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Free Citizen

  • Lies, Damned Lies, and Covid Statistics


    The Daily Sceptic highlights a report by the ONS (Office of National Statistics) that purports to show two results that seem to contradict all previous studies - that Masks cut infection rates by half and that natural immunity is inferior to vaccine-bestowed immunity.

    The study makes use of three separate models, stacked upon each other, to reach these conclusions.

    It has been long established that a positive test result is not evidence of detection of the virus.

    I have

  • Can the Unvaxxed Catch the Vaxx from the Vaxxed?


    I don't know, but there are some who think so.

    Greg Hunter with pharmaceutical and medical device analyst Karen Kingston.

    "Children never got Covid before. What they are getting is infected from their parents being vaccinated"

    "This is in the CDC's own data... published... a month ago"

    (1 hour)


    Related download (not specific to the Covid spike protein but demonstrating the effect):

    The immunogenicity of therapeutic proteins- what you don’t know can hurt YOU and the patient

  • Fairy Godverment to Step in to Save the Energy Companies?


    Government considers temporary nationalisation of energy companies to stop collapse

    "Minister warns of ‘really difficult winter’ amid rising energy costs and food shortages"

    Yes, it's that 'conservative' word "nationalisation" again. Sir Kier must be groaning at the pursuit of socialist policies so arrogantly being bandied about by the Tory's - isn't "nationalisation" supposed to be Labour Party property? Maybe (along with the Green Party) he should have a word with the Met about such blatant theft.

    Clearly failure of government to recognise failure of government policy is nothing new -  Climate Discussion Nexus has the appropriate rejoinder: "As was once said of Philip II of Spain, 'no experience of the failure of his policy could shake his belief in its essential excellence'".

    So the green zombie policies march unthinkingly on...

  • Mired in Government Gormlessness


    Nationalisation is in the air once more - industry cannot be trusted to run the rail franchises devised and handed out by the government's very own Department for Transport. SouthEastern is the latest to fall, apparently owing the odd £25 million to the government - for the past 7 years?! Did nobody notice?

    But wait, there is more - much more. The government is replacing the whole franchising scheme to deliver "a simpler, effective model through high performance targets and simplified journeys". Well, they would say that wouldn't they?

    When did any government ever shy away from centralising more control to itself on the basis that others can no longer be trusted to do the job? I'd

  • 4,200 Physicians, Scientists Sign Declaration for Early Treatment of COVID-19


    Call me old-fashioned, but wasn't it always an accepted medical principle that the earlier you could begin treatment, the less treatment would be needed and the earlier recovery could be expected?

    Until Covid came along and then the only accepted medical principle seemed to be that early treatments were not available (whatever any physicians "at the coal-face" may have determined) and we all had to wait for a vaccine (or three) or maybe be intubated, a procedure with a very poor rate of survival.

    Well, how many physicians "at the coal-face" does it take to reverse this odious and unfounded new paradigm?

    How about 4,200?

    Not enough? We shall see...

    This is not medicine. This is not

  • "Covid-19 Vaccine Exposed" - Project Veritas


    Congressman Paul Gosar from Arizona:

    "The American public is not protected by healthcare providers deliberately lying or withholding evidence they don't like.

    "Thank you Project Veritas for your work; America, thank you as well"


    Well, what work might that be?

    Firstly, we have a whistleblower who speak about the treatment of patients who arrive in hospital with seemingly vaccine-induced serious adverse effects.

    Secondly we have employees of the FDA,apparently surreptitiously filmed, talking about how they view the unvaccinated.

    Thirdly, more

  • The Sweet Sound of Surrender?


     Il Donaldo Trumpo harnesses Gematria to confirm a simple message...

    OK, you need to be a bit of a conspiracy theory nerd to give much credence to this but if you are, this is for you.

    (You might also like to read the latest from Benjamin Fulford before you watch this).

    It's a bit slow, but maybe it's important. Or maybe it's fake news...  Your call!

    (Originally posted on Rumble on 18/09/2021 by Patriot News and Updates)


  • Biden Implosion Ahead? Heralding a New World, or new Chaos?


    Readers will know that I try to feature content by journalist Benjamin Fulford because he presents a totally different world-view from almost everyone else (I would leave out the "almost" but maybe I just haven't run across the others yet).

    He charges a modest fee for his wisdom - we must all make a living somehow - but you can read the introductory section for free. Sadly it gets pay-walled before reaching the interesting bits!

    Is he reliable? I have no idea, but he sure is interesting!

  • The Techniques Behind Psychological Manipulation


    In these days of mass delusion (whichever side of the fence you may occupy) the methodology behind the efforts to get us all to comply are either the product of an over-active imagination, or the nefarious attempt by "them" to achieve their ends by unobtrusive means.

    Well, this little video shows the techniques that a stage performer used to extraordinary effect in getting his volunteer subjects to do some quite outlandish things . . .

  • GWPF Data Fuels Claim of 'Misleading Parliament'


    The Sunday Telegraph today carries a report on the way that the costs of transitioning the UK to "net zero" may not have been transparently and independently assessed, leading to a likely misrepresentation of these costs to Parliament.

