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"The Truth About the Covid-19 Pandemic from Within the NHS (Ex Director of End of Life Care at one of the Largest Hospital Trusts in the UK)"

This is a first hand account of the unfolding Covid-19 pandemic from an NHS employee.

It makes for fascinating reading.

"In 2016, the British government proposed and piloted a change to the process of how deaths were certified across all hospitals in the UK"

"The MCCD states the cause of death"

"The only definitive way of determining a ... cause of death is to refer the deceased patient to HM Coroner (if certain criteria are met), for HM Coroner to accept and take on the case, resulting in a Post Mortem"

" ... the government would now hire and pay one Medical Examiner, to sit in every hospital and write all MCCDs for all deceased patients ... "

"In 2019, our Medical Director, came into my office one morning and stated that the Board of Directors at the Hospital had made a decision to switch to the Medical Examiner System"

"We both started to slowly realise that covid-19 was a real disease (as it was showing up on X-rays in patients) but that it wasn’t infectious at all, despite all the reporting in the media"

"The highest cause of death at every hospital per annum pre covid-19 is Pneumonia. Pneumonia is a respiratory disease like covid-19"

"The Medical Examiner ... was certifying all these pneumonia deaths as covid-19 deaths"

"Hospitals were incentivised to report covid-19 deaths over normal deaths, as the government was paying hospitals additional money for every covid-19 death that was being reported"

"Hospital policies were changed ... to ensure that any patient who died within 30 days of a positive test, would have to have covid-19 as their primary cause of death"

"The NHS treatment pathway involved patients being placed onto ventilators. There is a 50% chance of death from this clinical decision alone"

There is a lot of detail in this report, for which the above sets the scene.