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  • Smart Oceans - 5G Under Water?


    Well, we now have 5G in many cities, and 5G in space courtesy of Elon Musk, so where else is there to put it? (and don't say underground!).

    "without any publicity, governments, research laboratories, and commercial and military interests were collaborating on plans to create “Smart Oceans” and the 'Internet of Underwater Things' (IoUT)"

    "They did not consult the fishes, whales, dolphins, octopuses, and other inhabitants of those depths"

    Well, I guess they don't speak the language, so how could they?

    "The goal was to enable broadband wireless communication from any point on or in the oceans to anywhere else on the planet or in space"

    I suppose that this amounts to a marriage (not for the first time) of extreme cleverness to utmost stupidity. I wonder how long it would be before a pod of orcas would take a dislike to such equipment and

  • Lord Monckton Spills the Beans on Climate Change , courtesy of Hearts of Oak


    A wide-ranging and highly revealing discussion that lays out the origins of the Climate Change agenda as set up by the communists within the bowels of the KGB...

    Have you ever wondered where Vladimir Putin stands on this?

    "This is the final assault of totalitarianism on the West..."

    Well worth our time, and very entertaining to boot. Enjoy!

    (87 minutes)



  • We Need More CO2 - Not Less!


    Heresy! Arrest that man immediately!

    No, not me Guv - it was Daily Sceptic wot done it...

    Well actually, I must confess my sins - I did once stand before Extinction Rebellion and proclaim the virtues of CO2, so I may not have used the same words precisely but it wasn't much different. To be fair to my audience they heard me out politely enough, but it was noticeable that all the other speakers on the panel were decidedly "on-message", just not on my message.

    So it is with approval that I feature this recent article from Chris Morrison which threatens to stir up the Climate controversy just when we thought it safe to embark on 2022. At least it makes a change from the Covid narrative.

    Come to think of it, it's only really a change of complexion - they are both

  • Energy Emergency Means Economic Disaster


    "... energy bills could double or... treble next year"

    "The government should suspend costly Net Zero plans as a matter of urgency and put energy costs and security of supply at the centre of national security"

    "natural gas prices in the UK are nearly ten times higher ($35/MMBtu) than they are in the US"

    The solution?

    "If the shale gas moratorium was lifted tomorrow, it would take at least 12 months to get the gas flowing. But the Government needs to take strong steps now, in order to send out a clear signal to investors. Otherwise the energy and cost of living crises will become permanent... "

    Net Zero Watch makes the case.

    Gas in Europe Costs 14 Times the Cost in America?


    It's always tricky to do price comparisons across different countries - there are so many confounding factors to consider. Still, the recent samizdat from Net Zero Watch assembles a case from many different press articles which all point in the same direction - governmental policy based on pursuing the phantasmagorical "net zero" destination is both doomed to fail and costing us all a great deal of prosperity in the process.

    "lack of wind leaves EU on the brink in energy crisis"

    Worry yourself silly here.

    Those of nervous disposition should probably wait until after the holiday / lockdown, whichever materialises.

  • Energy Charter Treaty - Ungreen & Unwanted but Unfazed


    What Energy Charter treaty? Never heard of it

    Investigate Europe draws the veil aside...

    "After two years of dialogue, no deadline has emerged to reform and modernise this pact, which allows big emitters to sue states for enacting green reforms"

    To me, that sounds like a ball and chain around the ankle of the green agenda. 

    So it's no further surprise to know that many states are seeking to renegotiate the treaty to permit more "clean green" energy and less "unclean" energy, and still less of a surprise to learn that the "big emitters" are dragging their feet.

    "Just in Europe, the treaty protects

  • Trends in Polar Sea Ice Not Compliant with Predictions


    Another reminder that the great global warming narrative is cooling by the day arrives from the GWPF this morning. It seems that fears for the imminent drowning of polar bears due to lack of sea ice may have been overdone.

    Professor Bates (Adjunct Professor of Meteorology at University College Dublin) pours some cold water (so to speak) on modelling that predicted ever more reductions in sea ice around the poles.

    Could it be that climate models are no more accurate than Covid models? 

    Now it is true that the professor is a meteorologist as opposed to a climatologist, so he may not know what he is talking about, but I'll leave the reader to decide how much importance that factor should be accorded.

    The GWPF has the story.


  • NetZero Watch Calls on Boris to Declare Energy Emergency


    "We have only one way out in the short term, and that’s for Britain to start using the UK’s massive gas resources... "

    Red rag to the green lobby bull?

    But do we really want to hamstring the entire nation this winter by continuing to pretend that all fossil fuel is the work of the Devil, and we'd rather freeze and stay at home for the highly dubious proposition that such an act of self-flagellation will help save the world?

    More likely it will just encourage the Indians and Chinese to build yet another coal-fired power station, knowing that we in the UK are too stupid to realise that we are giving them the freedom to do so!

    Like all government initiatives, energy policies that they hope will lead us to "Net Zero" do have unintended consequences.

    If they would only get their

  • What Climate Science Tells Us, What It Doesn't, and Why It Matters


    The Global Warming Policy Foundation's Annual Lecture

    by Professor Steven E. Koonin, New York University

    Based upon the science as published by the IPPC.

    (43 minutes)

    Prepare to be surprised!


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  • Climate, All is Well, All will be Well


    CO2 is not a pollutant. It is essential for life.

    More CO2 means more greening of the Earth - what's not to like?!

    The Bruges Group brings us Jeremy Nieboer, author of the book "Climate, All is Well, All will be well.

