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  • Who Is "TV Licensing"? - Martin Strikes Back


    One needs to be very self-confident to represent oneself in Court, and navigate through the (usually unstated) legal presumptions and unfamiliar legal language that some might think masquerades as the King's English.

    One needs to be supremely self-confident to demand that the judge presiding your case recuse himself on the grounds of allegedly not applying the law with proper integrity.

    These matters are of vital interest to all of us - if the justice system is subverted, then we are all liable to be its victims at some point or other.

    Thus we note Martin's latest report on his ongoing brush with "TV Licensing" with interest.


  • Arab League Provides a History Lesson to the ICJ


    "... these are serious breaches of the right of self-determination, the prohibitions of racial discrimination and apartheid, and the right of return... "

    (26 minutes) 


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  • The True Voice of the Left: Yanis Varoufakis


    One of a very few people who are always worth listening to (especially when you disagree with them), Yanis is committed to "the left" rather than to those who merely profess to be of "the left". He isn't committed to just any "left", he is steadfastly committed to his "left", a right-thinking "left" (if that isn't an oxymoron) that is uncompromisingly founded on evidence, logic, and the benefit of the people.

    And Yanis certainly isn't afraid to do his own thinking - I suspect he found out years ago that he couldn't trust anyone to do his thinking for him - but he also explains himself clearly, coherently, and with conviction. 

    (70 minutes)


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  • Fulford Report 26 February 2024


    Little firm news today but lots to ponder, including the fate of King Charles and the reported death of Lord Jacob Rothschild.

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  • What Does Bankrupt Birmingham Portend?


    It's a question that I can't answer, and how matters unfold may become "interesting".

    If councils are actually corporations as many aver, then when bankrupt, should they not be wound up like any other corporation?

    But apparently there is doubt about this. It seems that they may become zombies, dedicated to charging their luckless residents ever higher council tax for ever decreasing services (and implementingother money-making wheezes) in a possibly futile effort to pay their debts and balance their books at some indeterminate time, possibly far into the future... 

  • Whither England?


    Encyclopedia Britannica does a fair job (in my humble opinion) of reviewing this sceptred isle - our ancient land of myths and legends too many to review here.

    We who still dwell here, some aghast at the changes being foisted upon us by an establishment apparently driven berserk by who knows what devilish intent, others keen to embrace the white-hot up-ending of previously established societal norms and balances, all now are confused about whither we are headed.

    Will we be scorched by climate change, devastated by nuclear war, driven insane by unending conventional war that will bleed us dry of children wealth

  • It's England Jim, But Not as We Know It ...


    ... but it is perhaps as our ancestors knew it.

    We have noted the work of Anna von Reitz previously, but as much of that has been removed from YT it's pointless to link to it.

    However, in this article she summarises the situation as it pertained to the United States when she wrote it (2021):

    "We are no longer confused about what happened or who did it. We are no longer acting in the role of trusting sheep. We are awake and moving forward to control the runaway train and stop the incipient crime spree---- and to at long last, punish the Perpetrators of these horrible crimes and Breaches of Public Law and Public Trust"

    Anna and her friends and colleagues are revitalising the Republic of the United States based

  • "In El Salvadore, Globalism is Already Dead"


    President of El Salvador Nayib Bukele addresses CPAC after his recent re-election victory.

    "The next person into the United States must not only win an election, he must have the vision, the will and the courage to do whatever it takes"

    "... we have to remove corrupt judges and corrupt attorneys and prosecutors"

    (24 minutes)


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  • The Revolution is on YouTube


    Richard Vobes nails his colours to his camper van and "withdraws from the system".

    It sounds simple in theory but as we know, the system doesn't do simplicity if it can do complexity, the better to keep us confused compliant and convenient.

    I don't doubt that he will keep us posted.

    (16 minutes)


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  • Colchester Council Learn About the Destruction of UK Farming


    Continuing on from Colchester Council - Starring on YouTube...

    (15 minutes)


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    See also Speeches (and more) in Dropbox resources folder.


  • "Farmers are Sleepwalking into the Crisis"


    We haven't heard much from our farmers here in the UK, despite the fact that European farmers across the board contnue, shall we say, to make their displeasure known. 

    Richard Vobes sets out to remedy this situation.

    Some very interesting points are raised here - our farmers too have been psy-opped in ways that we might not suspect!

    "... the challenges for the general public are astronomical..."

    (61 minutes) 


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  • "We are Literally Funding the Chaos that We're Experiencing"


    Stephen Gardner is updated by Colonel Tony Shaffer on the latest geopolitics of the Middle East.

