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  • BREXIT - Lawyers for Britain Give their Reaction


    Well, tonight we have lift-off, whatever that may mean.

    Lawyers for Britain give their initial verdict, having had all of a day or so to peruse the vast number of pages comprising the deal.

    Download their preliminary verdict here.

    "Were these threats to materialise, that would be flat contrary to the Act of Union between Great Britain and Ireland and would alter the constitutional status of Northern Ireland within the UK. As such, it would amount to a major breach of the core principle of the Belfast (Good Friday) Agreement that NI’s constitutional status cannot be changed without the consent of the people of Northern Ireland"


    "Given its duties to safeguard the constitution and internal market of the United Kingdom and its specific responsibilities under the Belfast Agreement, the UK government cannot possibly allow these threats to materialise into actuality it is therefore essential for powers to be taken which allow if necessary direct effect to be over-ridden under UK law"

    "The first point to note is that these clauses simply do not, as and when enacted, of themselves break international law. This is because they lay down enabling powers to make regulations which would disapply

  • Dr Popper Takes the Emergency by the Horns


    Dr Pamela Popper, an American Wellness "Guru", is filing legal actions in those American states that are oppressing their populations (not to mention a case against the Federal Government for good measure) by imposing medical tyranny. She explains how her cases differ from those that have been heard and failed to date, and outlines the tactics that work and the tactics that have not worked. Good to see someone taking the fight to the authorities, and she makes a lot of very pertinent points.

    Watch on Bitchute here

    Visit Dr Popper's campaign site.

  • How to Deal with the Police - with Robin Tilbrook & Laura Towler


    Robin Tilbrook, solicitor, Brexit activist and chairman of the English Democrat Party, interviewed by Mark Collett and Laura Towler, makes some very interesting points about the way that we are policed in the UK today.

    After covering the usual point (made more entertainingly here!) about not answering police questions, the interview goes on to cover some of the ways that poiicing has changed in this country since the days of Sir Robert Peel, and how it may be best to behave in the event that you have to deal with the police in any situation that may turn adversarial.

    There is a lot of information here (whatever you may think of the interviewers) and I learned quite a lot. Time well spent.

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    If you liked this video, be aware also of Robin Tilbrook's BlogSpot where he comments on matter legal national and topical.


  • UK - Covert Human Intelligence Sources (Criminal Conduct) Bill 2019-21


    "A Bill to make provision for, and in connection with, the authorisation of criminal conduct in the course of, or otherwise in connection with, the conduct of covert human intelligence sources"

    This is an extraordinary Bill.

    Basically it introduces one law for the governed, another for the governors' covert agents.

    "Covert Human Intelligence Sources (CHIS) are crucial in preventing and safeguarding victims from many serious crimes . . . "

    "The Bill provides an express power to authorise CHIS to participate in conduct which would otherwise constitute a criminal offence"

    "This is not a new capability; the Bill provides a clear legal basis for a longstanding tactic which is vital for national security and the prevention and detection of crime
    (in other words they have been doing this for years so don't worry, nothing to see here)

    "Only the intelligence agencies, NCA, police, HMRC, HM Forces and ten other public authorities will be able to authorise criminal conduct"

    Of course it includes provision for "safeguards":

    "The Bill requires the Investigatory Powers Commissioner to keep under review public authorities’ use of the power and to include information on criminal conduct authorisations in his annual

  • Supreme Courts Reject Lawsuits


    1. The Supreme Court of the United States has denied the request by the state of Texas to sue the states of Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin over alleged election irregularities that would risk the outcome of the presidential election and thus deny voters in Texas a free and fair election.

    2. The UK Supreme Court similarly declined to hear Simon Dolan's appeal for a judicial review into UK Lockdowns.

    Nineteen Republican state attorneys general backed Texas in the US lawsuit whilst twenty Democrat state attorneys backed the defendant states. The Epoch Times has the story.

    (Breaking news: The Texas lawsuit will be retooled to be filed in the four states noted above plus Arizona and Nevada)

    With regard to the UK case, Simon Dolan remarks that this "means that unelected Judges have set a precedent which now makes it impossible to challenge the Government’s use of the Public Health Act 1984 to trample over Civil Liberties and to emasculate Parliament in the process".

    By criticising us for having a ‘Rolling Judicial Review’

  • European Arrest Warrant to Continue Post Brexit?


    Some of us have been concerned for many years now that our perfidious Parliament will allow the EAW (European Arrest Warrant) to live on well beyond its Brexit end-by date.

    Torquil Dick-Erikson writing for Brexit Watch now discloses the confirmation that as far as HMG is concerned "There is no intention for extradition to any EU jurisdiction after the end of transition period to be made subject to a court ruling that there is a prima facie case".

    There you have it. i don't doubt that the EAW will be "renegotiated" post "Brexit" and repackaged to look a little more like a new arrangement, but the fundamentals will remain the same.

    So much for Habeas Corpus and our freedom from arrest and imprisonment without trial for prolonged, maybe indefinitely prolonged, periods. We can still be summarily arrested and shipped abroad to the jurisdiction that we are supposedly leaving next month, without any need to be charged with an offence or to have any prima facie case demonstrated.

