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  • Neil Oliver On A Roll (or two!)


    Comment from me is superfluous - Neil is far more capable than I to expess his views.

    (12 minutes)

    Watch this video on the "green agenda" here.

    (YouTube doesn't permit it to be embedded! Perhaps you should be protected from too much straight thinking?)

    (11 minutes)


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  • Lord Frost - Is Net Zero Compatible with Mass Prosperity?


    Will Lord Frost be the last honest politician standing?

    "Lord Frost delivered the 2023 Annual GWPF Lecture to an audience in central London on the evening of Thursday 25th May"

    "... 30 years dealing with the EU gives you a very good nose for bad economics, for lobbying, rent-seeking, for la pensée unique, for corporatism, and indeed for a suspicion of capitalism and markets... "

    "... whether we in the West can sustain the confidence to face our challenges and to succeed as the world’s leading economies and societies... "

    Quite so.

    Where does confidence come from? 

    Do we become

  • Cornwall Ups the Anti!


    The fight is moving from the national level to the local level.

    Local councils will now be in the firing line, and Cornwall has thrown down the gauntlet, "pledging its support for local farmers and the role they play in the local economy".

    "There is no county farm that survives solely from arable in Cornwall"

    "The motion in Cornwall was first proposed by Conservative councillor... and was passed almost unanimously"

    Tories take note.

  • CDN Reviews the History of Climate Catastrophe & Colonialism


    A useful review of the Climate narrative (as currently pushed by the UN IPCC World Bank etc) in the context of colonialism - and the new eco-colonialism...

    Those who would turn off the "fossil fuel emissions" and free the impoverished colonies should take note - freeing them from the dread fossil fuels also frees them from the burden of reliable power supplies, without which prosperity will always remain elusive.

    (21 minutes)


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  • Life is an Urban Network?


    Some might say that life these days is whatever you can get away with.

    Mark Anderson writing for UK Column gives us a quick tour of the U7 - the urban seven network of cities that some think have ideas above their station, harping back to the times of independent city states that existed before the formal concept of the nation was forged by agreement, by war, or by any other means of extending the reach of one's power.

    We sometimes forget that the nations of Europe were originally far more fragmented than they now are.

    But whilst the U7 does seem to hark back to those times, we do have to ask ourselves how much legitimacy they have in the eyes of their citizens? After all, they do seem to espouse the top down dogma of the globalists rather than the bottom-up aspirations of their people (ULEZ anybody?).

    And is that not the primary battleground of our modern world? The Globalists want top-down one-size-fits-all

  • World Population Now on the Brink?


    It has been known for some time that as populations become more wealthy, their birth rates fall.

    Pile on the damage allegedly done by the jabs, and what do we get? 

    Do the "Greens" at the WEF have this alleged imminent world overpopulation thesis completely upside down?

    (7 minutes)


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  • Green Dunderheads?


    And so say all of us!

    The truth will out - but we have to out it.

    (19 minutes)


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  • A Rant for Our Times from North of the Border


    The control grid is collapsing in the face of unprecedented publicity, but it will not go voluntarily, it will go only through non-compliance, defunding, and whatever small victories we can each secure through legal peaceful and persuasive means.   

    "In my long life I have never before experienced such overt political corruption, flagrant lying, censorship of free speech, authoritarian tyranny and demonic evil as we, the people, have been subjected to over recent years"

    (And that's before we get on to the grooming of our children from age 3 upward by the WHO through their network of "non-profit" foundations whose material is eagerly promulgated throughout government-sponsored

  • Good King Charles' Charitable Enterprises


    I have (perhaps somewhat tastelessly) remarked previously that it can be difficult to discern the practical difference between Charles being led by the WEF and the WEF being led by Charles.

    It doesn't really matter since they are apparently joined at the hip, and invariably push the totally fascist concept of government and corporate oligarchs uniting their efforts to bring in a global New World Order, all for our own good of course. 

    You might say that there is nothing intrinsically wrong with that, but there is - and that is that all development, other than that approved by those who rule, is blocked and we all become slaves to the ruling elite. Life in recent centuries has been an uneasy compromise between top-down control and bottom-up innovation, but the paucity of new innovation that actually threatened the elite has been notable. Yes we have had lots of innovation (TV, phones, smartphones,

  • How the Hell Do we Get to NetZero - And if we Can't?


