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Free Citizen

  • German Insurer Hit by Huge Rise in Vaccine Claims


    As if more evidence were needed, the German Techniker Krankenkasse insurer confirms that claims for vaccine damage rose form 13,777 in 2020 to 437,592 in 2021 - based on confirmed diagnoses.

    "Approximately 11 million people are insured by the Techniker Krankenkasse. 473,593 cases of medical treatment resulting from vaccination thus amounts to around one in every 23 people vaccinated, assuming all 11 million are vaccinated"

    Need one say more?

  • The Boer Rebellion


    Halve livestock, cut nitrous oxide.

    The story of the Dutch farmers' battle to stay in employment, despite new laws that would close them down in huge numbers.

    It is easy to criticise this film as being long on confusing scenes, long on emotion, and perhaps short on explanation, but I guess like many they are learning their trade from a standing start.

    "More and more normal people are coming with us... they see that it's not OK what they are doing"

    "I think Europe is going to go down, civil war is going to start"

    (42 minutes)



  • Neil Oliver - Time to Face the Truth


    When nothing the governing classes do works in our favour, perhaps it's time to consider that it is deliberate action to attack us, rather than simple incompetence.

    Hard to argue.

    (11 minutes)


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  • 6029679/21 - Update from Mark Sexton


    Update from the Telegram Channel 6029679/21:


    "Update today, Friday the 12th of August 2022.

    Since July the 20th 2022 and our visit to Charing Cross police station.
    (Another 30 day ban from 13/07/22 just finished).

    1, no contact or update from The Metropolitan Police, no contact from inspector McManus, email received from PC Clark dated 23/07/22 confirming receipt of emails with the new evidence from Dr Wagh and Canadian data analyst Christine Massey. Nothing at all since, despite the many promises to engage and provide updates.

    2, reply from Baroness Hallett’s team regarding the independent public inquiry into the pandemic.
    “They suggest I contact the police if I am alleging crimes are being committed”

  • The Ecology of the WEF is Bunk - Revelations Accelerate


    Clif High in one of his more direct and lucid expositions confirms the impracticality of the WEF designs for the future, why they must fail, and how humanity must survive the next winter(s).

    The coming crucial months will be interesting.

    (29 minutes)



  • Lest We Forget


    I haven't posted that much on the Covid Vaccines recently because (a) if you still think they are beneficial you are very fast asleep and (b) repetition clogs the site unnecessarily.

    Still, it's still true that the vaccines all seem to be both criminal and poisonous so we feature this reminder from the Daily Sceptic for those who may be new to the idea, or who may be unconsciously bending back toward the oft-repeated narrative propagated by the corporate-media-crony-government axis.

    The two salient facts are that:

    (a) Covid is no worse that the flu (and evidence strongly suggests that it was indeed the flu, rebranded) 

    (b) the vaccines are unnecessary at best (and evidence strongly suggests that they kill many more people than would have died without them, and

  • China Eyes up Taiwan ... and Joins Russia Against the WEF


    The CCP was created originally by the western "swamp" to spread communism in the aftermath of WW2 (some allege) and to become the test bed for technocratic population control methods.

    The WEF has since been created to form the public face of the swamp-owned western corporates who intend to achieve world dominance through their Great Reset via control of the UN.

    What we don't know currently is the state of control of the WEF backers over the CCP within China - the recent "Covid lockdowns" in Shanghai and elsewhere were probably connected with internal political purges - what we don't know is who was purging whom.

    But Russia is not known for its support of the WEF and it does appear that it is cooperating with China to form a financial and trading power block that is ostensibly based upon the free cooperation of independent nations, rather than nations that have been surreptitiously controlled by the swamp since WW2.

    Meltdown in the US?


    Not to be outdone in the Meltdown Stakes, the USA is also becoming overtly rebellious about the overreach of its Federal Government.

    "Gone is any pretense of “serving” the public. That’s been replaced with the tyranny of lording over the public, threatening them, coercing them or just shoving guns in their faces to loot their belongings like what happened at Mar-A-Lago"

    The FBI raid on Trumps residence is not the cause, but the proximate trigger that is galvanising the States to serve notice that they won't stand for it any more.

    Is it all a storm in a teacup? Apparently not:

    "The IRS [Internal Revenue Service, approx equivalent to our HMRC], for example, is running help wanted ads for tax enforcement agents who are “willing to use deadly force” against the American people"

    Of course, the Constitution is clear -  the Feds have strictly

  • Zero Gas, Zero Carbon, Zero Food, Zero Life


    What's not to like?

    The European governments have driven themselves into this cul de sac simply by their knee-jerk reaction to Russia's activities in the Ukraine - activities that should have been predictable given the history of that region.

    The UK may be outside the worst of it for now but if we keep stoking the flames of war by sending ever more arms to Zelenskyy (which he may be using to shell a nuclear power plant!), we won't be outside for long.

    There is no reason (other than paranoid NATO generals and a corrupt-beyond-belief US administration) to continue this war - we should be pressuring Zelenskyy to sue for peace on the basis of self-determination for the regions involved. The UK acknowledged this principle when we gave the Scots their IndyRef - we have no cause to prolong this war further and it is demonstrably not in our or Europe's

  • May You Live in Interesting Times!


    As the summer heatwave drags on and we contemplate the fate of the nation and of the world, a little diversion down the memory lane of English History serves to put our current travails into perspective.

    If like me you never achieved more than 25% in History classes, this short summary serves the triple purposes of reminding us of the far more trying circumstances of our ancestors, the insignificance of the incidental historical dates with which we were force-fed at school, and the enduring use of convenient narratives, pushed by the various protagonists for their own profit and convenience rather than for the good of the population.

