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  • Ever Wondered What a Hot WW3 Looks Like?


    Ukrainians are finding out.

    This is not for the faint of heart, but it is where US UK and EU funds and materiel for the Ukraine ends up.

    Is it value for money?

    (8 minutes)


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  • Fulford Report Monday 13 Feb 2023


    Another encouraging report from Ben.

    End game nears as Khazarian Mafia pulls fake invasion card

    (Modest subscription required for full access)

  • View from the Bottom


    UK Column brings us some very interesting contributions from members of the Love Party - no it's not a hippy collective high on LSD, it's the views of three citizens who realise how the world is moving and are doing something about it.

    "... ultimately, that is the end-game... "

    Their tactic is to form a political party to take on the establishment.

    More power to their elbow.

    Maybe however they should note that in addition to corporate takeovers of small businesses through a variety of tactics, the deep state / corporate media is also expert at marginalising smaller parties, taking control and if required neutralising them by any means necessary, whenever they threaten to get out of hand (whatever happened to UKIP?).

    (64 minutes)


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  • 5G - The Case for the Judicial Review


    As previously reported, The Court of Appeal was to hear the case for a judicial review of the Govenment's bland but allegedly baseless assurances that the 5G roll-out poses no threats to human health on 6/7th February.

    That hearing did take place and an account of the hearing by the barrister for the claimants has been published, outlining the submissions to the Court.

    "On 6 and 7 February 2023 the Administrative Court heard the judicial review of the Secretary of State’s alleged failure to address the evidence of risks to human health posed by 5G technology"

    "At the hearing the government argued that there is no duty to inform the public of any risks at all, because it essentially denies that there are any risks from the increased exposures or new form of radiation frequency to be used in 5G

  • An Explosive Green Reminiscence with Justin Walker


    Another excellent interview by Richard Vobes, with Justin Walker from the Hardwick Alliance, who spills the inside beans on how the original Ecology Party was transformed by the global elite into today's (some would say bogus) Green movement so beloved of the UN-WEF partnership (not to mention the bankers).

    "I thought people in government were benign benevolent decent people doing their best for the people"

    An interview which touches on almost everything that seems to be wrong with our world today.


    (55 minutes)



  • Class Action Lawsuit - For Those Harmed by the UK Government's Covid Measures


    "If you’ve suffered loss or injury because of Covid Measures in the UK, you may have a claim against the UK Government for causing these harms" (cacuk.uk)

    Mina Dew explains the legal case to UNN's Anthony Webber.

    "Their case is different from other Covid cases. First, they challenge the pretext of a pandemic, based on available mortality data. They also highlight that the government's "response" always assumed vaccination was the answer. They challenge that assumption too!

    "As well as seeking compensation and declaratory relief, they want to use this case to effect positive changes in our laws and in society, specifically:

    "To prove that vaccines must never be mandatory (they are “unavoidably unsafe” according to US

  • Old Bill Gates he Had a Farm - A.I. A.I. Oh!


    OK, the headline is contrived (aren't they all?) but there is a connection - the AI chatbot ChatGPT is a product of Bill's erstwhile company, Microsoft - and Old Bill is reputed to own the greatest acreage of farmland in the USA.

    And a very accomplished product ChatGPT appears by most accounts to be (so does Google at last have a real competitor?).

    But what is the difference between artificial intelligence and human intelligence? Will AI ever rival the human intellect? It appears to have passed the Turing test (to be indistinguishable from a human being) over the internet, although it remains to be seen whether specific lines of questioning may yet be devised to cause it to fail that test.

    And is it a truly impartial intelligence, or does it seek to influence our collective consciousness in specific directions?

    Martin Geddes, IT networking expert turned student of

  • Another Shackle Around the Ankle of Free Speech?


    We have become accustomed of late to the to-and-fro between Parliament and the Free Speech lobby, with scarcely a week going by without some development or other making the news.

    So it is this week too:

    (a) "these malicious powers to electronically monitor protestors were defeated in the House of Lords" (Big Brother Watch newsletter 09/02/2023) re: the provision for ankle-tagging protesters contained in the government's Public Order Bill

    (b) The Worker Protection (Amendment of Equality Act 2010) Bill as approved by the Commons will make employers "liable for harassment of their employees by members of the public that they come into contact with while doing their jobs" in addition to "harassment by other employees". What could possibly go wrong?

