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  • It's a COP Out


    With COP28 rattling along in the UAE, there are three stories to entertain you today.

    As with all things "Climate", none of them reflect anything new, it's the same culprits playing the interminably same old same old that we always hear from these gatherings, that we have come to accept as inevitable, that being relatively sane people we have come to ignore and filter out of our attention-space as deluded and irrelevant to real life.

    Unfortunately for that response, the fact that we don't take any interest in climate catastrophisers doesn't mean that they don't take any interest in us.

    Unsurprisingly their messages prompt much the same sort of "heard-it-all-before" rebuttals from those "climate-deniers" that can still be bothered to keep up, although this year the COP28 President, no less, did chuck in an attention-grabbing assertion that there is no science behind their relentless push to reduce the use of fossil fuels before our world

  • You Couldn't Make it Up


    The Fulford report this Monday is amazing - "behind the scenes" information dropped on multiple fronts that make you laugh and cry, or make you exclaim "I didn't know that!".

    Is it all the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth? I've no idea, but it's good entertainment, and you won't find any of it on the Beeb.

    "The world is undergoing the biggest changes in centuries if not millennia"

    "We will have to wait and see if all this comes to pass but, in my decades of reporting, I have never heard so many aggressive statements from so many different and senior sources"

    Modest subscription required - free to access after 7 days.


  • COP28 in Turmoil?


    Many may view COP28 as a sideshow, taking place as it does in the UAE which many of us may struggle to pinpoint on a map of the Middle East.

    Nevertheless as a sideshow it must rank right up there with the main shows, boasting as has been variously reported either 70 thousand perhaps 97 thousand "delegates" and possibly an influx of around 140 thousand persons altogether. And no, they didn't come by bicycle.

    The COPs are, as my learned readers will know, charged to work out the practical steps necessary to achieve the Net Zero objectives as set by the luminaries at the UN-WEF "partnership" and their many "stakeholders". Nevertheless, the politicians being much in evidence, the primary discussions reported seem to be centring around the language to be used in that awkward final communiqué - should they talk of phasing fossil fuels "out" or phasing them

  • Eat Less Meat - Save the World?


    One of the many puzzles that beset those who would wish to understand the basis for the campaign to stop us eating meat is - to put it as simply as possible - Why?

    The alleged requirement to stop producing CO2 from power plants is at least clear enough a proposition to understand, even if it doesn't appear to be based on any actual supportable science, ie: evidence truth and logic.

    But if bovine emanations are truly a likely cause of global catastrophe (given that we are of course already on course to achieve Net Zero power production by whenever) then how come the world in centuries past didn't succumb to the emanations of the vast bison herds that used to roam freely across North America prior to the advent of the Pilgrim Fathers? Not to mention the European bison that used to roam Europe in earlier times. And while we are on such topics, what about the Indian elephants, African elephants, antelope, wildebeests, hippos, rhinos, giraffes and like herds of wild herbivores that used to

  • When Will Net Zero Transport Lead to Net Zero Government?


    The answer to this question is of course "not whilst there is a single MP left in Parliament who believes he knows better than his constituents... ".

    To which observation we should add "... and controls the education system that so clearly brainwashes our children to believe the authorities rather than training them to learn to think for themselves".

    Harsh words? Well, Net Zero Watch helpfully publish "The War on the Car" by James Rupert, a paper that reviews the history of personal motoring and the government's incessant (and usually misguided) meddling with it.

    The motorist was indeed originally cemented as a product of the government's own intervention in transport policy in the 1960s, when Dr Beeching was brought in to put an end to local railways, and motorways were constructed (at vast government expense that could have been used to modernise the railways) so that the private motor car could compete with even the main lines for intercity

  • Together Takes the Argument Into Parliament


    " 'Clean' Air, Dirty Money, Filthy Politics is the second joint report produced by Climate Debate and Together and reveals how a small number of the world’s billionaires are shaping UK air pollution policies by funding partisan groups to the tune of hundreds of millions of pounds"

    Andrea Jenkins MP introduces Ben Pile's report to MPs.

