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An American viewpoint to be sure, but ...

"If you do not see their Evil you are most-likely plugged into their network of deception"

Sounds like a conspiracy theory to me ...

"Through vast sums of money they have purchased loyalties in the media, education, unions, big business, military, medicine, entertainment ... "

Must be nonsense, who could possibly afford to do that?

" ... the disturbing world of intelligence plots, a Tavistock operation, the world's center for mass brainwashing and social engineering ... "

Well, read, and make up your own mind.

Yes, the battle is for our hearts and minds, for our beliefs, for our confidence, and for our very souls. Pacifism is no longer an option because we are the battleground, each of us subject to constant bombardment of propaganda by the media, the feints and distractions of the divide and rule political circuses that endlessly vie for our attention, the dull deadening weight of educational indoctrination that teaches obedience to fake authority rather than teaching us to think for ourselves, the miasma of activist groups that lure us into fake and destructive crusades to save the planet.  

Yes, we do "live in interesting times" ... and must respond accordingly by questioning everything, taking nothing for granted, and navigating the maze as best we can.

The good news? Once we know the game, there is neither turning back, nor need to fear, since their game depends upon our ignorant acquiescence. Just say no.