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Lucky Dip

  • The Jury - A Political Institution?


    The common law jury:

    "... a political institution, embodying the sovereignty of the people, and the very best way of preparing a people to be free"

    I didn't see that coming!

    Once more Richard Vobes nails a most informative, probably better described as definitive, interview with constitutional expert William Keyte.


    Essential viewing which clarifies multiple aspects of our current national and global situation:

    "... they're trying to inject these... globalist policies into our system by bypassing our... traditional governmnetal mechanisms... the people who are doing this behind the scenes... really don't like... national constitutions... "

    "... if the people who are... aware ... start standing on the constitution, and understand it and

  • Chemtrails - Conspiracy Theory Debunked?


    We've all seen them - a web of jet trails in the sky that eventually dissipate to turn a lovely sky-blue day into a grey miasma.

    This site has posted a number of articles about them, and several other web-sites of international renown are either devoted to them or mention them occasionally.

    So are they a conspiracy theory? Evidently not; there are many days when we can observe these phenomena with our own eyes.

    But what is their cause?

    I don't think that anybody has yet comprehensively pin-pointed a cause, and indeed it's quite possible to consider that there may be more than one cause. However, Arthur Firstenberg (author of magnum opus

  • For we Wrestle Not Against Flesh and Blood, but Against ... Spiritual Wickedness in High Places


    How do we survive in these times of misinformation, threats from those who would rule us, destruction of our wealth, false imprisonment for the unlucky, and outright usurpation of our historical rights and freedoms?

    Increasingly I have found myself looking to counter falsehoods with the truth, right over wrong, love  generosity and tolerance over hate meanspiritedness and indifference, awareness of the possible limitations of our current beliefs and systems of governments, and ultimately, a simple faith that things will turn for the best when enough people join in this spirit.

    A simple faith that I find even begets a certain measure of serenity.

    The words of St Paul may be unfamiliar to those who were not brought up in a religious environment, but they do seem eerily prescient of our current times.


  • The Final Countdown


    On the basis that some agency somewhere went to some trouble and expense to get this cryptic message out, I embed it here...

    (3 minutes)


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  • Slavery is Optional - Update


    As NATO pushes WW3 via the Ukraine, and the UK political parties plumb ever greater depths of incoherence, it is appropriate to remind ourselves of matters spiritual.

    For those of you who have not yet sussed our Rolling submenu (craftily hidden beneath the Latest main menu item!) I would direct you towards Martin Geddes, who is very generously chronicling his own journey towards the spiritual so that we too may benefit from his experiences.

    I think you may agree that it is no mean thing to open up your personal spiritual journey to public inspection as Martin has done - and continues to do - and I salute him for it.

    Slavery is Optional, But...


  • A Conversation of Consequence


    Clive de Carle and Richard Vobes - what could it possibly mean?

    (91 minutes)



  • Pencil Me In


    The technocrats who would rule the world may not understand that they do not understand.

    What you don't understand you cannot control.

    They would control the world through their AI algorithms - but could the AI understand the manufacture of something as simple as a pencil?

    Could it really track its "carbon footprint" (or whatever other notional key performance indicator(s) they may from time to time dream up)?

    Well, perhaps for a pencil it could be done? After all, it's simply a question of breaking the problem down into its constituent parts, tracking each individually, and then apportioning some part of the cost of each constituent to the resulting pencil. Yes, this would be a multi-levelled process but in principle...

    But what about the accuracy of the necessary assumptions underlying each individual part? For instance, the costs of the pencil factory. What

  • Is The Constant Scientist an Endangered Species?


    Rupert Sheldrake is a man who likes to think for himself, who likes to challenge the received wisdom, especially where he detects the unmistakable whiff of flawed assumptions.

    He is also very entertaining!

    Open your mind to question the "obvious"...

    (18 minutes)


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  • Make Light of Your Food, or Food of Your Light?


    Now and then I come across a presentation that turns everything I thought I knew upside down - this is (almost) one of them.

    From Dr Jerry Tennant I learned that the body works primarily on an electrical basis, from others I learned about mitochondria being the power within the cell, and from others still I learned that the cells of our body probably communicate using electromagnetic means (ie: light).

    From Arthur Firstenberg I learned that there is a serious case to be made that the alteration of our electromagnetic environment over many decades has been the cause of much illness - and in effect amounts to environmental destruction.

    This presentation takes the topic to a whole new level -

  • The Mystery Deepens ... Where is Sherlock Holmes When We Need Him?


    "Mortality rates across the UK reached their highest level since 2010, according to an analysis of data published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS)"

    "I’m pretty sure they don’t have an NHS in Ireland, where excess deaths are also competing with pandemic levels... "

    "So, can you think of anything that happened globally which might be causing excess deaths to be higher than during the pandemic?"

