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There's a good deal of background that most people in the West don't appreciate today, yet this history provides the context from which the current war in the Ukraine has arisen, " ... a war decades in the making".

Add in the activities of the CIA ...   and you have perhaps a primary understanding of the history of Eastern Europe since the fall of the USSR through the eyes of Vladimir Putin.

"The system of government was inherited from Boris Yeltsin, and Vladimir Putin ... was not able to totally purge this corruption from the Russian enterprise. He is now going to do this"

"Everything the West thought they were trying to achieve ... backfired ... Russia emerges as one of the strongest most cohesive nations in the world"

"What do you think Minsk was about?"

Oh, and ...

"Africa is going to become the engine of BRICS"

And a quick rundown of global geopolitics incoming post the Ukraine and Gaza conflicts.

You don't get this kind of analysis from the UK MSM - make of it what you will.

(86 minutes)


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