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Well, yes and no.

First Milestone of 4G Rollout on London Underground Completes


What is 5G anyway? It's a broad-brush term that covers a multitude of sins, including many frequency bands that lie broadly within the same range as 4G, which is what is being rolled out here.

So why 4G and not 5G? No idea, but maybe it has something to do with the potential customer-base - there are still a great many more 4G enabled phones than there are 5G I'd be willing to aver.

And I suspect that the 5G you are likely to find on the underground in the near future is likely to be at the lower end of the spectrum, not much different from the 4G in terms of overall performance, due to the difficulties of ensuring connectivity at the low range high end of the 5G spectrum.

So if you fancy testing this shiny new feature of tube travel, hop on a Jubilee line train between Westminster and Canning Town, and try to keep a conversation going whilst (a) strap-hanging (b) pushing your way in and out (pass "right down the car please") (c) navigating your way up and down the lifts / escalators and (d) out into the welcome open air again (e) for a much needed restorative coffee, all without injuring your fellow passengers or dropping the line.

If you didn't complete you chat in time, you will soon ("late 2024") be able to take an extended chat right across the whole system! 

Although come to think of it, I didn't see any mention of covering escalators and walkways ...

Where are Flanders and Swan when we need them?!