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Deep Dives

  • Financial Meltdown Incoming?


    This is a bit long and rambling, but never mind the shouty presentation (yes, they are American), but look at the facts presented.

    You won't find the substance of this on the BBC until it's all over.

    "... the Gold Token cannot be attacked if it's not a currency... "

    "... we're seeing Zimbabwe lead the way..." 

    "... a BRICS dumping ground for treasury bonds... "

    "... it means we're not going to be able to bring in imports ... "

    "... we're going to be in the midst of a Central Bank Digital Currency war... or stand-off, very soon... "

    "... it's not Klaus Schwab, it's King Charles... "

    "... 23 individual US States that have applied for BRICS membership...

  • A Load of Hot Air?


    What's up with the wind farms?

    Why does our power now cost an unaffordable arm and leg?

    Our modern industrial civilisation depends absolutely on a ready supply of affordable energy.

    Ah, but "climate change"! We must "save the planet"! We must build wind farms and solar panels instead of burning "fossil" fuels!

    Well, we've been building wind farms and installing solar panels seemingly for decades and to what net result?

    Why do all these wind farms not provide enough power? Have they made any impact upon the need for fossil fuels?

    With all these economical windmills working heroically night and day (when the wind blows), why have our power bills gone through the roof?

    Did those dreadful Russians take them all out?

    Or could it

  • Ukraine War is a Psy-Op


    Scott Ritter again explaining why Zelensky is pursuing an unwinnable conflict in the face of "certain defeat".

    To me, he makes more sense than most. 

    Once again, ignore the title - it's misinformation about the content (depending on interpretation of course).

    (24 minutes)


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  • Quantum Computing Explained?


    As a "computer scientist" I was taught to think bits bytes registers and code at a time when a computer needed quite a large air-conditioned room to itself, not to mention various peripheral units (card readers, paper tape readers, magnetic tape drives, printers) scattered around it in their own large cabinets, all connected by equally large underfloor cables, and requiring constant attention from an operator to load the right instruction programs and the correct data tapes on the right drives at the right time.

    In fact, it was a time when the "operating system" had yet to be invented and the operator had to preset the "read a punched card" instruction into the program register, and the first card read had to contain the first (machine code) instructions to be executed. This was known a bootstrapping.

    As time went on the next machines introduced the idea of an operating system (although it wasn't called that until later) whereby the small "executive program" sat permanently in the machine and the

  • The Bidens According to Tucker


    Whatever you think of American politics, Tucker Carlson is, since he left them, reportedly more popular than Fox News, which must tell us something.

    Here he spills the beans on Hunter and Joe Biden and their supposedly completely above-board 'commercial' activities, as only Tucker can.

    (65 minutes)



  • When is mRNA not mRNA?


    I suppose I naïvely thought that all the possible permutations and combinations of Covid possibilities had been explored by now, but it turns out I may be wrong.

    Only logic, based on evidence and sound assumptions, will expose the truth eventually. Yes, we are finding that all assumptions, both explicit and implicit, must be identified and tested.

    In this case, the assumptions about "lipid nano-particles" "mRNA" and the "spike protein".

    Don't get too alarmed by this content - after all, if you are still upright, still functioning, and still curious,  this strongly suggests that your immune system is taking care of you, whatever the truth of the assertions herein presented.

    (76 minutes)



  • mRNA Results ... of Injection of Women and Mothers-to-be


    "... we exposed the most vulnerable to new risks that outweighed by far the original pandemic risks"

    "Today, more and more [results] of coronavirus measures pop up in our official statistics but few are interested to know"

    This is something that we should all know, as it strikes at the heart of humanity's future.

    Read the report.

    Watch the video:

    (56 minutes)



  • How to Approach our Spiritual Journey


    It's been a helter-skelter few years which have posed spiritual challenges both unfamiliar and enormous - but maybe not actually complicated.

    Unless you are one of those who rejects the very concept of spirituality. If so, just consider the simple logic - if we work together we are obviously more productive and powerful than if we fight each other. 

    To work together we must reach genuine agreement, which requires the free flow of ideas and true information. To avoid the fighting we must agree to stick to peaceful discourse.

    Everybody has the equipment between their ears to understand these points, but for whatever reason we are not all willing to make the deductions that follow on from them.

    This is a useful ramble around the psychology of these situations, and it challenges us all to face up to the realities.

    As individuals working separately we are not going to

  • Clif High Reports - Summer Immediacy


    This is an audio report (with pretty but unrelated pictures) which I deduce is 2023 and very topical.

    It's a bit technical, but bear with it.

    August incoming - keep up your situational awareness, prime it by listening to this recording.

    "... they can't have you talking about [this]... "

    "... they can't go back... "

    "... this is going to be a very very very entertaining late summer, fall and early winter... "

    (28 minutes)


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  • Five Eyes, NATO, & Chinese Election Interference


    Anybody that thinks they know they know their post-WW2 history may need to review this.

    Matt, a Canadian historian, has made a study of this period that paints a very different picture to that to which most of us may be accustomed.

    As so often, the secret services MI6, CIA, CSIS feature heavily...

    Sadly this Canadian presentation is heavy on the overbearing background muzak, but Matt is extremely knowlegeable and always (in my view) worth listening to.

    (25 minutes)



  • Storm Incoming?


    These last years have opened our eyes to the fact that our governments do not work for us, they work for the globalists. Who runs the globalists? There are articles elsewhere on this site that may give us some thoughts about that, but for current purposes it doesn't really matter.

    What does matter is breaking their hold over us.

    It seems that the time is near.

    Mark Sexton and others have been instrumental in assembling the evidence of wrong-doing in the UK, and submitting it to the Metropolitan Police and other police forces around the country (Crime nbr 6029679/21).

