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The common law jury:

" ... a political institution, embodying the sovereignty of the people, and the very best way of preparing a people to be free"

I didn't see that coming!

Once more Richard Vobes nails a most informative, probably better described as definitive, interview with constitutional expert William Keyte.


Essential viewing which clarifies multiple aspects of our current national and global situation:

" ... they're trying to inject these ... globalist policies into our system by bypassing our ... traditional governmental mechanisms ... the people who are doing this behind the scenes ... really don't like ... national constitutions ... "

" ... if the people who are ... aware ... start standing on the constitution, and understand it and embrace it, and start holding the government's feet to the fire through the mechanisms that they know they are meant to be bound by ... this will work but we have to educate ourselves first ... "  

(48 minutes)


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