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The Unelected

  • Bob - the Man Behind the Cartoons


    I didn't realise it (I gave up paying much attention to the Telegraph a while ago) but it turns out that Bob was fired by the Telegraph - I guess that tells us all we need to know. In past ages the court jester was permitted to poke fun at the powerful, but today even that small privilege is withheld. I suppose it's a reflection of the reach of the jester - today he can reach millions, and each picture is worth a thousand words...

    And that tells me that the war for spiritual supremacy is between the government and the governed, that "they" can't justify what they do, and that the Telegraph really is a controlled mouthpiece rather than a source of independent journalism.

    Oh, and they are scared that Bob will wake us all up!

    So as a tiny contribution to redressing that balance, here is the "full documentary" about Bob, one of the UK's finest Court Jesters:

    (52 minutes)



  • Fulford on Monday 21 Nov 2022


    An interesting report this week, suggesting that the end may be approaching. 

    Of course, it's the usual suspects who still stand in the way, but for how much longer?

    Modest subscription required.

  • COP Out?


    Another riotously successful climate conference concluded, with much material for awaiting journalists to report to their eager readerships.

    Not to be outdone, NetZero Watch add in their two-pen'orth for good measure - and some might say bring some much-needed realism and humour (not specifically in that order) to the topic.

    The dreadful truth of course is that the War on Climate was the front-runner for the War on Terror, and lately the War on Pandemics - none of which can ever be determined to be won, since how would you define "winning"?

    To measure the changing climate with any accuracy is a fools errand, given the chaotic nature of the contributing weather patterns; we might need accurate statistics spanning a century before a real trend could be determined and even that might not be enough.


  • Are 5G & EMFs another "Climate Change"?


    Arthur Firstenberg, author of "The Invisible Rainbow", probably knows as much about the effects of electromagnetism on the planet as any man alive. In his book, he documents the effects of introducing electrical technologies over the last couple of centuries, and illuminating reading it is. From the very first experiments with electricity to the rolling out of military radars and civilian cellular telephone systems, little escapes his scrutiny, and a compelling case he makes without a doubt - even if there is (as with all human endeavour) the possibility of error in regard to specific instances.

    Nevertheless there is abundant scientific literature to confirm that EMFs as we know them today can be

  • Fulford on Friday 18 Nov 2022


    A useful and interesting report this week reviewing the recent G20 meeting, the state of the various heads of state (including the major players), and the current geopolitical situation.

    As always, the devil is in the detail, and certainty is a rare commodity, but the questions are relevant and worth the wait.

    Modest subscription required.


  • Not Me Gov - It's Climate Change


    Of all the preposterous ideas for explaining the rising levels of excess deaths from all causes, "Climate Change" must rank amongst the most implausible - implausible that is unless you take your opinions from "experts" and "authorities" of official kinds rather than from evidence or from genuine practitioners of the art of medicine.

    UKHSA's chief doom-monger and blame-dodger Jenny Harries may of course have some sort of undisclosed special interest involved in her unstinting determination to absolutely ignore any possible national side-effect (such as excess deaths) arising from the UKHSA's unshakeable purpose to inject as many unsuspecting people (and their children who by all available statistics are at no discernible risk from the demonised virus) with an experimental gene therapy of no known long-term safety profile - although it does now have a very known inability to prevent both infection and transmission.

    A therapy which incidentally comes from a company whose proven 

  • So What Was FTX and Does It Matter?


    Bix Weir (yes, him again) talks to Greg Hunter (USA Watchdog) about the financial implications of the FTX insolvency.

    But wasn't FTX something to do with crypto? I don't "do" crypto so why would that affect me? 

    If it affects the banks, then it affects "me".

    Are we prepared?

    How do we prepare for a financial implosion that could (and may well) bring down all the major financial institutions in short order?

    (34 minutes)



  • Thoughts on the General Medical Council


    The General Medical Council is the regulatory body  

    "... responsible for setting the standards for medical students and doctors... "

    You might think that this is the doctors' professional association with members elected by the doctors themselves...  but it appears that you would be wrong.