    This is not independence, this is maintaining the EU's power to ship off anybody of whom they don't approve out of the UK where they can do no mischief, for what amounts to "as long as they like".

    Do read the

  • British Law and Democracy Further Eroded?


    Jonathan Saxty writing for Brexit Watch draws our attention to the differences that the Swiss canton system bestows upon Swiss democracy, as compared to our own system.

    He also draws attention to the Covert Human Intelligence Sources (CHIS) Bill  that "affords police – and other public bodies – the power to forgive crimes committed in the interests of national security, preventing or detecting crime or disorder, and for economic reasons".

    For economic reasons???

    "The Bill provides an express power to authorise CHIS to participate in conduct which would otherwise constitute a criminal offence"

    "This is not a new capability; the Bill provides a clear legal basis for a longstanding tactic which is vital for national security and the prevention and detection of crime"

    "Any authorisation for criminal conduct must be necessary and proportionate and compatible with obligations under the European Convention on Human

  • ECLJ - George Soros and the ECHR


    Worried about the European Court of Human Rights?

    As always, follow the money, follow the appointments, follow the conflicts of interest.

    The ECLJ has been probing the nest.

  • The US Election Process - Biden or Trump?


    For those wondering about the state of the US Presidential Election (and who isn't?), this video walks us through the remaining process. It's a fascinating crash summary of the US electoral process alongside the legal manoeuvering.

    How will this process play out?

    Will it deliver President Biden or President Trump?

    The video Is a bit of a ding-dong  between opposing positions, doesn't shy away from any of the legal and real world issues, and does predict an outcome with a good measure of confidence - very interesting (70 minutes):


    Well, Youtube strikes again - but you can watch it here anyway.

  • "Don't Talk to the Police"


    First let me get my disclaimer in - I am not legally qualified and I am not offering any legal advice here - you take any action on the basis of videos or links on this page entirely on your own responsibility.

    However, this just has to be the most eloquent fast-talking and hilarious "legal advice" that you will ever hear should the time come when your "collar gets felt by the plod". Get your retribution in first - watch it now!

    This is not to denigrate the police force of any country - it is simply to state the speaker's straightforward lawyerly opinion. OK, he is an American lawyer, but do you think that this in itself is significant?

    Watch (46 minutes of spectacularly fast-talking) and see if you don't agree:


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    If you are looking for more UK-centric advice, you may find this site appropriate - but note - this is not a recommendation, I have no idea whether their advice is good or bad.

    See also these official sites:

  • Great Reset Abolishes the US Constitution and English Bill of Rights


    It has come to something when an "alternative medicine" site plunges into the world of global politics, but I suppose they are only following the lead of Big Pharma and the WHO. Politics and medicine are now joined at the hip, and have been ever since the politicians decided to "regulate" medical practice and monopolise it in the UK via the NHS. Strange how the denationalisation agenda of earlier Tory governments never extended to medicine.

    And this is no cursory survey of the politics, but a full blown analysis of how the global "stakeholders" (mega-corporations of all kinds and their cronies to you and me) set out to overturn the rights of peoples across the world:

    "The kicker is Article 29(3), which authorises the UN to suspend or remove ANY right or freedom and presumably due process of law that is contrary to their purposes and principles, which could of course change with the wind, with no mechanisms in place of any kind to check that power, they can simply do with you what they like, when they like"

    "Article 29(3) of the Universal Declaration of "Human Rights is the specific clause that plunges a knife into the Magna Carta, English Bill of Rights and United States Constitution by declaring in hostile terms that "These rights and freedoms may in no case be exercised contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations"

    Quite so.


  • Covid-19 Corona Legal Case - PCR Test "Discredited"


    German trial lawyer Dr Reiner Fuellmich (who practises in Germany and California) tells the story of how he became involved in investigating the Covid-19 situation, where this took him, and why he is encouraging lawyers around the world to initiate a national lawsuits against the alleged Covid fraud. He is not too shy to name names. Class action lawsuits are feasible in California but not in Germany or many other countries.

    His advice? "Do not give up, keep asking questions". Somehow I think that he is a man who will live up to his own advice.

    Here he is interviewed by Valuetainment - I think that they are living up to their name:


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    More from Dr Fuellmich here and below:


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  • “Fraud Vitiates Everything” - Possibly Even a Vaccine Roll-out?


    A legal opinion piece from State of the Nation reminds us of a home truth concerning fraud  - in Common Law it vitiates everything that depends upon it.

    It's true that they had the US election in mind when this was written, but it applies equally in Common Law jurisdictions.

    Something that anybody who wants to impose a new-technology vaccine (that has not completed its formal approvals process) on us for a virus that has not been proven to exist might be wise to ponder upon.

    Dr Mike Yeadon has made his views known to Matt Hancock (06/09/2020) (and to us via Twitter) - I reproduce the text below (my highlight):

    "Dear Mr Hancock, 

    I have a degree in Biochemistry & Toxicology & a research based PhD in pharmacology. I have spent 32 years working in pharmaceutical R&D, mostly in new medicines for disorders of lung & skin. I was a VP at Pfizer & CEO of a biotech I founded (Ziarco - acquired by Novartis). I’m knowledgeable about new medicine R&D.

