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  • Nigel Speaks - The Prognosis for Energy (and Europe)


    The great entertainer has a field day - the combination of economic problems and political misdirection is just too good an opportunity to pass up.

    "Is this... America and the Western World struggling to continue to push its dominance on the world, and places like Russia and China waking up to the fact that we're a lot weaker than we think?"

    I'm not sure that he presents any new insights to readers of this site, but he does remind us that he is a tremendous loss to the EU Parliament...

    (11 minutes)


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  • When Push Comes to Shove, Does the Climate Change Narrative Still Stand?


    Perhaps it really does take a war to concentrate the mind.

    Human beings tend to follow their habits and rightly so - if it works don't change it. Habit enables us to navigate the daily routine without applying a great deal of thought to the process.

    The problem with that of course, is that when the process becomes inappropriate, the tendency is to continue as per established habit, which no longer produces the required result. 

    Rethinking established habits is hard work though, and we are not in general well disposed to volunteer for the task - and when the habit is a group-think affair, getting the group to rethink is an order of magnitude more difficult than just having one person do the rethinking. Now add in everybody's differing vested interests and we can see that the agreed way forward may be tricky to iron out.

    So a German scientist (from the relative financial security of retirement) making the case

  • The Flight of the Bumble Bee


    Prepare for lift-off!

    You'll never look at a jet aircraft in the same way again...

    (24 minutes)


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  • GeoEngineering - Deep Dive


    We've all seen the jet trails in the sky that somehow spread into a haze across huge areas.

    They are not condensation trails - those quickly evaporate in most conditions.

    Our government has denied (2020) that they are are involved:

    "The government is not deploying SRM, and has no plans to do so"

    - but that rather begs the question: "who is doing it, and why?" and maybe "why are you so unconcerned?"

    (4 hrs 28)



  • New Class of "Super-reactive Chemicals" in Atmosphere


    Water has one oxygen atom, peroxides have two, and now trioxides which have three have been discovered to exist in our atmosphere, at least temporarily, under some conditions.

    But before we press the panic button, blame chemtrail aerosols, or otherwise jump to incorrect conclusions:

    "These compounds have always been around -- we just didn't know about them"

    Huh? If you didn't know about them, how can you say they were always around? Maybe they were, but maybe this observation isn't science.

    "But the fact that we now have evidence that the compounds are formed and live for a certain amount of time means that it is possible to study their effect more targeted and respond if they turn out to be dangerous"

    "... there could be plenty of other things in the air that we don't yet know about. Indeed, the air surrounding us is a huge tangle of complex

  • Oh What a Tangled Web We Weave ...


    ... when first we practise to deceive.

    This article from the AIER concerns the misuse of regulation to impose rules and laws made for a different purpose altogether to force corporations to comply with what amounts to little more than the personal preferences of the regulators (or others in positions of authority).

    Nobody voted for this form of coercion, yet it seems to have become a favoured way to sidestep democratic accountability by others both within and without the USA.

    For example, who can forget Mark Carney of the Bank of England forecasting that those companies that did not embrace the "climate change" narrative would be bankrupted?

    The AIER draws attention to a not dissimilar situation within the USA: 


  • A New Take on White Supremacy?


    It is something that most climate scientists don't much investigate, but CO2 is not the most significant factor in heat conservation and may not be the primary factor in global warming.

    Everybody noticed (or used to before they started living inside when the ambient temperature outside drops to uncomfortable levels), clear and starry nights are cold and dry whilst cloudy nights are relatively warm since clouds block terrestrial heat radiation. Likewise cloudy days are relatively cold because the warm sunshine cannot penetrate the cloud layer too well.

    Yes, water in the form of cloud cover is acknowledged (even by scientists) to have a greater effect on ambient temperature than CO2.

    So how do the climate scientists factor in the possible variation in cloud cover over the last century?

    I'm sure it's an idea

  • Climate Change - Is it Really Game Over?


