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  • WHO Bid for World (Medical?) Domination


    Give us the money and all the authority we could (and will) ask for, because then we can save the world! What could possibly go wrong?

    " ... you will not find one mention of any aspect of a political system in Brave New World - not one! There was no government, there was just 'scientific' management - this is the mind-set of these people - you don't need government, you don't need representation of people, you don't need a constitution... "

    Is this not exactly the mindset of those 'scientists' that are currently working our politicians strings?

    We have mentioned this proposal before but this video covers more ground with more immediacy - well worth your attention:


    More from the Resurrection Tour, this time in Cheyenne (15 minutes):


    Read more about the Tour.

  • Another Story the Mainstream Don't Want to Touch?


    "Analysis by the Herald on Sunday of public contracts show more than 160 were awarded by the NHS, Scottish Government, local authorities, and others directly to suppliers without any competitive process"

    And here we were thinking that it was just the Matt and Michael show that featured this sort of entertainment.

    Mahyar Tousi breaks the story:


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  • Sidney Powell Reviews the US Election with Doug Billings


    It's now a (relatively) safe distance from November 2020, things have, at least on the surface, settled down a bit, so now perhaps is a good time to take a (relatively) dispassionate review of the whole sorry affair.

    As we might expect, given the magnitude of the stakes, it's still not realistic to find an impartial team to speak about it (and it wouldn't be half as interesting), so we have Doug Billings talking to lawyer Sidney Powell.

    I find this a revealing interview, and I think you will too:


     Watch on Bitchute.

  • Ofcom - Defender of (the Ministry of) Truth?



    "These comments are sickening to read and show that much of the public has been deeply programmed by the fear propaganda and psychological manipulation that we, the press, perpetuate on behalf of our government"

    If we think that censorship of the mainstream media does not (yet) happen, then UK Column have some news for us. An anonymous whistleblower lays out his personal statement in plain English for all to see. His primary concern is for the Covid scare-mongering, but if it can happen for one topic it can happen for any. Being polite he attributes much to ignorance and group-think, but how can these be considered valid excuses for any competent journalist?

    Facts4EU.org is also dipping its toe into the censorship debate.

    What has this got to do

  • A Nurse Resigns


    This anonymous piece was published in Conservative Woman (31st May).

    I assume that they have verified the author's identity, and on that basis I am happy to bring attention to it here.

    "... I am utterly dismayed and disheartened by my profession and with you as our governing body..."

    "... the reality and truth of this alleged crisis are readily available for anyone to find and investigate for themselves, not least you, a body that should have been doing just this..."

    This is a comprehensive demolition job on her professional institution, the Nursing and Midwifery Council. I am certain that they are not the only professional institution to merit similar criticism.

    She is no less critical of her erstwhile employer:

    "... for me to speak out about these injustices and to be a true advocate for

  • High Court Rules: "Gove Broke the Law"


    The Good Law Project has been pursuing the government for judicial review of the way in which Covid-related contracts were placed in apparent contravention of the legal requirement to award contracts without bias towards specific suppliers.

    This is the second victory for the Good Law Project, who earlier won a not dissimilar case against Matt Hancock.

    "The Court found that the decision to award the £560,000 contract to Public First was tainted by 'apparent bias' and was unlawful'"

    Eugenics, 4th Industrial Revolution - the History


    "These people have formed a technocratic infrastructure with a reach and a wrongheadedness that boggles the mind, and when the implications of their policies are realized, terrorizes the heart"

    Matt Ehret is a Canadian who ranks as one of the top historians when it comes to 20th Century politics as effected, as opposed to as reported.

    Eugenics - the idea that it is desirable and possible to "improve" humans by allowing only some people to produce children

    Transhumanism - the theory that science and technology can help human beings "develop beyond what is physically and mentally possible at the present time" (or do they mean that they can be monitored, even controlled by central AI systems to perform as required by the elite?)

    Some may think that transhumanism is just a logical

  • Dutch Politician Drops Covid Red-Pills on Parliament


    Fear not - it's subtitled!

    Succinct and sparing no philanthropists . . .  if only we had an MP capable of doing the same in our house of compliants!


  • Nuremberg on the Isle of Man? Really?


    "In exactly three months time, we intend on the Isle of Man, to hold a new 'Nuremberg' trial, such is the scale of evil that has gone on with the Covid con"

    "... these are public courts, they are ours to ensure that justice is done, and because in summary we are looking at crimes that are off the scale across the world we have to have eight words that really condense this down... "

    "... a new 'Nuremberg' trial, not a military trial, not a legaller solicitor trial, not a distraction trial, but one where we assemble a jury... " [I may have misheard 'legaller']

    "... commencing 11:11am on 1st September 2021"

    "... the last two words are "no jurisdiction" because the courts today are private, they are commercial, they are maritime... they only try pieces of paper... "

    And the eight

  • More Illegal Migrants Welcomed by Border Force


    Migration Watch draws attention to the larger numbers of illegal migrants crossing the channel now that the weather is more clement.

