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Lucky Dip

  • Deep Woo Incoming?


    At some risk of turning off a number of readers, this is one of those down the rabbit hole reports that those who pride themselves on knowing that our three-dimensional habitat is all there is may find unbelievable, even objectionable. If you are full-on in your own opinions, and you align with mainstream media, then you may wish to skip this one.

    Our policy is to cover topics that cannot be disproved - that doesn't imply that we believe or do not believe, it implies that we are simply open to considering stuff (AKA "conspiracy theories") that has a following and that hasn't actually been disproved (in my judgement!).

    That said, these are extraordinary times, and some believe that the world is heading for some sort of climax that will likely leave a great many confused, uncertain, panicky, and generally discombobulated and anxious. This message has been coming from a number of

  • The Great Global Warming - Fact or Swindle?


    This now somewhat ancient video reminds us just how long this controversy has been running (it aired first in 2007) - yet in its fundamentals it could have been released yesterday. The argument (if that's what it is) is still completely stuck in 2007, having made absolutely no progress one way or the other since then - we do have to ask ourselves - why?

    Maybe it isn't an argument at all. Maybe it's just an idiotic duel of the completely deaf.

    (73 minutes)



  • Return to Palnackie


    Martin Geddes returns to Palnackie (of which he has written previously).

    He uses his experience to encourage us in our social responsibilities, and it is a reflective discourse on some of the problems that afflict our local governance, and how we may / should respond to them.

    Being bothentertaining and illustrative of the interactions between human foibles and the knowledge of being under observation, it is interesting on many levels.

    Essential reading for would-be local officials and politicians?



  • "We Are Past the Time When Reform Was Possible"


    Neil Oliver is outspoken and indeed speaks for many - but are we really past the time for reform?

    Dominic Cummings makes a case for limited reform - it's an extensive case, but perhaps it qualifies as a limited hangout - a last-ditch attempt to persuade us that reform is coming - but without mentioning that it perpetuatesstillthe underlying problem.

    Many believe it now very obvious that those who control the Parties control Parliament, by controlling the selection of candidates for election, and by whipping MPs to vote as directed by the Party. Elections provide the veneer of competition and a largely fake responsibility to constituents. Until this changes, MPs are the Party's MPs, and the Parties are

  • Buckle Up Buttercups!


    "The Greatest Show on Earth"

    That's some title. Is it deserved?

    Honest folk who have begun to feel that the division between real life and Hollywood movies might be wearing a bit thin of late - well, could they really be onto something ..?

    This film is made from the viewpoint of the United States, but does it have a wider significance? After all, with the advent of the UN, and more recently the WEF, and more recently still the UN-WEF partnership, to whose pronouncements all western governments now seem to be in thrall ("The Sorcerer's Apprentice" comes to mind!), we could perhaps be forgiven for playing with this preposterous notion...   and there is more, much more.

    Worth watching? Well, I would say so.

    But it's your perception that counts.


  • The Science - Debunked


    "...  collapse of the once revered scientific process... "

    "...  there will need to be an inquiry into how so many scientific bodies abandoned core principles of scientific integrity... "

    "... silenced those who tried to continue the scientific endeavour... "

    "Group-think that maintains prevailing fads and suppresses dissent on behalf of alleged ‘consensus’ is the opposite of the central purpose of universities

    This site has pointed out before now that the scientific method, which prizes investigative questioning and confirmation/refutation of accepted theories by multiple independent scientists, has been abandoned in recent years in favour of both complexity, and "authority", posing as science. 

    Climate Chuckles


    At grave risk of committing the cardinal sin of not taking life sufficiently seriously(and especially Climate Change - if that qualifies as life - it does seem to have some sort of undead indestructable quality of its own, although it may not be alive if it never manages to evolve to adapt to new circumstances), I offer this tongue-in-cheek review from CDN of the "science" that currently purports to "save the planet".

    Brickbats on a postcard please to the usual address.


  • Government - Why Do We Need It?


    What do we actually need a government for?

    And is the current invocation doing a good job?

    And what should we do about it?

    A soliloquy, a ramble around the ramifications of this topic, from the inimitable Richard Vobes.

    (21 minutes)


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  • Mark Attwood Interviewed by Richard Vobes


    A serious but lighthearted exploration of the current political situation in Britain and Ireland.

    The Great Reset, the Great Awakening, the Apocalypse?

    May we live in interesting times...

    (64 minutes)


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  • The Ideal Mine?


    This is new one on me, but is the Woodsmith Mine "the answer" to global warming, feeding humanity, and continuing civilisation?

    I don't know, but it's a brilliant PR piece that hits all the modish "hot buttons".

    And it's British (well, Anglo-American), so we'll probably find some way to make it illegal and close it down...

    (9 minutes)


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  • The Last Word on Climate Change?


    "If only!" I hear you cry.