    A quick investigation of their web-site reveals that it is rather coy about how the Council chair and members get their councillorships, so being intrigued by this rather basic omission I did an internet search and came up with a 2019 advertisement in the Sunday Times for a Council Member (£18K annually for 'up to' 3 days per month, since you ask):

    "We are seeking to appoint a medical member for our governing Council"

    Equally strangely, the said "We" are not unidentified. Is it

  • The Fulford Report Monday 14 Nov 2022


    The implosion of the "Rules Based Order" continues.

    "Germany intends to improve relations with Russia and China, despite US’ objections…Let’s not forget that the Netherlands lifted sanctions against Russia…the US does not have the power to impose order on the world and introduce new rules"

    Germany is not by itself.

    "... they cannot figure out who won the November 8th mid-term elections until December or beyond... "

    An interesting report.

    Modest subscription required to read it in full.

  • Another Reason NOT to Jab Our Kids


    ICAN draws attention to another side-effect of the jabs in kids - Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV). Whilst similar to the flu and not normally problematic, RSV can be serious in the "very young".

    Not that that has been recognised by the regulatory authorities...

    Read the ICAN Legal Update.


  • A Geopolitical "Brains Trust" from Israel


    The state of the world today, discussed in Israel by a distinguished panel of international "experts".

    Make of this what you will...

    (58 minutes)


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  • US Intervenes in Haiti?


    Fuel terminal wars... 

     ... and is it the Russians again?

    All done to popular acclaim:

    "Every time the Americans come into this country, they leave more fatherless children"

    and there'e more where that came from.

    (9 minutes)


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  • Something We Were Not Told About the Pandemic?


    Including who was in charge of the pandemic response, apparently.

    Of course the lead was taken by America, but evidence has been uncovered that the Anthony Fauci - Deborah Birx duality was not in charge.

    It seems that the legal situation was changed, effectively by presidential fiat:

    "An astonishing Government document dated March 13th 2020 ... reveals that United States policy in response to SARS-CoV-2 was set not by the public health agencies... but rather by the National Security Council"

    "The NSC does not include as regular attendees any representatives from public health related agencies"

    "... on March 18th 2020, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) – which comprises the CDC, NIAID, NIH and other ... agencies – had no official leadership role in pandemic response"


  • Dr Mike Yeadon Tells It as He Sees It


    The now famous (or infamous if you prefer) Dr Yeadon has extended his study to include global politics, especially those politics as promulgated by the UN.

    What has this got to do with medicine? What has medicine got to do with politics?

    Well, he applies the same analytical research and thinking that led him to a successful medical career to the field of global politics, in particular the politics of the United Nations.

    And yes, his starting-point is the Covid-19 "pandemic" and all its works.

    If you ask me (oh, go on!) he has excelled himself in this exposition for Halloween on CHD.TV yesterday - a must-watch.

    Unmissable (68 minutes). 

    Do also check out the links to Hedley Rees, whom Mike mentions

  • Halloween Horror Show Collapsing?


    Benjamin Fulford's Monday report doesn't pull any punches.

    The criminals that have become used to getting their own way are no longer in control. The world isn't having it any more.

    This week's report is worth accessing even if you don't subscribe to his site - the first section is available to all, as usual, and this week doesn't shy away from "hard truths".

    Perhaps unlike last Friday's video, this report is no placeholder.

    A modest subscription is required (recommended) to read the full article.  

    As always, discretion is advised. No one source of information in this fractious world has the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.


  • "This House Has Had Enough of Experts"


    In a seriously well-argued presentation to a Cambridge Union debate, Laura Dodsworth blesses us by filing her transcript on Substack.

    Yes, primarily she has the Covid-type experts in her cross-hairs but the psychology experts in the infamous (and if it's not infamous yet then it should be) nudge unit come in hard on their heels (to mix my metaphors).

    It's a polite but uncompromising indictment of government by "experts", but it's also a criticism of the many who, despite all the signals that conflicted with seemingly everything we should have known, still meekly, even gladly, did as we were told.

    A tour de force.

    If I have a criticism (yes I do) it is