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It's possibly the most serious question of our age.

That there will be a reset seems certain.

Either it will be the WEF-UN Reset as envisioned by Klaus Schwab and we will all be subjugated into insect-eating human cyborgs, or those who would rule the world will be removed somehow or other. Various South American countries are showing the way, and the US patriots will no doubt strike at a time to suit their own situation. The US military are sworn to defend not the President, nor the Supreme Court, nor the Senate, nor the Congress, but the Constitution - and they abide by their own military law that predates the Civil Law.

So let's assume that the WEF-UN-Central-Bankers-Global-Corporates get taken down / collapse from bankruptcy, as seems likely.

With WEF-UN corporate puppets controlling every government, corporation, and "not-for-profit", when they all get removed what will happen?

So far we only have a notion of the immediate steps - global military coup to arrest and remove the miscreants - Nuremberg 2 trials for the genocide of the "vaccines" and treason to the US Constitution (and any other constitution that has been flouted), take-down of the lying media propaganda groups that have deceived the sheeple for aeons, removal of the central bankers that have manipulated the money supply via governments over which we have had no effective control, abolition of the many "NGO"s "think tanks" and "charitable foundations" that have been used to launder our tax money from the people to the "deep state".

Happily it would seem that some of the above may have already taken place - it just hasn't been reported yet. Perhaps two can play at the deceit and propaganda game.

Beyond that lie a veritable host of unanswered questions:

What about all the people who wittingly or otherwise bought into the endemic corporate-crony-government corruption? Those who believed despite all the evidence that our governments worked for us? We can't just put them all into totalitarian-style re-education camps! 

There will be a huge need for "keep calm and carry on". It will not be easy.

How will we keep the critical supply chains going and reconfigure those that have been broken? How will we pay for our goods and services? How will we replace our corrupt governments with people who really will work for "we the people"? What will become of our pension funds? How will we deal with the "climate emergency"? You can think of more I'm sure.

One thing is for certain - the military may get us out from under, but once out, every last one of us must play our part in creating our future. We the people cannot delegate our responsibility to govern the government any more. 

Joe Martino from the Pulse explores the situation that will affect us all - forewarned is forearmed.