    Of course, nobody but nobody will say the truth - that all these provisions and bills are in their entirety unnecessary, unwanted

  • Nordstream 2 - The Miscreants Identified? - 2


    Ian Rons writing for the Daily Sceptic has some serious issues with the Seymour Hersch revelations reported recently.

    All good information no doubt, and well beyond my powers to unravel, so (as always) readers must come to their own conclusions.

    One thing seems certain - there will be more argument over the "who dunnit" aspects of this caper that seem sure to keep the pundits buzzing a while longer.


  • What is the UK Constitution?


    This is a follow-on presentation from the original interview, but extended to review differences between the various nations of the United Kingdom. And other matters...

    "... the second part of the millenium was all about replacing, obfuscating, and confusing all of that with a new system of governance through elected parties... "

    "... there's a lot of mischaracterisation of medieval England that's been going on here... "

    "... they are meant to be refusing Royal Assent to any Bills of Parliament... that would be repugnant to the constitution and the liberties of the people"

    "... the very fact that we now know this is empowering in itself... "



  • Nordstream 2 - The Miscreants Identified?


    Independent longstanding journalist Seymour Hersch claims the laurels for the first definitive description of how the culprits took down the Nordstream 2 pipeline...  and who they were.

    Also the incoming war with China, events in Haiti, and - boosting Australia!

    Redacted reports:

    (1 hr 20 minutes)



  • State of the Covid Nation / World


    Del Bigtree of the Highwire summarises the state of America in the wake of the Covid experience, all in less than 15 minutes! Don't blink or you'll miss something.

    In so doing he speaks for many around the world, and readers will note that the UK experience has paralleled the US more or less in lockstep, in certain areas less rigorously applied, but to substantially the same effect.

    (16 minutes)



  • Fake Diseases, Fake Medicine?


    John Rappaport is a journalist of very longstanding.

    (For those new to the topic, Technocracy News and Views is at the forefront in reporting on transhumanism)

    John doesn't take prisoners (which is why no "reputable" mainstream media will publish his work).

    The greek text of Revelation 18/23 uses the greek word φαρμακεία (pharmakeia) to indicate "sorcery".

    Sorcery isn't merely a magical art - it is also the art of deception (as any stage magician will testify).

    Speaking of "Babylon, the mighty city", Revelation 18/23 prophesies her destruction, listing all the inhabitants who will be extinguished, finishing with:

    Fake Powers, Fake Courts, Fake Sovereignty


    How far has our system of government, including separation of powers (download), fallen?

    Some would say a considerable distance further than most of us realise.

    That is for most circumstances understandable - few people in the UK make a study of constitutional law and not very many overall get dragged through the courts to find out the hard way.

    However, with our executive branch getting ever more overbearing in nature, as exemplified by the coercion attempted in the name of "Covid", it's certainly time to take stock and work out whether they really have the powers to order us around that they claim, Covid or no Covid.

    "The corruption has become so systemic and normalised that it is quite a shock to realise how far we have fallen"


  • Fulford Monday Report 06 Feb 2023


    Another positive report from Benjamin this week, although as the earthquakes in Turkey and Kazakhstan indicate, the road to global liberation is still not secured free of major hazard.

    Whether we believe that earthquakes can be instigated by man or whether they remain uncontrollable acts of Nature, there is certainly a suspicion that Ben may be onto something here.

    As always, be aware that in war, no source of information can be considered to be 100% trustworthy - truth is always the first casualty.

    Modest subscription required to view the complete article.


  • Canterbury - Segmentation City


    The WEF has extended its tentacles into many local councils it seems.

    Now Canterbury is busy consulting on its scheme to save the planet by restricting its citizens from driving around (although forcing people in adjacent zones to drive around a bypass doesn't immediately suggest shorter routes and lower pollution?).

    Rebel News reports:

    (12 minutes)


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  • A Voice from Iran


    We in the UK don't hear anything much from within Syria, and even less from within Iran, so this interview on Redacted may go a little way to redress the balance.

    Whether it's accurate or not I have no way of knowing.

    (20 minutes)


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