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Lucky Dip

  • Schools - Time to Abolish?


    Everybody has their own recollection of their schooldays and mine are neither particularly happy, particularly sad, nor particularly boring.

    Still, it has to be said that as far as my offspring were concerned, one of them seemed to thrive quite well whilst the other was never properly engaged.

    So my experience of schooling in the UK is decidedly mixed.

    Still, in these days where the government is ever more involved in the upbringing of our children, whether through child-care, school, social services, local councils' provision of sporting / other facilities, adult education, or "uni", there are those who think that government-inspired influence over our off-spring is becoming decidedly

  • The Secrets of Mr Tesla


    Nikola Tesla is a legendary figure that few people might truly claim to understand.

    He may or may not have given this interview to a magazine, but maybe there is some truth in it - of course, that is for you to contemplate.

    Sadly it's a rather wooden presentation, but it's what we have.

    "... the universe is alive in all its manifestations... "

    A "deep dive" indeed:

    (36 minutes)


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  • Miriam Cates MP on the State of Sex Education in Schools


    It's a long time since I was at school, but it probably is true that this presentation by Conservative MP Miriam Cates on the state of sex education in our schools should be required viewing for all parents.

    "Pre-pubescent 11 yr olds are not straight / gay / or bisexual, they are children"

    "... gender ideology is highly contested, it doesn't have a basis in science, and no-one had heard of it in this country just 10 years ago... "

    "... it's therefore the duty... to tell children the truth - those that teach the child that there are 64 different genders, that they may actually be a different gender to their birth sex, and they may have been born in the wrong body, are not telling the truth... "

    "... it's not compassionate wise or legal to teach children that contested ideologies are

  • A Conversation Beyond the Fringe


    It's hard to categorise this interview except to say that it's quite extraordinary.


    (28 minutes)



  • Stop the Fraud! Government Must Do Something!


    My email box today included yet another worthy exhortation peremptory demand - this time to sign yet another petition to government to save us from fraud ourselves.

    Apparently too many of us are falling for scams, and it's up to the government to do something about it - in this case to "Create a new Fraud Minister to help tackle fraud".

    Likewise "Make it law that all UK banks have to pay back in full all victims of fraud".

    In other words, the fact that I've been scammed is nothing whatever to do with me and somebody else must ride to my rescue.


    I note that they are not even calling for more police to investigate frauds and catch the criminals responsible, which might seem a useful response.

    Total Financial Dominance?


    Larry Fink, Black Rock, and...  Aladdin?

    Watch, listen, learn...

    Conflicts of interest? (Nothing to worry about... ).

    "No-one can compete without Aladdin"

    'You will own nothing, and be happy'

    (8 minutes)


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  • The Flight of the Bumble Bee


    Prepare for lift-off!

    You'll never look at a jet aircraft in the same way again...

    (24 minutes)


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  • A Voyage Around the Great American Deception


    American history is littered with events large and small including political assassinations (JFK being the most notorious), Unidentified Flying Objects (or Unexplained Aerial Phenomena as we must now call them), unexplained crashed phenomena (AKA Roswell), alleged false flag events (most notoriously 9/11), and much else that defies agreed explanation. 

    That's a pretty broad spectrum of alleged phenomena, linked only by the inability of the various concerned parties to agree on their true nature.

    This video doesn't solve all the problems but it does present a reasoned and logical exploration that may help us all to think about the bigger picture.

    (28 minutes)


    Meta-fraud - the Word for Which We Were All Waiting


    I suppose it's a simple concept verging on the trivial, but the effects may be far from trivial if it gives us the ready means to identify the problem of our age - a problem which is subtle enough to escape the multitude that work with overly simplistic assumptions.

    One illustration of this would be the alleged mortgage swindles that afflict many British mortgages that were never set up with the correct signatures in the first place.

    Another illustration is the ursurpation of the sovereignty of the people by Parliament, on the pretext that the MPs represent us and our interests.

    So what exactly is meta-fraud?

    "The wrongfulness becomes normalised, and given the passage of decades, centuries, and even millennia assumes an aura of being beyond question"


  • Clif High - Deep Dive from Evolution to Devolution


    Clif High is always good value - he is so knowledgeable that we are sure to learn something interesting, and he has this knack of putting matters into historical context so that it makes sense.

    Here he is with Sarah Westall expounding on a range of topics that defy coherent description, but which all impact on the current state our world today. You won't even notice as he segues effortlessly through his topics to explain his perceptions.

    Part One

    (51  minutes)


    Part Two

    (98 minutes)



  • What We Are Up Against


    Dr Mercola has been beating the drum for real scientific medicine for many years, and Patrick Wood is the expert on the transhumanist agendas adopted by the WEF-UN partnership and presented in coded inoffensive terms with which at first sight nobody could disagree. Who would not want the world to be fed, to be healthy, and to be empowered? If only the envisaged actions would support such noble objectives!

    "The COVID pandemic was a coup d’état by the technocratic cabal that is behind the global takeover agenda, referred to as The Great Reset"

    "The Great Reset ... agenda is to implement a global type of totalitarianism based on technocratic and transhumanist ideologies"

    "Technocracy... requires social engineering to work ... Controlling the populace is crucial"

    How we Came to Stop Worrying and Love Klaus Schwab?


    Many of us are unaware of how Klaus came to claim power over the UN, and thus potentially over the world, but Johnny Vedmore in an extraordinary article charts his rise and rise along with Henry Kissinger, J.K. Galbraith, and Herman Kahn, from the ashes of WW2 to become a principal partner of the United Nations.

