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Deep Dives

  • So You Think You Know the Basis of the American Revolution?


    James Logan, "the American philosopher you don't yet know", is featured by LaRouchePAC in this timely review of the philosophical roots of the American War of Independence.

    I confess it's a new one on me too - the more articles I research the more I learn.

    The soul of America is the notion that the Creator created us in his own image. Think about it - does this not mean that we have the powers of creation too?!

    Obviously not currently to the same extent, but in embryonic form, certainly.

    No wonder the globalists want to jab those powers to death any which way they can, because if they don't, we will overwhelm them.

    Interestingly, James Logan has his modern counterpart in John Rappaport, whose

    Jordan B Peterson Catches up with the State of Play


    Truckers in Canada, Truckers in the USA, Farmers in Europe, Migrants across the southern US border...

    The information war, the political war, the spiritual war... the war for the hearts and minds of the world.

    How are matters developing?

    "What do you think's going to happen in the fall?" - "Massive famine"

    (83 minutes)


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  • The Age of Convergence


    For those that have the time (!) this is another Clif High interview where the way in which technologies, AI, control freakery, neuroscience and aliens are coming together in ways that we may not fully appreciate.

    "... there are huge assumptions that are made about technology that are not valid... "

    "People have a misunderstanding about artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is really dumb... "

    "... we are just replicating what has already been on this planet in the past... "

    (98 minutes)



  • Covid - Where Did it Really Come From?


    There have been so many theories (conspiracy or otherwise!) that it's perhaps fanciful to think that there might be a novel and different idea to explain the Covid phenomenon - but here, direct from Down Under, is "the real deal" (well, until the next idea comes along... ).

    There's a lot of plausible science here (which I suspect few including me are qualified to judge), and slightly less plausible politics (bearing in mind that there have been not a few Covid-related patents uncovered from earlier years, and a lot of political water has passed under the bridge, since this interview was filmed); nevertheless the patents and politics are not necessarily totally irreconcilable.

    Is this why comets are said to be harbingers of doom?

    And why don't the vaccines work?

    "I never get the flu

  • Reminder of Professor Lockdown's Pseudo-Science


    It seems a long time now since those heady days of "scientific modelling", and the consequent lockdowns of the uninformed by the gullible.

    The Daily sceptic reviews what we now know of that "scientific" model, which was hastily "sanitized" (no, not that sanitizer) and published on GitHub so that all could examine its entrails.

    I reported on this in May 2020 (on a different site), and I am happy to say that I resisted any impulse to delve into the published code myself as such an enterprise would have kept me occupied full-time for an indefinite but certainly extended period. However, others did do so, at least to a limited extent, and their results are now, two years later(!), available.

    If you are of a mind, you can

  • Vaccinees Die, but the Jabs Sail on Serene under the MHRA


    We have to live with "the virus", and now we have to live with the jabs.

    Vaccine injuries and deaths are not misinformation (unless you count the pathetic under-reporting built into the MHRA yellow card and US VAERS systems and the apparent total lack of concern and investigation thereof by the regulators).

    It seems that no volume of "adverse events" including death by vaccine and "unexplained" excess deaths of the otherwise healthy from a range of other mysterious causes never before encountered, is now sufficient to derail the WHO-Big-Pharma-Government-Regulator deaf blind and uncaring juggernaut.

    We have already reported not dissimilar views from the BMJ.

    The Conservative Woman has been on

  • The Secrets of Mr Tesla


    Nikola Tesla is a legendary figure that few people might truly claim to understand.

    He may or may not have given this interview to a magazine, but maybe there is some truth in it - of course, that is for you to contemplate.

    Sadly it's a rather wooden presentation, but it's what we have.

    "... the universe is alive in all its manifestations... "

    A "deep dive" indeed:

    (36 minutes)


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  • Is the Fed Still on Firm Ground?


    The Federal Reserve of the USA is traditionally regarded as the most influential national central bank in the world.