    Despite the title, this isn't really about Russia-Ukraine (that's been a done deal for a while).

    (26 minutes)

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  • Should we Add Poisonous Substances to Our Drinking Water?


    A good question, upon which much legal deliberation has already been lavished.

    An equally good question might be "and who should decide?".

    In the UK this question used to be decided locally, but in recent times the government decided that they will decide on fluoridation centrally.

    I don't remember the people clamouring for this change, so they made it entirely on the basis that the government knows best, and we locals cannot be trusted to look after ourselves.

    This almost certainly means that whereas very few local water supplies are fluoridated to date, this number will be greatly expanded until all supplies are fluoridated. In government, one-size-fits-all rules.

    Are we concerned that the

  • Food for Thought


    This article by Dr James Alexander for the Daily Sceptic seems guaranteed to offend almost everybody, so congratulations to the author on stirring the pot of the nation's preconceptions so thoroughly.

    He does among much else (correctly in my view) have something to say about the "Freemasons", who in their current forms may be regarded as roughly contemporaneous with the Zionist cause, although some say that they have historical roots going back much further, to the ancient world, maybe even beyond. 

    There are however some important others that somehow escaped his attention, so allow me to remedy that situation before we go further.

    He has for reasons unaccountable left the Zionists out of it, which may be regarded as a major omission since whether you support Zionism or not, its influence over more than a century (presently culminating in another highly divisive conflict in the

  • Timely Reminder - The NHS Really Was Overwhelmed by Covid!


    That the NHS was overwhelmed in early 2020 is, in my view, completely obvious.

    The question however is:

    Overwhelmed by what?

    By a novel and deadly virus...   or by a well-planned tsunami of authoritative propaganda that swept aside all doubts and reasonable concerns?

    It's for you to decide.


  • Safe? Define "Safe" ...


    "Safe and effective" is a phrase that has been much bandied about (some consider recklessly) in recent years. Words matter, and need to be chosen carefully in order to clearly communicate the intended meaning.

    Some may argue that "safe and effective" was indeed a careful choice to communicate the desired meaning whilst maybe leaving some leeway for interpretation.

    This idea that words matter... well, it matters.

    If the words are not right, then the right information is not imparted, and this could be important, for example - oh, I don't know - perhaps on a planning application.

    Richard Vobes investigates... prepare for surprises.

    (71 minutes)



  • The Shortage of Ukraine's Soldiers


    Neil Oliver reviews the endless Ukraine war and resulting shortages. From whence will more youths and young men people be found to man populate the front lines that must be defended, and the "initiatives" that will be required to be "hurled" at well-dug-in Russian defences in order to "throw them back" over the border? Ukraine has exhausted its stocks (and fired its C in C - was he saying too much truth too openly?).

    Russia has been preparing, learning, and training for these events for many months now.

    The UK & USA have been deploying little more than propaganda. When the chips fell for Nazi Germany, how did the propaganda fare against the trained Russian and allied troops in volume?


  • Net Zero Chance of Net Zero


    It seems reasonable to assume from their name that the Good Law Project is all about good law.

    It isn't therefore necessarily about good climate science, but the Government in its all-knowing wisdom has enshrined its binding net zero targets in law, I suppose because that's the only thing they know how to do.

    Of course, that doesn't mean to say that the targets will actually be met, but there's a good chance that it won't be this government that's in place when the targets fall due and the lawsuits begin to fly.

    Anyway, the Good Law project, mindful no doubt of the sometimes lengthy nature of legal proceedings, has shrewdly got its retribution in first and compelled the government to disclose its assessments of the risks that may bedevil these now legally binding

  • New Zealand Court Sees the Vaccine Mandate Light


    "The New Zealand Court of Appeal has ruled against the NZDF's Covid-19 vaccination mandate, citing breaches of rights"

    "New Zealand... has made a decent ruling where they decided the government did not use the least burdensome method by imposing vaccine mandates. The court was only asked to stop the mandates and it complied"

    Read all about it.


  • Today: The Julian Assange Appeal at the Royal Courts of Justice


    Journalist Taylor Hudak(Telegram link)reports today for the Interests of Justice.

    As in all such major trials, there are two agencies on trial - the defendant Julian Assange, and the British Justice system.

    The primary law involved is our extradition treaty with the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA - if you ask me, that fails immediately if the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA should be found to be bankrupt... but what do I know? And even if it is, would/could that be acknowledged as fact in Court, bearing in mind that legal facts are those agreed upon by the parties concerned in the case.

    Read her report