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The Environmental Health Trust has been active in the EMF space for some years, and has now published a significant study, albeit of one couple, who had a 5G base station installed in the roof above their apartment.

No it wasn't randomised and double-blinded but it does illustrate that some people are seriously affected by electromagnetic radiation below the official limits.

So who sets those limits? The national authorities of each country - but they all tend to take their lead from the United States. That can make sense, since if the work to determine the safe limits has been done conscientiously there is no point in duplicating the effort, all other things being equal.

"Measurements before and after the installation of 5G on the roof showed that 5G caused a massive increase in radiation in the apartment. Before 5G, there were already base stations for 3G or 4G in the same place directly above the apartment, but switching to 5G technology led to an increase in radiation from 9,000 microW / m2 to a maximum of 1,690,000 microW / m2"

An increase of 18,778%. 

Even so, the new level of radiation was still below the "reference values ​​recommended by the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority, SSM: 10,000,000 microW / m 2 as an average value over 6 minutes".

"To claim that exposure to radiation does not entail risks because the exposure is lower than SSM’s reference value thus has no scientific basis at all"

Nor will it ever if the authorities continue to turn a blind eye.

In this video from 2020, Tom Wheeler, then FCC Chairman responsible for regulating the roll-out in the USA (!) sets the scene:

(9 unforgettable minutes)


This unrelated convocation of expertise from June 2020 may also be of interest:

(2 hrs 20 mins)




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