they were also said to be more technologically

  • Tesla - Deep Dive


    Nikola Tesla is famous, even if our understanding of his life and works isn't all it might be.

    Most people may wish to know more about him. many would like to understand his inventions better, and a few might wish to take up his work and progress it further, but whatever your inclination, one must make a start somewhere, and perhaps this article is as good a place as any.

    Yes, it does explore whether Trump family members had any involvement with Tesla, but that's in the nature of an additional bonus on top of the basic thesis, so whatever your views on Trump, don't let them put you off.

    Warning - this is a magnum opus which you're not likely to digest in a single sitting! You are going to need to set aside some time for several sessions...


  • All You Didn't Want to Know About Sustainable Development, but Need to Ask


    The UN, WEF, WHO, and all their tireless workings for the future of their planet (keep your global-speak phrasebook to hand):

    (38 minutes)


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  • To Comply, or to Fight Back?


    This is the follow-on from Martin Geddes' "court case" over non-payment of council tax.

    It's a marathon rather than a sprint, but Martin isn't minded to give up when he sees that he is winning.

    I doubt that the council will want to go to a real court because by all accounts the real courts have already conceded that the tax is unenforceable, but they may no longer retain the initiative.

    Martin is doing this for everybody - his is the test case that should "blow the bloody doors off" even if mainstream media does ignore it, as is their wont with anything that challenges the status quo. There will be keyboard warriorsenough to get the news out.

  • If Your Dreams Don't Scare You ...


    ... they're Not Big Enough!

    Thus spake the narrator (not sure who!) of this video for the Awareness Foundation, introducing the Republic of England

    The said Republic I find difficult to understand, since they don't seem to have any short sharp videos or articles that I can feature, so this video, albeit 2 hours in length, will have to suffice.

    There are others from alternative channels to which I have also provided links (also over one hour long! butthis one is only 10 minutes - the other extreme really) , so you can take your pick.

    "Too simple!" I hear you cry...  but the best ideas are

  • What of Reality in the Middle East?


    With knee-jerk pronouncements from those who should know better coming thick and fast this Remembrance weekend, we can be sure that the headlines tell us nothing we can trust about the situation on the ground. Even the video footage can be faked, and reportage from those with axes to grind is unlikely to reflect any underlying truth in the round.

    Nuanced discussion of  complex situations is notable primarily in its absence, yet an accurate understanding doesn't come naturally from headlines and soundbites (especially given the interests controlling virtually all the western world's media companies).

    So we are grateful to Zerohedge for finding and publishing an almost impossibly difficult attempt to sort the narratives into some semblance of logical structure. I've no idea how close they come to the truth, except to say that I have found no better.

  • Is Trump All He's Cracked Up to Be?


    We have noted previously that the globalist conspiracy to dominate humanity is likely also running the opposition, as is their normal modus operandi. The primary suspect for this post is probably Donald Trump, who many believe, withconsiderable evidence, to be in league with the Q team to take down the "deep state". However, his recent unequivocal support for Israel in their actions against Hamas in Gaza may be shaking his anti-globalist credentials.

    "The Donald" has also blotted his copy book by his support for the Covid "vaccinations" programme, that has now lost much of its credibility, with lawsuits popping up in various jurisdictions to hold the medical authorities to account. It is this a...

  • So Are the Excess Deaths Really Caused by the Jabs?


    The inimitable Ivor Cummins discusses the data with Dr Pierre Kory.

    (29 minutes)


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  • Report from Acapulco - "Devastation"


    This video is from 28 October, just aftera relatively benign tropical storm suddenly turned into a raging hurricane (hurricane Otis) which hit a quite unprepared Acapulco, before immediately fading away to not much at all.

    This report is from a resident in Mexico, north of Acapulco.

    "Most people in Acapulco had already gone to sleep and no idea there even was a hurricane... "

    "... no help in Acapulco for anyone, and in fact they're blocking help from coming in... "

    "... there was no rain with this hurricane... the storm surge was absolutely massive... "

    "... this has defied