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  • Government and PHE Spreading a Covid Casedemic?


    The material in this article is not new - but it has been determinedly ignored by health services and governments worldwide for many months.

    Can't be true then?

    Green Med Info has written a great article which explains the whole scenario. They also include two videos which cover the same ground, if you prefer to watch rather than read:

    Short video:


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  • The Highwire - Capitol and Covid


    The inimitable Del Bigtree does a new year round-up of current events, from the 6 Jan "riots" at the Capitol in Washington DC  to the Pfizer - Moderna - Astra-Zenica vaccine roll-out.

    He shouts too much for my taste - but he is American so I'm happy to make allowances :)

    This is a two hour video and covers a lot of ground - if you just want to cover an individual section you can pick and choose here from the right-hand column.


  • Many Pathways to Policy Failure


    This AIER article is a sensible contribution to the Covid debate as seen from the perspective of an economist, and there is nothing wrong with that.

    Of course, if you tend toward the view that the Covid scenario has many of the hall-marks of a gigantic hoax (at whatever level you care to pitch it) then this economics-based explanation may carry little weight (and they are trying to sell us a book).

    The coverage however extends well beyond Covid and addresses much policy-making that we may think has been less than ideal in recent times.

    "The kind of economics we need right now is that which makes a direct link between logic and policy"

    "The most conspicuous evidence that our societies have lost economic understanding is the year 2020, when most governments in the world imagined that they could turn off the economy like a light switch in order to mitigate disease"


  • Major Exposé Outlines Industry Ties


    I am indebted to the Environmental Health Trust for this reminder that the problems of EMFs have not gone away:



  • The NHS's New Clothes, Lockdown Harms, & What Lies Behind the Hysteria?


    I am indebted to Lockdown Sceptics for today's links, which cover three separate aspects of our locked-down existence at the beginning of 2021 - a year of new hope or of new despair?

    The NHS
    First up is a discussion of what should be the highly topical issue of the NHS and its response (or otherwise) to the Covid narrative. It may not have been prepared in March (although "project Cygnus" (download the report) already sounded all the warning bells of unpreparedness in 2016) but it should certainly have been prepared for the winter resurgence / "second wave" in January-February. So why are we being locked down ever

  • The Chinese Communist Party’s "Global Lockdown Fraud"


    News today of an international initiative to request the FBI to investigate the CCP's alleged Covid fraud.

    Now if Biden is eventually inaugurated then this will go straight into the waste bin, and if Trump succeeds then hopefully it hardly needs sending - but - this is an extended document that provides a whole host of relevant information that any lock-down sceptic should be aware of.

    "In the course of our work, we have identified issues of a potentially criminal nature and believe this investigation necessary to ensure the interests of the public have been properly represented by those promoting certain pandemic policies"

    "This letter is meant to call the attention of federal authorities in Australia, Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States (the “Nations”) to multiple points of evidence about the origin and historical precedent of lockdowns; . . ."

    "Given the gravity

  • So What Happened on Jan 6th?


    Since the events of 6 Jan we have been treated by our MSM to daily double-page spreads condemning Trump and excoriating "the mob" which "attacked" the Capitol in Washington DC.

    No matter that the overwhelming majority of that dreadful "mob" were perfectly peaceful and well-behaved (i watched a very long video live-stream shot from just outside the doors of the Capitol) who voted for Trump in the election overwhelmingly (if you believe that the election was stolen) or in a 50-50 split (if you believe the official vote numbers).

    So the MSM evidently now hold in contempt at least 50% of the voters or perhaps nearer 75%.

    So where is the evidence that this "mob" "stormed" the Capitol? Did defenders die heroically? No, one "air force veteran" (from the "mob") was reportedly shot and died, but i have not seen reports of defenders being injured (11 Jan - correction - one police officer

  • We need scepticism more than ever


    Spiked have published an article with this title in defence of the sceptic who challenges the official narrative.

    "That free speech, which is the very precondition for democracy, can now be portrayed as a threat to it, shows the increasing extent to which those in control of cultural and political institutions are reluctant to tolerate dissenting opinions"

    "They have been personally and professionally maligned, and, more troubling still, their critics want them removed from the public sphere. This has all the characteristics of a modern high-tech witch-hunt"

    "Historically, calls for censorship were justified on the grounds that a text was either politically subversive or morally corrupting. This justification

  • "Say NO to a Police State"


    Nigel Farage shares some video footage that should give us all pause for reflection about the direction in which our government is taking us.

