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Time to write to your MP council and anyone else you can think of to ask for the evidence that 5G has been shown to be safe.

After suffering the results of rolling out experimental vaccines to all and sundry regardless of risk, the last thing we now need is another experimental roll-out of technology of untested safety.

"The project winners are based across England and Scotland as part of the government’s mission to level up access to fast and reliable connectivity"

But what exactly will these winning areas be winning?

"Areas to benefit from the pilots include Angus, Dundee, Fife, Perth and Kinross in Scotland, as well as Tyneside, Sunderland, Dudley, Wolverhampton, Somerset, Dorset and several other areas across England"

"The eight winning DCIA projects are based across England and Scotland and will be respectively led by Dorset Council, North of Tyne Combined Authority, Scottish Futures Trust, West Berkshire Council, West London Alliance, West Midlands Combined Authority, West of England Combined Authority, West Sussex County Council"

View the Accelerator Competition Winners. Are you on the list? You are certainly at the forefront.

Whilst the guidance doesn't exclude the possibility of health and safety being assessed, it doesn't mention it either. 

It's now up to the local people to demand that these various bodies provide references to the scientific studies that show that this technology is safe. 

One could start by asking if the Council concerned has held a meeting to discuss this programme and if so, how did they satisfy themselves that this new technology is safe? Does their insurance provide cover should people be injured? 

The Environmental Health Trust is probably the preeminent authority and source of information on the dangers of EMFs in general and 5G in particular.

If you're baffled by the tech, then you've work to do. For example, it's very important to understand what kind of 5G they are accelerating in your area. At the low end it's not much different to 4G. At the high end (millimetre waves) it's an entirely new and (many people fear) potentially a dangerous ball-game. Homework is required!



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