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I do recall that soon after the start of the Ukraine war, peace negotiations were held which I thought at the time showed great promise.

Soon afterwards the negotiations were broken off seemingly for no clear reason and the fighting has been unbroken ever since.

Now Raheem Kassam has put the clues together and suggested a likely culprit that may surprise many and few in equal measure.

This site has remarked before that the war in the Ukraine is no business of the UK and not in any way in our interests (unless we are all suffering from the delusion that Russia is run by a power-crazed dictator who is hell bent on world domination - whilst Russia has in truth taken several limited military interventions to protect her interests, it is NATO that has invaded and bombed multiple middle eastern and Balkan countries since the turn of the century).

That initial peace initiative should have been welcomed and pursued, but according to Rahim Kassam it was the UK that effectively scuppered it.