    Due to its latest decision to raise interest rates, and to the huge volumes of financial securities it purchased under QE in earlier times of lower interest rates, the book value of those securities has taken a significant hit. They don't pay as much, so they would sell for less, giving the Fed a loss should it either decide or need to sell them. Technically it could decide not to sell them until interest rates drop again, thus avoiding realisation of any loss, but a forced sale before then would realise the loss.

    So will the Fed now run at a loss? Would it matter?

    Might it even become insolvent? What would that mean?

    These are a few of the most important questions of our time, and the AIER thoughtfully publishes an exploration of the implications. 

    Ukraine - How Did We Get Here?


    Prof John Mearsheimer tells it as he sees it in this well-researched polemic. What is the history behind the invasion of the Crimea, later of the Ukraine, and Putin's ambitions for that country?

    He presents a pretty comprehensive analysis of the politics economics and military situation, but this is founded on the traditional viewpoint that the Biden administration, comfortable in its political bubble of perceived invincibility, isn't about to collapse under the combined weight of the Bidens' alleged criminal activities in the Ukraine, and the possible decertification of the Nov 2020 election result.

    That assumption, although unspoken and perhaps unfounded, is critical, since without Biden in place any new administration would likely

  • This is not a Turn-down, This is a Take-down


    As everybody knows there is a public narrative, and there is a unspoken agenda, effectively cloaked by the public narrative (or so say all of us conspiracy theorists!).

    This is the financial war between the "insiders" and us the "outsiders".

    And who better to spell it out for us than Catherine Austin Fitts, who has been trying to wake us all up for some time.

    "If you look at what these guys are up to, death is not the worst thing that can happen to you. Do not fear death. Fear slavery in a transhuman society"

    "They knew. They knew a week ahead of time"

    "There was only one choice, and that was to lower life expectancy"

    "When you get your pension, will it buy you a carton of

  • Clif High - Deep Dive from Evolution to Devolution


    Clif High is always good value - he is so knowledgeable that we are sure to learn something interesting, and he has this knack of putting matters into historical context so that it makes sense.

    Here he is with Sarah Westall expounding on a range of topics that defy coherent description, but which all impact on the current state our world today. You won't even notice as he segues effortlessly through his topics to explain his perceptions.

    Part One

    (51  minutes)


    Part Two

    (98 minutes)



  • Judy Mikovits Unloads on Stew Peters


    Judy Mikovits first came to prominence when she clashed with Toni Fauci and lost.

    Since then she has remained in the background but never stopped her work.

    Here she spills the whole hill of beans on the Stew Peters show - and it's worse than anybody has so far explained.

    "What is it that they hope to... gain from all of this?"

    "What is it that is moving all these people to go along with this mass murder?"

    (33 minutes)



  • GeoEngineering - Deep Dive


    We've all seen the jet trails in the sky that somehow spread into a haze across huge areas.

    They are not condensation trails - those quickly evaporate in most conditions.

    Our government has denied (2020) that they are are involved:

    "The government is not deploying SRM, and has no plans to do so"

    - but that rather begs the question: "who is doing it, and why?" and maybe "why are you so unconcerned?"

    (4 hrs 28)



  • What We Are Up Against


    Dr Mercola has been beating the drum for real scientific medicine for many years, and Patrick Wood is the expert on the transhumanist agendas adopted by the WEF-UN partnership and presented in coded inoffensive terms with which at first sight nobody could disagree. Who would not want the world to be fed, to be healthy, and to be empowered? If only the envisaged actions would support such noble objectives!

    "The COVID pandemic was a coup d’état by the technocratic cabal that is behind the global takeover agenda, referred to as The Great Reset"

    "The Great Reset ... agenda is to implement a global type of totalitarianism based on technocratic and transhumanist ideologies"

    "Technocracy... requires social engineering to work ... Controlling the populace is crucial"

    Open the Gates for Pandemic Prevention


    Bill has laid it all out for us - all we need to do is just read his book to receive his wisdom - fortunately it has been published just at the right time to help us deal with the very serious threat of Monkeypox. Can this threat be countered before it becomes a pandemic?

