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  • World Doctors Alliance -Meeting 10th October 2020


    Introducing the World Doctors Alliance, meeting on 10th October 2020.


    It may seem a long time ago now, but the message remains valid. 

    This is not a battle for good health. This is a battle against the instilling of fear of an unseen enemy (virus) into the population at large through a continuous onslaught of emotional messaging driven by the global main-stream media outlets.

    When people are fearful, they are more suggestible and easier to control.

    The antidotes to fear are self-confidence, self-reliance, truth, logic, analysis, and good-will.

    Whether the suggestion of new Nuremberg trials will come to fruition is yet to be determined. It seems inevitable that it won't come via official channels, though perhaps something similar may eventually result from ever growing levels of popular pressure and political activism.

  • Covid - Project Fear on Steroids


    It was the Brexit campaign that brought the term "Project Fear" into common currency, but some may well feel that Brexit was only a warm-up exercise for the "Great Covid Fear" that now stalks the news media, and by extension the nation, and indeed seemingly the whole world.

    The "We are All Going to Die!" hyperbole might normally be regarded as a hysterical over-reaction to a coronavirus with a well documented survival rate well above 99% for the vast majorityof those exposed to it, but it seems to have inexplicably been taken at face value by governments and pharmaceutical industry alike in their headlong rush to panic the entire populace into accepting, nay demanding, vaccines which a leading expert has described as experimental.

    Indeed, compared with a normal vaccine development schedule measured in years, one measured in months surely requires more justification than the bland assurances currently on offer. The blithe acceptance of these jabs by the elderly speaks of either a herculean confidence in our government's "expert advisers" or a blind acceptance of perceived authority. I'm not convinced that this is going to end well for anybody.

    It's worth bearing in mind that we purportedly have democracy precisely in order to change our authorities when we lose confidence in them - hardly blind

  • Protests in Toronto, Amsterdam, Italy, Austria and 70K Homeless in UK

    2021-01-22 Update

    The AIER reports on restaurant and bar owners in Carlsbad CA deciding that they will open in defiance of lock-down.

    "They’re no longer going to allow witless politicians to destroy what they’ve worked so long to build. They’re going to open their businesses to eager customers"

    It will be interesting to see how this plays out with the "liberal" governments both state and federal.



    In no particular order:

    Protests in Austria as reported by The Local, Ruptly against the Covid restrictions still plaguing our world.

    Protests in Toronto as reported by Rebel News.

  • Government and PHE Spreading a Covid Casedemic?


    The material in this article is not new - but it has been determinedly ignored by health services and governments worldwide for many months.

    Can't be true then?

    Green Med Info has written a great article which explains the whole scenario. They also include two videos which cover the same ground, if you prefer to watch rather than read:

    Short video:


    Like / Dislike this video here.  Longer video:


    Like / Dislike this video here.

  • The Highwire - Capitol and Covid


    The inimitable Del Bigtree does a new year round-up of current events, from the 6 Jan "riots" at the Capitol in Washington DC  to the Pfizer - Moderna - Astra-Zenica vaccine roll-out.

    He shouts too much for my taste - but he is American so I'm happy to make allowances :)

    This is a two hour video and covers a lot of ground - if you just want to cover an individual section you can pick and choose here from the right-hand column.


  • The NHS's New Clothes, Lockdown Harms, & What Lies Behind the Hysteria?


    I am indebted to Lockdown Sceptics for today's links, which cover three separate aspects of our locked-down existence at the beginning of 2021 - a year of new hope or of new despair?

    The NHS
    First up is a discussion of what should be the highly topical issue of the NHS and its response (or otherwise) to the Covid narrative. It may not have been prepared in March (although "project Cygnus" (download the report) already sounded all the warning bells of unpreparedness in 2016) but it should certainly have been prepared for the winter resurgence / "second wave" in January-February. So why are we being locked down ever harder once more?