    "Committee on Climate Change spreadsheets only revealed after 2 year freedom of information campaign"

    "... analysis of their financial models by the Global Warming Policy Forum (GWPF) shows that key assumptions were not credible even at the time the report was published"

    "... but it is now clear that the CCC’s costings were incomplete, biased, and grossly misleading"

    "The GWPF’s analysis of the CCC’s costings is ongoing, and further announcements are expected in the coming weeks"

  • AZ Maricopa County Election Audit Results - Full Presentation!


    The "Full Forensic Audit". Presented from a sceptical viewpoint. 

    "45% of our voters did not have any trust or confidence in our election"

    "... not only did they not cooperate with us, they even went so far as to sue us, to sue the Senate!"

    "This is the first time in the history of our country that an audit of this scale and magnitude has ever been conducted"

    If you just want to see the official proceedings, skip the first 35 minutes of lead-in interviews.

    (3 hrs 48 Minutes - this is the full official public presentation to the AZ Senate)

    And below we have a trio of sceptical pundits giving us the benefit of their viewpoint, which may be more

  • Nigel Talks Hot Air?


    Nigel returns to the politico-financial fray to talk green and financial - of course the two topics are inextricable, each one feeding off the other in a symbiotic dance of wealth-transfer from the 99% to the 1%.

    Nigel being Nigel, he does not beat about the bush:

    "The biggest transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich that we've ever seen"

    Welcome back Nigel, we have missed you.


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  • USA Watchdog Weekly Round-Up 24/09/2021


    Superstar rap singer Nicki Minaj is probably not a familiar name to most of us here in Blighty but maybe her time has come! 

    Lots of good stuff here to remind ourselves of where we are - the more publicity the better. Enjoy!

  • Gamesmanship and Cheating Reveal True Intentions


    The Daily Sceptic today leads with an analysis of "our" Government's handling of the Covid situation which strikes at the very heart of our trust in our institutions.

    "Looking at the way Covid has been handled by the Government I ask whether they have played fair or whether they have used gamesmanship to achieve their goals and whether the actual rules themselves were clean"

    Read the post.

    If we find that someone has not played fair with us then we are entitled to take action (a) for redress and (b) to ensure that it doesn't happen again. 

    Do the same rules apply to governments? The answer must be yes, even if the practicalities are more complicated. I predict more interesting

  • Vaccinating Teenagers - the Remorseless Drive


    The Chief Medical Officer has come out in favour of vaccination of 12-15 yr olds, on grounds that might appear not only shaky but insignificant.

    The Spectator reviews the evidence and concludes that:

    "the four chief medical officers have some serious questions to answer"

    Notable amongst the "evidence" is the "modelling". We have noted before that "modelling" does not necessarily equate to "science". In fact, models will perform exactly how the modeller instructs them to perform, and the assertion that the modeller is a "scientist" needs to be scrutinised.

    Meanwhile we have this from the

  • Deaths Within 21 Days of Positive Test / or Covid Vaccine?


    According to the government agencies all deaths within 28 days of a positive PCR test have always been classified as a "Covid-19" death. Well that's not quite true - in the early days they were so keen to capture as many deaths as decently possible that they used 60 days...   but then reduced it to 28 days - frankly it made little difference since figures subsequently published look very similar in overall scale, implying that most of the deaths do occur within 28 days.

    Should we not apply the same rules to identify deaths caused by the vaccines? It's not obvious that we should, but for lack of any other rule perhaps it makes for a useful yardstick.

    Of course we cannot because these figures are not published - but the Daily Exposé reports that the ONS recently did publish deaths in England which occurred within a slightly shorter qualifying period - 21 days or three weeks - for the period January to June 2021. Whilst a shorter qualifying period will probably underestimate the true figures for 28

  • Denmark Ditches Covid Restrictions!


    Sorry - this was reported early September but it passed me by . . .

    But better late than never.

    "COVID is ‘no longer a critical threat to society’" 

    The Pulse has the story.

  • "Man of God" - Megacities on the Way


    I'm going to be very careful here and provide no comment whatsoever.

    Make your own judgement.

    44 pages with pictures.

  • Affidavit Holding Prime Minister Responsible


    We remind our readers that the JCVI failed to support the Covid vaccinations for 12-15 yr olds due to lack of evidence that the risks would outweigh the benefits.

    Anna de Buisseret explains outside Downing Street:


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  • The World According to Fulford - 20/09/2021


    Biblical floods or world peace; which is it to be?

    Volcanic eruptions in La Palma, devastating floods in China - are these apparently unconnected events linked?

    Benjamin Fulford follows the money, and an initially simple trail turns up as complex a web of international intrigue as James Bond ever had to contend with, and probably more so - at least the Bond plots had to be comprehensible to the average cinema audience.

    Sadly Mr Fulford doesn't give away his hard-won information for nothing - but if you do decide to stump up the very modest fee requested, I think you won't be disappointed.

    Is his information accurate? I've no idea, but it's a stupendous read!

    (NB: I have no connection with Mr Fulford other than as an