    How did that happen?

    What is the UK 100?

    "... the're not running these pledges past the voters... "

    I wonder why not ...

    I looked for their membership list but found the FAQs, however, I

  • All You Didn't Want to Know About Sustainable Development, but Need to Ask


    The UN, WEF, WHO, and all their tireless workings for the future of their planet (keep your global-speak phrasebook to hand):

    (38 minutes)


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  • Climate Chuckles of the Week


    The ever reliable Climate Discussion Nexus pokes much-deserved ridicule at the latest climate scare news peddlers, currently finding their beloved narrative crumbling beneath their feet and threatening to dump them into a whole ocean of the patiently waiting cold water of truth.

    And closer to home, even the Royal Society feels safe now to have pop at some of the more ludicrous climate predictions...

    In these fractious times we must take our entertainment where we can find it 😎.


  • While You Were Distracted ...


    Whilst we were looking to national government for national policy direction, maybe we failed to notice that in fact local councils have been implementing national, even global policy for some time.

    Glaring examples are "Climate Emergency",  and "15 minute cities", but there is more, a lot more.

    I guess we have all noted the vast building programmes for identikit new housing estates on land peripheral to existing conurbations, even to small villages, that seem to have sprung up overnight, to the point where conurbations are now merging into megurbations across large tracts of what was formerly countryside.

    Did we ask for this? 

    No, it's not accidental coincidence, it's national policy facilitated by national government, dictated globally but implemented locally.

    This video from Glastonbury three years ago:

    (1 hr 26

  • Great Green Implosion Incoming?


    First up, NetZeroWatch:

    "Campaign group Net Zero Watch says that the wind industry has effectively admitted that it has been deceiving the British public over the cost of the energy 'transition'. RWE Renewables has just told the Government that it needs its subsidy 'strike price' to rise by 70% if any more wind farms are to be built"

    Whilst this comes as no surprise to those of us who follow such matters, given the already accelerating price of power in the UK, it doesn't really take much imagination to see that this sort of price trajectory is in nobody's interests, nor is it slowing down. After so many years of subsidies to "kick-start" the green revolution, "renewables" are still unable to stand on their own feet. Will the

  • Two Hoaxes in One Article


    Climate "science" (as practised by the IPPC-UN-WEF and our political classes) must be one of the longest running and most pernicious scams ever, or if not ever, probably in my lifetime.

    It has recently been accompanied by a supporting cast of minor hoaxes - minor that is in comparison with the Big One, but pretty big in their own right, and first and foremost among these is undoubtedly the Covid.

    Neither of these scams take a great deal of work to understand, but those who are not of an enquiring mind, and/or are wont to believe the authorities and the "fiercely independent" press and media, all fall for them hook line and sinker - thus becoming singularly unwilling to consider that they may just possibly have been hornswoggled.

    The Climate scam is of course close to the perfect scam, in as much as climate science being possibly the most complex topic known to man is really not amenable to argument by the man in the street, because so many factors are

  • Colchester - Dialogue with the Deaf?


    It is noticeable that whatever anybody may say about the democratic process, our "elected representatives" all seem to spend more time following WEF-driven narratives than they do listening to their own residents.

    What business is it of any local council to even listen to the WEF? Come to that, what business is it of our parliamentarians to listen to the WEF WHO etc?

    Perhaps we need to learn to make ourselves heard and to remind our elected representatives of whom they are supposed to serve. 

    Colchester City Council appears to be a case in point, as demonstrated in this rather excellent little video:

    (15 minutes)


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  • Has Rishi Pricked the UK Green Fantasy Balloon?


    Rishi Sunak may have turned the greens purple with indignation at daring to row back on some minor part of the WEF-UN's beloved climate vendetta against carbon dioxide (and therefore against us), but does this hesitant move really signify a change of direction, or will he be overwhelmed by the furious response that he has just provoked?