    "... while everyone is talking about it, nobody wants to do the work to find out the cause"

    "'I think the government should be looking at it' say the Australian actuaries who usually investigate such matters for the insurance industry"

    "But the Australian government’s investigation into Covid carefully cut out excess deaths from its terms of reference"

  • What is "Normal Mortality" and Is it Changing?


    "2022 Was a Normal Year for Mortality in England and Wales"


    "Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics"?


    With "excess deaths" allegedly running at circa 1000 per week above the expected rate, how can this be?

    And what is "Age-standardised mortality" anyway?

    According to the WHO:


    The age-standardized mortality rate is a weighted average of the age-specific mortality rates per 100 000 persons, where the weights are the

  • Another Perspective on Climate Change (from the EU)


    AKA Move along please, nothing to see here...

    (2 minutes)


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  • NHS Reform? Not if it Gives Control Back to Patients


    Nicely complementing the article on the culpability or otherwise of the MHRA, the Daily Sceptic's "In-house doctor" traces the history of how the NHS was, from the beginning, more or less designed to remove control from the patient and give it to "the authorities".

    Since that time there have been many "reforms" along the way but none of them have ever been permitted to return any meaningful measure of control back to the patient. "The authorities know best" has been the unspoken rule throughout and "reforms" are always one-way toward more centralised control.

    All attempts to suggest that "the authorities" might learn from alternative systems for the provision of "health care" around the world (or even just across the channel where France seems to do it better than the UK) have been accorded lip service, but nothing has come of it. But even other systems across the world still suffer from the medical monopoly of the big corporates - big pharma, big insurance, big government, big

  • Reality Werkz Perfek


    Clif High provides another inimitable ramble around the current fall of the global control matrix.

    The mental construction of a world where we all comply with the world government(s) under the illusion that they have our best interests at heart and anyway there is no other option...  that construction is collapsing under the weight of all its inherent contradictions as they are relentlessly being exposed.

    There's a bit more to it of course, but you don't have to agree with all his reasoning - just enjoy his idiosyncratic universe-view that is unlike any other. Along the way we may begin to understand why we are all here, the purpose of life, the universe, and everything ...  and why the WEF cannot succeed.

    (56 minutes)



  • A Polite Interview with Mr Bourla in Davos


    Lots of questions, but it'snot so much what he says, as what he doesn't say.

    In some interviews, body language is all.

    (6 minutes)


  • Tall Tales from 1929 - About to Be Confirmed True?


    In 1929 Lord Birkenhead looked foward to the future 100 years thence - now nearly upon us.

    Some of the stuff may seem familiar to those of us who try to achieve situational awareness...  but for the majority it will just be a bunch his lordship's musings that may have been randomly successful at predicting the future.

    But could his success be down to foreknowledge of some kind?

    "Physics is on the brink of a new synthesis, a fresh simplification and restatement of fundamental ideas"

    Einstein? or something else?

    "By means of the most efficient methods ... a pound of coal can only be made to yield energy of the order of one horse-power for one hour.   Yet, locked up in the atoms which constitute a pound of water, there is an amount of energy equivalent to ten million horse-power hours"

    "By 2029, the

  • A Dip into the Ancient History of New Zealand's Peoples


    An extraordinary tale of ancient wars, migrations, disasters and more migrations...  

    And turns up some remarkable linkage to places much nearer home.

    Truly the full history of humanity still waits to be completed.

    Part 1 (64 minutes) 


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    Part 2 (58 minutes) 



  • Food for Thought - or Food for the Government?


    Come trudge the snow with Nigel Watson - see if you can fault his logic... 

    (10 minutes)


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  • This Might Explain a Few Things ...


    A propos of nothing in particular, this little offering makes a certain amount of sense if we just go with the flow and let ourselves marinate in the ideas presented.

    The observations about how our minds work (or don't!) do seem to hit home in a contradictory sort of way...    and I am left thinking that there may be more truth in the suggestions than might at first appear.

    I'm not convinced that we need to be any kind of scientist or mathematician or other variety of clever-clogs to undertake this investigation - any normal human being may well suffice (bearing in mind that "everyone appears normal until you get to know them"!).

    Just don't think too logically about it - let the ideas wash into your mind as the tides wash over the beach...

    Can you disentangle the truth from the

  • No No, Absolutely Not!


    Come on guys, this is 1st January, not 1st April!

    (10 minutes)


    And of course, nothing like this could be possibly be happening in the UK could it?

    No no, of course not, that would be too ridiculous for words.