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Legal Repeal

  • The Online Harms Bill - Friend or Foe?


    Now primed and ready for detonation Royal Assent, this Bill (all 108 thousand words of it) has passed through all its parliamentary stages and will be law shortly.

    Of course everything Parliament does these days is always for our safety, but what about our education, our ability to research, and our freedom of speech?

    I'm not going to offer any assessment here myself, but one tenacious soul has already had it analysed by AI (ChatGpt) - one AI (automated) analysing another (the Statute Book) one might think. What did it make of it? Did it collapse in a heap, defeated by the intersectional cross-referencing, extraordinary tedium, and sheer volume of banality, or did it manage to extract its meaning andfurnish some relevant answers?

    Happily, automated AI knows neither banality nor tedium, and can cross-reference til the cows come home - once it has all the

  • Return to Palnackie


    Martin Geddes returns to Palnackie (of which he has written previously).

    He uses his experience to encourage us in our social responsibilities, and it is a reflective discourse on some of the problems that afflict our local governance, and how we may / should respond to them.

    Being bothentertaining and illustrative of the interactions between human foibles and the knowledge of being under observation, it is interesting on many levels.

    Essential reading for would-be local officials and politicians?



  • Actively Dying


    I guess I've heard everything now, but I fear that I may be mistaken.

    The NHS diagnosis of "actively dying" must be a new low in its crusade to rid itself of bed-blockers that it doesn't like.

    Whatever this patient's disabilities, it surely not the place of "our" NHS to condemn her to death by actively withdrawing support. 

    Here we see all the usual gambits invoked "for her protection" - banned from speaking to the press, being taken to court so that a "palliative care plan" that she does not want can be imposed upon her, presumably "for her own good".

    Oh, and all in the face of expert witnesses who state that she is mentally competent to make her own decisions, and is therefore entitled to do so.

    It is becoming difficult to overstate the complete disregard for law, justice, and indeed basic human dignity that now infests our medical and legal

  • Why Was the Lucy Letby Case for Sale?


    Cheshire police/CPS haveauctioned the film rights for their investigation, with ITV placing the winning bid"

    So who exactly is profiting from this case that "brought the UK’s worst child killer Lucy Letby to justice" ?

    Is this the totally impartial police/CPS who have no motivation other than their altruistic desire to see justice done though the Heavens fall? Or did they either explicitly or implicitly collude with the Countess of Chester neonatal unit to deflect the blame for what

  • "Energy Bill", or "Energy - Dictatorial Powers - Bill"?


    Another critique of the Bill - this time from the Daily Sceptic. As you might expect, it's sceptical.

    The war is not between Left and Right, the war is between centralisation (empowerment of the few) and freedom (empowerment of the many).

    The Bill wants to impose the elite's favoured "solutions" upon the many, and it will as always end in disaster, because they never choose their "solutions" either wisely or appropriately. Despite having all the best advisers at their beck and call ready to advise them, their solutions are invariably political and one-size-fits-all because without that - well, I guess we have no need of them!

    They are behaving like zombies that cannot see or hear any conflicting evidence. Maybe we really do have no need of them.

    If we find our own solutions then we will quickly pick up on those whose solutions work best, and these solutions will be copied because they work

  • More on the Energy Bill


    David Kurten introduces us to the ramifications of the Energy Bill.

    The devil of course is in the detail - "energy smart regulations" will allow ministers to set up draconian energy rules and targets that everyone must comply with without ever going back to get authority from Parliament.

    This is dictatorship by statutory instrument. Including new fines and imprisonment for non-compliance. Without explicit parliamentary approval.

    Worth watching.

    (23 minutes)


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    Nigel Farage isn't impressed either...


  • Politico Comments on the Energy Bill


    The Energy Bill is due for more Parliamentary debate this month, allegedly.

    It's a complex beast, and apparently required in order for us to make up for the loss of EU legislation "following Brexit".

    Is it all about investment?