    Dane Wiggington over at GeoEngineering Watch has been plugging away at this topic for a long time.

    And he does seem to be onto something - our skies are not clear as they should be, but partially obscured by particulates very apparently sprayed by aircraft.

    It's hard to imagine that this might be taking place without at least the tacit agreement of our governments - those very same governments that are so determined to demonise diesel cars for their particulate emissions.

    So is this spraying justified in order to save the planet from overheating? After all, killing a percentage of the population by means of respiratory disease might be justified if it protects the ultimate survival of humanity - right?

    Well, maybe wrong. Dane highlights a new angle on this topic which would turn the whole rationale for such geoengineering activities on its head.

    If we listen to a

  • Ford - Electric Chickens Fly Home to Roost


    Ford Motor Company in the US is hatching a substantial loss on its investment in electric vehicle company Rivian.

    With sales stuttering due to chip supply shortages on top of limited range compared to traditional oil-fired vehicles, the automaker is struggling.

    The Star News Network has the story.

    It's probably a little unfair to blame the problem entirely on the difference between carbon-based fuel and electric fuel at point of use, but since the overall Great Reset being pushed by the WEF-UN partnership covers the extermination of carbon, and the Covid lockdowns currently imposed on the Shanghai trade routes, as well as the general financial collapse, it certainly is reasonable to attribute a big slice of the blame to interference by world government in national policy and global supply

  • Potential Health Effects of SRM Aerosols


    This article is from January 2016.

    If PubMed have assessed the likely impacts then it is going on, and indeed we can see it with our own eyes.

    "Geoengineering is the deliberate large-scale manipulation of environmental processes that affects the Earth’s climate, in an attempt to counteract the effects of climate change"

    "Geoengineering approaches include solar radiation management, or SRM, and carbon dioxide removal... "

    "SRM techniques attempt to offset effects of increased greenhouse gas concentrations by reducing the proportion of incoming short wavelength solar radiation that is absorbed or reflected by the earth’s atmosphere ... Proposed SRM techniques include stratospheric aerosols, reflective satellites, whitening of the clouds, whitening of built structures and increasing plant reflectivity"

    "All SRM deployment

  • The Elephant in the Sky


    Unlike the picture, today has been free of linear artificial clouds, at least in this corner of Hampshire, but it's the first such day for a while. 

    The difference between real jet trails that are short and sweet because they evaporate, and the artificial trails that spread and disperse until they cover the whole sky has never been more obvious, perhaps because it has been rare to see them both together in the same sky. We do now, so that must be a step forward.

    Not noticed before?

    Smart-phones don't help - if you are looking down at your device, you are not looking up at the sky.

    This is not a merely local phenomenon.

    Dane Wiggington of GeoEngineering Watch has been flogging this horse for years. He has become a bit strident, but that of itself doesn't invalidate his

  • Oblivion Beckons?


    Covid (a "pandemic" which only killed the elderly but was hyped to the skies?), unnecessary vaccines which aren't (unless you accept the WHO's redefinition) but which our governments seem determined to inflict on all age groups down to babes in arms who all parties agree are at no significant risk; on-going suspicious jet trails in the sky which don't evaporate like real condensation trails but disperse to deflect sunlight and possibly to fall as rain or otherwise all around us; not to mention the 5G roll-out in the absence (like the Covid jabs) of any real safety testing - what is going on?

    Dane Wigington of GeoEngineering Watch has been onto this problem for years, and now we have another contribution from Mike Adams of the Oblivion Agenda.

    Never in my wildest dreams (prior to Covid) did I ever entertain the idea that we would all be faced with extinction in my lifetime, but after the events of the past

  • Researchers map effects of England’s ‘Little Ice Age’


    I am indebted to the Global Warming Policy Foundation for this little newsletter, which reminds us that the climate is not a static entity, and has delivered unwelcome surprises in the relatively (geologically speaking) very recent past.

    Namely the Little Ice Age.

    As well as being an historically relevant and interesting piece, it demonstrates pretty conclusively that climate changes were nothing to do with burning fossil fuels.