    Nevertheless those who profess to know best and therefore feel no need to listen to anyone else are still plodding relentlessly on in their irrelevant unscientific way - though sadly not irrelevant to our future prosperity and comfort, possibly even to our survival (many more die from cold than from excess warmth).

    So who better to clearly and calmly summarise the salient facts as we know them than Ivor Cummins?

    (20 minutes)


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  • Excess Deaths and Covid Jab Status


    We have waited a long time for someone to connect the dots.

    Remember, it is the responsibility of the MHRA to monitor the results of the distribution of medicines - including those labelled as vaccines - to pick up any safety signals and ensure that potential problems are investigated.

    The ONS has published statistics on excess deaths that can be correlated with the different rates of vaccine uptake across the age ranges.

    So, the analysis is based upon the principle that if there is no connection between vaccine uptake and excess deaths, then the excess deaths would not obviously be related to the vaccinated/unvaccinated status of those who died, and the percentage of excess deaths in both the vaccinated and the unvaccinated groups will be (more or less) expected to be the same as the overall proportion for these groups combined.

    So if the proportion of excess deaths overall is 10%, then both the unvaccinated

  • "The Net is Mightier Than the Sword"


    James Corbett reviews the history of an ancient aphorism, and explains how his network of open-source sources enables him to deliver state of the art journalism.

    There's been a lot of water under the bridge since 2014 (when this video was made), and the deep state is now desperately trying to put the cork back into the social media bottle - but is it too late?

    (11 minutes)



  • Technology, Conscience, Divinity


    Martin Geddes with a podcast! Whatever next?

    In his own words, how he came to be where he is today.

    He covers everything from telephony to transhumanism, rational thought to consciousness to AI, religion to divinity.

    And a great deal more besides.

    (50 minutes)

    Festival talk on technology, conscience, divinity

  • The World According to Neil


    Neil Oliver as always comments with verve and aplomb on current events, recent and not quite so recent.

    (15 minutes)


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    (11 minutes)


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  • Mind-Machine Interface from Ancient Times


    Clif High back in inimitable form with an update on his investigation of ancient literature on a subject close to the WEF's heart!

    And it's not just audio, it's a real video - watch carefully. Especially if you want to know the real reason for circumcision (according to Clif).

    Watch whilst it's still up.

    (47 minutes)


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  • Romanian Rainwater


    Why would anybody want to analyse the rainwater in Romania?

    Well, if you are a die-hard conspiracy theorist and believe all the nonsense about "chemtrails" then I guess you probably would.

    Of course, although the said conspiracy theorists allege stuff like Graphene, Barium, Strontium, Aluminium, Iron, Copper, Zinc, Calcium, Nickel and Arsenic, to name but a few, you wouldn't actually find anything other than water would you?

    Oh wait...

  • New Climate Paper May Account for Unusual Patterns ...


    Well I'm not going to get involved in this one.

    Climate Science being the most convoluted and complex topic known to man, with so many supporting and conflicting variables both known and unknown, the only warming that we can be certain about is that caused by the outpourings of our politicians media pundits and pseudo-scientists as they pontificate over the latest intricacies and minutiae of their conflicting positions. Or possibly cooling if we account for the opportunity cost of them not talking about something else entirely.

    It is in fact as stated somewhere previously the perfect hoax - both too complex for conclusive analysis, and too long-term for accurate testing, thus susceptible to neither proof nor disproof. It's a genuine fools errand that cannot be conclusively gainsaid, and thus perfect for

  • An Economic Analysis of Global Boiling


    Fortune and Freedom is primarily an independent financial/economic collection of journalists of various associated subject-matter expertise. It has a long history, but (no doubt due to its independent streak) it has always looked to identify the issues below the surface that the mainstream media choose not to highlight - for such are the issues that the financially savvy may profit from.

    Of course, economics and politics are two facets of the same coin these days, since monetary management is pivotal to both; and now that government seems to have transitioned almost openly from democratic to corporate, this linkage is absolutely consequential.

    Personally, I myself have a great deal of respect for Nick Hubble, here interviewing Brandon Smith of Alt-Market, and discussing the current tendencies of corporate government to want to micromanage each one of us individually through technology rampant. Nick comes from a personal international background which gives him insights that stay-at-homes such as

  • So You Think You Know Your AI?


    AI has become a bit of a bogeyman, used to scare us all into thinking that we will soon be thrown on the scrap-heap of history when our jobs are taken by automation/artificial intelligence.

    Is there any truth to this suggestion?

    Or is it all a wild over-hyping that will fizzle out in the cold light of reality?

    What is "intelligence" anyway?

    Does it differ from wisdom?

    What will we do if/when the mundane is covered by automation and we don't need "the daily round, the common task" in order to survive? The answer will depend upon who garners the fruits of its labours - will they be reserved for the elite of the WEF-UN partnership



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