    A delay on the Energy Bill will have a massive ripple effect on the rest of the energy sector... Why would you invest in the U.K. when we don’t have an incentive package that matches the IRA [the U.S. Inflation Reduction Act] or EU’s Net Zero Industry Act, and now we don’t even have the legislation, maybe, to back it up?"

    So investment necessary to reach "net zero" might be imperilled?

    “The important reforms and measures it includes are needed more than ever after the energy crisis to help accelerate the energy

  • Energy Bill


    Your energy bill?

    No, "our" Energy Bill - Bill 340 as currently wending its way through "our" UK Parliament.

    The Bill that would regulate seemingly every possible aspect of energy provision throughout the realm for many years to come.

    Sponsored by both the Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy (now split up - see link) and the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero.

    (Is there more to this reorganisation than meets the eye? I note that "Responsibility for national security and

  • The Delingpod - Featuring Brian Gerrish


    The story of Brian Gerrish, his time in the Navy, his time as a journalist at UK Column, and his viewpoint on how our UK government really operates.

    "... you're talking about a multi-billion pound industry... children as a commodity are worth a fortune"

    And that's not the half of it.

    If you want to know how our governing classes operate, watch to the end.


    (2 hrs 1 min)



  • They Always Plan Events in Advance


    Event 201, where the "great and the good" got together in 2019 to plan how a new pandemic should be handled, effectively heralded the Covid "pandemic".

    The shaping of public opinion is a trademark of the secret services - that is clear from Operation Mockingbird, where the CIA took control of the American media. Why do that unless you want to manipulate public opinion?

    Of course, the British are alleged to have helped the Americans to set up the CIA after the end of WW2. So have the British secret services been up to the same kind of tricks as their counterparts in the USA?

    Tricks that may go well beyond the mere manipulation of public

  • UK Democracy is Busted - What to Do?


    First up is a contribution from Martin Geddes that examines in some depth the Woke spirituality-free  agenda that is being foisted on the public by an unempathetic agglomeration of globalist institutions whose primary objective seems to be to break down our spirituality (in so far as it already exists) to make way for the WEF's transhumanist agenda (21 2030 2050 or 20-whatever).

    It's a long in-depth analysis that tackles the issues on a personal level that humans of all stripes and none can relate to, and indeed have been relating to over many years in a rather unstructured and ad hoc manner.

    It sets the scene for my second article by Matt Goodwin, who comes from the party-political milieu  that coincidentally he too finds to be failing, and indeed his argument

  • "This was a Fraud Against 'We the People' "


    Russel J Gould, "World Postmaster General", would reform our understanding of the decidedly arcane history of the rules of commerce, of flags, and of the bankruptcy of the United States of America (was there ever a time when the USA was not bankrupt?!).

    Fascinating stuff and not to be lightly dismissed, as much history seems to be interwoven within these threads.

    Does this point to a new beginning following the current global crisis?

    I still don't believe that I am qualified to answer that question, but somewhere along the way there do seem to be implications that must be unravelled. Should we just sweep it all away and reinvent from scratch? Probably (in my view) safer to start from where we are with somebody who actually seems to understand the principles and legal niceties that must be accommodated if further strife down the road is to be

  • Where Are Gilbert and Sullivan When We Need Them?


    This tale of dastardly deeds and piratical purposes cries out for that good old-fashioned operatical treatment that was so well-received (and effective) in times of yore.

    Are there no budding composers and librettists who can step forward to fill this yawning gap in our modern pantheon of raucous pop and discordant noise?

    Plot? "Plot" you say? You want a plot?

    Is there a shortage of plots?!

    Perhaps we only have to look in the right place, and we will find a veritable cornucopia of plots!

    But maybe we can help out today with a neatly packaged, scumbag filled, byzantine assemblage of legal twists, important actors, nefarious motivations, occult collusions and yes, that vital lowly hero who selflessly stands against the impossible odds, determined to secure the eventual inevitable triumph of light and love over venality, subterfuge, and darkness - simply because it

  • Covid Legal Case in the Netherlands


    Legal cases all around seem to have run into the sands of obfuscation/oblivion, but there are more of them coming to the fore.

