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  • Are You Denying my Humanity?


    There but for the grace of God go we all.

    Sometimes we need a reminder of times we would prefer to forget, lest similar circumstances should arise again.

    (95 minutes)


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  • Sex Education? Relax, the WHO Has it Covered (with a little help from its collaborators)


    Rest assured, the WHO is collaborating to ensure that there is a complete global public-private industry dedicated to providing your children with approved relevant sexuality education and development from birth to old age, as only they know how.

    UK Column have the story... in with the latest news on current affairs.

    (73 minutes)

    00:23 Energy prices

    09:09 US States Stand Up to Corporate Government

    18:14 Covid Gravy Train

    23:09 WHO's Sexualization of Infants 

    40:16 Big Tech Covid Collusion

    53:16 UNESCO's 'Think Before Sharing' Campaign

    64:24 Western State Approved Assassination List



  • If the US Pays the Ukrainian Army, at What Point Does the US Wage War on Russia?


    Despite reports of specific Ukrainian "victories", UK Column remains unimpressed.

    UK Column News Monday 15th August:

    (69 minutes

    US Election & Immigration: 36 mins

    Online Safety Act: 48 mins

    Free Speech Hypocrisy: 54 mins

    Economic News: 63 mins)



  • David Scott Tells it How it Is


    Davis Scott, stalwart of UK Column, tells us something about his history, reviews how he got involved in journalism, and spills a great many beans about the state of the British State today.


    (54 minutes)



  • It's a Drag - But Is It a Benefit?


    "Drag Queen Story Hour is a Cultural Shift... "

    It certainly is. But is it more than that?

    Confusion reigns here - are we talking drag or are we talking LBGTQ+, or something else entirely?

    It is true that parental judgement is paramount here - if no parents let their children attend, what then?

    But there are serious questions about the appropriateness of inviting pre-pubescent children and immature teenagers to view non-mainstream (yes, most kids do still grow up to be heterosexual) sexualized "entertainment" (or should that read "propaganda"?).

    The idea of exposing immature kids to LGBTQ+ ideas in combination with men pretending to be sexually-charged women strikes me as a surefire recipe for sowing confusion.

    Some might consider that getting kids used to getting up close and personal with a man in a sexual

  • The Conspiracy Theory of Everything



    This is a trifle old (March 2021) and a trifle long (at not much short of 4 hours), and I confess that I haven't watched it through to the end (there are still only 24 hours in the day!).

    Nonetheless if you have the interest to explore the concepts presented (not to mention the spare time)...

    "... transcended people do what is hard, and that's why their lives are easy - people in suffering do what is easy, and that's why their lives are hard... "

    "... in the disconnection of the soul, the ego runs rampant, and this is the source of our suffering... "

    "... light must be brought to darkness, and the darkness must be faced, if we ever wish to solve our problems for good... "

    (NB: I'm not sure that the graphics add much except distraction - you may decide to sit back with some

  • WORLD PREMIERE: These Little Ones


    (56 minutes) Not suitable for children.

    "This evil has evolved into a capitalist enterprise"


    Watch, weep, wake.

    It's not confined to the USA.


  • The Normalisation of Dishonesty


    Over the last two years we have learned a great deal about the modus operandi of the medical and pharmaceutical industries working in coordination with regulators and governments.

    The picture that has emerged is unflattering to say the least.

    Indeed many believe that dishonesty, sleight of hand, conflicts of interest, and plausible deniability have been pushed to such an extent that the whole house of cards from the WHO down is threatened with structural collapse.

    The Brownstone Institute takes a look at the manner in which certain vaccines have been approved for use in children.


  • Child Exploitation Under Our Nose in Schools?


    The ever unflappable Ivor Cummins analyses a "teacher training video".

    "All-knowing" takes a bit of a battering, Ivor is on form and takes no prisoners, and Matt Walsh is on the same page.

    I should stress that I can't say whether this particular video is in use within the UK, but as the transgender movement seems to be a world-wide phenomenon, it would not surprise me.

    It's your assessment that counts:

    (22 minutes)


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  • "Child Exploitation" Arrests in Yorkshire


    The Star reports on an apparently relatively new police investigation in Sheffield and Rotherham into child sexual exploitation.

