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This film is an education for our times.

Fluoride - friend or foe? 

Science - friend or foe?

Propaganda - friend or foe?

Governments - friend or foe? 

Corporations - friend or foe?

Is there anything new under the sun?

Everything you never wanted to know about fluoride, where it comes from, who's involved, why it's added to our water supplies, what it does for to us.

"The phosphate company pretty much polices themselves ... "

" ... who in the world would want to drink water with this stuff in?"

" ... how do you shut down people's consciousness?"

"This is why we wanted a warning for infants, because they are the most at risk ... they drink their weight in water within two or three days ...  "

"There's no reason for the FDA to allow them to sell this as a food. It's a crime"

"You are meant to have the right to informed consent to medication ... "

"This is the only thing anywhere in the world that gets added to the municipal drinking water to actually treat the humans"

" ... fluoride affects mental development and IQ levels"

"Who controls the government? Money"

"Don't shower in tap water"

"The alleged reason for adding fluoride to the public water supply is to 'reduce tooth decay', but tooth decay isn't caused by a deficiency of fluoride ... "

Highly recommended. 

(99 minutes)