    Here is one from the Netherlands where the whole apparatus of government (not to mention the WEF's Bill Gates and Albert Bourla) seems to be being sued for their alleged Covid crimes. Although it's a civil case for damages and restitution (such as may be possible), it's certain to have a big impact if successful.

    Read the Summons.

    "This procedure is the first procedure in the world, in which the plaintiffs explain extensively and substantiated that Covid-19 is not a disease but is part of the project Covid-19: The Great Reset. Each of the defendants is sued jointly and privately by the plaintiffs because of the participation in this project alleged by the

  • The Bernician Moves Hancock Case to the Court of Public Record


    We have reported on this case before.

    If memory serves, the Bernician started his case alleging "the Midazolam Murders" before Mark Sexton began his for the more general Covid restrictions. Doesn't time dull the memory?!

    His efforts were rebuffed out of hand by Westminster Magistrates several times.

    So now he has moved to convene a Grand Jury court of public record, which will mean that according to our constitution, the authorities will be duty bound to hold a trial.

    "nobody will stand in the way of our Private Criminal Prosecutions this time"

    How precisely that will pan out remains to be seen.

    (The video below is just the first of several -

  • Are We Aiding and Abetting Child Slavery?


    "The Modern Slavery Act will give law enforcement the tools to fight modern slavery, ensure perpetrators can receive suitably severe punishments for these appalling crimes and enhance support and protection for victims. It received Royal Assent on Thursday 26 March 2015"

    " * require businesses over a certain size to disclose each year what action they have taken to ensure there is no modern slavery in their business or supply chains(my emphasis)

    " * create an independent anti-slavery commissioner to improve and better coordinate the response to modern slavery"

    Yet we still import batteries that include cobalt inside all kinds of modern electronics that I have no doubt source that cobalt from mines in the Congo, which

  • Storm Incoming?


    These last years have opened our eyes to the fact that our governments do not work for us, they work for the globalists. Who runs the globalists? There are articles elsewhere on this site that may give us some thoughts about that, but for current purposes it doesn't really matter.

    What does matter is breaking their hold over us.

    It seems that the time is near.

    Mark Sexton and others have been instrumental in assembling the evidence of wrong-doing in the UK, and submitting it to the Metropolitan Police and other police forces around the country (Crime nbr 6029679/21).

    Others have also

  • Legal Turmoil Incoming Down Under?


    Constitutions are important.

    What happens if/when it is found that the government departed from the Constitution over 40 years ago?

    I have no corroborative information, but it sure is an interesting question...

    (45 minutes)


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  • Restoring the Necessity of Self-Governance into Our Minds and Hearts


    This little monologue by Mike Steger of LaRouchePAC applies in my view to the British people every bit as much as to the Americans.

    It is the hearts minds and souls of the people that will eventually have to insist that our laws and customs are restored and respected, that no government or other entity should be above the law ("Be you never so high, the Law is above you"), that no foreign power should have dominion over our society, that justice should be applied without fear or favour in open court so that justice can unequivocally be seen to be done, that no courts should ever under any circumstances sit in secret (the risks of miscarriage of justice are far higher than any perceived benefits), and that the full provisions for jury trial as stipulated in Magna Carta

  • Federal Justice Strikes Back


    Attacks on free speech are nothing new:

    " 'For if men are to be precluded from offering their sentiments... reason is of no use to us; the freedom of speech may be taken away, and dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep, to the slaughter.' George Washington"

    "The principal function of free speech under the United States’ system of government is to invite dispute; it may indeed best serve its high purpose when it induces a condition of unrest, creates dissatisfaction with conditions as they are, or even stirs people to anger"

    How does that sit with the concept of "hate speech" then?

    " 'Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the free acts of speech' Benjamin Franklin"

    The Biden administration

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