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Simon Parkes is (like Charlie Ward) a man who presents to us as an information source on behalf of what we on this site refer to in general terms as the "Greater Reset".

He presents himself as an ordinary person, like you and I, and unlike Charlie he lives in the UK with us (smile). In a way he is a bit like the "Klaus Schwab" of the Greater Reset - a face who purports to tell us what the men behind the scenes have in store for us (don't push this notion too far!).

What I call the "gauntlet" is a document prepared by the "top man" in the Greater Reset team in the USA, and may be downloaded from the link at the foot of this article (which takes you to a Simon Parkes web-page). It has been released to followers of Simon and Charlie (and probably via other channels although I have no information on that).

It summarises the state of the world in particular as it afflicts the USA, and suggests a process by which "we the people" may take back control of the USA.

I presume that it is released directly through these unconventional channels because it is addressed not to the media, nor to royalty, nor to presidents, nor to politicians nor to oligarchs nor to civil servants nor to NGOs nor to philanthropists nor to anyone else who claims authority over us, but directly to "we the people".

We the people are the ultimate authority in the land and it is addressed to us.

Although primarily applicable to the United States of America (it is couched in terms appropriate to them) it is not without relevance elsewhere in the world. 

Under Common Law we the people are free people - we just have to reclaim our freedoms under Common Law. So although the details may differ, the message is the same - it is up to "we the people" to reclaim our powers from those who would usurp them.

Link to Simon Parkes' "Connecting Consciousness" site.


At this time of year, with the summer beginning to fade and the autumn, that season of mists and mellow fruitfulness, beckoning, many of us turn our thoughts to nature's bounty and wish that we were more knowledgeable about such matters.

Being as guilty as the next man of lacking any serious knowledge of our native seasonal resources, I am happy to feature the Sensory Solutions Blog as a small acknowledgement of my ignorance, in the hope that some may hereby be enticed into learning more about this fascinating subject.

Keeping well-grounded has never seemed more important than now, and the Seed Sistas offer us all a blend of practical mysticism that I find very appealing. More power to their elbow!


If you are feeling adventurous, and maybe prepared to suspend your disbelief for a while ...   this tarot reading for the world over the course of the next year may pique your fancy! 

Will it be good news or bad? Will the prophets of doom be proven right (despite their somewhat mixed track record in 2021)?

Will we sink back gratefully into the old normal, or will we stride confidently into a new normal, and if so, what kind of new?

In these uncertain times, you need to know! So -  live dangerously - take the plunge ...



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