    It's enough to make us thankful that we live in comparatively clement times, as well as reminding us that Mother Nature hasn't always been so accommodating.

    If it wasn't for all those bossy (and mostly very rich) humans who insist that they and only they know best (so we should all do as we are told), life would be

  • "Absolutely Nothing in this IPCC Report is True"


    Like a scratched record (sorry millenials, before your time) the UN's IPCC keeps replaying the scares of the past with ever increasing desperation.

    It won't change the truth, and the truth will out.

    CO2 is not the enemy.

    No CO2 = no plants, no plants = no food. 

    More CO2 = more crops, more food to feed the world's hungry.

    We don't need GMO, we need CO2!

    Water is a bigger greenhouse gas than CO2. How about we get rid of all the water?

    Anyway, in case the truth of this still escapes you, the Daily Exposé reviews the latest nonsense from the IPCC.

    UK Energy Crisis - Update 5/04/2022


    The latest update from Net Zero Watch tells the story.

    Are the chickens of fairy-tale energy policy finally coming home to roost? 



  • If the Weather isn't Hot Enough, Redefine It


    The climate change alarmists are obviously getting alarmed - is the climate not obeying their models? Did nobody tell the Weather Gods? Or the weather manipulation boffins that some fear are meddling with our meteorology? Were they badly advised?

    No matter, following the lead set by the WHO (who are not backward to redefine the term "vaccine" to more accurately reflect their wishes whenever the need arises) the Met Office has evidently decided that heatwaves are not sufficiently profuse and they will now use a different definition.

    Of course this is nothing to do with cooking the books, merely a wise precaution in keeping with their ever-vigilant drive for continuous improvement, in this case to ensure that their reports are properly interpreted by the public.

    The Daily Sceptic has the

  • Net Zero Watch Spells it Out


    It's close to crunch time for our energy supplies.

    Fortunately spring has sprung and the weather will (bar the usual last hurrah of winter that normally arrives in March/April) now hopefully become warmer. That gives us a six-month break to put together something a bit more robust by way of energy policy.

    Net Zero Watch highlights the options, such as remain.

    Given the current global geopolitical situation and our government's lamentable lack of competence, I'm not holding my breath.


  • Climate Round-Up - March 2022


    Sometimes I think that Dr John Robson of Climate Discussion Nexus does himself no favours by appearing to treat a serious topic with some (deserved) flippancy - after all, if you believe the climate doom-mongers then this won't tempt you to take what he says seriously, and surely he wants to persuade the believers that climate change is not all it's cracked up to be?

    Still, if you are in the market for political idiocy and prepared to amuse yourself at the politicos' expense then today's newsletter is a cracker!

    Ultimately there may be no substitute for ridicule, and certainly today's world seems richly deserving.


  • Net Non-Zero Agenda Officially Birthed


    Does this herald the (eventual) scrapping of the Net Zero agenda?

    The Mail Online reports the setting up of a Task Force to invade Russia - no wait, I got that wrong - to boost the UK's energy self-sufficiency and keep energy bills down. It won't come soon enough but it's a start.

    The task force's focus will be on oil gas and nuclear. 

    Pending the birth of this new elephant, here's an idea - why not make peace with Russia, acknowledge that the "war" is not with the Ukrainians but with the Azov battalions and US bio-labs, accept Putin at his word that he wants self-determination for the Ukraine and offer our assistance to ensure that happens, and open the way to resuming gas supplies from the Russian Federation?

    Peace and security all round, by

  • Climate Change Paper Puts Lid on Global Warming Scare


    We have reported much the same conclusion asserted a year ago by Dr Happer, but it's always good to see independent research which produces supportive results.

    Here the Daily Sceptic reports on  "a recent paper from the German physics Professor Dieter Schildknecht from Bielefeld University".

    Personally I gravitate towards a comment made beneath that article:

    "Unfortunately, not one scientist had the right, and obvious,