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  • ICIC - Nanotech in the Vaccines? Dr Fuellmich Investigates


    There has been a great deal of speculation about both the content / effects and the motivation behind the vaccines, much of which has led many previously level-headed and eminently well-qualified people to come up with some quite extraordinary findings and theories.

    Findings and theories which many find so absurd and unexpected that they write them off as "nobody could / would do that".

    So would I, but - I have a method for assessing such apparently absurd theories and it goes like this:

    a) What is the likely upside (ie: benefit) if the theories being questioned are true?

    b) What is the corresponding downside (ie: catastrophe) if the theories are true?

    If neither upside nor downside are very significant then even if the theories are true we don't really need to worry so we can dismiss them in safety, but if the upside would be awesome or the downside catastrophic

  • A Level-Headed View of the Chinese Protests


    For some strange reason the mainstream media have been all over the Chinese Covid protests (although they are and have been resolutely AWOL when Covid protests occur in multiple western nations).

    That circumstance alone gives me pause for thought.

    We will see how matters turn out, but meanwhile Clayton Morris of Redacted gives us his rather more nuanced viewpoint:

    (15 minutes)


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    Another viewpoint, this time from the James Neil Cooper channel:


  • Concerned About RSE/CSE in Your Child's School?


    Public Child Protection Wales has published some very pertinent information which I suspect may well be relevant also in England and quite possibly Scotland, although I don't doubt that Scottish law may differ in the details.

    Worth a look, if only to establish that yes, thus is all being driven by the UN, whatever we may or may not have been told, and there may well be ways to opt out.

    Well done Wales.


  • Switzerland in the Cross-Hairs?


    The Fulford Monday report is a must-read this week, even if you don't have a subscription.

    We might be expecting the Russians to roll up the Ukraine, but Switzerland?

    Worth reading, modest subscription recommended.


  • BREXIT - A Personal Reflection


    A good friend of mine emailed me a link this morning with a "must read" recommendation.

    Well, one person's "must-read" is sometimes another's "must-bin", but on this occasion I agreed completely. In fact so completely that I decided to feature it for your attention also, dear readers. 

    Now it must be well-known by now that BREXIT under Mrs May (but Wouldn't) was a convoluted and incomprehensibly byzantine Hotel California agreement that defied logical analysis. That agreement was then picked up by Boris with the catch-phrase "Let's get BREXIT done!" upon which (despite those making a valiant last stand for a real BREXIT) he was voted in by a landslide.

    This is the story told by Evelyn Farr (AKA Caroline Bell) who had the temerity to analyze the said

  • Lockdowns Unproven, Not Adopted


    Sweden was alone in Europe in not throwing all its established epidemiology out of the window as the pandemic hysteria took hold in 2020, as was Boris...  until he mysteriously changed his mind when the "experts" ganged up on him with Prof. Ferguson's now discredited modelling projections.

    Redacted review the current state of play in "our NHS" against the current state of play in Sweden.

    (11 minutes)


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  • Buy Direct from your Local Farm


    This seems like a worthy initiative, so I thought it worth highlighting.

    It won't be of interest unless you can identify a local producer near to you (or one who will accept orders for delivery) but if you don't check you'll never know!

    Produce and Provide.

    Happy Christmas!


  • When Is a Virus Not a Virus?


    Following the earlier admission via FOIR (Telegram link) that the SARS-COV2 "virus" as isolated is not known to the UK government agencies, the question of whether it exists and has been proven to cause the "Covid-19 disease" remains pertinent, however much some in authority would like to suggest otherwise.

    Much hangs on the answer to the question that for some mysterious reason nobody wants to answer.

    If it has never been isolated then we cannot confirm its supposed genome and therefore we cannot devise any test for it. We can't even prove that it causes any disease at all, let alone Covid-19, a disease which (according to "experts") has precious few distinguishing symptoms and can thus be readily confused with various maladies similar to flu, or even radiation

  • Brazil in Tranquil Turmoil


    There has (as far as I know) been little to no reporting of this gigantic event in the UK, but this confrontation is openly between the people versus the elite.

    Following the election results in Brazil which were declared to favour candidate Lula da Silva, candidate Bolsonaro appealed to the Supreme Court for an investigation, but was awarded an impossibly large fine for his trouble.

    The population have now been appealing to the military, in overwhelming numbers, to sort out the establishment. So far, the stalemate continues.

    Rebel News reports:

    (21 minutes)



  • Speaking of Mouthpieces of the Ruling Class


    Speaking of publications that work on behalf of the "authorities" rather than their own professed calling, TCW Defending Freedom (or "the Conservative Woman" as was - this name change itself illustrates the updates to emphasis that we now feel necessary to make in these nonsensical times) takes the BMJ no less to task for publishing what they claim is a smear job on those groups of medical professionals who really have been standing up for their own professed calling.