    Yes, we live in interesting times today, but perhaps not half as directly interesting as those of our forebears (although perhaps slightly more global in reach).


  • Covid is Gone - Long Live the WHO?


    Is it possible for the world to be secretly under martial law and never know a thing about it?

    Most of us would say no, I'm sure. There would be soldiers in the streets and it would be "Papers Please!" everywhere wouldn't it?

    Or would it?

    After all, few countries in the world have anywhere near enough troops to do anything like that, and the push-back from the public would be unmanageable. It would only need to fail in one country and others would be following suit - nobody wants authoritarian government except the authoritarians.

    So what are the would-be authoritarians to do? 

    We know from recent Covid experience that they happily resort to propaganda, "nudge units" and similar fear-based tactics to persuade us to imprison ourselves and

  • David Scott Tells it How it Is


    Davis Scott, stalwart of UK Column, tells us something about his history, reviews how he got involved in journalism, and spills a great many beans about the state of the British State today.


    (54 minutes)



  • The New Age of Heresy


    "There are conversations that we should be having"

    Quite so.

    Andy Thomas is an accomplished author, event organiser, presenter and free-thinking human being who challenges conventions and debunks the need for compliant thinking.

    His style is to present both sides of an argument, sometimes to the frustration of those who think the argument already over, but quite in keeping with his objective of encouraging us all to inform ourselves, to question the narratives that we are fed, and to form our own views of the world.

    We should all be aware of Andy.

    (71 minutes)


    Is the Bank of England Back on Track?


    The B of E is forecasting increasing inflation, allied with a recession, and has raised interest rates into the teeth of the oncoming financial storm.

    Nigel Farage, discussing the issue for South Bank Investment Research, is (as one might expect) unimpressed. 

    Now I don't want to endorse any financial commentator but Nigel is essentially a politician and this is a result of the political decisions of the last.... well, half century at least. We may not share his views but he makes some good points.

    One can interpret the entrails until the cows come home (as almost everybody undoubtedly will) but taking into account the medical narradigm that the WHO (most likely in alliance with the NHS) still hopes to impose on us this autumn (Monkeypox anybody?), what this really demonstrates is that our global systems (political, economic, monetary,

  • Mar a Lago "Raided by FBI"


    One supposes that the FBI must have had a reason to do this, the only question is whether it was a good or a bad reason.

    After working and cooperating with the relevant government agencies, this unannounced raid at my home was not necessary or appropriate

    For a "former" president of the United States to be raided is unheard of.

    If this is a prelude to his arrest, I can't think of a better way to provoke a civil uprising in America.  

    (3 minutes)



  • John Pilger Speaks to the South China Morning Post re the Ukraine


    This video is a month old already - but he presents his views in a calm measured fashion, and Julian Assange gets a mention.

    He also brings a historical perspective to the changes that have taken place in western journalism over his career, and how he sees the political situation in Australia.

    "We must be sceptical of absolutely everything"

    (20 minutes)


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  • It's a Drag - But Is It a Benefit?


    "Drag Queen Story Hour is a Cultural Shift... "

    It certainly is. But is it more than that?

    Confusion reigns here - are we talking drag or are we talking LBGTQ+, or something else entirely?

    It is true that parental judgement is paramount here - if no parents let their children attend, what then?

    But there are serious questions about the appropriateness of inviting pre-pubescent children and immature teenagers to view non-mainstream (yes, most kids do still grow up to be heterosexual) sexualized "entertainment" (or should that read "propaganda"?).

    The idea of exposing immature kids to LGBTQ+ ideas in combination with men pretending to be sexually-charged women strikes me as a surefire recipe for sowing confusion.

    Some might consider that getting kids used to getting up close and personal with a man in a sexual

  • Another Discredited Undead Idea Disinterred


    • Reducing collisions
    • More opportunities to walk or cycle
    • Improved health and well-being
    • Safer streets
    • Safeguarding the environment

    So what could all this be about?

    "Reducing emissions from transport requires fundamental change that reaches deep into society and the lives of individuals"

    And there I was thinking that if we all bought electric cars the emissions would cease... apparently not.

    Of course, if we all have to drive around in 3rd gear, we know that from past experiments with 20 mph limits (and speed humps) that the emissions will go up due to the inefficiency of the infernal combustion engine at higher rpm (although those few who can afford to drive electric vehicles may indeed use

  • Central Banks Digital Currency, Gold and Silver, and Cash


    Greg Hunter (USA Watchdog dot Com) interviews Catherine Austin Fitts about her Year in Review, in which they discuss cash, gold and silver, and the incoming Digital Central Bank Currencies ("... they are not currencies... ").

    "... these guys have created a global money-pumping system which is completely above the law... "

    (Is it just me that finds the system that CAF is describing redolent of the global "rules-based order" that Theresa May was so keen to enforce?)

    Of course the Central Bankers would love to implant us all with micro-chips so that they can control our spending and thus control us - and we won't be able to buy or sell any good or service without this "mark of the beast", otherwise that control would be imperilled.

    "One thing the Bible makes clear is it will at times look hopeless, but it

  • "Hello Humans!"


    Yes, it's the indomitable Clif High with some more well-founded observations about the state of play today, and first up:- a quicky on why we all need to support CASH.

    Of course, many of us are already on board with this idea, but it's a useful reminder.

    (8 minutes)


    Next up: how the narradigm has been fixed for centuries to keep us where the elite want us:- willingly at their beck and call.

    Yes, it's a composite of "narrative" and "paradigm" and probably overdue, so I welcome it as perfectly expressing the concept of a paradigm that's based on nothing but a (quite possibly bogus) narrative.

    As ever. Clif throws in an illuminating history lesson for free - is there anything this man