    Purists might complain (and do - see the comments!) that he has left this and that and whoever out of the picture, but in the end you have to draw the line somewhere.

    I'm no historian and cannot vouch for his accuracy, but this has got to be the right article at the right time. It raises all sorts of questions and gets us thinking about the central notion that the world is a complicated place (true) that requires extremely clever and complicated people to guide and govern it by all and any means necessary; we currently seem to be suffering the extremely nasty effects of the latter proposition and will have to find the way to ensure that it is undone with as little further consequential damage

  • If Freedom depends upon Truth, What is the Truth?


    We spend a lot of time promoting freedom and decrying those people and concepts that limit our freedom, but what does it mean to be truly free?

    We also spend a lot of time suggesting that we should make up our own mind about the articles and information that comes our way, because our freedom to choose wisely is totally dependent upon our ability to discern truth from falsehood and to interpret correctly those nuances of meaning that might not be entirely familiar to us.

    Freedom is of little use if we cannot discern the truth upon which to base our decision-making, so meaningful freedom requires access to truth, which these days appears to be deliberately hedged about on many major issues of the day by the authorities. 

    Socrates is reported by Plato to have believed

  • Free Thinkers Only - Upon What Beliefs Was The USA Founded?


    "When philosophical reason is clear and certain by intuition or necessary induction... no subsequent revelation supported by prophecies or miracles can supersede it" - John Adams

    The United States of America is regarded as a Christian nation, and indeed is famous (or infamous according to your persuasion) for its Christian evangelical churches, and yet... did the Founding Fathers found its Declaration of Independence and its Constitution on Christian beliefs?

    Certainly the Biden Pretendency doesn't appear to be driven by the principles of the Christian faith, but they don't seem to want the existing Constitution either.

    The principles of national governance are now of the utmost importance if the US (and perhaps many other nations of the world) are about to rid themselves of the current unfathomable networks of globalist corruption, and reconstitute for the future.

    How should those

  • A Whole New Perception of the Reality of Fakery / Fakery of Reality


    Some of us "know", and some of us are beginning to suspect, and some of us think it's a ridiculous conspiracy theory that can safely be ignored.

    However far down this rabbit hole you have ventured (or not), this presentation will likely cause you to reassess your viewpoint - always assuming of course that it isn't faked...  but wouldn't that...   ?

    (2 hrs 17 mins)



  • Fifteen Insights into our Human Condition


    It's taken him 15 years to note these but it's nevertheless a rather good collection of truths about humanity that maybe we would rather not recognise.

    It's a lighthearted ramble around the human psyche and entertainingly presented - watch, laugh, and ruefully admit that - yes - as Dr Kiosk used to declaim as everybody made a dash for the doors...  "We Are ALL GUILTY" !



  • How Does this Differ from Open Borders?


    "the so-called ‘High Potential Individual’ visa... would allow graduates of universities around the world to come to the UK to work in jobs at any skill or pay level for two to three years"

    "this is being enacted with minimal checks and balances, including….

    • NO annual cap on numbers (even with 70% of the public wanting such a cap – Deltapoll, 2019).
    • NO minimum salary requirement(even though the lack of one will open UK workers to the real risk of being undercut by cheaper overseas staff).
    • NO need to secure a job before coming (even as 64% of the public say non-UK workers should have to have a job offer from an approved employer before coming here (YouGov, February 2020).
    • NO protection for the UK jobskeekers(even though nearly eight in
  • The Second Elizabethan Age


    On occasions such as this it is customary to devote a few words to the monarchy.

    Few would argue with the notion that our monarch is remarkably long-lived, has endured for longer than any previous since the kingdom was established, and has earned the love and respect of the majority of her subjects.

    Most of us if offered the job of being her successor would probably turn it down flat as being too stifling - we would rather not be imprisoned in Buckingham Palace, even given the occasional alternative of Windsor Castle, Sandringham, or Balmoral, and we might baulk at having to open that den of misrepresentatives, Parliament, every so often, reading a speech that someone else of questionable good sense has written for the occasion.

    And as for running the Privy Council, probably the less said about that the better, as always.

    Transatlantic Summit IV Challenges Human Blights


    Here we have two videos from ECLJ (European Centre for Law and Justice) director Gregor Puppinck speaking firstly at the Transatlantic Summit, followed secondly by his speech at CPAC, both in Hungary.

    Firstly on a topic we have reported on before, but here he is speaking at the recent Transatlantic Summit (a global gathering of those concerned for the future of the human rights movement) in Budapest, on the goings-on that his organisaton has uncovered in the recent past within both the EU and the UN.

    (13 minutes)


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    New Class of "Super-reactive Chemicals" in Atmosphere


    Water has one oxygen atom, peroxides have two, and now trioxides which have three have been discovered to exist in our atmosphere, at least temporarily, under some conditions.

    But before we press the panic button, blame chemtrail aerosols, or otherwise jump to incorrect conclusions:

    "These compounds have always been around -- we just didn't know about them"

    Huh? If you didn't know about them, how can you say they were always around? Maybe they were, but maybe this observation isn't science.

    "But the fact that we now have evidence that the compounds are formed and live for a certain amount of time means that it is possible to study their effect more targeted and respond if they turn out to be dangerous"

    "... there could be plenty of other things in the air that we don't yet know about. Indeed, the air surrounding us is a huge tangle of complex