    I have read the consultation document. I’ve rarely been as

  • "Biggest" Criminal Fraud Case Against the Government


    Note: This article is published under the "Conspiracy" tag not because I have reason to doubt the veracity of the claims but because as yet I have no independent confirmation. When/if I find confirmation that this case has been started, then I will promote it to unqualified "legal".

    Michael O'Bernicia is reported to be bringing private prosecutions under Common Law of fraud allegations against members of Parliament including Government ministers.

    My understanding of his central charges is as follows:

    (a) Parliament was misled into passing the Coronavirus 2020 Act because MPs were not informed that Covid-19 had already been demoted from classification as a "High Consequence Infectious Disease". This Act was therefore passed as a result of fraud and must be struck down.

    (b) By passing the EU Withdrawal (Agreement) Act 2020, inclusive ofsection 38 which purported to acknowledge Parliament as sovereign, thereby forfeiting the legitimacy of the Parliament under the Common Law (Sovereignty being vested solely in the Monarch), Parliament is therefore dissolved (and the Monarch, who purportedly signed this Act into law, unseated?) and British sovereignty automatically reverts to the

  • A Dissident's Guide to the (UK) Constitution


    These are UK Column podcasts which explore the UK Constitution, where it came from, where it may be going, with Alex Thompson and others.

    Episode 1

    "By popular request, and to meet the need of the times, Alex Thomson is joined by Mike Robinson and David Scott to brief dissidents on the Constitution. The podcast will be of interest to overseas listeners too but primarily explores the English and Scots Constitutions, the common law, and the British constitutional legacy"

    Episode 2 - Common Law

    "Join us to find out why state bodies like to masquerade as The People when prosecuting; why juries are being curtailed and abolished step by step; whether it is true that a freeman can individually say he does not consent to statutes"

    Episode 3 - Rights

    "Were our rights

  • The AIER Nails It - Where We are At Now


    The American Institute for Economic Research rightly strays across many topics political, because economics cannot be divorced from politics whilst governments the world over insist on trying to micro-manage all aspects of life.

    As the presidential election takes its course, the AIER publish two articles of essential reading for all, including us Europeans, for whom the politics of America will influence the direction of political development for much of the "western world" in the 2020s.

    We in the UK may not have the same Constitution as the USA, but we do have a number of legal cases challenging the legality of the Covid restrictions currently working their way through the UK courts (see our Legal menu). No doubt many European countries are facing a similar situation, albeit complicated in many cases by membership of the EU. So the article on "constitutional roadkill" is relevant even if some specifics of detail may differ.

    Likewise their exposition of Lockdowns as a Political Tragedy of the Commons reflects the fundamental conflict between the ultimate exercise of top-down authority as currently rolling out in the name of "covid suppression", and the "free citizen" approach as implemented (so far) in

  • Sue the British Government for False Imprisonment


    Tim Price has had enough - contribute to his Go-Fund-Me campaign here.

    "The funds will be used to pay legal fees for an action against the government on the grounds of false imprisonment, i.e. that the lockdown was never legal in the first case. All Britons who care about their freedom are invited to participate"


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  • Common Law Explained . . .


    I think this video speaks for itself, but you can find more details by following the link below.


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  • Lockdown? Put the Government on Notice of "Conditional Acceptance" NOW


    Clive de Carle made his name in the field of "alternative" health - that just means non-pharma based health.

    He has published this document as a way of utilizing the Common Law to resist Boris' new and (as far as I can see) totally unwarranted Lock-down.

    I am happy to publicise his proposal as widely as possible - Clive certainly qualifies as a Free Citizen of the UK.

    Let us Know!

    If you decide to go ahead as Clive suggests, let us know and I will keep track of those businesses that do so. This list will be private, and details will be shared (by email) only with similar businesses who are also on the list. Hopefully this may enable you to share your views and experiences with each other.

    Be aware that this list can't be fully secure (anyone can join), but it won't be overtly publicised here.

    Having said that, If enough of you want to be publicly listed then upon request i will also list those businesses that request it on a public page on this site. All publicity is good publicity!


  • Brief Filed in Landmark Case Against FCC on 5G and Wireless Regulations


    The EHT (Environmental Health Trust) "is a think tank that promotes a healthier environment through research, education, and policy.

    "We are the only non-profit organization in the world that carries out cutting edge research on environmental health hazards and also works directly with communities, health and education professionals, and policymakers to understand and mitigate these hazards."

    Their web-site is a treasure trove of well-presented information for the general public - highly recommended. Do bookmark it if you find it useful!

    They have filed a lawsuit calling the FCC (Federal Communications Committee) to account for staunchly maintaining allegedly ever more out-of-date safety guidelines, despite the ever-increasing pace of technological innovation and the ever-growing body of research indicating that all is not well with these guidelines.

    Not before time perhaps. Should you wish, you can donate to their cause here.