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Well, it either isn't the biggest story, or the BBC is asleep at the wheel ...  and we know what happens when drivers fall alseep.

Well, if it isn't the biggest, it's hard to think of a bigger one, although perhaps not absolutely impossible (should China stage a revolution to topple the CCP for example).

Well, it's only Musk cleaning the stables at Twitter ...

... except that it isn't, because it involves the corruption at the highest levels of the US Federal Government under the Biden pretendency, and probably prior under the Trump presidency.

Of course that could not have taken place under the watchful eyes of a vigilant free press, so either it didn't, or the free press was neither watchful nor vigilant, for whatever reason.

Once again there are many facts to be established and holes in the story to be filled in, but it's not that difficult to make sense of whom we can still trust (if anybody).

If we can't trust them on one issue, then why should we trust them on another? Trust is central to the effective operation of our civilisation, and if one is broken, the so is the other.

"The death spiral of the Deep State is about to take down a lot of institutions and reputations"

I hereby nominate this quote for "The understatement of the year" award.

How to restore trust? Only one way: full transparency. Perhaps Musk has made a start. He's sure made a lot of enemies ...

Martin Geddes makes the case.

And the case is to have its day in Congress.