    Lockdown Harms
    This article from the Toronto Sun takes the form of a Q&A session in which Dr Ari Joffe, who initially supported lockdowns, but changed his mind after researching a cost-benefit analysis that assessed the collateral damage from lockdowns to be an

  • The Chinese Communist Party’s "Global Lockdown Fraud"


    News today of an international initiative to request the FBI to investigate the CCP's alleged Covid fraud.

    Now if Biden is eventually inaugurated then this will go straight into the waste bin, and if Trump succeeds then hopefully it hardly needs sending - but - this is an extended document that provides a whole host of relevant information that any lock-down sceptic should be aware of.

    "In the course of our work, we have identified issues of a potentially criminal nature and believe this investigation necessary to ensure the interests of the public have been properly represented by those promoting certain pandemic policies"

    "This letter is meant to call the attention of federal authorities in Australia, Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States (the “Nations”) to multiple points of evidence about the origin and historical precedent of lockdowns; . . ."

    "Given the gravity of the decisions being made, we cannot ignore the possibility that the entire “science” of COVID-19 lockdowns has been a fraud of unprecedented proportion . . ."

    Read the whole thing on-line (and download if needed). Or use your browser to save the page to your local file system.


  • PCR Claims - The Costs of Lockdown


    "Our mission statement is simple:
    To bring LEGAL JUSTICE to UK citizens for the devastating harm caused by lockdowns to families and businesses"

    I am grateful to Lockdown Sceptics for this link to the PCR Claims site, which is working to establish the legal claims situation, where people and businesses that have incurred damage to their interests due to the unprecedented public restrictions introduced in response to the "pandemic" can submit their evidence of loss to their legal team.

    I'm not sure how that works exactly but it looks well worth following up. It's nigh-on impossible to mount a court case against the government as an individual, but as a group - it could be viable. This is an opportunity for "we the people" to hold the government to account.

    Lead Counsel Jo Rogers:

    ". . . when it becomes known globally, when it becomes an accepted principle (which I believe it is) that the PCR test is not fit for purpose, then the whole house of cards is going to fall down"

    ". . . I really want those individuals to have an option, and what we are aiming to do here is gather evidence, get the evidence now, because there's no point in two years time looking back and thinking "Oh, if only

  • What's Up with the Great Reset?


    The AIER brings us up to date with the now overt relationship between the global Covid exercise and the Great Reset (as documented by Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum, AKA "Davos").

    "Spelling this out for those too stunned to take it in: this is an open admission that it benefits Schwab and Fauci’s political agenda to continue lockdowns as long as possible"

    Presumably not to mention any UK politicians that seem to be strangely addicted to imposing as many lockdowns as they can get away with, based on "evidence" that has an undeniable tendency to unravel within a few days of presentation.

    "Will they succeed? Is their behavior remotely justified? Does the pandemic really prove our society is fatally flawed? Why can’t they use the political system to gain majority votes if their agenda is so good?"

    (my highlight)

    Good questions all - but so far answers seem to inhabit only the realm of speculation.

    "Schwab et al. know the lockdowns are “taking out” certain industries while sparing others: in a nutshell, the powerful survive"

    Of course there is more - but

  • Brian Rose of London Real Tells Lockdown 2021 Like it Is


    Brian, I think you forgot to mention that the government has still not published even a rudimentary assessment of the damage caused by lock-down restrictions, which is surely unforgivable after all this time and only-too-real experience.

    No matter - I cannot disagree with your viewpoint, so eloquently expressed.


  • All the Syndromic Data in one Place


    This can't be stated often enough - the statistics do not support the UK Government's pandemic narrative.

    Lockdown Sceptics in their article today assess the official PHE published statistics - and come to much the same conclusion as I did when I undertook a similar exercise in the autumn months of last year.

    So I'm grateful that they have done the update for me and I don't need to plough through it all again  :)

    Read all about it.

    Of course, this begs the obvious question - at what point and how do we actually manage to get this message out, and how do we deal with the fact that the government's scientific advisers relentlessly ignore these statistics?

    Depressingly I note the report in the Telegraph that "Scientists" are already pushing for "tougher measures" - no surprise there then. But where is the risk assessment that balances the harm inflicted by the virus against the harm inflicted by incessant lock-down?