    Nick and Nigel chew over the arguments.

    (17 minutes)


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  • The Great Global Warming - Fact or Swindle?


    This now somewhat ancient video reminds us just how long this controversy has been running (it aired first in 2007) - yet in its fundamentals it could have been released yesterday. The argument (if that's what it is) is still completely stuck in 2007, having made absolutely no progress one way or the other since then - we do have to ask ourselves - why?

    Maybe it isn't an argument at all. Maybe it's just an idiotic duel of the completely deaf.

    (73 minutes)



  • Climate Chuckles


    At grave risk of committing the cardinal sin of not taking life sufficiently seriously(and especially Climate Change - if that qualifies as life - it does seem to have some sort of undead indestructable quality of its own, although it may not be alive if it never manages to evolve to adapt to new circumstances), I offer this tongue-in-cheek review from CDN of the "science" that currently purports to "save the planet".

    Brickbats on a postcard please to the usual address.


  • Germany Passes its Own Energy - Dictatorial Powers - Law


    Once again, Britain is leading the way in Europe! No doubt the Germans were so impressed by the British Parliament's recent efforts that they have passed what sounds much like a carbon copy (sorry - not carbon, that's being zeroed) of the recent UK Energy Bill. Or did the UK borrow our Bill from them? Well, we are still good Europeans at heart are we not?

    Complete with heat pumps, mandatory renewables, all the usual impracticable nonsense that will leave the population cold, and its once unstoppable economic miracle - how to put this? - well, stopped. This promises to be as popular as a teetotaller at the Munich Oktoberfest. Speaking of which, I wonder when the good politicians of Germany (or the UK for that matter) will cotton on to how much CO2 is produced by the brewing industry...

    And after all, why would good Europeans need manufacturing industry when China / Far East does it all for us with plentiful coal power?

  • The Ideal Mine?


    This is new one on me, but is the Woodsmith Mine "the answer" to global warming, feeding humanity, and continuing civilisation?

    I don't know, but it's a brilliant PR piece that hits all the modish "hot buttons".

    And it's British (well, Anglo-American), so we'll probably find some way to make it illegal and close it down...

    (9 minutes)


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  • Is the Wind Industry Running Out of Wind?


    Net Zero Watch bring us the latest result of wind power generation auction, and it doesn't bode well.

    If wind is so cheap and plentiful, why are providers not queuing up to reap the profits?

    As ever, it's the subsidies that seem to be the problem. But if it's really so cheap and plentiful, why the need for subsidies?

    And if it still isn't cheap and plentiful after so many years of subsidies, it's a fair bet that it never will be.

    Will this circus ever end? Perhaps when the auctions finally run out of bidders?

    So what's the alternative? Send the link to your MP.


  • "Energy Bill", or "Energy - Dictatorial Powers - Bill"?


    Another critique of the Bill - this time from the Daily Sceptic. As you might expect, it's sceptical.

    The war is not between Left and Right, the war is between centralisation (empowerment of the few) and freedom (empowerment of the many).

    The Bill wants to impose the elite's favoured "solutions" upon the many, and it will as always end in disaster, because they never choose their "solutions" either wisely or appropriately. Despite having all the best advisers at their beck and call ready to advise them, their solutions are invariably political and one-size-fits-all because without that - well, I guess we have no need of them!

    They are behaving like zombies that cannot see or hear any conflicting evidence. Maybe we really do have no need of them.

    If we find our own solutions then we will quickly pick up on those whose solutions work best, and these solutions will be copied because they work

  • The Last Word on Climate Change?


    "If only!" I hear you cry.

    Nevertheless those who profess to know best and therefore feel no need to listen to anyone else are still plodding relentlessly on in their irrelevant unscientific way - though sadly not irrelevant to our future prosperity and comfort, possibly even to our survival (many more die from cold than from excess warmth).

    So who better to clearly and calmly summarise the salient facts as we know them than Ivor Cummins?

    (20 minutes)


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