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Deep Dives

  • A Tour Around the Coronavirus Pandemic


    This is a bit of an odd-ball presentation - Drs Fuellmich Fischer and Wodarg of the Corona Investigative Committee in conversation with Shuaib Al-Muwaizri - and it explains why the "pandemic" was actually a case-demic, and most importantly, demonstrates the damage inflicted by the so-called vaccines.

    It's a bit long at a little over two hours but it's authoritative, lucid, thorough, and covers all the bases.

    If you want to know the real truth from the legal beagles, take the time to watch this.

    "... dangerous viruses are self-limiting... "

    "... a respiratory virus as a bio-weapon doesn't work... "

    "... PCR test takes some letters off a big big book with words... "

    "... the real bio-weapon is... the vaccines, because if you inject... directly into the body that's .. when it becomes really dangerous... where it

  • JFK to 9/11 and Beyond: Who Really Rules the World?


    JFK's assassination was always suspicious to me - if only because such a mammoth crime obviously demands meticulous planning and considerable organisation - not a job for a 'lone gunman'. 

    Cui bono? Who benefitted?

    Likewise very credible books have been written about 9/11 and the collapse of the twin towers.

    This documentary film has a regrettably lurid opening screenplay but don't let that put you off. It's also been produced to an extremely high standard - background music which is never obtrusive, and so on.

    It is a history lesson like no other. 

    Oil barons. Robber barons. Press barons. Bankers.

  • Battleground Melbourne Documentary 'FRIENDS & FAMILY' Pre-Release


    "Battleground Melbourne tells the story of the Fall of the World's Most Liveable City, through the eyes of those who risked everything to save it.

    We've been called every name you can imagine, the media, politicians, and the 'I stand with Dan' crowd have used every baseless slur you can imagine, and probably many you can't, to try and shame us and shut us down.

    And Victoria Police went on an 18 month rampage of repression, unlawful arrests, and widespread intimidation in order to silence us. So who are we? And given all we were up against, how did we grow from just 70 people in April 2020, to hundreds of thousands in the biggest political events in Australian history in November 2021?

    This is our story, told through our eyes.

    Battleground Melbourne is our reply to the lies, half truths, slurs, and lazy attacks that we have endured for the last 2 years.

    Grand Jury - The Covid Court of Public Opinion


    This is the Grand Jury proceeding to decide on the need for indictments against the alleged perpetrators of the Covid-19 scam.

    "The allegation is that the world’s governments have come under the controlling influence of corrupt and criminal power structures. They colluded to stage a pandemic that they had been planning for years. To this end they deliberately created mass panic through false statements of fact and a socially engineered psychological operation whose messages they conveyed through the corporate media"

    "The purpose of this mass panic was to persuade the population to agree to the so-called “vaccinations" which have in the meantime be proven to be neither effective, nor safe, but extremely dangerous, even lethal"

    Coordinated by the Corona Investigative Committee, this is scheduled to begin today, 5th February 2022, and to hear evidence

  • The Business Model to End Them All


    As a theoretical exercise in fanciful speculation, this takes some beating.

    Think of a business model - where you get paid by your cronies in government (for a cut of course) on behalf of customers (who get your product free at point of use - what's not to like?); this model has no parallel. After all, he who pays the supplier gets to call the product supplied, and which product will your cronies supply?

    Add in the charitable sector (also controlled by your cronies) collecting money to fund new products to correct the serious deficiencies of the old products - if only we could afford the immense expense of development and regulation (also run by your cronies for a cut) - and you have another income stream to cover "development".

    Now imagine that the product supplied requires to be regularly renewed in order for your customer to continue to maintain their expected standard of living - and entry of competitive products to the market is strictly regulated

  • The View from the "Nudge Unit"


    Some would say that the "Nudge Unit" has achieved a level of notoriety over the last two years.

    The campaign of fear waged at huge public expense through the media with the objective of scaring us all into compliance with some highly questionable pandemic measures will go down in history as propaganda of the worst kind.

    So it is with some surprise that I feature an article in Unherd by Simon Ruda, who claims to be a "co-founder and leading figure" of the Behavioural Insights Team (or Nudge Unit). I salute his willingness to put his experiences forward for public approbation (or brick-batting if you prefer). I hope that we can all learn from his openness.


