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"Alex Collier has been disclosing this information for 30 plus years. We are now finally being given the chance to make our own minds up"

This is reportedly an interview from 1994. I haven't verified that statement but I don't have a reason to doubt it.

This presentation has startling relevance to the situation today. Parts of it are disturbing (don't worry - no graphics).

If you have not yet done so, please read the following before continuing:

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OK - the film below begins the task of sewing these aspects together to form an incredible and frankly quite unsettling whole.

It's an interview that if genuine would provide a measure of validation for several of these "out there" theses that many routinely dismiss as "conspiracy theories", in as much as it would confirm that these are ideas that haven't just recently been invented to mislead us all.

In my ramblings around the net in the last few years I've come across various "outrageous" theories that most of my family friends and acquaintances would dismiss out of hand (as might I a few years ago) but my feeling is that evidence is building that some of these theories should be promoted to at least be worthy of serious consideration - they have not (to my knowledge) been disproved, and therefore in logic cannot be dismissed.

Nevertheless it's pretty clear now that the internet lens through which we now view the world is capable of presenting just as much mis-dis-information and propaganda (both intentional and unintentional) as the MSM, so it's still impossible to know the truth. This is in principle just another video uploaded in 2021, so it's only different in as much as it really does look like a digitisation of a real film shot prior to the 'internet rampant'. If so it appears to lend some additional credibility to the ideas presented both here and elsewhere.

These theories are not new.

It starts out outrageously enough, but stick with it ... by the time he had finished I was thinking he could have made it yesterday.

Is he on the right page? That's your judgement.

For my judgement, he's worth 40 minutes of our time - he's presenting his understanding and it probably contains some truth and some errors. He's human after all, and his subject matter is hugely complex and vitally important. I'm glad he shared it with us.

"Grow up ... open your eyes, open your ears, take responsibility for your life, take responsibility for your planet, and realise this is your home, this is your race, and that if you ... are sincere in making the effort to evolve, they will meet us half-way - but they're not going to come in here and do all the work for us"

"The single most important thing is: the love that you withhold is the pain that you will carry. We have got to start coming together as a race, we have to stop allowing ourselves to be manipulated"

Whatever you think of this, it's a tour de force.

(41 minutes)


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Here is another short video from January 2021, covering similar ground from a more positive aspect. Will the world come together?

(6 minutes)