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Lucky Dip

  • The Gauntlet has been Thrown Down


    Simon Parkes is (like Charlie Ward) a man who presents to us as an information source on behalf of what we on this site refer to in general terms as the "Greater Reset".

    He presents himself as an ordinary person, like you and I, and unlike Charlie he lives in the UK with us (smile). In a way he is a bit like the "Klaus Schwab" of the Greater Reset - a face who purports to tell us what the men behind the scenes have in store for us (don't push this notion too far!).

    What I call the "gauntlet" is a document prepared by the "top man" in the Greater Reset team in the USA, and may be downloaded from the link at the foot of this article (which takes you to a Simon Parkes web-page). It has been released to followers of Simon and Charlie (and probably via other channels although I have no information on that).

    It summarises the state of the world in particular as it afflicts the

  • Sensory Solutions for the Season


    At this time of year, with the summer beginning to fade and the autumn, that season of mists and mellow fruitfulness, beckoning, many of us turn our thoughts to nature's bounty and wish that we were more knowledgeable about such matters.

    Being as guilty as the next man of lacking any serious knowledge of our native seasonal resources, I am happy to feature the Sensory Solutions Blog as a small acknowledgement of my ignorance, in the hope that some may hereby be enticed into learning more about this fascinating subject.

    Keeping well-grounded has never seemed more important than now, and the Seed Sistas offer us all a blend of practical mysticism that I find very appealing. More power to their elbow!

  • How an Entire Population Falls into Mass Psychosis



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    Find more from After Skool here.

  • A Brief History of British Law


    The Bernician has helpfully summarised his view of the history of British Law from 1103 BC to the present day!

    It is necessarily somewhat truncated but nevertheless makes for interesting reading. I cannot however vouch for its accuracy, although he does link to his sources.

    According to The Bernician, Britain was founded by the Trojans (who knew?). 

    There is plenty of interest here for the budding historian to get his/her teeth into, and I commend the article to you.

  • The Shape of Things to Come?


    If you are feeling adventurous, and maybe prepared to suspend your disbelief for a while...   this tarot reading for the world over the course of the next year may pique your fancy! 

    Will it be good news or bad? Will the prophets of doom be proven right (despite their somewhat mixed track record in 2021)?

    Will we sink back gratefully into the old normal, or will we stride confidently into a new normal, and if so, what kind of new?

    In these uncertain times, you need to know! So -  live dangerously - take the plunge...

  • Jab Hesitancy Explained


    Any article starting with the exhortation "Imagine you're a normal person" may not be being written from a shared viewpoint, but whatever your view of current and recent circumstances, perhaps we can agree that we are not living through times that we would, two years ago (yes, that long), have considered "normal".

    This megathread takes the trouble to look at recent turmoils from a historical perspective (don't worry - only five years or so) to identify the factors that may have caused our everyday presumptions to be shifted from their previous comfortable moorings.

    It makes for interesting reading.

    And speaking of "things that make you go Hmmm..."

    Another pops into my inbox only this morning.

    There was a time when bodies constituted

  • The Simple Techniques that Change History


    The big secrets - the little secrets - your secrets. It's up to you.



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  • House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee Speaks


    We do not as a rule involve ourselves in matters mundane but the House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee in their recent report highlights the dangers inherent in the relationship between the Bank of England (which prints the money) and the Treasury (which spends it). 

    Now this print-to-spend arrangement is not supposed to exist, but their Lordships found that it is "widely perceived" that the amount printed seems to be tracking the amount spent.

    "The Bank of England has become addicted to quantitative easing. It appears to be its answer to all the country’s economic problems and by the end of 2021, the Bank will own an eye-watering £875bn of Government bonds and £20bn in corporate bonds"

    "The Bank does not publish sufficient information on QE for the public and Parliament to hold it to account for its decisions"

    "The Chancellor refused the Committee’s requests for him to

  • China Seasonal Rains


    The weather around the world as been worrying - severe floods in China (seasonal) Germany and Belgium (not at all seasonal!), heatwaves and fires in western Canada and Oregon, nice summer weather in the UK. We are grateful for large mercies!

    Here is a video made by someone who does seem to know what he is talking about:


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  • Water World!


    This isn't exactly a scientific article, as it seems a bit short on references, but nor is it entirely without supporting articles. It nevertheless presents an intriguing notion of a water cycle that most people have probably never heard of.

    I don't know if there is anything of substance here or not - and I wonder if anybody else knows as well.

    One to keep in mind as an interesting possibility that might fundamentally change our understanding of the way that our planet functions, should it turns out to have substance.

    Could this be the maverick idea that turns our understanding of our earth's history on its head?

  • The Modelling of Science


    I've mentioned elsewhere how the art of modelling can be used in the service of science in a very useful and correct manner - this article explains how it is being done in a somewhat less rational manner - depending on your chosen objective of course.