  • Crucial Viral Update Jan 4th - Europe and USA - Covers it ALL


    Everything you want to check up re the real progress of the "pandemic" - Ivor lays out the true science:


    Like / Dislike this video here,

  • Catherine Austin Fitts Confirms Goals Of Technocracy, Transhumanism


    "In a spectacular interview that has gathered over 2.2 million views within its first 2 weeks of release, Catherine Austin Fitts lays out the global master plan for Technocracy, Transhumanism and total control over humanity. This is a must-watch video"

    This video from Technocracy News lays it all out - it's a real eye-opener. She describes how the world's elite seem to be trying to get us to buy into their reset plans for world domination by (a) not telling us where they are actually leading us and (b) using fear of the pandemic to scare us into adopting more and more aspects of their ultimate control agenda without understanding whither they take us.

    There is much more - fascinating and very well argued - highly recommended.


    (You can't Like / Dislike this video any more as YT has taken it down - I have substituted the Bitchute version).

    Read the full Technocracy News article.

    Read more about the Technocracy movement and the Great

  • Pandemic Response Is Our Vietnam


    The AIER publishes a comparative piece reflecting on the similarities between the American governments' response to the Covid crisis, and their response to the crisis in Vietnam and the subsequent war.

    "The similarities between our misguided responses to Vietnam and the coronavirus are striking"

    "... President Johnson’s advisors refused to question a course of strategy and consider alternatives rigorously"

    One can see their point.

    But this doesn't merely apply to America - it certainly applies in the UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada...  the list goes on.

    How realistic is it to suppose that the same group-think can simultaneously arise across much of the world? Would guidance from the WHO have anything to do with this?

    "Mission creep is often associated with willful distortion of information on the part of government officials. The intellectual architect and high priest of our state-run religion, Dr. Anthony Fauci, recently admitted that he has been lying to us about herd immunity, in order to manipulate our acceptance of coronavirus vaccines"

    I can't vouch for the veracity of this statement, but

  • Face Masks for Children - German Study


    For all the determination with which masks are being imposed across the world as part of the Covid response, there seems to be very little that has been published concerning the effects of wearing a face-mask on the wearer.

    In particular the effects on children do not seem to have been studied. One could reasonably argue that without any standard specification of a face covering such a study would be fairly meaningless, but taken in the round any study which at least attempts to make a sensible contribution to the debate has to be welcomed.

    The University of Witten/Herdecke in Germany should therefore be thanked for initiating just such a study, which took the form of a self-selecting survey which parents doctors and others from across the country were invited to complete - this is not a valid basis for a statistically rigorous survey but it is at least a start.

    "On 20.10.2020, 363 doctors were asked to make entries and to make parents and teachers aware of the registry"

    They seem to have touched a collective nerve:

    "By 26.10.2020 the registry had been used by 20,353 people"

    Read the report(it's in English).

    Is it true that no similar exercise has been undertaken in the UK?

  • A Video Interview for the New Year, for a New Age, for a New Life


    This is absolutely a message for our times - don't miss it, and if you saw it back in the summer, watch it again - remind yourself what life is all about (90 minutes).


    Thanks to Del Bigtree of the Highwire for this outstanding interview.

    Happy New Year!

  • Dr Popper Takes the Emergency by the Horns


    Dr Pamela Popper, an American Wellness "Guru", is filing legal actions in those American states that are oppressing their populations (not to mention a case against the Federal Government for good measure) by imposing medical tyranny. She explains how her cases differ from those that have been heard and failed to date, and outlines the tactics that work and the tactics that have not worked. Good to see someone taking the fight to the authorities, and she makes a lot of very pertinent points.

    Watch on Bitchute here

    Visit Dr Popper's campaign site.

  • Britain Soon in Tier 5 - Will They Close Our Schools?


    I'm fast running our of original comment to make on the Covid restrictions, so I'll just say that it's good to see Brian back on Youtube (long may it last?) and I'll let this one speak for itself:


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