    "I'm beginning to think that the battle to get back our individual liberty could be an even bigger battle than the battle to get us out of the European Union"


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    Nigel towards the end draws attention to the "covert intelligence bill" currently wending its way quietly through Parliament.

    i don't remember this Bill featuring in any reports from the main-stream media but I may be mistaken.

  • PCR Claims - The Costs of Lockdown


    "Our mission statement is simple:
    To bring LEGAL JUSTICE to UK citizens for the devastating harm caused by lockdowns to families and businesses"

    I am grateful to Lockdown Sceptics for this link to the PCR Claims site, which is working to establish the legal claims situation, where people and businesses that have incurred damage to their interests due to the unprecedented public restrictions introduced in response to the "pandemic" can submit their evidence of loss to their legal team.

    I'm not sure how that works exactly but it looks well worth following up. It's nigh-on impossible to mount a court case against the government as an individual, but as a group - it could be viable. This is an opportunity for "we the people" to hold the government to account.


  • Ann Delap: Fall of the Cabal Videos - The Sequel


    This is the sequel to Ann Delap: Cabal Video Series Parts 1-10 with Summaries - which covers the story in the modern era - it is suggested to read that first, but it's not strictly necessary.

    This sequel is indeed a deep dive, starting in ancient Sumer and the Sumerians (of cuneiform script and clay tablets fame).

    However it soon skips to 600AD and thence moves quickly on to the 1700s, about which we know a bit more.

    This looks like being a 17 part sequel, of which (as of 8 January 2021) 5 are so far available, so you will need to consume over several sessions.

    The usual caveats...

  • Ann Delap: Cabal Video Series Parts 1-10 with Summaries


    The "Conspiracy" tag is where we explore the assertion that there is a secret group of people (the "cabal") which is bent on world domination - ruling as they see fit and therefore necessarily crushing democratic accountability in the process.

    Couldn't happen?

    Maybe Hitler, Pol Pot, the USSR and Mao couldn't have happened either, but they did.

    It's been a while (if we discount the Chinese Communists) since such a major dictatorship reared its head, so maybe we are overdue a resurgence - maybe even a global resurgence implemented via global political institutions (such as the UN) and huge mega-corporations of global reach (we know who they are) - and philanthropic foundations (not to mention the bankers, especially those "too big to fail").

    If these groups were to act in concert then what could they not achieve? Well, there is a missing piece of the plot as just described - true democratic government is

  • What's Up with the Great Reset?


    The AIER brings us up to date with the now overt relationship between the global Covid exercise and the Great Reset (as documented by Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum, AKA "Davos").

    "Spelling this out for those too stunned to take it in: this is an open admission that it benefits Schwab and Fauci’s political agenda to continue lockdowns as long as possible"

    Presumably not to mention any UK politicians that seem to be strangely addicted to imposing as many lockdowns as they can get away with, based on "evidence" that has an undeniable tendency to unravel within a few days of presentation.

    "Will they succeed? Is their behavior remotely justified? Does the pandemic really prove our society is fatally flawed? Why can’t they use the political system to gain majority votes if their agenda is so good?"

    (my highlight)

    Trump Promises an Orderly Transition to the Next Administration


    After the extraordinary scenes in Washington DC yesterday, the Epoch Times reports the president's commitment to an orderly transition.

    Read carefully.

  • Brian Rose of London Real Tells Lockdown 2021 Like it Is


    Brian, I think you forgot to mention that the government has still not published even a rudimentary assessment of the damage caused by lock-down restrictions, which is surely unforgivable after all this time and only-too-real experience.

    No matter - I cannot disagree with your viewpoint, so eloquently expressed.


  • All the Syndromic Data in one Place


    This can't be stated often enough - the statistics do not support the UK Government's pandemic narrative.

    Lockdown Sceptics in their article today assess the official PHE published statistics - and come to much the same conclusion as I did when I undertook a similar exercise in the autumn months of last year.

    So I'm grateful that they have done the update for me and I don't need to plough through it all again  :)

    Read all about it.

    Of course, this begs the obvious

  • Crucial Viral Update Jan 4th - Europe and USA - Covers it ALL


    Everything you want to check up re the real progress of the "pandemic" - Ivor lays out the true science:


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  • You can't Tell the People - They have to See it Themselves


    January 2021 is the month that will wake the world.

    This is the introduction - the "conspiracy theory" version - note the title: "to save the world", not "to save the USA". This affects us all:


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    Today, Jan 5th 2021, we are no longer in "conspiracy theory" territory.

    This is the longer, bang up-to-date presentation - it's time for the gloves to come off, and high time to pay attention: