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The Unelected

  • The Great Corporate Food-Grab?


    Will Bill Gates rule the world?

    The UN-WEF partnership with elected governments around the world has reached an unprecedented level of disconnect from the people who supposedly elect their government (if we ignore all previous precedents such as enforced collective farming under the communists).

    In a competitive market the people can decide with whom they want to do business, so they have a powerful economic weapon at their disposal - they can give their custom to whomsoever they judge worthy of it. Of course that assumes a diverse market with many independent suppliers in healthy and friendly competition, as at one time was the norm. Compared with casting a vote every five years for a politician that will then vote as directed by the party (and its donors) rather than in the interests of their constituents, that gives the people a truly powerful influence.

    Or it used to, before the age of the mega-corporations, who seem to have by one means or another

  • The Fulford Report Monday 27 March 2023


    "The collapse of the Western financial system is a mathematical certainty because recent rate hikes created at least an $8 trillion loss for financial institutions. Governments have been trying to foist this on the people. Revolution will be the result. This is why unprecedented unrest is overtaking France, Germany, Pakistan, Israel and many other places"

    The pace of change is clearly escalating, so we may expect the collapse to keep pace.

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  • No Sense to be Found Anywhere


    As usual, Neil Oliver bucks the trend by speaking a great deal of sense.

    (12 minutes)


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  • The UN from the Inside - What it's All About


    Many of us may have suspected this for some time, but suspicion is not evidence.

    Reiner Fuellmich here interviews Călin Georgescu from Romania, who has (almost) 18 years of experience in serving the UN.

    (11 minutes)


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  • White Teenage Boy? You're a Problem!


    Teenagers have always had a problem with society's expectations of their interactions with the opposite sex. So it's no surprise if that tradition still lingers, although perhaps it is a disappointment that expectations seem to have become more extreme, perhaps in particular for white indigenous Brits.

    "This moral shift has been encouraged by social media and an expansive higher education sector that delights in tearing down the old order. Things we once took for granted are merely ‘constructed’ – and anyone who disagrees is a misogynistic privilege-hoarder"

    Sounds a bit extreme doesn't it? But in a world where pre-pubescent kids are expected to attend "Drag Queen Story Hours" it may be that our teenagers are actually getting off lightly.

    As far as I can see it's the usual gaslighting technique - encourage them by a constant barrage of LGBTQ+ sexual propaganda and then trip them up over trivial or imagined minor misdemeanours that will only add

  • World Web of Global Censorship


    The ever-expanding web of NGOs that make it their business to poke their noses into everybody's opinions to check their thinking (and if required cancel their legal communications) comes in for some necessary analysis in the Daily Sceptic.

    Of course it has to be a self-important "Institute", in this case the portentous-sounding "Institute for Strategic Dialogue" of which I'm guessing very few have ever heard. 

    "The ISD alone spends over £5 million per year and, at this stage, it is likely that tens of millions of pounds have been invested by such groups into developing tools to identify political dissent in the U.K. and other countries"

    Which brings us back to the subject of finance - where do all these millions spent by such organisations come from?

    "In order to illuminate these nefarious connections, we developed a simple network map for the ISD, where the links between the ISD and others

  • Achilles Heel of the Western Financial System


    Many people are aware that banks cannot survive a bank run - an event where too many customers decide that they want their money out please. If the bank doesn't have enough cash-in-hand to pay them then they can only close their doors, making the problem obvious to everybody. Trust in that bank implodes and then everybody wants their cash out.

    The question of course is - what is it that prompts the original few to start withdrawing their money and kicking off the process? A mere rumour may be enough.

    Another means by which a bank may be caught short is the "complex financial instrument" (good wording: "complex" implies that it's way beyond our simple minds to understand, so please leave it to the experts) - otherwise called a "derivative" - an agreement that in theory will hedge your risk against some unforeseen event that would otherwise cost you a great deal of money. Banks make good money selling this form of insurance whilst such events do not occur, and so with blithe insouciance create an

  • "Euthanasia Violates Fundamental Rights"


    No ifs, no buts, according to the ECLJ. 

    "This principle was reaffirmed in the aftermath of World War II, after doctors were convicted at Nuremberg for euthanizing disabled people. This principle does not provide for any exceptions to euthanasia"

    "The decriminalization of euthanasia is not only a systematic violation of human rights, but also an extremely serious cultural and legal regression"

    They point out the European Convention on Human Rights (Article 2): "No one shall be deprived of his life intentionally".

    The ECLJ is mounting a campaign to  remind the UN of its responsibility to support the right to life, especially for the vulnerable, the elderly, and/or the disabled.

  • Clif High - This is How it's Going to Be


    Mass awakening, fall of the political ideologies, dollar hyper-inflation, collapse of government-funded, Trump Cities, academies collapse, real science rebuilt/revealed, detox from DS, demise of the central banks, Trump, vaccines, greatest ever depression...

    (48 minutes)



  • Education, Educashun, Edoocashen


    We Brits have long looked on as "our" government progressively moved the goalposts to introduce "relationships" learning into our schools curriculum, at each stage widening the definition and insisting on ever earlier engagement with our kids, right down to primary school age. I'm not sure whether "Drag Queen Story Hour" has yet materialised into the curriculum but I've reached the understanding that there are no limits other than those that we the people will set, by protest and non-compliance.

    To say that this is an agenda which the vast majority never asked for and which has been introduced as quietly as possible is a reflection of how "our" government operates in multiple areas - in fact this has become (or perhaps always was) their de facto modus operandi. More and more we the people are reduced to mounting spontaneous rearguard actions against their most egregious projects, whist many others

  • Pfizer in Court in Texas for Its neither Safe nor Effective Vaccines


    "Biggest Trial Against Big Pharma In American History"

    I thought that Pfizer had already taken that title some years ago with a $2.3Billion "settlement" in 2009, but perhaps that just wasn't ambitious enough.

    "the US military contracted with Pfizer to 'deliver a safe and effective vaccine capable of providing protection against SARS-CoV-2 and related coronaviruses (variants) subject to FDA technical, clinical and regulatory success (laws and guidance)' "

    Read about it here.

    Watch the video:


  • Neom - Nirvana or Nightmare?


    Neom - the new 500 km city in the sands...  from the Arabs who used to live in... tents?

    Everything you need within 5 minutes! Wow - no need to ever go anywhere else! Eat your heart out, Oxford. Rethink your petty ambitions Canterbury! Nobody will want to live in your tiny backwardness when they can live in Neom!

    Who needs the Sir Francis Chichesters or the Sir Ranulph Fiennes of this world past, when we could live in Neom?

    Still, it's only three minutes long, so I'm sure that there are yet more delights that they didn't have time to mention - I wonder what they are?

    (3 minutes)


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    Smart Cities, or Freedom Cities? - Real Choice at Last?


    It's a tough one - do we want to live in a Smart City as envisioned by Klaus Schwab, or a Freedom City as envisioned by Donald J. Trump?

    No contest you might think - I'll take the concept championed by the undisputed champion of free America...

    ... but, shouldn't we just take a quick peek at the small print first?

    First up - the Brownstone Institute examines the "Smart City", where "smart" (as we are becoming accustomed to realising) means "surveillance", probably allied to "control". Still, with all one's needs met, what's not to like?

    Second up - the Trumpian "Freedom City". Obviously that would be a quite different proposition, but 

  • Fulford Monday Report - 6 Mar 2023


    This week Ben reports on the unfolding (allegedly) banking collapse:

    "A full-fledged bank run on Credit Suisse is now underway... "

    Whilst the KM continues to try to extort money from wherever it can.

    "This implosion is not just about high-level gangsters but is likely to lead to the removal of most of the so-called leaders in the world... "

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  • You Don't Want to Know This


    Your - our - dystopian micro-future awaits.

    Patrick Wood, having studied it for years, is probably the most informed person about technocracy, and here he offer us an exploration by Spartacus of the possibilities, in more depth than many may care to fathom.

    When they talk of synthesis of the organic with the digital, they are not stopping with nanoparticles...

    I'm writing this on a somewhat clunky old-fashioned computer that takes up a nowadays unwarranted acreage of my available desk-space - but this form of desktop can still be bought by gamers sold on extracting the last vestige of speed to drive their all-consuming passion. At a cost of course.

    But by engineering it at the molecular level instead of the scales currently possible with today's silicon-chippery, it could be reduced in size to something rather more like - say - a fingernail. And by integrating it into the body's DNA as a biodigital construct

  • Undead WHO "Pandemic" Treaty Incoming?


    Where America leads, the UK follows.

    This treaty has been subject to much (conflicting) reporting of late, but this is the latest.

    The WHO Director-General (currently Tedros) can unilaterally declare a pandemic.

    Member states of the WHO would then be obliged by treaty to implement all measures dictated by the WHO.

    (14 minutes) 


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  • Wales Awakes?


    Sovereign Wales - a political party that tells the uncensored truth as it sees it.

    And it isn't messing around - its fundamental analysis of the Kalergi Plan and the ongoing crises of migration in both Europe and the UK are extensive and in many ways persuasive - whether they are 100% accurate may be open to question as always, but they have evidently done a great deal of homework.

    Whether it is worth reading is a decision for each of us, but it is undeniable that they bring some hard truths and the results of some hard graft to the debate.

    Being fundamentally Welsh they take a slightly parochial view in terms of wanting full independence from Westminster. I would change the emphasis here - we English (also Scots and Irish) share exactly the same problems and we would be stronger working together than seeking separation - whilst I acknowledge that that may be easier said than done, we need all the territories of the United Kingdom liberated, and

  • 5G - The Silence Continues - But for How Long?


    That microwave wireless radiation can upset some people is well-established - what is not well-established (or at all established) is governments' recognition that there might just be a problem here in the wake of a global roll-out of 5G ( / 6G / nG ) technologies.

    Given their resolute blindness to the damages wrought on many by a recent well-publicised global roll-out of new and minimally tested (some would assert essentially untested) technology, the omens do not look good.

    However, this may (or may not) be about to change...

    "... the Court of Appeal has recently given permission for a judicial review challenging the Government for 'failure to give adequate information to the public about the

  • So Where Did Covid-19 Really Come From?


    "Russia ... DIRECTLY accuses the US of being responsible for the creation and release of Covid-19"

    "Russia clarifies they have record of over 16,000 biological samples, including blood and serum samples, transported from Ukraine to the US, Georgia, European countries"

    "Sounds exactly like ... the US have been producing biological weapons to ethnically cleanse certain individuals of select genome sequences"

    "Russia says this activity gives reasonable cause to question US military biologists in the emergence and spread of the COVID-19 pathogen"

    Clandestine's newsletter brings us up to date with the latest findings from the Russian military.

    None of it is absolutely definitive, but if the cap fits

  • Is Wireless Radiation Believed Linked to Covid-19?


    Ever since the first 5G-equipped cruise ships docked in Japan with cases of Covid-19, those of us who were alert to the fact that some people are adversely affected by wireless radiation were wondering if these facts were linked.

    That suspicion was reinforced when it was reported that Wuhan had turned on its 5G systems at around the same time that the Covid-19 outbreak there first came to global attention.

    And finally, a New York doctor made a video where he was saying that the official protocol for Covid-19 patients didn't work because the "pneumonia" wasn't like normal pneumonia where the lungs were filling up - the lungs were remaining dry but the blood oxygenation was still deficient. Not pneumonia then but pneumonitis - a recognised symptom of radiation exposure.

    So what to make of it all?

    Here is a video made by an independent researcher/tech-nerd who had nothing better to do during the early lockdowns -