    If your objective is not to study, uncover, and explain the truth of how the universe works, but to co-opt those called "scientists" to project your delusions, then read on.

    Dr Keith Scott-Mumby, an expat Mancunian who (as is the way with many Mancunians) exhibits a characteristic British bluntness, allows himself free rein in his latest newsletter.

    Worth a read, if only to be entertained on how the rot is spreading within global

  • Why the Inexplicable images on our Farms?


    It is generally known that in the summer months various mysterious crop "circles" manifest uninvited in our fields, (and not just in the UK, although we do seem to be favoured more than most).

    Debate (if we can still call it that these days) rages between those who insist that they are man-made in the dead of night by people wielding planks and lengths of string because there is no other rational explanation, and those who prefer to reconsider explanations previously regarded as irrational when the evidence indicates that the rational cannot be or is highly unlikely to be true.

    Collective Evolution fall into the latter camp, and invoke some startling evidence to support their claim. It could however be equally argued that the evidence supports the man-made claim in many ways.

    Still we are very definitely in the realm where the "man with plank" narrative has become an obvious impossibility, so we really do have to face the high probability of a new

  • Walking the Walk Takes on a Whole New Meaning


    Don't talk to the police - and don't mention this patent (download): . . .


    If this is so, then truly we are "fearfully and wonderfully made".

    I haven't had the chance to try this for myself yet, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well


    Psalm 139 verse 14 may seem an unlikely title for this article, but it summed up my feelings after watching these videos.

    The first one starts out innocently enough, but steadily brings up the most unlikely connections until it left my mind in a whirl, my curiosity panting, and my impetuous spirit wanting another three score years and ten so as to investigate all the avenues of enquiry that had been so impertinently opened up.

    Live dangerously - watch it if you dare!


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    Will Silicon Valley be the Next Detroit ?


    The Epoch Times posts an interesting interview with George Haber, "an insider in Silicon Valley for many years".

    If you want to know how it all works, how they analyse our activities andmonetize us ...

    "... it's not drinking, and it's not drugs, but it's actually a lot more dangerous in the long run, in my opinion..."

    "... these companies are monetizing your weaknesses... "

    "... hopefully it's only for money, but my impression is that it's not only for money, it's also for directing political choices and elections and so on..."

    Watch and learn.


  • "The Real Reason For What's Happening On The Planet | Gregg Braden"


    This is an interesting video that perhaps takes on more than it can quite do justice to in the ten minute run-time, but it's nicely done and does provoke interest.

    See what you think:


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  • This Will Blow You Away!


    This guy is just amazing - he's either the biggest con-artist ever or he needs watching closely in case he revolutionises the whole world in ten years flat . . .

    But whether he does or not, he is very good entertainment cool

    See what you think!


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  • They are Real, They are Frightening, and Are They Already Here Among Us?


    Invading aliens from the Planet Zog?

    Unspeakable creatures from the Ocean Depths?

    Monstrous insects from unsuspected underground hatcheries, primed to emerge in terrifying numbers at midnight on the next full moon?

    What could be more scary?

    Well, indulge me for a moment in my flight of fancy, for I propose a more scary story yet...

    Imagine if you will a scenario where we live comfortable lives in a supportive world, a world where we feel safe and competent to carry out our daily routines, cocooned within a familiar community, managed by benevolent authorities, our life plans progressing as expected. More or less. Which is pretty much the story for most of us in the UK for the last half century. (We should perhaps in passing remind ourselves that it was not always thus - in the preceding half century we had fought two world wars, and in that same half

  • The Resurrection of the 99% - And Much Else Besides


    John L. Petersen (futurist) talks to Robert David Steele - and vice versa.

    This may be a bit dark, but it does end on an optimistic note.

    There are a lot of ideas here that will be contentious to many, so be prepared to suspend disbelief for a while. These predictions are said to be based upon evidence, and their proponents do allegedly have a track record for accuracy.

    I have no corroboration one way or another, It's your judgement that counts. Having said that, I don't see anything in the world today that seriously conflicts with this narrative.


    Martin Armstrong... figured out that this world, this reality, works in cycles … the component parts of the reality have unique … signatures

    Martin Armstrong says

  • Human Augmentation - Dawn of a "New" Paradigm?


    Man interfaced with AI? Robot humans? Hyper-Intelligent Humans?

    This document is offered by a government web-site and I make no comment about it one way or another - except to say that some sort of "human augmentation" is definitely coming down the track towards us and if we do not or cannot understand it we will be unable to control it.

    Note that there are copyright and usage restrictions to this documentation, which seem incompatible with its publication on the general internet. I assume that this is a simple oversight, but I may be wrong.

    Almost inevitably, it seems that augmentation is first and foremost being driven by the military - no great surprise there but maybe it tells us something about the priorities of those who rule over us. Or it could just illustrate that the military are of necessity our