  • An Historical Perspective to inform the Ukraine Situation


    Vladimir Pozner, independent international journalist of many years standing, reviews (October 2018) the history of US-Russia relations in the aftermath of the fall of the Soviet Union.

    There's a great deal of history here, which provides much of the context that our younger (and many older!) readers may not fully appreciate.

    This is history from the conventional perspective based upon the assumption that our leaders work for the good of their populations (an assumption that has taken a severe battering over the last two years in the view of many).

    Nevertheless, there's a great deal of insight here that should inform our thinking about Russia's current attitude to the West, and maybe our own relationship with our national leadership.

    "We are in a new arms race"

    "We are in a new Cold War"


  • Clif High Reviews the Coming Year(s) with Greg Hunter


    Clif High has an enviable reputation for divining the future from his studies of internet chatter (not to mention his extensive life experience).

    That's not to say that he knows the future any more than the next man, but for my money (and he does talk about money) I'd rather listen to him than most other pundits.

    His vision is somewhat apocalyptic, but better to have an informed clue about what might be coming down the road than just closing our eyes and hoping for the best.

    (72 minutes)


  • Clif High's View of the Approaching Monetary Breakdown


    We feature Clif High not because he is always right (a privilege very few of us are granted!) but because he is a well-thought-out individual who seems in general to be remarkably well informed.

    He is also a pretty good communicator even if he does stumble sometimes over the sequence he wants to use to present his thesis.

    Here he educates us in the meaning of money and what it actually does for us, and how the central banks of the world have been manipulating the market for the benefit of the elites for some hundreds of years. Of course the elites have always manipulated the money supply all the way back to at least ancient Rome - one of the reasons for the fall of Rome was the debasement of the coinage. It makes you wonder just how intelligent the elite are who allow their scams to reach such a pitch that they fall apart of their own contradictions.

    He also deals with some of the stories that are circulating concerning the nature of what may replace the

  • Planet Lockdown - Documentary - Released 20/Jan/2022


    (1 hr 50 minutes)

    "Planet Lockdown is a documentary on the situation the world finds itself in. We spoke to some of the brightest and bravest minds in the world including epidemiologists, scientists, doctors, lawyers, protesters a statesman and a prince. These brave souls had the courage to speak truth against all odds and inspire us to do the same. We must have the courage to overcome our fears. Once we do, it gets easier every time"

    Listen carefully - you will learn the origin of the phrase "hate speech". It's the little things that give the plot away...



  • A Brief History of "Pandemic Preparedness"


    This presentation is from March 2001, so a little out of date as far as the results of vaccination are concerned.

    Paul Schreyer pulls together the chain of events that started in the 1990s... and brings it up to date with the Trump presidency.

    "... authoritarian control of citizens is imposed and remains in place even after the pandemic is over... "

    "... citizens willingly give up their sovereignties and liberties... it is only after ten years of top-down rule that people start rebelling... "

    "I refuse to accept the demise of our world order" -John McCain

    "... so from 2017 these two weighty gentlemen [from the Welcome Trust and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation] have been counselling the German government and have sat at a table with Christian Drosten and the German health minister... "


  • Lyme Regis or Lyme Connecticut?


    This is technically about health, but touches on so many topical issues that I found it irresistible.

    However, I have not personally corroborated any of the assertions made, so you are on your own there. 

    Needless to say, if you are ill you are advised to consult a qualified doctor. Nevertheless, a doctor can advise you, but you retain responsibility for your own health, and I personally subscribe to the view that good health starts with a good diet as part of a healthy life-style.

    None the less, sometimes one's health does need a helping hand.


    (1hr 26 mins)


  • On the Science of Pervasive Insanity


    That's a succinct title for a methodology to persuade us that we should respect our rulers and do as we are told, through a form of psychosis / hypnotism based on fear, even on almost nameless dread.

    Isn't that how our mass media have been "programming" us for the last few (or perhaps many?) years?

    First use confusion and fear to provoke an emotional state of mind in which we find it difficult to think logically, to analyse our situation, and to work out a rational response.

    Then provide a message that appears to offer some certainty and a way forward, a message that will be welcomed by the emotional confused but which leads only deeper into the morass of conflicting messaging and dire predictions.