    "It attempts to discredit a number of ethically motivated pressure groups...  in that time-honoured Big Brother way that George Orwell so chillingly first depicted"

    And here perhaps we get to the nub of it:

    "It is clearly designed to ensure that no members of either group get anywhere near the official Covid-19 Inquiry"

    Well, we can't

  • Bob - the Man Behind the Cartoons


    I didn't realise (I gave up paying much attention to the Telegraph a while ago) but it turns out that Bob was fired by the Telegraph - I guess that tells us all we need to know.

    In past ages the court jester was permitted to poke fun at the powerful, but today even that small privilege is withheld. I suppose it's a reflection of the reach of the jester - today he can reach millions, and each picture is worth a thousand words...

    And that tells me that the war for spiritual supremacy is between the government and the governed, that "they" can't justify what they do, and that the Telegraph really is a controlled mouthpiece rather than a source of independent journalism.

    Oh, and they are scared that Bob will wake us all up!

    He may well, as he very generously allows publications to feature his work without charge (and to parrot

  • Is This Your Higher Calling?


    If this is for you then I think you will know it once you get into it.

    If it's not for you then think about it anyway - after all, as the Bard wrote centuries ago:

    "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy"

    If that were not true, then what would be the point?

    (26 minutes)


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  • Fulford on Friday 25 Nov 2022


    A worthwhile report today with some serious points that will be of interest in the UK and other parts of Europe.

    Not to mention China.

    Modest subscription required.


  • CBDCs Incoming!


    For those not already au fait with CBDCs, the Corbett Report runs through some of the main features.

    Learn about the split circuit monetary system, how it currently works, and why a CBDC could demolish the split circuits, folding all of our money back into the Central Bank. Cash would in the extreme be eliminated altogether and everybody's individual account would be held at the central bank.

    Well, we are talking about a variety of account types here (current accounts, savings accounts, loan accounts) - would they all be held at the central bank?

    And if all accounts are held at the central bank, what functions (if any) would the commercial banks still provide? Or would they simply become branches of the central bank for all practical purposes?

    With the bank knowing the purpose of every transaction, could they really control our spending according to their whim and fancy? Such a control system would be orders

  • "A Utopian Charade Based on Unrealistic Assumptions"


    Well, I suppose it had to happen soon enough, although I'm shocked it managed to happen before the final implosion, rather than afterwards when the desperate project to smear the innocent traditionally get's into its stride.

    That's all to the good, because "getting your retribution in first" before that final inescapable implosion, means that we might actually get to glimpse the truth. It's also good to know that there may actually be real humans still at the NAO that our deluded powers-that-be haven't yet managed to turn into AI-controlled cyborgs programmed to endlessly repeat the party line.

    Sadly I doubt it will make any discernible difference to the fate of "our" NHS as the NAO's report on their backlogs and waiting times makes clear (if we didn't already know) that that establishment might as well have been run by such cyborgs for many years.

    "... in other words,  the Select Committee thinks all NHS

  • If You Really Want to Know What's Going On


    The world is in upheaval.

    Governments are being seen to turn against their people, who are responding accordingly. Worldwide.

    The imprecise talk of the New World Order that has been simmering for years (along with the "war on terror") has reached a new height since the formal partnership between the WEF and the UN. The seemingly unlikely talk at Davos that had previously been ignored as absurd has been brought to the fore.

    Those not familiar with the above should probably watch the second video below before taking on the first, so if you are unaware of the implementation of the Great (unwanted) Reset by the Davos elite, then watch the second video first.

    This first video summarises how it is being countered. (Allegedly). 

    "We are going to get every last one of them and ensure that nothing like this can ever occur again"


  • Covid - The Infinite Onion?


    The indefatigable journalists at UK Column bring us yet another blockbuster presentation revealing unsuspected layers of what may amount to government corruption in the administration of the Covid "vaccines at warp speed" phenomenon.

    You thought you knew who was responsible for administering and regulating the roll-out and ensuring safety?

    If it turns out that you didn't, would that amount to fraud?

    Yes, all this took place in America, but (a) who's to say that something similar didn't take place here in the UK and (b) even if it didn't, our regulatory authorities in practice depend (excessively in my view) on sound regulation in America.

    As the months go by and more layers of the Covid onion are unpeeled, more shocking revelations appear that make us question everything that we have been taught about the medical and regulatory industries.

    I won't put up the video here because

  • Not Our Future


    Watch the Video - Sign the Pledge 

    It's not immediately clear where this pledge is leading, but who could disagree with the sentiment and the hall of fame who are already signed up?

    Especially when so succinctly expressed!

    (90 seconds)


    Sign the Pledge!

  • Died Suddenly - The Stew Peters Film


    (68 minutes) - Warning - Not Suitable for Children -

    and I guess for those adults who cannot cope with this scale of evil.



  • The Digital Panopticon is Already Here


    London number 3, New Delhi number 1 in the world.

    If you want to know (or if you don't) this is where we already are.

    It's been installed all around us and it's already being improved.

    We just haven't been told yet - Big Brother has been automated...

    "we are living in a digital panopticon"

    (78 minutes)