    Some logical analysis of the evidence, from the redoubtable Nick Hubble (for whom I have the greatest respect) of Fortune and Freedom.

    It's not just the green/not green argument - it's how we do it, and the truly silly thing is that nobody seems to have come up with a feasible plan.

    Sadly, being silly has never been a bar to political promotion (some might even think that being both gullible and plausible is a primary qualification for an ambitious politician), so we can't just say that we won't believe it because it's too preposterous.

    We choose what we believe for better or for worse, and what we think and what we believe influences others, so it behoves each of us individually to choose very carefully when the stakes are as high as this. Going with the flow is no safeguard against the idiocy of our politicians.

    Policy comes into it, so does civil unrest, so does consent, so does timing, so does economics,

  • A Happy Earth is a Prosperous Green Earth!


    As ever, those who would rule the world, together with their dupes and accomplices, have it exactly backwards - the way to green the Earth is through more CO2 not less!

    We know this from satellite photos, and the totally dismal record of failure of the predicted climate apocalypses that somehow never materialised.

    NetZero Watch celebrates 52 years of never getting it right, both for our entertainment, and for the necessary instruction of those who haven't been around that long but have suffered the indoctrination offered by our out-of-control education system.

    Was learning ever this much fun?


  • A Telling Question ...


    This is a quicky - you only need to take in the first few minutes to get he drift (and it's only six minutes in all!).

    (6 minutes)


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  • Richard Vobes Investigates High Conspiracy


    Dane has been investigating climate engineering for seemingly ever.

    Dane plus Richard provide a very level-headed conversation - Dane does have a tendency (in my view) to come across as a zealot rather than a unbiased scientist - but if we listen to what he says, a little zealotry is understandable.

    Richard is the perfect foil for his tendency to an excess of emotion.

    "Climate engineering... is about power and control - period"

    "These are patented processes - we have these patents at geoengineeringwatch.org, we are not guessing"

    (47 minutes)


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  • The Great Global Warming Theatre


    Or, as the bard didn't say:

    "If Warming be the means to power, drone on - give them excess of it, that surfeiting, the people may weary, and so comply".

    Whether you appreciate my doggerel or not, this con has been fought for many a year, as evidenced by this informative video from 2015.

    Eight years on, it's time to listen.

    Unless of course you put implicit trust in that unaccountable club of oligarchs, the WEF.

    (73 minutes)


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  • Net Zero Subsidies? Don't be Silly!


    Given that the windmills and solar panels have been supported by subsidies for many years whilst they got established, one might be forgiven for thinking that if they still need subsidies to be competitive then matters are not working out as expected, and it is now time for a serious "drains up" review of where it all went wrong.

    But governments time and again have demonstrated that there is no limit to which they will not stretch the actualité in pursuit of their favoured projects, no matter how much money they have to extract from our pockets in order to do so. The green delusion is no different. 

    NetZero Watch is on the case as always, speaking truth unto deaf power, and pointing out that the reformed power pricing and tax mechanisms devised by "our" government to keep the whole tottering power supply functioning - despite the manifest destabilisation inherent in the chosen "green" methods of generation - will hit the poorest the hardest (whilst doing nothing to reduce the fundamental need for gas

  • Net Zero Clamp-Down Coming?


    So the UN's IPCC is stepping out into the fray once more, stating that:

    "An 80% global reduction in CO2 emissions is needed to limit warming to 1.5°C", 

    and quick off the mark, our doughty civil servants have

    "modelled a way to reach the target by 2042" including a "50% reduction in meat and dairy consumption, a 15% cut in air passenger levels compared with pre-pandemic levels, and the widespread acceptance of heat pumps in homes"

    not to mention the ever popular Low Traffic Neighbourhoods, insect-burgers, and fluoridation schemes to keep us all owning nothing and happy as Larry.

    And of course no mention that as the UK's emissions are already insignificant compared with the ever-growing emissions of India and China (to name but two), the whole exercise is completely pointless even on its own terms.


  • Problem - Reaction - Solution



    Andrew Bridgen MP addresses an empty House:

    (24 minutes)


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    Reaction - Solution

    Richard Vobes ruminates on the latest situation:

    (21 minutes)


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