    "In this video I expand on the theory of Mattias Desmet and explain exactly how it

  • Down the Rabbit Hole 3 - The Human Mind as a Battlefield


    If you have not already done so, I suggest that you should review Down the Rabbit Hole 1 and Down the Rabbit Hole 2 before continuing.

    "Dr Evil's Weaponized Toolkit":

    • Brain Hacking
    • Neuralink
    • Human "enhancement"
    • Super soldiers
    • Brain/computer interfaces

    Neuroscience and Technology

    Psy-ops and Influence ops

    "... this is the first time that I saw

  • The PCR Test Deception


    Regular readers will know that this site has maintained from late 2020 that the PCR test is flawed - and if that is flawed, then we must in all logic deduce that the pandemic is without foundation - since the Covid symptoms are common to many other conditions (even radiation poisoning!) so the test is essential to diagnosis. This video is not for you - it is for those who still need to realise what is going on.

    If the test falls, so does the pandemic. It really is that simple!

    Forward this link to those who need it.

    (40 minutes)

    Right from the time (around May/June 2020) when the emphasis segued seamlessly from the latest deaths statistics (then approaching negligible) to "cases" based solely on positive test results, it was clear that "something was

  • Whistleblowers Speak Out


    These are well-known names who should know what they are talking about.

    Bill Binney
    Dr James Giordano
    Jacob Appelbaum
    Barry Trower
    Edward Snowden
    Nick Begich

    "... the brain is, and will be, the 21st century battlefield... " 

    "... if you want to cause a specific psychiatric illness... "

    "... if you are targeted there is virtually nothing you can do... "

    "... for the last 40 yrs the... English government has been lying to the people... "

    "... they've been lying to protect industry, to protect their profits, to protect themselves from lawsuits ... "

    "... scientists at the end of the war were hanged for what scientists today are doing and getting away with...

  • The Twelve Days of Technocracy


    Patrick Wood is the pre-eminent expert on Technocracy, what it is, where it originated, by whom it is promoted, how it is merged into populist movements; and, perhaps, how it's onward march may be contained or stymied.

    Of course, to really put it back into its box we would need to foster an alternative vision, but currently we don't yet have any clearly defined alternative, since the old models of democracy based on political parties, or even on religions, have been shown to be both corruptible and corrupted.

    In this technological world, perhaps we need a vision that would harness technocracy in the interests of the people rather than in the interests or fantasies of the self-appointed elite. A tall order? Perhaps, perhaps not, but we need to get to work on it.

    So leaving the alternative vision aside for the moment, what we do have is a series of 12 articles by Patrick Wood, that review the history and modus operandi of the would-be technocrats, and which

  • Fall of the Cabal - Full Set Access


    We have featured the work of Janet Ossebaard previously, but since that time she has released parts 11 to 20 of the Sequel (and I don't think she's stopping there!).

    So this article is simply to bring you up to date with the latest releases (including parts 18 to 20 on Covid and its ramifications).



  • Stand Together - What are the UK Authorities Up To?


    The UK Dictatorship has been under construction for many years, and the Covid "pandemic" may be merely the start of the final phase that will establish total control from the centre.

    Alongside the much forecast financial collapse, lockdowns have shown us how we can be impoverished by eliminating independent businesses through bankruptcy, leaving the field clear for the big global corporations to supply the market unimpeded by competition.

    UK Column in their article The UK New Normal Dictatorship takes us through the restructurings of power that have occurred over the years, unnoticed by those of us with lives to lead.

    Largely these changes took place whilst our attention was distracted elsewhere, by the "big issues" such as devolution that didn't really

  • All You Never Wanted to Know about Gain of Function Bat Virus Research


    I was in two minds about this because it's quite technical, very long at 2 hrs, covers ground available elsewhere and may not be everybody's cup of tea, but it's presented very well and brings out the cloak&dagger nature of the whole dodgy enterprise to perfection.

    Anybody who seriously thinks "they couldn't do anything so awful" may find this disturbing.

    For my own part I think it horrifying that this blatantly irresponsible activity was deliberately conducted at the highest levels of government administration without any interest shown by professional journalists.

    Whether it is even possible to produce a highly infectious virus capable of decimating the world population is I believe yet to be proven. In the 1918 Spanish Flu epidemic, nobody managed to transfer the disease from person to person via bodily fluids (book: the Invisible Rainbow