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  • Levelling - Up Down or Sideways?


    Governments love to be thought to be the saviour of the people - listen to any politician and they will intervene in any number of ways known and as yet unknown to man to assure the future of the nation, the region, the city, the countryside, the ports, the railways, the hospitals, the towns, the rivers, the parks, the farmers, the fishermen, the housing market, the children, the pensioners, the veterans, the small businesses, etc etc (apologies to any I have omitted).

    When have such interventions ever delivered their promised outcome (let alone at the promised cost)?

    So will Boris Johnson's latest wheeze to level up the North bear the promised fruit of increased prosperity for the "grim up North", or will it simply expand the burden of stultifying central control outwards from London?


  • Aluminium in Vaccines?


    Is there aluminium in vaccines? Definitely.

    Is it harmful? Some say it is, some say not when within in the specified limits.

    Is it present in vaccines within the specified limits? Not always, according to researchers affiliated to Keele University, Staffordshire.

    What vaccines are we talking about? Quite a number, again according to Keele University researchers.

    So what to do? ICAN is petitioning the FDA (Food and Drugs Administration in the US) to do its job of ensuring that the vaccines that it approves are the vaccines that are actually in use.

    "We found that only three vaccines contained the amount of aluminium indicated by the manufacturer. Six

  • To Liberate Humanity From The Shackles of Tyranny


    Dr Pam Popper is a realist.

    Here she talks about the measures that people take to object to and counter the political diktats that have been brought in to support the Covid narrative, and points out that those measures have not been working. They don't work because the assumption that the politicians work for us is false and the politicians simply carry on with their plans regardless. Petitions, letters, presentations of evidence, it makes no difference.

    So what did they pioneer in Ohio to start to make a difference?

    "Community isn't how many people you put in a room, community is the connection between the people"

    "Reform isn't working, so...  maybe what has to happen is the whole thing blows up so it can be rebuilt again from scratch, and that's actually easier to do..."

    This is a very thought-provoking session, it's suggestions will be unwelcome to

  • People Have No Idea How Controlled "Medical Science" Actually Is


    This video pertains to the situation in the US - but - can anybody still doubt that much the same applies across the world, including the UK?

    Are the foxes in charge of the hen-house?

    Reiner and Leslie spill the beans:

    "You don't get anywhere unless you are willing to play ball with these groups"

    "for the last 20 years they've been really laying the groundwork for this moment"


  • Calm Words Pertinent to our Times


    For those of us who feel despair creeping upon us out of the fog of uncertainty, even potential treachery, that seeps (sometimes spews) daily from our newspapers TV and alt media, the temptation is to block it out, to seek refuge in inconsequential matters - hobbies, gardening, day-dreaming of holidays yet to come, chatting and gossiping about daily trivia, anything in fact except the contentious issues that in 2021 still insolently dare to face us down.

    In truth switching off is a practical necessity every now and then, since nobody can contemplate the weight of the world's problems without an occasional measure of R&R. Switching off permanently however would be to surrender, to shirk our responsibility to counter the uncertainty and to defeat those who would grind our hopes to nothing and consign our aspirations to oblivion.

    But how to contemplate those issues which so intimidate us, how

  • Climate Extinction Clocks


    The Extinction Clock site features a large number of predictions by those who perhaps should have known better, from the 1970s to the present.

    I'll leave it to you to decide which of these merits your attention . . .   and you can vote for your favourite!


  • The Highwire - Autistic Children Find Their Voice!


    Covid inoculations - are they infectious?

    Autistic children - can they speak to their parents?

    You won't believe this - that isn't the half of it.

    For some families this really will change everything.

    All in the Highwire Episode 214 - watch!

    Below is the section on autism, and how one family made amazing progress:

  • The Conspiracy Theory to End them All


    This conspiracy theory is far too big to be ignored.

    There is too much supporting circumstantial evidence for it to be discredited on a mere whim.

    The best way to get to grips with this is probably to watch this video, then to follow up on the various web-sites. It's a long haul, best taken in stages.

    It has been said that everything we have been told is a lie - is this confirmation?

    After you have watched this you will have a choice:

    • No, it's just too preposterous, it cannot be true - I reject it

    • It's utterly preposterous but there is a lot of supporting evidence . . .    I want more confirmation before I can decide

    • That puts a lot stuff into perspective . . .   but I'm going to need some time to work out what it all means
  • "The Top Five Medicines of All Time"


    That's quite a claim.

    Dr Keith Scott-Mumby (Mancunian, so "one of ours" even if now resident in the US of A) is no ordinary doctor.

    In this age when we are subject to all sorts of conflicting messages (vaccines good, vaccines very bad, antibiotics wonderful, antibiotics failing through over-use, fluoride good, fluoride bad etc) Dr Keith has maintained a firm grounding in real medical science rather than the reflexive "your (pharma-trained) doctor is the all knowing expert - so do as he says".

    As a man with a foot in multiple camps (OK, that should probably be "a finger in multiple pies" since he isn't centipedal) he is not afraid to look within any discipline to find what works and what doesn't.

  • The Invisible Rainbow


    Book Review

    I've mentioned this book elsewhere but it does no harm to give it another mention, this time in a book review by Scottie's Tech Info.

    Arthur Firstenberg has done a grand job tracing the history of world-wide man-made electrical / electro-magnetic phenomena and matching up with all manner of sickness previously unknown or unknown in such volume. None of this is conclusive in the sense that it proves the link beyond reasonable doubt, but it does make you sit up and think  "I didn't know that - this needs checking out".