    You would think that illegal migrants would take steps to avoid the Border Force and disappear quietly into our green and pleasant land of promise . . .   the reality is very different. Not for the first time, the French navy reportedly assist:

    "BBC reporter Simon Jones described seeing a small boat with 12 people on board being followed by a French vessel until it reached UK waters"

    where obligingly "the Border Force arrived about an hour later".


    If this isn't a taxi service I

  • Dr Shiva Takes Twitter to Court for Collusion with Government


    We have reported on this case earlier - in short, when Dr Shiva was running for elected office in Nov 2020 he was deplatformed by Twitter. He went to court:

    "Following the deplatforming of Dr.SHIVA, testimony and hearings in Federal court elicited how government and Twitter have created an infrastructure for government to launder censorship of speech through Twitter"

    The case continues, and those who are interested (if they do this in the States then who would like to bet that they don't do it in the UK?) can follow the case on the case web-site created by Dr Shiva, who is representing himself (I guess he wants the job done properly and to his satisfaction).


  • The Fauci Emails! (Don't Question the Virus ...)


    The Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN) has published the emails of the (in)famous Dr Fauci, who has recently been pushed into a corner by Senator Rand Paul and more or less had to admit that work at the Wuhan Institute of Virology may have contributed to the release (deliberate or inadvertent) of the "SARS-CoV-2 virus".

    I have put the latter in quotes because even after all this time and after following as much of the science as I reasonably can, it still isn't clear to me that such a virus actually exists. None the less these emails do seem to exist (and if you are tempted to try to download then it's around 650Mb

  • Arise USA - Resurrection Tour - Lexington


    This is the tour stop at Fahmeier's Farm, Lexington, MO.

    These guys seem to have it just about right - but they have the advantage of us in the UK in as much as the have a relatively clearly written Constitution which is widely acknowledged as the authoritative basis upon which their country is run.

    We in the UK could do with something similar but we do have our traditions, our Magna Carta and our Bill of Rights, and work is being done to explain how all this fits together - we need to encapsulate it into its essentials.

    Below we present the video of the presentations at Fahmeier's Farm, and below that we have the tour leader Robert David Steele providing an update on what tour is about and how it is progressing.

    There is much here that applies to us in

  • Globalism - Modern Day Imperialism with the World as Empire?


    Susan Kokinda introduces a session with Michael Steger (LaRouchePAC) in which he discusses the historical and geopolitical aspects behind the current global situation.

    Whilst much of this is old news, and presented in a rather dry academic manner to boot, it does place much of what is going on today in context - dissolution of the nation states,subversion of science with scientists as infallible dictators,world "over-population" and what to do about it?

    Not to mention the surprising sources of funding that it now appears went into "gain of function" research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology...


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  • Reiner Fuellmich interviews Brian Gerrish of UK Column


    Here they discuss the psychological background to our governments' management of the Covid situation.


    There is a lot of ground covered here concerning the way in which our government now uses what amounts to covert methods to manipulate public opinion in all sorts of areas, so make yourself comfy with a cup of tea, and notepad if required.

    It isn't difficult to follow once one realises what is going on.



  • Hundreds (of Thousands) March in London for Freedom from Covid Restrictions


    Depending on your choice of news media, London was quietly uneventful yesterday Saturday 29th May or a few hundred demonstrators marched somehwere or other, or there was a violent confrontation in the Westfield Shopping Centre, or maybe some hundreds of thousands marched against Covid restrictions - nah, that wasn't on the Beeb so it was obviously fake news.

    Except that even though it somehow didn't make most of the major news outlets, it did definitely happen - I was there, as were many non-main-stream news media.

    The march started just after 1pm from Parliament Square, up Whitehall, past Trafalgar Square, up Charing Cross Road, along Oxford Street and out to White City, Shepherds Bush, Acton, and back to Shepherds Bush (where I sank gratefully into a Central Line seat for the trip back).

    Everyone was good-natured, some were a bit noisy (there were times when I could have done without the deafening whistles), all were well-behaved as far as I could see,

  • Rule of Law - or Arbitrary Rule by Politicians?


    Brian Montieth writing in the Scotsman asks the pertinent question of our times that should be on every journalist's lips these days.

    Where are we going when our politicians interpret the law for their own convenience instead of impartially upholding the law of the land?

    Perhaps we should be asking this same question of the Police, and the Crown Prosecution Service as well, particularly as it falls to the police to impartially uphold the law on our streets. We seem to be on a slippery slope, and not just in Scotland.

    Why are our MPs in Parliament not discussing these topics? They are supposed to hold our government to account on our behalf, yet they vote along party

  • Media Mass Manipulation


    This topic is perhaps little mentioned - it is taken for granted by proponents of the status quo and is an assumed article of faith by the deniers of the status quo. So the two sides do little other than assert the correctness of their proposition.

    However, whilst the faithful have historically outnumbered the disillusioned manifold, the numbers marching across the bows of the BBC last Saturday 15th May bear witness to the idea that this is changing. People are crossing over to the disillusioned in significant numbers.

    The Government's handling of the Covid phenomenon has certainly contributed to a loss of faith in the impartiality of our media, and the fact that they have been almost religiously on-message over the past year illustrates very well that for whatever reason (and we can't discount the idea that daily full-page Covid advertisements may have been influential) the mainstream media is