    This site welcomes all level-headed contributions to the climate debate, a debate which in my view is not a debate at all - it's just propaganda, and you can't debate with propaganda.

    Jeremy is a very gentlemanly presenter, but listen carefully. He makes very pertinent points which everybody should grasp - about the science, the pseudo-science, and the politics of

  • You will Own Nothing, and be Happy (to Eat Insects?)


    Briefings for Britain step out into less familiar terrain today with their article on the latest proposals to put a tax on meat "to stave off climate change".

    They apply the time-honoured technique of verify-by-approximation to test whether the assertions being made by various (not necessarily disinterested) parties in support of this notion actually stand scrutiny. Do the numbers stack up?

    Well, (this to be read in a slow and deliberate 'countryfied' accent!) "Oi think the arrrnser loies in the soil":

    "Soils contain more carbon than plants and the atmosphere combined, using agricultural practices to sequester carbon would be better for the environment than taxing meat. According to the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation sustainably managed soils can sequester up to 2.05 giga-tonnes of CO2 equivalent per year"

  • The Biomass Charade Has to Stop


    The Drax power station used to burn coal. It was converted to burn "biomass" (wood pellets) at some cost because wood pellets are "renewable". But does "renewable" mean "renewed" in the aggregate?

    In any event, they are not renewable quite as quickly as they are burnable, so unless vast numbers of trees are newly planted so that the annual biomass reduction is more than matched by annual biomass regrowth...    the whole basis upon which this "netzero" "green" fuel is consumed falls apart - and that's before we consider the carbon costs of mining and transporting coal or gas against the costs of growing felling drying pelleting and transporting Lithuanian or American forests to the UK.

    Lets us arbitrarily assume that 10 million trees are pulped into biomass annually to feed a power-station. If each mature tree takes 10 years to grow, than we would require a forest big enough initially to provide biomass for ten years, in this case 100 million trees minimum.

  • Year 2000 US National Climate Assessment - Assessed 2021


    The year 2000 US climate assessment predictions for the two decades to 2020 have been themselves assessed for accuracy of prediction.

    The result?

    (22 minutes)


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    "In all the time it's been in business... it has never gone back and asked how its past model simulations turned out..."


    "World's top climate scientists told to 'cover up' the fact

  • Netzero Wind as COP26 Wraps Up


    "yesterday, 3 November, saw a new record for the total daily cost of balancing the GB electricity grid. The previous record of £38 million, twenty times the current daily average, was smashed by a margin of £6 million, with the new record standing at £44.7m"

    Actually, yesterday was 2nd November, so I assume a spot of finger-trouble at the key-board face, but no matter. The costs of net zero are coming home to roost, both in terms of money and unwanted CO2 emissions from that dirtiest and most demonised of fuels, coal.

    The cause? Low wind. Yes, yet another confirmation that on many occasions, the wind doesn't actually blow. Tranquillity reigns. Should the nations activities also come to a stop? A few more similar days in the middle of winter will no doubt concentrate the mind in due course.

    Netzero Watch

  • GOP Rep. Donalds Shocks Room Into SILENCE When He Exposes Truth About Climate


    Pertinent comment on COP26 (6 minutes):

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  • View from the Street - GBNews Speaks for Millions


    Neil Oliver on GB News skewers the Great and the Good - done to a turn.


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  • History According to Fulford - 31-Oct-21


    A quick skip through history to set the scene for COP26 in Glasgow (without Russia, China, Japan).

    Wuhan "had 10000 5G transmitters"

    Extreme lock-down, imposition of "vaccines", global green plan.

    So the Big Corporate '99.9%' are doing all they can to stave off their bankruptcy.

    More countries are becoming independent of the globalists - this is huge.

    Will the COP26 fall apart?

    Watch the video here.


  • Regenerative Agriculture: The Catalyst for Restoring Soil Health, Combating Climate Change, And Creating Economic Resilience


    Whatever your stance on Climate Change, this presentation has much good sense to offer, so pro or anti, this presentation is recommended for you.

    Healthy soil and improved crop yield can only be a good outcome regardless of the associated draw-down of that old devil, carbon.

    What "Big Agriculture" will make of it all is yet to be determined, but clearly elimination of the over-use of pesticides herbicides and artificial fertilisers may cause indigestion in some quarters. 

    Be that as it may, this is a stand-out presentation that demands to be seen. I suspect it may change your view of life on earth for ever.

    (1hr 45)

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  • News Round-Up 25 Oct 2021 - Covid Incoherence - More £Billions for NHS


    UK Column as always give us a round-up of the current Covid situation, as well as the COP26 "climate emergency" propaganda status.

    An excellent programme which we think deserves as wide an airing as possible:


  • The Greater the Sweep of the Title, the Less the Incumbent is in Charge


    We rely on our government ministers to know what they are talking about.

    After all, if they are not properly advised then who is?

    So when they openly tell the most extraordinary fibs we really ought to be worried. And when they fib about the costs of the national energy supply upon which our economy depends and upon which we depend in order to meet our basic needs for cooking, keeping warm, and travelling, then we really ought to be extremely concerned.

    It really isn't good enough to say that "Oh, well, it's all about going green and we know that they have been spinning the yarn of all yarns about the need for change and the benefits of windmills and the need to subsidise the initial investment in order to kick-start the market and the world will end in six months if we don't JUST DO AS GRETA TELLS US"... 

    This has been going on for so long now that we are well past our brow-beat-by date.