    Others have also

  • You Will Know Them by Their Fruits


    Matthew 7:15-20

    My worst subjects at school were history and geography. So I'm not a historian and cannot claim any historical insight for myself.

    Nevertheless I received a Christian upbringing for which I am grateful - I find the teachings of Christ as recorded in the Bible to be relevant practical and sensible. As for the rest of it, I retain my right to suspect that over the long course of history, translation, and "interpretation", "mistakes" will have been incorporated.

    When we review the long history of European Christianity we can see that it has been an unending power struggle, complete with religious wars and the persecution and burning of heretics who displeased the various religious authorities, and foremost amongst the latter we must rank the Vatican. These persecutions were not the fruits of Christ's teachings,



    This is one of those terms that has been sculling around for some time without many people paying much attention or gathering much understanding. Will currency be gold-backed? Are debts going to be forgiven? If so, how and why? 

    Often associated with its big brother GESARA - the difference being simply that N is for National and G is for Global.

    So if you want to know more (and I recommend it, as its probably coming down the tracks as fast or faster than CBDCs) then this set of videos from 2021 (when we were otherwise distracted) is for you.

    If you aren't a fan of "the Donald" then brace to suspend your disbelief for a short while... if you want to get ahead, follow the money!

    This is an American viewpoint, but the principles are relevant to Global GESARA as well. I'm thinking that NESARA will be introduced in the US first, with the rest of the world following shortly afterwards.


  • Central Banks Digital Currency - Control Central for Your Finances


    Don't take it from me - take it from the spokesperson for the Bank of International Settlements (BIS).

    It seems that they have ambitions to control not just international settlements, but your settlement with your grocer, or any other vendor that you may "choose" to patronise. From the sublime to the ridiculous, it's all in a day's work for the Central Banks...

    Learn the "secrets" of the Bank of Japan, the ECB, and... CBDCs.

    Prof Richard Werner explains to Ivor Cummins - watch right to the end:

    (69 minutes)


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    Here's "the Science" on Electric Cars


    In summary, don't.

    That's all you need to know (but don't forget the fire risk from exploding lithium-ion batteries) about the green transition.

    To make appreciable emissions savings over the life of an electric vehicle is next to impossible by many estimates - and those estimates may be optimistic. Does it really make sense to spend money retooling the entire automotive industry (money that may well not be costed into these estimates) on this basis, for a transition that may well turn out to be unfeasible due to the specific resource constraints?

    Still, if you need more convincing, Matt Ridley writing for the Daily Mail

  • How Deep is This Sh*t We Are In?


    "The systems for all of this are already in place... this time it will not end"

    The WEF-UN partnership is now infamous for its outlandish plans to control the world, right down to the level of the individual,even down to monitoring our bodily functions. Controlling our spending capability via CBDCs, and thus controlling our lives, would be child's-play to them. Linking us up as Cyborgs to their AI hive mind ("enhancing" our thinking) will follow.




    Plausibly - it may not be perfect yet but why would that stop

  • GWPF Dr Benny Peiser Down Under


    A calm discussion comparing the status of energy provision in Australia with the state that pertains in the UK and Europe.

    The discussion may be calm but the upcoming consequences of the current political trajectories may be a very long way from calm.

    The northern hemisphere has been subjected to what we might call accelerated shock in terms of energy supply (due to the sanctions in support of the Ukraine) which has had some effect in concentrating minds.

    "... they are telling the armed forces to decarbonise... "

    How are matters likely to unfold in the future?

    As usual, the issue is dominated by the politics, but might the market respond and save the day?

    Maybe not, but perhaps we can buy our energy from overseas ... ?

    This doesn't seem to be about to end well any

  • Climate Emergency - Someone Else's Problem?


    At last - somebody who has crunched the numbers on what it will take to achieve all the legal targets that have been set world-wide to keep "global warming" within the magical 1.5oC, even assuming that that's what we need to do.

    Can it be done?

    "Current renewable energy systems generally have a lower Energy Returned on Energy Invested ratios (ERoEI) than current fossil fuel-based systems. They may not be productive enough to replace fossil fuels.  As such, they may not be the energy foundation for the next industrial era, but a steppingstone to some other kind of energy generation system not yet identified"

    How can we do it?

    "This is actually a mining problem"

    "There is no other source for those metals"

    "The idea of being managed from a central point is almost never going to

  • A Masterclass on How We got Here


    I never had the time or inclination to delve into the intricacies of communist-socialist-fascist-neo-con internecine warfare, but after reading this magnum opus I have come to a better understanding of the words "dialectic" and "cybernetics". I'm not sure that this makes me a wiser person, but it highlights the tendency of elites everywhere to invent a jargon that only the initiates understand, and thereby keeps everyone else out of the loop.

    Canadian historian Matt Ehret is a veritable walking encyclopedia of historical knowledge and yet somehow seems to remain a well-grounded human person, a feat that I suspect eluded most of the characters whose progress he has studied.

    In this article he takes us on a ride through about the last 150 years right up to Prigozhin's recent

  • Free Speech in the Right Frame of Mind and Place


    Do we believe in "free speech"?

    Well, James Delingpole is brave enough to say that "it depends".

    And I think he's right.

    Free speech in the right circumstances is very beneficial if it helps others to formulate their own views.

    In the wrong circumstances it muddies the waters, confuses the listener, and and may even promote the madness of crowds...

    I also think that "free speech" doesn't include deliberate falsehoods half-truths omissions or incitement to criminality. To be useful it has to be honest peaceful and unthreatening.

    Which introduces another problem - who is to judge this "honesty"? Rhetoric can be used for good or for ill, to inform or to confuse or to mislead. Caveat