    "A major incident room has been set up and the enquiry team currently consists of eight full time staff"

    "... eight of the identified suspects have now been arrested"

    The Star has the details.


  • News Extra - The Schools Bill


    Alex Thompson from UK Column explains the latest position on the Schools Bill.

    This is centralisation on steroids. It's a complete take-over by central government.

    This is shaping up to be a bureaucratic and legal nightmare that could easily result in more children being removed from their parents.

    Children will no longer be the responsibility of their parents unless those parents do as they are told, which is the "freedom" only to comply. It doesn't matter whether the rules will be interpreted benignly or beneficially, because the rules will be in place

  • Miriam Cates MP on the State of Sex Education in Schools


    It's a long time since I was at school, but it probably is true that this presentation by Conservative MP Miriam Cates on the state of sex education in our schools should be required viewing for all parents.

    "Pre-pubescent 11 yr olds are not straight / gay / or bisexual, they are children"

    "... gender ideology is highly contested, it doesn't have a basis in science, and no-one had heard of it in this country just 10 years ago... "

    "... it's therefore the duty... to tell children the truth - those that teach the child that there are 64 different genders, that they may actually be a different gender to their birth sex, and they may have been born in the wrong body, are not telling the truth... "

    "... it's not compassionate wise or legal to teach children that contested ideologies are

  • Maxwell Sentenced to 20 Years


    We wait a long time for court judgements but like buses, when they come they come in a convoy.

    Here's another one - Ghislane Maxwell is sentenced to 20 years in prison for her involvement in Jeffrey Epstein's activities.

    The Epoch Times reports.

  • How Did the FDA Approve these "Vaccines" for Kids?


    Dr Clare Craig (diagnostic pathologist from the UK) tells Del Bigtree how it was done.

    "How bad is it?"

    "We couldn't have asked for a more messed up trial"

    "... let's not look at a clinical outcome as a primary measure, let's look at antibody blood tests... "

    "... it's not about protection, it's just a measure that they fancy using... "

    But it gets worse...

    (28 minutes)


  • Covid-19 "Vaccines" - Safe for Kids?


    (16 minutes) You might want to skip the first 50 seconds of this... 

    "... 50 times more likely to kill them than Covid itself... "

    "... is it not the responsibility of the Companies to prove safety?"

    Read more at Children's Health Defense.


    FDA Used ‘Critically Flawed’ Risk-Benefit Analysis to ‘Justify’ COVID

  • EU Green Lights Pfizer's Jabs for Kids From 5 - 11


    EU regulators have approved the Pfizer vaccines for children down to age 5 (although this doesn't seem to have made the BBC yet - perhaps they are too busy bulling up the "worrying new variant" from South Africa).

    I can't begin to imagine how they are justifying this, but those who may be taking this seriously (yes it is serious) might like to view the Tucker Carlson Robert F. Kennedy Jnr conversation.

    Apparently this decision still needs to be "rubber-stamped" by the EU Commission, which I have little doubt will oblige with

  • Vaccinating Teenagers - the Remorseless Drive


    The Chief Medical Officer has come out in favour of vaccination of 12-15 yr olds, on grounds that might appear not only shaky but insignificant.

    The Spectator reviews the evidence and concludes that:

    "the four chief medical officers have some serious questions to answer"

    Notable amongst the "evidence" is the "modelling". We have noted before that "modelling" does not necessarily equate to "science". In fact, models will perform exactly how the modeller instructs them to perform, and the assertion that the modeller is a "scientist" needs to be scrutinised.

    Meanwhile we have this from the

  • Jabs for Kids to be Approved?


    We have covered the proposal to vaccinate all kids from 12 years upwards previously (here here and here).

    The JCVI agreed with our standpoint (although they drew the line at saying that vaccines were more dangerous than Covid, they recognised the high level of uncertainty and the insignificance of the likelihood of any

  • The Legal Implications of Jabs for Our Kids - Anna de Buisseret


    The JCVI has come out against the unrestricted jabbing of 12-15 yr olds, but the intention is clear for the 16 and 17 yr age groups and the Government has instructed Chris Whitty et al to come up with some reason for over-ruling the JCVI on 12 - 15 yrs.

    Anna has something to say about inoculating these age groups:

    "Silence is a war crime"...

    "... there's no way that any child up to the age of... 18 can be considered to be