    Of course all the usual suspects are queuing up to tell us how he is totally wrong and his solutions have been disproven, most recently by the response to the Covid pandemic, but we should remember that this isn't just Gates speaking, he has a great wealth of authoritative people behind him (the WEF, the UN, the WHO, plus sundry similar bodies that characteristically don't make the headlines, such as the Trilateral Commission, the Club of Rome etc, plus many distinguished academics such as Professor Neil Ferguson, and the full weight of the pharmaceutical industry), so we should pay close attention.

    For an untimely review of this book by some who do seem always to be at the forefront of those usual suspects,

  • Covid Review - What is the Truth?


    The truth has been in short supply in recent years, perhaps especially in the scientific journals, so it's with some surprise that I note the publication of this highly critical editorial by Russell L. Blaylock (retired neurosurgeon) in a prestigious journal, Surgery Neurology International.

    It's a wide-ranging and thorough review of all the horrors that the "pandemic" was used to unleash on us.

    Some relevant points below but these are a long way from illustrating the full breadth and depth of the article, which pulls no punches.

    "Cancer patients are being told they should get vaccinated with these deadly vaccines. This, in my opinion, is insane"

    "It should be noted that no studies were ever done on several critical aspects of this type of vaccine"

    "Previous experience with the flu vaccines clearly demonstrates that the safety studies done by

  • Some Legal Distinctions that May Surprise


    An interesting excursion around the basics of modern law - we should all be aware if we are to take responsibility for our own lives.

    OK, this is US-centric but much of it also applies to the UK.

    It also sheds more light on the relationship of courts to banks and postmasters...

    "You know what we haven't done the last 100 years?

    "We haven't corrected any of their errors"

    "This government works off of unrebutted presumption"

    "What is the legal definition of the word 'legal'?"

    "It is the undoing of God's Law"

    "Policy Revenue Collection Agent"

    Do not miss...

    (2 hrs 25

  • The Cosmic Hoax


    In Down the Rabbit Hole 7 - The Conscious Cosmos we introduced Dr Steven Greer, who has been investigating paranormal activity and the relationship with undisclosed government projects for decades. 

    Whether you believe what he has to say or not, it is a fact the Donald Trump publicly announced the formation of the United States Space Force whilst in office, and it is the stuff of legend that the US military has been unable to account for prodigious quantities of money that have mysteriously "gone missing" over many years.

    "Connect the dots" as they say.

    This is where UFO controversy meets real world politics and global conspiracy theories - and I don't use that term in any disparaging sense - nobody ever abolished conspiracies to my knowledge nor did anyone ever have that

  • The New Normal Dictatorship


    I exaggerate only slightly - this article is actually entitled "The UK New Normal Dictatorship" but in truth there is nothing UK-specific here.

    "This makes it difficult for some people to recognise the nature of the totalitarianism that is being stamped upon our societies. This is a technocracy, more akin to the neocolonialism of a mega-corporation than history's previous autocratic military regimes"

    It has actually been about the corporations for a long time, as the British and Dutch East India Companies attest.

    "The G3P is a web of multinational corporations, tax-exempt foundations (philanthropists), private investors, think tanks, governments, non-governmental organisations, civil society groups and alleged charities"

    It is now so complex (not to mention ever-evolving and mutating) that

  • Clif High Delves into History, Suffers a Unscheduled Interruption


    The religious persecutions of the Cathars in the dark ages is an horrific tale, and caused many to flee for their lives. Essentially the Catholic church, the "Holy Father", mounted a crusade to exterminate them as heretics (since they would not bend the knee). Maybe they were onto something, in fact it's hard to think from Clif's exposition that they could agree with the Holy Father on anything very much.

    Once you have listened to this you may not agree with the Cathari either, but Clif certainly spins an engrossing story that ultimately affects him personally, the world of medicine profoundly, and the world in general totally.

    If Clif is right (and I suspect he is pretty close) then we will all have a great deal to both  learn, and to unlearn. There won't be any escape, so - bring it on!

    (83 minutes)