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Brexit is a work-in-progress - except that this term implies progress, whereas it appears to be going into reverse.

Of course it depends on whose viewpoint you are taking - from the EU's perspective it is advancing its agenda to break Northern Ireland away from the UK.

From this report it would appear that the EU is unilaterally tightening up the red tape to make it stupidly expensive to import goods from the UK across that border in the Irish Sea.

Will anybody in government get a grip on this situation, or will they simply string out the already interminable nonsense with more rounds of meaningless negotiations?

The EU have made their intent abundantly clear.

We should either pull the plug on the protocol and have done with it, or wrap up the province in a nice ribbon and hand it over lock stock and barrel with all its associated problems to the EU. The former is relatively easy, the latter probably unworkable, but there is no point in allowing this sore to fester any longer.

So Liz Truss, either pull the protocol now, or give the province a referendum on whether they want to stay in the UK or join Ireland and the EU, then act appropriately to grant their wish with all speed.


Also of great interest is Lord Frost's recent speech at the Uiversity of Zurich on 15th March, surveying the UK's relationship with the EU:




Brexit Facts 4 EU 

"It was refreshing on the second anniversary of our official departure from the EU to see the UK Government finally getting round to putting out some communications material going beyond the glib statements we are all used to"

"To help readers see what more there is we thought today we would field our first eleven of additional entries to the list of Brexit benefits – and we’ll keep publishing more when we feel the achievements are in danger of being forgotten"

The list of EU financials for which we would have been liable is not trivial, but also not normally to the forefront of everybody's mind. None the less they would have constituted a significant drain on our resources, already hugely over-stretched by the Covid response.

Which reminds me - the UK was one of the first to access Covid vaccines (not everybody thinks that these were a good idea, but we got them done with much less fuss) and we were among the first to drop the Covid counter-measures (how easy would that have been if we were still wrapped in the warm embrace of EU politics and EU-supporting UK parliamentarians?).

Whilst we now enjoy a comparatively normal measure of freedom in the UK, we view with dismay the Covid restrictions still being imposed across the continent, and the resulting freedom demonstrations which now seem more or less continuous. 

So where would you rather be - UK / France / Germany / Italy / Austria ?




Whilst many in politics and the civil service undoubtedly would welcome a return to the warm and cuddle enfolding arms of the EU, I suspect that the British public would have something to say about that.

How it would unfold I don't know, but Joe Public has been well and truly stirred of late into considerable distrust of our politicians, and rejoining in the absence of another referendum must be a step too far.

Of course they could maybe manipulate the vote ...   but this is still the United Kingdom for all the efforts of the civil service, Tone Blair, the EU, the political parties, Nicola Mark and Sadiq. 

The Salisbury Review raises the spectre.

Bring it on!


Well, the metaphorical ink was hardly dry on this article than another little explosive has detonated within the Bojo administration of chaos - Mahyar Tousi has the scoop:


Like / Dislike this video here.




Like / Dislike this video here.


Facts4EU has the story!

"In a major announcement overnight, the Government has declared the UK’s first post-Brexit Freeport officially open as of today.

"Teesside Freeport has begun operations this morning (19 Nov 2021) putting the region at the forefront of manufacturing and innovation, green energy, and boosting jobs, trade and investment"

More please!