    So, without further ado, on with the review:


    Like /

  • Ban the Beef? Oregon Shows the Way


    Ice Age Farmer reports on the latest in the globalists' war on long-established farming custom and practice - how long before we begin to hear the same rumblings in the UK and Europe?

    "a new bill proposed in Oregon would create a 'sanctuary state' for animals, radically transforming how animals are treated across the state"

    "The language is all about eliminating 'animal abuse', which sounds good, right, but the subtlety is that all animal agriculture has been redefined as abusive... all references to good husbandry practices are eliminated..."

    "livestock would have to die of natural causes before they could be sued for food production..."

    "this moving of the goal-posts for food production is happening across the board"

    NHS Covid - The Inside Story from UK Column


    Posted by UK Column on Tuesday 4th May.

    "I think that a lot of people think that the NHS is in complete control of this, and actually don’t realise that under emergency measures, they are told what to do"

    "I think the long-term safety effects of these injections is still not known, yet we can see that the short-term impact is huge. And we’re now moving into a territory where we are going into healthy, younger, fertile individuals, and — God forbid — children. And that, quite frankly, terrifies me"

    "People with dry, cracking hands from the amount of hand-washing that they’re having to do; constant face mask wearing, causing huge skin problems; massive headaches; a lot of people off sick — and the pressure that is going into the system is huge"

    "I feel like the fear has increased, because the propaganda and the news outlets and the pressure from the Government has increased. It’s

  • CDC Comes Clean on PCR Test Cycles


    We have reported on the matter of the inaccuracy of the PCR test for Covid-19 before.

    "The PCR test is not actually designed to identify active infectious disease, instead, it identifies genetic material, be it partial, alive, or even dead.  PCR amplifies this material in samples to find traces of COVID-19"

    "If someone is tested by PCR as positive when a threshold of 35 cycles or higher is used (as is the case in most laboratories in Europe & the US), the probability that said person is actually infected is less than 3%, the probability that said result is a false positive is 97%.” (source)


  • The Truth About the Shots and their After-Effects?


    Drs Tenpenny, Northrup, Merritt, Palevski, Madej discuss the latest post-inoculation events situation.

    "When we look at the literature from 2020, we see that people were getting illnesses of blood disorders, lack of oxygen... this was not a viral illness, this was the clinical presentation of a poisoning of the blood...   this spike protein is not a naturally occurring thing, it is a man-made weapon"

    "we really don't have any idea what's in this thing, or these things - we think it's spike protein, but we generally have no idea"

    "we need to take the protection upon our own shoulders"

    It's really hard to know what is going on at the moment, largely due to the less than effective systems being used to monitor the

  • A Pandemic of Vulnerability?


    Zach Bush meets Del Bigtree in Hawaii (wouldn't we all?) to discuss his views on the latest virus situation - and that's just the start.

    Their first encounterwe highlighted in December 2020 - in fact it's the only video that we have highlighted twice.

    Zach does have an excellent way of expressing himself and explaining his understanding of how our bodies function and how we relate to the planetary ecosystems of life - I have never found anyone else express this compelling vision (and no, that's not over-hyping it), let alone do it so cogently:

    "if you pile chronic inflammation and then pharmaceuticals on top of that then you create a perfect storm"

    "we may or may not have played a hand in creating the virus - we 100% created

  • You are the Lab Rats, the Guinea Pigs


    Dr Carrie Madej interviewed on the Covid-19 vaccines - she gives clear and succinct explanations for some potential problems associated with these inoculations, so if you are wondering what all the fuss is about, this video (from 22nd February) is a good place to start:

    "I've never seen anything as frivolous or careless in medicine before"

    "they can bypass all the checks and balances we normally have for drug safety in the name of this emergency"

    "the experiment has not ended yet - we are the experiment"

    More videos

  • Is a Religious Revival Brewing?


    If you are looking to me to answer that question then I cannot say, but I can say that there do appear to be straws in the wind . . .


    This video by Mark Steele (well-known "conspiracy theorist") who may well have Gateshead Council on the run is interesting. You don't have to accept the references to Satan if you don't want to, but it's getting to be unarguable that the globalist threat from socialism/fascism/communism/pick-your-own-ism that he talks about is real (whether deliberately so or misguidedly so is up to each of us to determine).


    For more from Mark Steele

  • The Future of the Dollar Bill?


    If the dollar is the world's reserve currency then the Federal Reserve Bank is the primary currency issuing bank in the world.

    Contrary to public supposition, "the Fed" is not any part of the US Government (or wasn't, although under President Trump it was supposedly brought under the control of the US Treasury). The Fed is a privately owned bank whose books are not open to scrutiny.

    Given that there does seem to be a global financial reset in the offing very shorty, this video raises some very interesting questions about the future nature of the dollar, and thus of the world's financial system.

    The minutes of the FOMC committee meeting of June 2009 (referenced in the video) are linked above this article.


  • Is our Government's Covid Response Driven by Science?


    Well, that's a debatable point, but we now have confirmation that there are some in government who appear convinced that the current low level of Covid cases will not mark the end of the pandemic. How do they know? Is there any scientific paper that suggests that it will carry on for another year? Do they have so little confidence in their vaccines?

    Or do they have wind of some other factor that has as yet not revealed itself to the world at large?

    UK Column News present their update for today, 3rd May:



  • Is There a Climate Crisis? The Science Says Not Now and Not in the Future


    I reported this lecture by Dr Happer back in March, in the form of a transcript.

    I am happy to present this very accessible and informative presentation as a video, which perhaps removes some of the dryness of reading a transcript:


     Why not watch your cake and read it?

    Read the original transcript (with accompanying illustrations) here.


    Why the "Crimes against Humanity" heading? This video has been mirrored by